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  1. I'm very sorry to hear this. He was one of the best. I wish he is well above us now in his journey. I will try my best to attend Saturday's memorial in his memory. RIP, Chunko.
  2. Indeed they were. I'm still hopeful though 😁 🤣🤣🤣 lol, I think most of the 23 videos would not be possible nowadays 😄 I took some beatings! It was fun!
  3. So folks, when I posted the first 20 videos, I chose a specific period in between the physiology update of October 2019 and before the damage model update of April 2020. It was a period that I consider the best in Il-2 Flying Circus, when we learned to deal with G-locs, which added another layer of complexity to the fights, and we still had the original damage model. But in the past few weeks I have been testing Il-2 Flying Circus in single player and I realized the blackouts are not that frequent and I like the fatigue effect. It is not possible for me to share an opinion formed only by flyin
  4. I think everyone knows that since we noticed the problem here a couple years back. I don't see anyone here denying it happens in ROF.
  5. 2015 and 2016 were past the 2014 update and I wasn't that present anymore, especially in 2016. But as I said, I never saw anyone mentions an invisible plane on chat in 10 years of play. I'm not saying it does not happen, but it seems to be so far in between that no one really cared about it. Over here it is a serious bug, affecting streaks and game-play. So you can keep posting occurrences in ROF, but I'm not sure what your point is. I already said it could happen, I'm not denying it, although I never saw it in ROF and the problem was never really a problem in multiplayer before
  6. I would say it could be a problem inherited from ROF, but it is not even close to what we have here. Invisible planes were part of my streak challenge back in 2019 and 2020 in IL-2. You had to account for 'empty flak', and Bender posted a video of a D7 apearing just on my six. This is something that never happened in ROF, which I always played MP as well, so you have to keep your eyes peeled. In fact I was only informed about this bug here, in Il-2. I had no idea that it happened in ROF and I never saw anyone post about it on chat. Then I think we can link the bug to ROF, but to co
  7. Yes, it happens in single player and it seems off the charts now. Coincidentally, last week I was testing Il-2 Flying Circus to see how is the current state of the surface and wing damage, since I haven't been flying here for months, but I came across the invisible D7 again, and in single player. I think it happened in two consecutive 5 minutes quick missions. By the way, I've been flying in ROF since April 2020, quite often, and I haven't seen an invisible plane yet. In fact, I never saw an invisible plane in my 10 years playing Rise of Flight. It may have happened, but it migh
  8. TrackIR is being supported in the last alpha version according to a tester! Oh boy!
  9. Yup, the startup process in DCS is badass (P-51 especially). I still like the dogfighting aspect of the game, but above all I like to fly these planes. I will not get bored in MSFS2020, that's for sure. They just have to support TrackIR soon enough and the sim to have some stability and performance, and the talks is that performance is not a problem. The dollar exchange is skyrocketing in my country, but it everything goes well after the release, I need to get a RTX 3000 series.
  10. This guy is posting these videos for a while now. I guess Asobo does not mind, since he does a good job. He has a video of an airplane parked at an airport at night, with a storm and lightning on the horizon, and it’s amazing. I hope that the strengths of the sim far outweigh the weaknesses, especially as there must be a considerable development in the first year or so.
  11. The stats shows 441 for the Spring Offensive, which from the missions correspond to month 5 and 6. Why it shows 411, I'm not sure. But the numbers are just a fraction regardless. I check the barans sometimes and I see just that, a fraction. Back in 2018, when there was just a bunch of us flying here, we could blame the dips due to updates, servers going offline without notice, that sort of thing, and it was disheartening because every time the crowd got some traction an update would come and the servers / crowd would go. That happened many times over the last two years. But 2020 wa
  12. Well, we were getting 40+ players during week days sometimes, and I'm not talking events. During the Sunday event, people had to wait in line to get into the server sometimes. I agree the mission is too big, but it was coming to a point that we would need another server, perhaps a smaller one for sparring. All of the sudden, everything is gone.
  13. While a few folks still defend the new DM, we need to remember that apparently more than half the multiplayer base is gone. According to Flugpark stats, March, the last month before the DM update, had 832 active players. May / June combined had only 411 (Spring Offensive), which makes me think low 300s for each month? I'm not sure if there was any event, but at least from the mission count it seems to be two full months. I might be wrong, or the parser is wrong, but it seems that May / June combined had less than half the player base compared to March. That's obviously not due to c
  14. The Customer Support Engineer from Naturalpoint said in April: "We have now been in contact with the game producer to get support for TrackIR". It might be at release, it might come later. The way the market is reacting, and I bet Microsoft will get a portion of addon sales, we might see development for a few years to come. Either the sim has some serious flaws, and this is not what I'm hearing, just the opposite, they might stay for the long haul. There would be no reason to abandon the development. On the contrary. And the product seems to already be in a great shape
  15. I was checking Flugpark stats and May, June combined (Spring Offensives) had only 411 total players. Is that correct?
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