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  1. have you thought about making a steam page for it? not early access steam because of the review system. But a page saying its not released yet? that way people can put it on their wishlists? you should do this for all your products because the wishlist system on steam allows people to browse and favorite games they are interested in that are not out yet and helps boost sales of lesser known games.
  2. games that are not out yet have steam pages.
  3. seems like all the other games have steam support. I would like to put this on my wishlist. How come its not on there?
  4. why would they sell it for over 100 dollars? why not 60? Again you are forgetting the entire purpose of selling this pack in the first place. Which would be to generate as many sales as possible and bring people into the community and likely in turn helping fund the new projects with pre-orders. A more complete il2 experience for the cost of a normal game would be the perfect marketable way to do this. As VR gets more popular , simulators are going to get more popular too and you need to stay competitive. But when simulators these days are costing more money than multiple games its just not interesting to the average person. For example. I have wanted to buy the mig21 DCS module for a long time but i just cant justify the price for one plane (i dont make much money) So i wait for sales. Imagine a brand new il2 product with over 30 planes , 3 theaters, and new multiplayer functionality for the cost of a brand new game. It would be wildly popular (in comparison to now of course) You price a game at 100 dollars and it will likely sell less than 3 packs costing 40 bucks a pop.
  5. its extremely expensive to make complex simulators. This isnt the early 2000s or even the 90s. launching these packs and titles at the prices they ask is very reasonable. But the rules of economics still apply. BOS came out in 2014 and it costs 75 dollars on steam right now for all the content. For 10 aircraft and one map it simply isnt feasible for the average gamer to pay that much money for that little content. I still have not purchased BOM because I simply cant afford it. I will likely buy battle of kuban though. Again in the case of battle of stalingrad this content is 3 years old. By 2019 when battle of kuban is a year old. The developers should think about making an eastern front game with all the content compiled and polished and drop it on steam for $60 bucks. This will inject quite a bit of money into their coffers , and allow future funding of new content in the western front and PTO eventually
  6. the steam reviews tell another story. That the amount of content you get for these "packs" are severely overpriced. Perhaps one day packaging all this content together would make sense and the IL2 online community would grow and flourish
  7. its really both. Combining it into a single product is easier to market. And setting the price to a simple $50-$60 with tons of content behind it is an easy sell. Its not very easy to sell somebody on a game with like 8 playable planes for 30 bucks. Its very easy to sell somebody on a game with 30 planes for 60 bucks with a bunch of different maps and a bunch of campaigns
  8. Listen its basic economics. The game cost a specific amount of money to make. They need to make more than that to cover the cost and have profit to pay the developers and fund new content and projects. After a certain point. These economics break down as the game ages. The developers have been paid their wages , and new content has already been created. This is why you can buy videogames cheaper than what they launched as. Because their value has shrunk , therefor selling an old game at full price is a bad economic decision because it prevents sales. So developers and publishers lower the price BELOW their suggested retail price to get more sales.... Or they keep the price high and sales of the product slow and eventually stagnate. Why set up your pricing that will kill a product when you can be creative and keep selling said product? Repackaging the 3 games as one product would be a simple , cost free way to generate new income for the developers , grow the community , and bring new people into the world of flight sims.
  9. ya i guess its stupid asking for a more accessible product to bring more people into flight sims. maybe they should pull the game off steam because its taking food out of the developers mouths
  10. This would be like in 2019. Obviously BOK would be its own product for some time. but after awhile are there really going to be 3 seperate packs you have to buy at full price? makes more sense to combine it into one big product instead of cutting the price of all 3 products that all have to be seperate I mean long long term. For example when PTO is done and most of the content for the entire world airforces are done (if they go that far) Isnt the ultimate goal a il2:1946 type product with hundreds of extremely detailed planes that took years to develop?
  11. maybe im talking out of my butt but the "profit" model this studio chose was specifically to avoid problems like sales fluctuations that could shutter the studio. These packs were released incrementally to keep the lights on to the studio to keep the content pipeline going. Simulators are not selling millions of units these days and keeping the lights on at studios like this is not like keeping the lights on at other studios that can sell 1/10th the work to millions more buyers. At a certain point the work they put into the game loses its value and it will make sense to package content like 1946 was packaged. I mean you cant really argue that a 60 dollar game with the content of battle of stalingrad , battle of moscow , and battle of kuban combined into one would not be popular to a wider group of people the same way 1946 was.
  12. So one of my favorite games is 1946 because of all the content. So after kuban is released do you think the devs should make a "il2:eastern front" game for 60 bucks that contains all of the content made up until this point? This could be like a il2:1946 that could fund future development of the western front , and PTO what do you guys think?
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