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  1. I would sugest you to buy BOK Bok has ( to in my opinion ) THE best map in the great battles series and you get some awesome planes like bf 110g2 , fw 190 A5 and A 20
  2. sorry for the persistence I have trouble proccesing theese files , doing theese things with the the template ..is kinda hard for someone like me who doesnt know even what a psd file is . Can you post any dds file of a tempest skin with the teeth and eyes ? thanks
  3. Hi , can you post a dds file of a skin with eyes and teeth , like the file of the picture you uploaded ? they look very menacing and intimidating .
  4. Cant wait for this awesome skin hope you finnish your twerking soon
  5. When unlimited ammo is chosen on the difficulty settings , then the jettison stores function is useless , as they re appear again My suggestion is when jettison stores function is used , the ordnance should not reappear , whatever the difficulty
  6. Here is my scrach build Tempest mk 2 ( Plans at flite test ) Cant wait for her napier sabre Powered brother in IL 2
  7. I think 4 Hispanos mk V are better than 8 m2 because 1 hispanos have more penetration 2 high explosive hispano shells are much more effective at incapacitating personel . Acording to an article in wikipedia , a high explosive round from the m 61 Vulcan ( though not a hispano mk V , its a 20 mm cannon ) has a 2 meter effective lethal range ( although this doesnt mean the hispano does the same damage , but it allows us to make a approximation of the damage) a 50 cal , on the other side just penetrates without explosive damage . So , in a anti convoy mission , I think the hispanos , firing less rounds but possesing higher damage potential will be more effective Also , I dont think that we should calculate the total kinetic energy , and momentum of theese shells/rounds because many of them will just go through the vehicle , without expanding their entire kinetic Energy and momentum . The proper method to follow is to calculate the change of momentum and kinetic energy of the projectiles at their target , but this is near to imposible , as there are unlimited scenarios with different results
  8. Any news about the team member with hematoma ? Wishing him a fast and complete recovery .
  9. I would wait for the Yak 9 to be released ( although it is kinda unconfirmed yet )
  10. How about this one Fw 190 D-9 8./ JG 6 Mayo 1945
  11. I belive that if they do something like midway , the map will be ready in a week (one tiny island on a huge sea ) . Also we have many planes of the italian planeset already done in bobp so , I think its doable
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