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  1. Don't go online simples. Let the brainy narcissists bomb each other to their hearts content while the rest of us can have our own fun offline without the pretentious seriousness.
  2. If I can get the sim working(no Hotas profiles or keymaps provided Duh in this sim)I don't want to learn it properly. That's half the fun. Just going out there with some bombs and seiing if they hit something. Would be a very boring sim if you done everything by the letter. Watching adept pilots on you tube is so boring because you know he's going to hit everytime. I prefer the pilots that have fun. I am not a narcissist.
  3. I really need a CH profile as I'm pulling my hair out how to get this sim working. Haven't been up in the air yet lol. I have trackir also.
  4. This sim is an absolute pita to get going with keymappings etc. Wish they brought out a profile for each hotas in game then we can have fun flying. I'm still grounded because I can't read manuals ,I just get so anxious my mind doesn't take it in so I learn by the seat of my pants. Anyone have a CH hotas profile? I use track ir 5 also.
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