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  1. To be fair we did get FC1 like we wanted. But I get what your saying. Don't get your hopes up. I for one has my hopes up but I also hope they call it something other than flying circus. Something Entente. And hope we get the Snipe. That plane alone will help sell the next installment 1000 times more than any other.
  2. LOL, Hope Talbot gets grounded and on latrine duty's for at least a month for that piss poor landing.
  3. Agreed, probably the allied best offence against the D7F and Phalzes and any other thing the Central throw at us. Plus it's easy to fly and has a stinger on it's ass end.
  4. Out of curiosity have you ever flipped your monitor's vertically? Would you get taller FOV?
  5. I've pretty much gave up on fighting back, 1 burst and I'm cooked for the most part. Shoot me from any where and you have me beat.
  6. You bought it from the web site or steam? If you got it from the website then that's why you down loaded it. Should be in your downloads. Won't be with steam.
  7. Can tell you, It's getting tiring having my controls taken out with a if not 1 burst. I know many others are fed up with it as well. Seems like it's all tied in with il2 and maybe they can't change it with out changing il2 DM's as well.
  8. Maybe with the new maps will bring in more players, lets hope anyway.
  9. That would be awesome if you get to fly with us, 4 or more Bristol's will do some damage and good protection for us all, Maybe after we bomb the crap out of everything we can climb and help the 93rd pursuit group get some kills for a change lol. We don't do a lot of serious flying every day, just the Thursday and Sunday things then just the beating each other up or ai's on our own servers. But that's about 9:00 our time. You'd be snoring your head off at that time.
  10. You know you don't have to bomb alone right? Don't know what side you fly regularly but if you fly on Thursday thing we do a lot of bombing, and could use more bombers to follow us and help against the evil side when they attack, Don't have to be on TS just follow us. We usually start at 4:30/5:00, And to tell you the truth I'm not crazy about the spad either, Rather stick to my killer machine, the killer bee with a nasty stinger, the BRISTOL.
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