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  1. Does anyone know if this happens off line? I'm guessing not but a good place to start, Do we know if this is happening on a server that is a server from someone's home or dose this happen in a paid for server (commercial). Maybe a home server is losing packets more than a commercial server. Or it just not getting along with the main server. Maybe it is the main server that's the problem, it happened in ROF, do they both have the same main server?
  2. You mean they stopped working on this? Wonder if there is a way to keep records of everything that is happening, and the ones we know who had the invisible planes can check the records and see if there is an anomaly happening.
  3. Oh that's sad to hear, I only flew with him a few times seemed like a quiet guy. I bet he's up there talking to the greats right now. Condolent to his family and friends.
  4. Hmmm I miss those days, looked like a good fight, You prefer the 17 over the 11? Who was flying with you?
  5. My guess is I'll never get the blue max, I take too many risk's like crossing no mans land.
  6. You don't agree? My self my favorite in ROF was the halb DII and the pup. 2 very good turn fighters and close match to each other. The most fun I had was with those 2.
  7. So this happens in il2 as well right? if so what kind of server does it happen in? a home server or a commercial server? What is the J5 server?
  8. Thing is, most of us that flew in ROF fly the exact planes we have in FC, only difference is we don't have the big bombers in FC. Ok we don't have the early plane set but most of the time guys complained about the early planes. Would be nice to see something different than what we had in ROF. Snipe for one thing would be nice. I'd pay extra for that bird.
  9. Ya Klugermann you just want to watch me COCK my guns don't you?
  10. Don't know about the German stress level but my stress level went to a 7 doing that damn recon, then to have the map end before we got back, thought they were 3 hr maps.
  11. Huh and here I thought that was prince Charles.
  12. Good job with your squad bombing the bad guys. Our squads will have to team up some time and wreck havoc on the evil empire. Wonder how long it would take us to take the map. My guess is 1 hr.
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