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  1. I've been playing with unreal for a bit, I like the visual scripting over learning c++, I haven't looked into Unity much, I believe they use some visual scripting as well. I see we're almost neighbors. I'm a B.C'er as well. You have a discord channel?
  2. Amazon might have some scarfs on sale.
  3. Cool, good too see people being creative. See you use unity for your engine. You prefer it over unreal? Haven't looked into it much just yet, When I have time I'll fly it. Is there head tracking for this? And please hurry up with that time machine.
  4. If you'd like you can fly with us, I'm sure one of us can wing with you in a se5 and do escort. Depending on how many of us come on tonight.
  5. I'm wondering how dumb you have to be to not know what ignore means, Guess when your the sea witch you think everyone is paying attention too you hey Ursula. And don't bother replying to this, I'm not paying attention to you at all. Just thought I'd let you know incase your yapping something about me.
  6. Ones I'm feeling for right now are the server owners, especially flugpark. All the money they spend on getting a server up and running, lack of maps, keeping things new and exciting then having to deal with the DM, Even McGoun's server isn't cheap either, Not as much as Flugpark but still they're all keeping it going, Thank you too all the server owners. With all that said we the 20's have been talking about flying il2 more just because of the DM. We'll still be flying the Thursdays and Sundays on FC so you central guys don't need to worry about getting your asses kick, still gonna happen.
  7. Don't know if I'm imagining it but I swear the further away the enemy sends you a burst the more likely you lose your controls, I had an enemy shoot me from at least a kilometer away and took out all my controls sending me into the ground.
  8. Bristol's don't fall to bits, they're as tough as the D7, They do lose their controls with 1 burst though.
  9. It does seem a little tight for extra space, maybe sell one of the prusa's and get 2 small resin printers, You can speed production much more with resin printers compare too filament printers and have a much better finished product. But enclose them and filter out the smell. I'm almost finished my 600 sq ft workshop, Just adding a room for my cnc routers, 3d printers and hopefully a laser cutter. Going full robotics. Want too compete with them gina folk (think that's how Trump pronounces it). Very interested in the pressure pots you have. Something I have looked into the past. What vacuum system do you use? By the way I have a wife very similar to yours, Meaning one that cares and lets you be you. Best friend a man can ever have.
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