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  1. Reticle itself is irrelevant, IPD seems to be working fine, as I said earlier it looks like both cameras were slightly tilted, although I'm not 100% certain if that's the problem. It's also not connected to the framerate, the issue remains in both high and low settings.
  2. Yes, I can, but that's not the point. I can't focus with both eyes on distant trees or distant aircraft either.
  3. I don't understand it as well. Steam version, config file is readable and writable.
  4. I don't think you understand the problem here. We're not discussing how to use the gunsight, but the VR implementation which is a problem. The gunsight example is given because it's easiest to see the the lack of VR focus on the gunsight itself. I don't want to look through the gunsight with both eyes, my problem is that I can't focus on the distant objects in VR (again - this is problem unique to the Il2, I don't have this issue in any other VR game/sim), including the reticle (in Spitfire you can see the reticle with both eyes).
  5. I'm on Vive, so I don't have ASW. I did some tests with SteamVR settings, but none of them have any visible impact on this issue. What's worst, the view is almost there, but slightly beyond what's comfortable. The game looks amazing on first sight, but scanning the horizon or aiming with the gunsight is making me feel uncomfortable. I have this problem only with this game.
  6. You are right that you should look just with one eye, but regardless of that, if looked with both eyes you should be able to focus on the reticle. That is impossible to me in Il2. It's perfectly possible in DCS for example.
  7. I will try, thanks. I'm not sure if it's an IPD problem actually, it seems rather that the cameras are slightly rotated. It's just a guess though...
  8. Well, it's a deal breaker if it's the official position. And considering the real world reticle is focused to infinity it should be possible to focus on it with both eyes in the game, regardless of the aircraft. Too bad, because I was looking forward to play Flying Circus in VR, but currently VR in the game isn't really usable for me. Hopefully it will be fixed down the road.
  9. You'd be right if it was just the gunsight problem, but I can't focus on anything in the distance. The reticle is just an example. And as I said previously, I have this issue with Il2 only.
  10. I wear contact lenses. I play (or played) almost every flight sim that supports VR, from FSX with Fly Inside, through Prepar3d (native VR), XPlane 11 (native VR), DCS, VTOL VR, Elite Dangerous, Combat Air Patrol 2 to House of the Dying Sun. I don't have any focus problems in those games, only in Il2. IPD in Steam VR is set correctly. I have the same problem with gunsight as Skyware, two circles that semi overlap while I should see only one. I can imagine the problem will be even worse once the draw distance increases in the upcoming patch.
  11. Bump. Does anyone still have this issue? I've disabled the supersampling filtering as recommended, but I still can't focus on the distant objects or the reticle. I play quite a lot VR games, and I have this issue only in Il2. It takes away all the fun in game, and it's the reason why I don't play Il2 in VR at all. With upcoming Flying Circus I'd like this issue to be fixed (on my or on dev end, doesn't matter) eventually...
  12. Awesome update. Are you going to implement independent mirror view for each eye in vr?
  13. Me and my Vive are waiting patiently (lol, patiently :D).
  14. Great news about VR, can't wait until next month!
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