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  1. When you freely admit you are not an expert, however make statements as though you are .You continual prove the former . I am certain through your exhaustive research you have gleaned the following indisputable facts. The Luftwaffe lost more aircraft to the West than the VVS. Secondly, The US lost more aircraft to German AAA than the Luftwaffe. What I find hilarious are Luftwaffe pilots when outnumbered by VVS planes considered it a target rich environment, adding to their scores. However, when outnumber ( even though at the point of attack they frequently outnumber the US escorts) against the west they were annihilated.
  2. You have certainly proved your point.
  3. Hitlers biggest mistake was to declare war on the US, game ,set and match. The Germans never had anything but a tactical air force with limited range .
  4. I just hope they model both of them !
  5. Just as a reference my post was not referring to the Russians. I am not referring to the Russians.
  6. Yes, it is accomplished with vastly superior leadership skills married to a superior plan to prosecute a war..
  7. The LW was not concerned by it because the they did not use as 130 nor 150 octane fuel. See link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTD7DqXfRno Additionally it appears the gentleman in the vidieo calls out the Devs. without naming them.
  8. The Mustang's appearance = Don't run ,you will only die tired !
  9. you are likely correct, as they are 0-4 so far. For those interested a bit more on the 150 octane fuel and it's importance for inclusion in BOBP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTD7DqXfRno
  10. It would be a refreshing first in this entire franchise to actually get a US aircraft close to historically accurate.
  11. You have proven that point through out this entire thread. Maybe, before you post next, make it after your cookie, juice-box and nap. Definitely after your Mommie explains the good old "Murican" common courtesy of refraining from calling other's names.
  12. So you looked, now produce the post where I offended your tender sensibilities and contradicted your statement regarding death toll of German solders in the East vs. West?
  13. I'm appreciative of your insightful explanation. However, your words were "you can link to Plenty Murica posts" Where you cannot abide be Murican's expressly contradicting your statement ; more Germans were killed by Russians vs. the West. In a Topic Titled :Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?- The number of Germans killed by Russians is not relevant or meaningful .hopefully this point is not lost on you. Please do as you offered. or are you are just one of the usually suspects expressing your fake outrage .
  14. Please do provide a link to the "Murica posts". Where it is " appears " the offender expressly contradicts your above referenced kill ratios. Although your point is about as relevant and meaningless as stating, the Western Allies killed more Japanese soldiers than in the East.
  15. If you read my preceding post, you will see I concur, we all have our own personal preference- regarding theater of operation. Is that your "opinion " ,Eastern Front armored combat is much more interesting than in the PTO ? Or is the rest of humanity obliged to believe you ? By the way my preference is the original artists, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howl'n Wolf and Willie Dixon, Elmor James, etc. Merica!
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