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  1. they have a case for bias here because DCS is allowed to put their "DLC" as standalone pre release games and it appears on the "upcoming games" section of steam. So they are being treated unfairly here and i believe they should fight for it. I have multiple upcoming DCS things in my wishlist and im unable to even wishlist tank crew
  2. catering to the largest western pc game distributor is always a good idea. Its the difference between making $ and possibly making $$$ I only made this thread because this DLC thing is holding all this great content back. Alot of flight game fans dont even know it exists. they talk on and on about how they loved playing IL2 and European air war and microsoft combat flight sim. But they dont know this exists
  3. I would argue while its unfortunate that BOB is DLC. If the devs have a roadmap after battle of normandy that is mostly western front stuff maybe its time they branch off and make that the standalone "battle of stalingrad" that has DLC's that follow it? Or maybe make battle of normandy a standalone game and include the content from bodenplatte free and give a slight discount to owners of bodenplatte?
  4. I was excited to play the new bodenplatte thinking there would be hundreds of people flocking to play american warbirds only to realize that steams backwards categorization system lists the game as DLC and nobody even saw it on the front page of "upcoming games". Its still only got 2-3 full servers and only one of them looks like its running the new content. I think its too late to save bodenplatte regarding the DLC catagorization. But if the developers are eventually going to move into the pacific theater I believe it should be a standalone game for marketing reasons. The best way to sell games on steam is through the wishlist system of people browsing unreleased niche games and "favoriting" the ones they like before they come out. And a home page where devs can update fans on development progress. But if the game doesnt show up in that area and is a "dlc" , its effectively unknown. I also believe tank crew should be a standalone game. Where as flight simulators require a "setup" with a joystick and track IR/VR. A game like tank crew will require nothing of the sort. This means the potential for sales of the game are exponentially higher than that of bodenplatte. People have been waiting for a GOOD tank game for a LOOONG time. They have had to deal with warthunder for the past like 7 years. I believe the developers should take the risk and if they have to delay it a few weeks launch tank crew as a stand alone game on steam so it can appear on the front page of steam that will allow it to generate sales. I dont know how this will effect cross play with aircraft but i believe its actually worth the risk if it complicates it. People want new tank games after world of tanks and war thunder. The problem is they likely will never see it if its listed as DLC. EDIT Additional fact. DCS games are listed on the upcoming games list despite being DLC modules. I believe the devs have a case of bias or argument here to fix the system and convince steam to let them put their games as standalone similar to DCS
  5. pretty much. I would wait as long as next christmas for a normandy map that had a c47 and a medium/heavy bomber for bombing the beaches
  6. They REAAAALLLLYYY need to delay it to make the c47 flyable and make a very immersive paratrooper mission for the morning of june 6th.
  7. pretty much is a new game. I never thought of kuban as a "dlc" when it was so fleshed out. To call bodenplatte a DLC is wrong. Its an entirely new theater with new planes.
  8. neither project is on steam. Might be a good idea to put up a steam page so people can put it on their wishlists. Its free marketing!
  9. have you thought about making a steam page for it? not early access steam because of the review system. But a page saying its not released yet? that way people can put it on their wishlists? you should do this for all your products because the wishlist system on steam allows people to browse and favorite games they are interested in that are not out yet and helps boost sales of lesser known games.
  10. games that are not out yet have steam pages.
  11. seems like all the other games have steam support. I would like to put this on my wishlist. How come its not on there?
  12. why would they sell it for over 100 dollars? why not 60? Again you are forgetting the entire purpose of selling this pack in the first place. Which would be to generate as many sales as possible and bring people into the community and likely in turn helping fund the new projects with pre-orders. A more complete il2 experience for the cost of a normal game would be the perfect marketable way to do this. As VR gets more popular , simulators are going to get more popular too and you need to stay competitive. But when simulators these days are costing more money than multiple games its just not interesting to the average person. For example. I have wanted to buy the mig21 DCS module for a long time but i just cant justify the price for one plane (i dont make much money) So i wait for sales. Imagine a brand new il2 product with over 30 planes , 3 theaters, and new multiplayer functionality for the cost of a brand new game. It would be wildly popular (in comparison to now of course) You price a game at 100 dollars and it will likely sell less than 3 packs costing 40 bucks a pop.
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