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  1. Do you have your DMZ enabled with the DMZ host addy? I did that and all worked fine but only problem I'm having is adding to the barrons page. Seems to be a connection timeout and I can't figure it out.
  2. Yup and once the plane falls apart the wings just disappear. No bits and pieces fluttering to the ground.
  3. He was in trouble the first 2 second and first shot. We need the snipe.
  4. There's a ton of tutorials on youtube. Or come on line and join some people on TS and learn from them, lot of guys from Europe that can help. The 1pl guys are really good, Being on line is probably the best place to be. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwV5RLX7mkaDy5gTIiuwGmg this guys a great guy to learn from.
  5. Advise on recon. If on line bring lots of escorts with you. Every one knows where the recons are now. They wait for you for the easy kill. Wish for every Thursday and Sunday they could be moved or recon birds have airstart so you can quickly get there and back home.
  6. Yes your probably right, I forgot it was DLC. I had bought it for a couple guys who didn't have it. to bad not everyone had that map. I think maybe right now we'd all be happy with something new and a channel map might be good. Any new map would be good right now.
  7. I don't think the channel map was very popular in ROF. The large bombers would be a good addition though they need to improve the ai gunners a bit. At the moment the bombers are just target practice for the scouts. I'd like to see some early planes, like before they put synchronised guns on board, We can drop beer bottles on each others head.
  8. You know you might get more kills if you followed us.
  9. Started on the 8th ended on the 9th, that's how good the battle was, If you came in we could have won it sooner.
  10. The clouds don't help, I was escorting a Bristol ( yes we we're separated apart enough and no contact, never on a first date ) and when he flew beside (not in) he would flicker to the point of being invisible for a millisecond.
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