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  1. You can try it out to see if ammo explosions are implemented by taking a plane with tail gunner in a quick mission starting on ground with more than one friendly planes, and then shoot at them. So far I haven't seen any ammo explosions
  2. Engine fires improvement: Cutting fuel suply to an engine on fire to be effective at reducing-extinguishing the fire
  3. Well, I like unlimited ammo because I wont have to conserve my ammo when I am on the target zone. After finishing my work there, the extra payload will just add drag and weight, which it isn's supposed exist on the way back home (depends on the mission). Jettison Stores is neccecairy also when I try to return a damaged plane. Basicly they are two completly diferent things, the one affects only the activity on the battle area, and the other affects damaged or not RTB's. And also, contrary to your question , this function is much less usefull in no unlimited amm
  4. Ι think that the biggest problem here is that when unlimited ammo is been chosen, the jettison stores function becomes useless since what has been jettisoned reappears on the aircraft. Once jetisson stores is been used, jettisoned payload should no longer reappear in the aircraft regardless of the difficulity setting
  5. I am against sacrificing quality for quantity in this occation, but I think that for ai controlled planes, it can be done to improve preformance.
  6. In il 2 , its the Pe 2 and P-40 among all the ww2 planes , I would also add the A 26 and the Tu 2
  7. Sorry for the little delay.. Graphics ( in game ) are about as low as they can get I think I noticed a small improvement : solo free flights are possible, but anything more still stops with that "D3D_ERROR" is there any other way to get it working properly ?
  8. hello I recently discovered how to activate my nvidia card and i liked the results. However , after aproximately 5-10 minutes of playing an Icon shows up saying : D3D_ERROR DXRender11::end Frame DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED and then the sim closes. What can I do to fix that ? (My knowledge about Pc is close to zero) Nvidia : GeForce 920M ( version 391.25 ) Cpu: intel i7 5500U 2.4Ghz speed 2394Mhz RAM 8,00GB Windows 10home
  9. how can I vote: yes, twice ? a TU 2 would also be awesome
  10. the german gyro sight (EZ 42 ) has a little board with written wingspans of allied planes
  11. I once read that (during training) , experienced pilots on P 40 s were able to make the (rookie piloted) P 51 look outclassed , esspecialy at low alt. Sure , they were experienced vs inexperienced , but I think that the Warkawk has something to offer r/usernamechecksout
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