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  1. I think it was Albert Ball who trimmed his Nieuport to be able to hold the gun with both hands and fire it upwards (or Bishop). Over the years I've been gathering accounts and information about the Lewis gun and if I'm not mistaken I don't recall any of them, Bishop included, saying that they used it in angle or in dogfights especially. I'm not contrary that they could fire it in angle (45 degrees), but in special cases with the plane in level flight or if they let the plane fly by itself momentarily and hold the gun with both hands – perhaps in the zoom maneuvers that they often did with the SE5a, portrayed several times in High in the Empty Blue. To create the 45% angle (which is not correct for reloading by the way) on a pure assumption or based in rare exceptions, when the steep angle of 80 degrees was generally used for both the reloading and shooting upwards, is too farfetched to me and it does not side with the devs mentality that we should bring proof of something for them to implement it in the game. So by all accounts it seems that the gun should be tilted at 80 degrees or so, and ideally locked in turnfights, as suggested by Lucas. The thing is, when people use it in-game, it is a game changer, so that’s something that should be at the top of the fixes list in my opinion. Edit: as a side note, McCudden said it was easier to prop hang with the latest SE5as that to tilt it, and as the book goes and the SE gets upgrades, the accounts of tilting the Lewis get rarer and rarer, meaning that McCudden was probably right and people simply stop using this method, and we do have the lastest SE or something like that.
  2. Since you brought the tilting Lewis gun, for all accounts this should not happen in a fair game. I know you might not know English very well, but there are topics out there about it, in ROF as well. I've seen videos of people using it in the past, even here in FC. Since we are discussing the FM and flight dynamics, this could get a fix as well due to its historical inaccuracy and effectiveness in dogfights (I tested once in SP and got great results right off the bat), something that apparently did not happen during the war and was vehemently questioned by Alex Revell, who researched the 56th Squadron for years and befriended some of its pilots. The Shuttleworth Foundation also replied regarding the difficulty of holding it half way: “We have no knowledge of the gun being fired in any kind of interim position. The engineer I talked to about this thought that it wouldn't be physically possible to hold the gun one-handed in position and certainly not when being fired (due to the effect of the recoil).” From the tone of the e-mail, these crates were not really safe, and tilting the gun wasn’t safe either, even to reload it. Which comes to the part that it would be impossible to fire the gun and pilot the plane in turnfights at the same time. So I hope that if people are going to come forward with FM changes, they should ask for the dynamics of the Lewis gun to change as well.
  3. Hi, guys, just to report that I came from the dusk map, Tuesday event, and there is aparently no flak in the mission. Something must have gone bugged. Did not see a single burst and I went several times to their side at 2/3km, shot down a balloon and they came to our side all the time and there was no flak. Regards,
  4. From my understanding, gun effects like smoke, explosions, especialy flames, etc. overloads the network, hence why some people experience stutter and crashes when in the middle of it online, especially in furballs, when you have two, three planes breaking apart and in flames. In ROF it is not uncommon to crash if you are taking off and a Gotha releases a whole load of bombs on top of you. Doing some tests in the past, firing the guns, blasting bombers and such dropped my fps dramatically, or demanded way more from my GPU. So perhaps you already have a thin connection (5MB at best from the UK to Seattle, which should get there on the low kbites), and when things get 'explosive' and full of effects, you get overloaded and disconnect. It might be something else though.
  5. It would also be interesting to add the Lewis tilting gun fix into the mix. I don't think they will ever change anything on the SE5a, but if they do, they should fix the Lewis upward angle as well, plus bringing the Lewis down to clear missfires.
  6. I just recalled that I wrote to the Shuttleworth regarding my research on the tilting of the Lewis gun, and they were very helpful (my e-mail was forwarded to the SE engineers and pilots). But in this case in particular, I would pay them a couple visits to talk with them in person. Since the SE is popular, I believe it would not be that difficult to find a volunteer.
  7. I said SE for short. Alex Revell writes SEs for shot in his book a lot as well. There were SE5a variants as well. What I'm saying is that if the engine had 200hp, I think it should be an SE5a already. Although my High in the Empty Blue is a book, so it would take time to research.
  8. He's mentioning that his SE had a similar engine to the 200HP Hispano Spad, so it was a SE5a? During this mock fight in particular, it was a week before Guynemer died (the one he had a mock fight with in this occasion), so September 1917. He was also talking in retrospect, saying that both the Dolphin and the Spad "were", and then he's talking in general. And Cecil Lewis saw the end of the war. I'm not saying it was as he described, but it is an account that has to be weighted.
  9. We still have some conflicting information, as I mentioned Cecil Lewis. He could have been a dog in dogfights, but he probably [certainly] had talks at the mass with other pilots (I was surprised when I saw that quote). From my point of view, flying the still nerfed Dr1, people do silly mistakes when flying the SE5a. We also don't have trained / specialized SE5a squadrons yet, and lots of novices are flying her. I don't like the SE5a, but I remember playing with it at the Kuban map Flugpark and having no problems against Albies and Pfalzes (boy, we do need a furball expert server). What I think is telling is that how could the ROF SE5a dominate the uber DVa in ROF and suck against the nerfed DVa in FC? In theory, it does not make sense, because both DVas are quite different in performance. Perhaps when some veterans start to get together or get acquainted with FC, we might see the real picture? It would be nice to find a way to measure energy retention. But I would be curious to test the original, first SE5a from ROF.
  10. He mentions the Spad as well (from my Kindle book): I must add that both the Sopwith Dolphin and the Spad were more maneuverable that the SE5. So that given equal flying ability, they would win. But he might be suspect to talk about mock fights, I agree 😄
  11. Those moves were probably thoroughly rehearsed, and then I think we can’t be based by that. We have footage from Hell’s Angels I think and they turn literally on a dime, differently from this footage above. Either these guys go through meticulous tests, or people do some detailed simulations with supercomputers. Otherwise I think we are left with anecdotal accounts. For example, I think it was Cecil Lewis that said that the Spad turned better than the SE5a (perhaps because he was getting a beating in a mock fight). But I do think the Spad and the SE5a should turn better, although not to the level of the D7.
  12. I got to 1930/1940rpm in ROF at sea level.
  13. That happens with rotaries as well. IIRC, I've seen several book accounts of diving 'almost vertically' with full throttle in rotary planes. I always thought that those glass engines are off, since almost every plane seizes the engine in fairly shallow dives in ROF. Or then the anecdotal accounts are exaggerated. Perhaps some of the mechanics of these current replicas could explain how these engines really work.
  14. I guess we need engine and prop variants for the SE5as and Spads, for the D.VII vanilla and Albatroses / Pfalzes as well, perhaps even 110hp Camels. From my recollection, the D.VII vs SE5a was always a blast, and aces were very effective with SE5as, especially working in pairs or squadrons. The D7F can't be used as a comparison for anything, since it has a very strong engine at altitude and great maneuverability. Whenever people unlocked the D7Fs on those vanilla vs SE5a / Spad missions, the scale tipped heavily towards the German side. Is there a way to test energy retention here? Are all planes affected by it and just some planes suffer from it? (Stiles make fights). Regarding ROF, the DV.a and D3 got a good boost in speed, and the DV.a have an excellent energy retention there, so I tend to think that you would fare better against it here than in ROF. There are lots of novices and inexperienced pilots flying there.
  15. The best bet is to ask the guy if you can gun for him on chat. Many times people forget to lock the seat and are not expecting human gunners. And as mentioned, use the gun only when necessary, when you know the enemy aircraft saw you and is in range. Tracers can reveal your position kilometers away, and if you fire some shots just to fire some shots, you might have sealed your fate already (and the fate of your pilot). So be mindful of what you do and ask whenever you have a doubt. People always help on chat or comms.
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