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  1. Did U resaved it for v3101with the editor? I fly it so for the moment being at mission #3 But I stil don't have the skin choice. Hope it helps
  2. Thumbs Up, Gambit. Never let Auntie Ju down! See U in the sky,with diamonds! G
  3. Thx for kind answer; understand the choice made, will try the G6 version. FYI, the wingman (#2) has the corect skin Check six, G
  4. Dear Sir, Thx for Campaign, very immersive briefing. Flying under 3012c with resave of the mission(s), I ' am not allowed to choose the skin you recommend. I' m just allowed to accept the default skin. Is it me or just a Rule of the Game? Regards,
  5. To Plurp Makes sense Thx, Sir
  6. Thx, Dutch, now I am wiser. Being not a Schwarzmann, I assume it has no interest for the pilot in terms of trimming and flaps.. Check Six G
  7. Hello Gents, Can some wizard explain to me the purpose of the two white lines on the wings of the Hs129 B2 and possibly how to use them? Thx for your time. C
  8. Flew it under version 3005 without noticeable problem except that I cannot be sure that I did not resaved it for v 3009. Could be a Clue. It is a general problem to keep the record of the resaved version of the campaigns to match with the game versions. Hope it helps because I know how frustrating it can be.
  9. Dear Sir, Could be a mix. It is often a matter of wind direction and force that makes the taxiing so frustrating. But Cold and dark start makes you aware of trimming necessities and taxiing is a part of the immersion . I suggest to start on the runway if the takeoff and /or the mission has a high failure probability . This to shorten the time to "fly" to the core of the challenge. Just my two pence.
  10. For your information: On the 10th of August 2018, German authorities abolished the intediction to use swastikas in video games under condition that they are used for Art , Sciences or eductional purposes. Regards
  11. I'm still dreaming of a white Xmas and an update of your Ju-52 missions bunbled in a simili campaign. Thx again for the pleasure I had to fly them. Keep them flying!
  12. Just for your information: On the 10th of August 2018, German authorities have abolished the interdiction of use of nazi emblems/symbols ( svastikas) in videogames on condition that they are used for art purposes or socio-educative ones. This should bring things in perspective! Being not a native speaker sorry for pidgin english.
  13. Dear sir, I finished the campaign under v. 3006; again respect for the work done: it's artistry of Art. Not being reckless but eager to do my duty I report 5 planes shot down and 9 Arty destroyed during ca 11 hours registered flying of pure terror ( mission 6), surprises (mission 12), and pleasure to fly ( all of them). I need some leave now after your splendid but freezing intro's. I hope this campaign will survive the updates of the game because I will cetainly want to fly it again on a perhaps more agressive way (there is possibility for). Regards and check six (... and three ... and nine), G. Sorry, 1. Mission 6 should read mission 6 & 12 2.mission 12 should read 16 (weird mission). Any incovenience is regreted.
  14. Dear Sir, Subject: 6th mission U made my day! It did the job but I had to fly really map-on earth, now I understand why the luftwaffe lost the war (due to the number of the planes I crashed); someone should be courtmarshalled to have imagined such dangerous games/bet! - And I know who! ;-). See U in the sky and... Check six,
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