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  1. There is bug in mission VolgaInFire42ssum-WL-3101-04. At red ships the bridges where ships are attached are axis linked brigdes. So when you bomb red ship the bridge takes damage and you get zero points due friendly fire. There is log screenshot for prove. There is no time with stuka to bomb own bridges wich are far more south if you bomb ships- As you see time at friendly fire and cargo ship damage are same. Fix please. Had fun flying. good server still for easier flying.
  2. Type of improvement: immersion/gameplay Explanation of proposals: first person eject. That might Be in setting. So you can choose If it is first person eject or not. Benefits: most servers are first person as se like it. If you could Be in first person while eject, immersion would remain. Now it kind of tears a soul from your body when you see yourself gliding. That might Be in setting. So you can choose If it is first person eject or not.
  3. My Game has freezed to times a row now. It had happened when im at options. It freezes. When I alt tab and go back my cursos moves normally but i can't click anything. Also game seems to be bit stuttering when flying. There is no error log after freeze. My specs cpu: I9 9900k gpu: RTX2080 ram: 16gt ddr4 Game is installed to ssd.
  4. Yes I know but track ir does not show it. It only appears to work in game. And now it does not work .D
  5. OKay. I tell something to open minds. Trackir has allways inverted your roll when you look behind. Games just have used it right way. Now after this huge patch, the game does not use it correctly. ANd it is frustrating. As someone mentioned, they might not change anything on purpose, but something has obviously changed. And I hope that they put some work to fix this, even they did not change anything on purpose...
  6. I think that I was not the best but I lasted alive with few plane losses and managed to down some enemies. There was more skilled pilots at spring but with great skill comes great responsibility
  7. LENTORYKMENTTI 3 INWAR COMBAT REPORT 3.11.2017 8 Pilots LLv34: Camo. Temuri LLv32: Korppi, Waris, Pingviini, Modo SFF: Esso, Vellu Finns took off from Kyivskoe-1 with 7 bf109-2's. Whole flight headed to intercept enemy supply planes. Korppi, Waris and pingviini at deck. Unfortunately pilots at deck got attacked by la-5 planes at 0825. Korppi, Waris and pingiivi started furious battle with enemy fighters in order to live. Other Finns were quikly helping to solve situation and enemy got support as well. fierce fight at deck resulted 4kills (Korppi 1, Camo 2, Pingviini 1) and 5-losses. Korppi, Waris, Temuri & camo ditched. Pingviini KIA. Esso & Vellu landed after they fought themselves off from the fight. 2nd sortie were not so good neither. Target was same as in first sortie. Korppi and waris got a bit lost at deck and found themselves at enemy airfield. They instantly tried to head away from it but they were intercepted by 2 enemy fighters. By covering each other they tried to head south. Waris took hits from enemy fighter and Korppi shot that enemy down in order to protect Waris. After that Korppi took hits from enemy fighter and had to ditch. Shortly after Waris had to ditch too. Our other flight was in battle with enemy fighters between enemy airfields. Temuri damaged one YAK and got home safely. Camo shotdown 1 fighter and damaged other. Camo had to ditch. Modo damaged 2 enemy fighters and got back safely. Esso damaged 1 La-5 and had to bail afterwards. Vellu got back home airfield safe. Pingviini shot down one LA-5 and landed safely. Korppi and Waris Took off to 3rd sortie in order to protect target A. Alfa was swarming nest of enemy fighters and bombers. Korppi and Waris tried to intercept bombers by diving through enemy fighters at high speed and gain altitude again. After some dog-cat like playing at area against overpowering enemy, Camo ordered them to come back to home airfield to avoid losses in vain. Totals: 6 Kills 3 Camo (3x LA-5) 2 Korppi (2x LA-5) 1 Pingviini ( LA-5) 9 Losses (109 G2's) Korppi 2x ditched Waris 2x ditched Camo 2x ditched Temuri 1x ditched Esso 1x bail Pingviini 1x KIA
  8. Hello. I start straight with apologies... Me and waris were patrolling between enemy airfields. We got lost ant found ourselves near enemy airfield. We tried to head away from it but enemy fighters started shooting us so we had to protect ourselves. One was shooting waris so i intercepted him. red pilot luckily got back his airfield. Our passage near enemy airfield was pure accident and we tried to evade it straight after we figured it out. Im sorry and waris is sorry too...
  9. Hello! I really wan't to know how to restore my password. Is there any option for that. I can't add my squad there if im not logged in...
  10. Hello. I forgot my password to statistic site. Is there any way to restore it or something?
  11. Hello. I apology my actions at preparation stage... Near the end I chased some reds back to their airfield. I did not realize that I was so close to red airfield an I tried to shoot one yak down with one burst before I saw that I was so close... I stopped my action immediately as one of you might see and took my route to vest. So short of it, Im so sorry and I hope that I don't have to apology this kind of mistake again...
  12. So it is. It has started. I think that we are better prepared for the war than last time. Personally I have waited this to begin whole summer. See you guys at the skies! S!
  13. So I came from work and it was raining. Was about to go jogging. Then my friend messaged me "Patch is out! Lets go!". Flew around in kuban and mountains gave me a shiver... This game is stunning! And I can't wait that they get kuban and hs to mp servers! This dev team is not comparable to any dev team. Others promise and make some beta like shit. IL2 dev team tells what they are going to make and still they manage to suprise us with this amazing content. Thank you for working hard. I keep thumbs up for this team for future challenges!
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