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  1. Wow Talbot I really thought I was going to cry man, That was beautiful. RIP Chunko.
  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear this. Heart breaking to hear.
  3. Well if they're up that high then we need not worry about them coming down low to the rest of us, And if they do then the snipe will take care of them.
  4. You can also look at settings, pilot head control, Play around with those settings. I only use my hat switch to snap back to check my 6 fast other than that I use head tracking.
  5. RAF_ NO_20, We're a newish group, About a year old. Discord is RAF NO 20.
  6. We have less than 7 pilots at the moment but do have a few guys that fly with us that are non squad members. We can coordinate through discord if you want. We're really just starting out in ww2, been doing the ww1 thing for a while but doing less and less of that and more and more into ww2.
  7. Sounds interesting, See if the 20's are interested in this. What numbers would be needed per squad.
  8. When logged in go to settings, camera and in there is a whole bunch of choices to set your key bindings and hat switch, you can also use your mouse to look around or better yet get head tracking.
  9. If your still looking for buddies to fly with some of the 20's fly in the evenings, Some are east coast US and Canada. We fly mainly if not only Allied. hurricane/ A20's/Spit's/P51's/ as well as flying circus. We're pretty much just a loose group and always looking for bombers and escort. PM NO.20_Krispy_duck or my self and we can give you our TS and Discord if interested.
  10. Which bomber are you flying? and how high are you flying? If in a Bristol just do low level bombing but if in a CL2 you can set up your high alt bombing and do that much easier.
  11. Seems like a common saying, They say almost same thing when a new J5 appears. look easy pickings lol.
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