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  1. We gonna stomp out the Central tonight?
  2. Balloon laser guns. Need that for my gunner, that way he might hit something at least 1% of the time instead of the .05 %.
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah haaaaaaaaaa you crack me up.
  4. No difference if their above you, Problem is if you have 1 more is likely to be close.
  5. They don't? learn something new every day.
  6. Didn't know the internet would hamper your flying with VR. I thought it was just your computer that tells you if you can or not use VR, mine said I can't,
  7. Ya your guys kicked ass, Was really good to see things getting done and was very cool seeing the spads escorting, Actually felt safe lol.
  8. What I'm liking is seeing more and more entente squads. Even dedicated bomber squads and top notch scout squads. ROF has for the most part so lop sided it was a complete onslaught. I'm enjoying being a part of a Bristol squad, We have a ton of work to get better but plugging a long. Plus we need more pilots in the squad.
  9. I'm in a prison, I get a choice of 2 things I can do 2 times a week, 1 have a beautiful lady for the night or fly with you guys, And I pick you guys. See how much I like you guys. Not sure If I liked that video at all, Who were the Bristol pilots?
  10. sonic boom, Klugerman must of ripped one off.
  11. Only thing that bothered me was on the chat the server had mentioned that j2 Trupobaw and I were outdated, not sure about how Trupobaw feels but I find that insulting.
  12. Oh ok, sorry I missed that part, Thanks for doing this we appreciate the hard work ,It's Such a thank less job but what ever helps to win the war.
  13. How often do you fly 2 seaters and watch what the gunner is shooting at? from what I see it's shooting no were near the enemy, The ai wastes more ammo shooting 10,000 feet behind and under as well as below the target, And for what it's worth I let the gunner do all the shooting I don't gun and drive, But if guys do how's it any different than if a real person was in the back seat? flying and gunning is not easy.
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