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  1. To truly appreciate how superior the P-51 design was consider the weight difference: P-51-25 Spit. LF mk.IX BF-109G-6 Empty: 7,125 5,800 5,900 Normal loaded: 10,100 7,500 6,950
  2. You decide the validity of a source and than rewrite history. ... Not interested.Name a German aircraft that didn't perform well against the VVS. Hell the Brewster Buffalo had a better K/D ratio than the 110 against the VVS.
  3. "doubtful and dubious" ,I did not quote a source,nor have you. The Hurricane is credited with more total kills than the Spitfire during the BOB. Does this make the Hurricane a better fighter ? The BOB lasted 6 months , the war lasted 5.5 years for the Luftwaffe. History tells the 110 was poor at what it was designed to do.
  4. The Bf-110 and the Ju-87 were rendered obsolete during the BOB,in fact the 110 had the dubious distinction of needing a fighter escort . If the 110 did have better k/d ratio it would be because the 109 had no range and could barley engage before needing to return to base. The Luftwaffe was forced to use the 110. No myth, when the were used as intended as an interceptor against the bomber stream they were annihilated. However, like other poor designs including the Ju-87 it went on to be relatively successful against the VVS.
  5. Slight correction the P-80 was originally designed by Bell,. Lockheed took over the project and kept the original Bell design.
  6. When you freely admit you are not an expert, however make statements as though you are .You continual prove the former . I am certain through your exhaustive research you have gleaned the following indisputable facts. The Luftwaffe lost more aircraft to the West than the VVS. Secondly, The US lost more aircraft to German AAA than the Luftwaffe. What I find hilarious are Luftwaffe pilots when outnumbered by VVS planes considered it a target rich environment, adding to their scores. However, when outnumber ( even though at the point of attack they frequently outnumber the US escorts) against the west they were annihilated.
  7. You have certainly proved your point.
  8. Hitlers biggest mistake was to declare war on the US, game ,set and match. The Germans never had anything but a tactical air force with limited range .
  9. I just hope they model both of them !
  10. Just as a reference my post was not referring to the Russians. I am not referring to the Russians.
  11. Yes, it is accomplished with vastly superior leadership skills married to a superior plan to prosecute a war..
  12. The LW was not concerned by it because the they did not use as 130 nor 150 octane fuel. See link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTD7DqXfRno Additionally it appears the gentleman in the vidieo calls out the Devs. without naming them.
  13. The Mustang's appearance = Don't run ,you will only die tired !
  14. you are likely correct, as they are 0-4 so far. For those interested a bit more on the 150 octane fuel and it's importance for inclusion in BOBP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTD7DqXfRno
  15. It would be a refreshing first in this entire franchise to actually get a US aircraft close to historically accurate.
  16. You have proven that point through out this entire thread. Maybe, before you post next, make it after your cookie, juice-box and nap. Definitely after your Mommie explains the good old "Murican" common courtesy of refraining from calling other's names.
  17. So you looked, now produce the post where I offended your tender sensibilities and contradicted your statement regarding death toll of German solders in the East vs. West?
  18. I'm appreciative of your insightful explanation. However, your words were "you can link to Plenty Murica posts" Where you cannot abide be Murican's expressly contradicting your statement ; more Germans were killed by Russians vs. the West. In a Topic Titled :Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?- The number of Germans killed by Russians is not relevant or meaningful .hopefully this point is not lost on you. Please do as you offered. or are you are just one of the usually suspects expressing your fake outrage .
  19. Please do provide a link to the "Murica posts". Where it is " appears " the offender expressly contradicts your above referenced kill ratios. Although your point is about as relevant and meaningless as stating, the Western Allies killed more Japanese soldiers than in the East.
  20. If you read my preceding post, you will see I concur, we all have our own personal preference- regarding theater of operation. Is that your "opinion " ,Eastern Front armored combat is much more interesting than in the PTO ? Or is the rest of humanity obliged to believe you ? By the way my preference is the original artists, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howl'n Wolf and Willie Dixon, Elmor James, etc. Merica!
  21. Comprehension must be the issue for you as you attempt to hide this deficiency with the pedantic tone of your reply. If factual discourse is " pissing " you or the developers off, lets just rewrite history and hand out participation trophies. Your opinion , that the Eastern Front was the most "brutal in the European Theater " is not relevant to an individuals preference in a simulated combat game. If you know your history, than you know the brutality was self-inflicted by poor planning, zero understanding of logistics and incompetence of both combatants. The PTO is much more interesting in every facet vs. the Eastern Front,.
  22. It is a admirable quality to be able to laugh at yourself, please keep it up.
  23. I can only assume English is not your first language and listening and comprehension are a skill ,please remember this when replying. You clearly have a minimal if any knowledge of WW II air combat. Additionally, it is a tired and lazy response to quote the number of Russian lives lost inn WW II. Please keep in mind the "object of war is make the other poor bastard die for his country ". The least amount of loss of treasure and blood should be the end game.
  24. You are arguing an indefensible position, you are clearly Eastern front biased. If the inverse were true, and the original IL-2 and this latest iteration covered the PTO and CBI since 2001 and threw in a map of Kursk ,minus the IL-2, and Yak ( copyright issues -excluded from the plane-set ) you would be singing a different tune. The Eastern Front air war were a series of small engagements flown at low altitude and short range, this cannot be disputed. The four main fighters 109,190, Yak and La-5 never significantly change, they were slow,short ranged, altitude challenged ( 190,Yak and La-5) and under-armed with the exception of the 190. The Ju-87 and the Bf-110 ( a fighter that needed a fighter escort) were obsolete by the battle of Britain. The IL-2 was one of the worst aerodynamically engineered aircraft , exponentially so when they added the rear gunner. Look at the number lost vs. sortie flown- , astronomical.Someone should have explained to the designers, the most valuable asset an aircraft carries is its crew . Time to move on to a much more interesting plane set with a more diverse mission option.-PTO. Because my preference is different than your bias you would be foolish to assume I have not reviewed the content BOS has provided.
  25. Pacific Fighters was missing a significant amount of the US plane set . The plane set include, especially the Hellcat was inaccurately modeled. The best map was the " slot", created by a third party . The P-38 model was not even up to the standards of 1946. A significant number of the US warship were also excluded .Additionally, the " Normandy " map was the only map of Western Europe included in 1946. 1946 never seriously made out of the Eastern Front. Are referring to the postage stamp size maps with little or nothing on them. The Normandy map didn't even include a small part of England to serve as an Allied base. You can't seriously suggest the ETO and PTO were covered by 1946?
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