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  1. TrackIR is being supported in the last alpha version according to a tester! Oh boy!
  2. Yup, the startup process in DCS is badass (P-51 especially). I still like the dogfighting aspect of the game, but above all I like to fly these planes. I will not get bored in MSFS2020, that's for sure. They just have to support TrackIR soon enough and the sim to have some stability and performance, and the talks is that performance is not a problem. The dollar exchange is skyrocketing in my country, but it everything goes well after the release, I need to get a RTX 3000 series.
  3. This guy is posting these videos for a while now. I guess Asobo does not mind, since he does a good job. He has a video of an airplane parked at an airport at night, with a storm and lightning on the horizon, and it’s amazing. I hope that the strengths of the sim far outweigh the weaknesses, especially as there must be a considerable development in the first year or so.
  4. The stats shows 441 for the Spring Offensive, which from the missions correspond to month 5 and 6. Why it shows 411, I'm not sure. But the numbers are just a fraction regardless. I check the barans sometimes and I see just that, a fraction. Back in 2018, when there was just a bunch of us flying here, we could blame the dips due to updates, servers going offline without notice, that sort of thing, and it was disheartening because every time the crowd got some traction an update would come and the servers / crowd would go. That happened many times over the last two years. But 2020 was appearing to finally take off. Anyways.
  5. Well, we were getting 40+ players during week days sometimes, and I'm not talking events. During the Sunday event, people had to wait in line to get into the server sometimes. I agree the mission is too big, but it was coming to a point that we would need another server, perhaps a smaller one for sparring. All of the sudden, everything is gone.
  6. While a few folks still defend the new DM, we need to remember that apparently more than half the multiplayer base is gone. According to Flugpark stats, March, the last month before the DM update, had 832 active players. May / June combined had only 411 (Spring Offensive), which makes me think low 300s for each month? I'm not sure if there was any event, but at least from the mission count it seems to be two full months. I might be wrong, or the parser is wrong, but it seems that May / June combined had less than half the player base compared to March. That's obviously not due to covid cases or people going off the internet. Something really off in this new DM is driving people away, including me. Are people willing to sacrifice the game over something most of us are saying is wrong? Guys, people were suggesting J5 to open a new server because one wasn't enough anymore. How did we come to this? And it is not game the game. We are not asking for anything arcade (just the opposite). Most of us here have thousands of hours flying these planes in ROF and FC. We know a thing or two about these planes and we know right the way when something is off.
  7. The Customer Support Engineer from Naturalpoint said in April: "We have now been in contact with the game producer to get support for TrackIR". It might be at release, it might come later. The way the market is reacting, and I bet Microsoft will get a portion of addon sales, we might see development for a few years to come. Either the sim has some serious flaws, and this is not what I'm hearing, just the opposite, they might stay for the long haul. There would be no reason to abandon the development. On the contrary. And the product seems to already be in a great shape, so I imagine they will have a lot of work to do with bug fixes, but hell, the sim appears to be amazing the way it is. I'm also seeing people say it works great with current hardware, something that was always a hassle over the decades. I'm not sure how it will pan out with TrackIR, don't know how TrackIR works, but the feedback from alpha testers looks promising.
  8. I was checking Flugpark stats and May, June combined (Spring Offensives) had only 411 total players. Is that correct?
  9. Some stock / standard airports... I already got a 500GB SSD to install it.
  10. I hadn't thought of that. Make sense.
  11. So here is a comparison in between MSFS airports and Xplane airports. The KMIA (Miami) from MSFS is a stock one, not manicured, and you can see that the Xplane version has better terminal buildings. But comparing the two prints, you can see that MSFS has a terrain, roads, vegetation, the city per se years ahead, while Xplane has that old Microsoft vibe from the 1990s with 2D buildings and pixelated vegetation. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/198035-msfs-2020-update/&page=14 A bit disapointed with the stock airport, but I rather have a good terrain than just the terminal buildings of an airport. I just hope that they will work on these airports over time.
  12. We'll see, because at first it might be a bit overwhelming, especially in bigger planes like the King Air or the smaller jets. I might start with the bushplanes. If in a year or so I get hooked, I can start venturing into the third party market.
  13. Relax, I never played MSFS, so it will take me time to get used to the cockpits. And I'm pretty sure it will have startup procedures enough to entertain me for the first year or so. It was also mentioned here that TrackIR is on its way. Might not be present at release, but I imagine it won't take more than a few weeks. During this time, I'll be setting up controls, getting acquainted with cockpits and the interface.
  14. Yup, there is a post in the NaturalPoint forum with a developer or something saying that they contected Asobo is April if I'm not mistaken. So it might support at the release. In case not, I'll just do some taxiing, cockpit check and such for a couple months, because it will take me a while to fly those planes. Sort of like in DCS (loved it), but I assume MSFS2020 will be more complex than the P-51 startup. I think I won't take-off unless I have TrackIR support.
  15. Yup, hope so. I can also overclock it. And from the posts out there, the sim runs pretty smooth, but I won't believe until I see it! Especially with TrackIR.
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