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  1. if you'd be redoing the project, and would buy any ball bearings you can, which ones you'd recommend?
  2. id be interested in purchasing 2 sets of needed fabricated parts (almost regardless of the price lol) group order? but at least, share a blueprints, please
  3. cant find big gear part found the rest. What’s the big gear part model/markings?
  4. that's great idea, but il2 doesn't have API for reading out the info - if it would have it would be somewhat trivial to make overlay (especially vr overlay). hell id do it
  5. You see, no pilot of physical aircraft ever did. Would be nice to have more realism. Yaw string would add realism (even tho there is no yaw string on any prop fighter), becuase we fly sitting on unmovable chairs, no on prop fighters. You would have a problem flying virtual plane uncoordinated if you’d ever fly real plane. Or you flying real plane with your eyes on instrument panel too?
  6. Those unaffected are just idle trolls who have no relationship to issue but self insert into discussion for no reason
  7. ...? they felt the sideslip with their ass, they didn't need to look at sideslip indicator. How do you know if you fly coordinated or not when you are in say turn fight - are you looking at instrument panel?!
  8. Thing is, restriction is not by position of head (obviously, system doesn't know it) - its by position of the headset. Headset sticks out ~6 cm in front of the face and sideways. Real pilot doesn't have this huge plastic thing on his face so he doesn't bang tight canopy. People in this thread - you are defending obvious bug!
  9. slideslip indicator is on the instrument panel, things to shoot at are above instrument panel
  10. how do you know if you are flying coordinated or not? in real plane you feel it because you feel the vector of movement with your ass. in il2 you gotta look at instruments during chase, its ridiculous well do you have any idea how to make it? im sorry you are defensive about issues of flight sim you bought. its mine toy too, its everyones toy. we are here because we love it so
  11. I dont want advice I want yaw string
  12. people in this thread pretending that VR gives some competitive advantage (while not flying in VR themselves) are ridiculous - you know what gives competitive advantage? $400 joystick and $300 throttle. Head restriction in VR on multiplayer is the single worst thing about IL2. It's disappointing that developers gonna spend human years of development on some historical accuracy, while ignoring game breaking issue on the platform that gives the best experience (when you don't bump head) on their game. Such a waste
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