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  1. Hello All, This new update eliminated the micro pauses, and a slight increase in frame rate.
  2. In the original IL-2 you could set the % 0f fuel 25%,50% etc for each plane within ME. I cannot see how this can be done now ? any help would be appreciated.
  3. Jason, Outstanding news on Normandy. I hope the PTO is still on the radar ,would love to see this " game engine " do it justice. I would pay twice the asking price, if you can include the P-51A ( 4 X 20mm) in the latest collector plane set. It fits the Normandy time frame.
  4. Pilsner, You are absolutely correct, thanks for the help. Moved a mission I am working on into the "new Folder" and it did show up in game. Thank You for your follow up Jim. The " new folder " was empty. So it did not show up " in game ".
  5. i most likely did not explain clearly. I make folders in : Windows(c)/Program files(X86)/IL-2 Sturmovic Battle of Moscow/data/missions For Example I have a folder I made called Luftwaffe in it I store all missions I create in the ME where I fly as a Luftwaffe pilot. It shows up in when I select" Missions " than click on " Luftwaffe " and select the name of a mission I want to fly. Now when I make the "new folder" within the above referenced ....data/mission folder the " new folder does not show up in game ?
  6. Hello All, Really enjoying the new map, planes etc. However I have an issue regarding folders not showing i game. Prior to the update I have made sub-folders within the Main mission folder ,within the game folder i.e Luftwaffe- East, VVS both of these show up " in game " as do all the missions stored there.. However, since the new release I create a " new folder ", but it does not show up " in game ". Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank You, setting to channel 1 did the trick, hard to see the indicator in the 38, you have to move the yoke. Thanks again.
  8. For the US planes I cant seem to get the needle to move off of the straight up 12 o'clock . I have nbd set to channel "0". Also, where is the dial in the P-38 ?
  9. I still have this issue . Would you please post how you worked it out ? Thanks in advance.
  10. I finally had the time to enjoy the update. It is a beautiful pirce of software. Outstanding job by all concerned. Very much looking forward to the final content, winter map etc.
  11. The P-51A used the same 4 X 20mm , years earlier.
  12. To truly appreciate how superior the P-51 design was consider the weight difference: P-51-25 Spit. LF mk.IX BF-109G-6 Empty: 7,125 5,800 5,900 Normal loaded: 10,100 7,500 6,950
  13. You decide the validity of a source and than rewrite history. ... Not interested.Name a German aircraft that didn't perform well against the VVS. Hell the Brewster Buffalo had a better K/D ratio than the 110 against the VVS.
  14. "doubtful and dubious" ,I did not quote a source,nor have you. The Hurricane is credited with more total kills than the Spitfire during the BOB. Does this make the Hurricane a better fighter ? The BOB lasted 6 months , the war lasted 5.5 years for the Luftwaffe. History tells the 110 was poor at what it was designed to do.
  15. The Bf-110 and the Ju-87 were rendered obsolete during the BOB,in fact the 110 had the dubious distinction of needing a fighter escort . If the 110 did have better k/d ratio it would be because the 109 had no range and could barley engage before needing to return to base. The Luftwaffe was forced to use the 110. No myth, when the were used as intended as an interceptor against the bomber stream they were annihilated. However, like other poor designs including the Ju-87 it went on to be relatively successful against the VVS.
  16. Slight correction the P-80 was originally designed by Bell,. Lockheed took over the project and kept the original Bell design.
  17. When you freely admit you are not an expert, however make statements as though you are .You continual prove the former . I am certain through your exhaustive research you have gleaned the following indisputable facts. The Luftwaffe lost more aircraft to the West than the VVS. Secondly, The US lost more aircraft to German AAA than the Luftwaffe. What I find hilarious are Luftwaffe pilots when outnumbered by VVS planes considered it a target rich environment, adding to their scores. However, when outnumber ( even though at the point of attack they frequently outnumber the US escorts) against the west they were annihilated.
  18. You have certainly proved your point.
  19. Hitlers biggest mistake was to declare war on the US, game ,set and match. The Germans never had anything but a tactical air force with limited range .
  20. Just as a reference my post was not referring to the Russians. I am not referring to the Russians.
  21. Yes, it is accomplished with vastly superior leadership skills married to a superior plan to prosecute a war..
  22. The LW was not concerned by it because the they did not use as 130 nor 150 octane fuel. See link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTD7DqXfRno Additionally it appears the gentleman in the vidieo calls out the Devs. without naming them.
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