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  1. Agreed !!!!-This has been an unresolved issue since the inception of this franchise .
  2. No worries the " brilliant " German design engineer was kind enough to install an in cockpit bar- in front .
  3. It fills up my gun sight much better than the puny 109.
  4. I went back to give Cliffs of Dover another look. However, I cannot recall how to map my controls/joystick, nor could I find any meaningful help at their forum. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. What's better than a Friday DD talking about a pair of Jugs.
  6. hello Jim, Thank you,! It worked perfectly. i kept your 3 page PDF for reference. I did notice that the messages will call out enemy fighters, however not bombers when you have both in the same mission.
  7. Hello Al, I create single player missions.I use the "radio/ndb " beacon vehicle,to have a Radio comm. send to my flight, telling the direction,distance and altitude of the enemy aircraft in relation to my flight ? I have accomplished this using the ndb/cmd cover/cmd attack area setting radius to 12,000 etc. However, it only randomly works. Some missions I am told on regular intervals where the enemy aircraft are heading and distance from me. Other's I never hear a word. I have tried to reverse engineer and replicate what works but I cannot figure it out.any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello Motherbrain, I purchased Flying Circus with little knowledge or interest in WW I air combat. My intent was just to support the IL-2 franchise. You did an outstanding job with these missions. I very much enjoyed myself and it certainly piqued my interest to learn more about WW I air combat. Thank you for putting this together.
  9. This , the absence of .50 incendiary load, and the flight/engine models of the P-47,P-40 and P-39 -anyone else experiencing Deja Vu ?
  10. Hello all, Prior to update I received" kill messages " as well as other ingame messages. I reviewed the settings and the boxes for both" show kill messages " and ingame messages are in fact checked. Anyone else experience this, if so did you find a remedy ? These are SP missions I made .
  11. Thank you both for your follow up. Having never reinstalled, How do I accomplish this from the website ?
  12. I would like to uninstall/reinstall game. How do i accomplish in the cleanliest fashion? Bee having issues and this may be best solution.
  13. Hello All, This new update eliminated the micro pauses, and a slight increase in frame rate.
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