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  1. Type of improvement: Jettison stores at unlimited ammo fix Explanation of proposals: when unlimited ammo is been chosen, the jettison stores function becomes useless since what has been jettisoned reappears on the aircraft. Proposal is: once jetisson stores is been used, jettisoned payload should no longer reappear in the aircraft regardless of the difficulity setting Benefits: Proper function of jettison stores at any difficulty, and all the benefits this provided by this function.
  2. It's cocpit also is beautifull Pe 2 also is a very good bomber , but IF an we get a TU 2 in the future , we will have a clear winner
  3. Type of improvement: Damage model Explanation of proposals: Coming with the new generation damage system 1) A new updated fire model, where fire causes skin damage and structual weakening. 2) Cutting fuel suply to an engine on fire to be effective at reducing-extinguishing the fire. Benefits: more realistic damage model that fits the new generation of damage models coming to IL 2. More realistic gameplay and new challenges ( to return the damaged plane) , Improved immersion, and a chance for twin engine planes( or triple engine) to return to base after one engine is set on fire.
  4. I have seen that , but I have never put out a fire on a piston engine
  5. Coming with the new generation damage system, would You like a new updated fire model, where fire causes skin damage and structual weakening and also, cutting fuel supply to an engine on fire is effective ? I dont think this will be a very difficult task ( I may also be wrong ) , but I belive that it will improve this sim's already good damage model and give some planes a chance to return their damaged plane to base Thanks for your vote !
  6. A bit unrelated , but how do you shut this damn radiator on the tempest ?
  7. I already have DCS world on steam . To download 1month trials do I need to download the dcs world from the website (2 dcs worlds on the same pc) ? will I have acces to my steam downloaded modules ?
  8. I dont know how realistic is CLOD , but I belive it is quite realistic in the systems damage department . Well , except from some weapons like the Recoilless Antimatter Mortar.. Anyway , comparing it with IL 2 Great Battles , the latter has by far better AI . What I really like about CLOD ( aside the detailed systems , and their damage model ) is that you can get big formations in the air , without the fps dropping to power point level
  9. P 47 vs ju 52 is very fun for the jug pilots.. Bf 110 g2 vs P 40 is balanced ( i think )
  10. B 26 from the fifties ! ( not the marauder but the Invader )
  11. According to ww2 pilot Barry Davis, the P 40 could make a novice piloted P 51 look outclassed. the P 40 certaintly had a lot more to offer than the in sim model . cant wait for the TFS P-40 rated at 56 Hg inches !
  12. As it is shown in my name : P-40 I dont get it , where is the dilemma ? one choice is a brown paper bag which will be a looooovely plane for target practising, and the other one is the best combination of sexyness and badassness on a plane , except it doesnt have an engine . Just imagine a modern P-40 , with a suitable engine (you can have 2000 hp Griffons in spitfires and db 605 monsters on tiny bf 109s but you cant have a well powered Warhawk ? ), a bit thinner wings, upgrades on control surfaces and some more small aerodynamic improovements ( and maybe some armored attack versions ).. and there you have it , a beast to rule the battlefield, and the heavens above !
  13. Only 13.84% for the TU 2 ?? I am loosing my faith for this community😞 Edit: Same goes to the 10.19% of the P 40 N in the first volume
  14. First choice: P 40 N or XP-40Q-2 😍 Second choice : Tu 2 Third Choice : A 26
  15. Copy paste for quick stonks just like the majority of the BON aircraft
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