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  1. I disagree with you guys. It appears to me that 777 are simply taking steps to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. One of the biggest mistakes, methinks, that the ClOD team made was excessive ambition and promises of flight sim utopia. They took on a task far too great for their means. Now 777 wants to make sure they never bite more than they can chew AT ONE TIME. So they are not promising the world neither to us nor, presumably, to themselves. By setting realistic targets they squash overly inflated expectations and then their final product emerges better than anyone dared to imagine. Do not underestimate their ability to improve their product GRADUALLY. ROF grew slowly and is now, in my opinion, the best flight sim on the market (although I acknowledge it is a very personal and subjective opinion). The point is that they are taking a sensible approach and if it works, if sales are good, they will put more and more features in, I'm sure. There is just no point in promising too much too early.
  2. Actually, may I suggest a more ambitious idea? I'm thinking of voice comms. I know that you can get third party software to make it possible but if it was integrated into the sim it would be much simpler for lower to medium level simmers to try out. Significantly it would be a big selling point for the marketing department. I know that it seems like a nightmare to implement but maybe it does not have to be. Team up with a third party to customise suitable software. To improve usability and accuracy encourage the user to teach the sim just a handful of phrases like "Attack", "Rejoin" and "Cover me" at first. That should be done in a very efficient manner, in a simple and quick session. The aim is to get them to learn just how fun it is to use the radio so if they want more involvement they can teach the program more commands. For more advanced sim enthusiasts have an option to use several different phrases for each command, eg. "Help me", "I can't shake him", "taking fire". Most players these days have microphones so that should not be a problem. I realise it would be quite a commitment but it would potentially make this sim a trend setter. What do you think?
  3. Here's my two cents (devs take your notepads out:) First of all make a good use out of loading screens. A static picture is boring and a bit of a let down before a flight. I suggest either a good mission briefing (weather, formations, target info) or, better yet, some essential specs of the plane you are about to fly (take off and landing speed, never exceed speed, range, etc). Another idea would be to play a short film during loading. Also, I'm a big believer in making the GUI match real world locations on the base. I know the risk is that it comes out tacky but if done well it can be a good way of making you feel like you are a real pilot between sorties. So you would have a hangar where your plane would be available for inspection and pre flight walkaround. A private office where you manage your personal dossier or those of pilots in your section/squadron. Other rooms/buildings could serve other purposes. This worked well in other games (Silent Hunter 3 for example - I have not played 4 nor 5). Put a lot of emphasis on every part of the interface. Switches can be made to look like old ones from the era. Music can be Edith Piaf or something played from a His Master's Voice gramophone. Introduce gun camera where historically viable. Make it grainy. Make a separate room where you can view the footage. I really liked the post action briefings where you could see exactly where you went and events such as crashes. Have a realistic in flight map. One that looks like what the real pilots would have used. Have a cheat sheet with some notes on the aircraft, maybe some checklists. Make this cheat sheet look like real paper and make it selectable in realism settings. That's all I can think of now but I might come back with more. I wish you a fulfilling and productive time developing this project. I hope you have lots of fun with it!
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