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  1. Not that much, I would apply like the blob below, perhaps a tiny more. Especially with Kryonaut, it spreads like butter. It is the best thermal paste overall both in performance and to apply / viscosity. It is really top of the line stuff. If you go heavy on the blob, no problem, it is not conductive, but it can get messy on the sides of the CPU and then you have to clean it up. One gram I think is enough for a few applications. If you go over all the paste in tryouts and such, over time you can purchase on e-Bay to leave it as spare. Some of the Great-Britain stores sell for a good price and the shipping is also accessible. --
  2. The problem with ace skill level is the consistent pot-shots coming from nowhere. AIs and two-seaters deserve so much attention (development) at the moment, especially due to their importance during the war. I expect the see Gothas (HPs) rather soon than later. Loved to raid with a Gotha / so vintage. It was a pleasure.
  3. That's true. Some people from Oceania / West Coast many times spend the night having fun alone on the servers.
  4. I think that if the mission is well balanced and the AI recon route is meaningful, it can bring people to them, just like they did in ROF. Even novices. The HP raids in Wargrounds were a source of engagements because we knew there were always people there to shoot them down. I did not like the fact that they circled the target for several minutes for target practice, but Syndicate had the Gotha raid (I think they went on a 2km altitude path) that I perhaps consider the best mission I have ever played in WWI. There were so many engagements at high altitude to shoot them down or defend them. In this case I think AI kills should count half the kill of PvP or something. Even a full kill. The only downside to it is the players who log in at night with the server empty to shot down AI to bump their score. But something could be devised. I'm not sure what can be done with the MB, but perhaps AI should only count as a kill after the server has a certain numbers of players? Just thinking aloud.
  5. You guys can also get good information on https://www.overclock.net/forum/1-overclock-net-forum/. Regarding thermal paste, this roundup is good to have an idea: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/thermal-paste-comparison,5108-8.html. From my tests, this is is the closest I can get on the internet. The other websites have results all over the place, especially on YouTube. The viscosity of the paste is also important for it to spread properly on top of the CPU, and Kryonaut (the best), GC-Extreme and MX-4 are the best in my opinion (MX-4 more for a beginner). Thermalright's TF8 anf TFX also look good, but I never used and don't know its viscosity. MasterGel Nano is also good, but it is a bit thick on the viscosity. The metallic ones are expert stuff and I don’t recommend, unless you know what you doing (never used it). They also corrode the top of the CPU and some coolers (I think the copper finish ones).
  6. With Gigabyte you have to set LLC to don't have much variation on the Vcore (I think with every board). There are some videos on the internet regarding OCing with Gigabyte. Just don't go cheching boxes at will because things change with every generation, and you can damage your CPU if the Vcore is too high. I would also not recommend auto overclocking, the Vcore goes through the roof. I would also say that CPU-Z is a better app to check the Vcore. HWmonitor is more useful for temperatures, fan speed, that kind of thing. IIRC, sometimes HWmonitor does not display the Vcore (bugged), but other values. HWiNfo64 is also an awesome app with the average temperature on the fly (more precise than the max spikes). The problem with Asus at this point is that those YouTube channels were reporting that Asus were just splitting the VRM to adapt to the I9, when several models of Gigabyte were getting more real phases and heating less. My Z390 UD is rock solid and with little variation (or none) in Vcore and I have no problem to OC it. Right now I'm at 4.8Ghz with 1.224V. You mentioned that you were getting a new thermal paste, did you get a good one? *Edit: in fact, the NT-H1 from Noctua is pretty good (came with your cooler). Unless it is old or dry. I think I took my values from this video:
  7. "Mind you that it is the only plane to me with this behavior. I’m not complaining about the physiological effects, which I don’t dislike." I think you did not read the whole post. In general this game is the way it is because of bug reports. It came a long way, and your attitude is not really productive or helpful.
  8. The D7F is not that unreachable foe though. Very hard to fly it properly (you need to specialize in it). The average player will get stuck into a turnfight with the Camel. Although the Camel seems to be the only plane that you cannot turn for a couple minutes without blacking out now, then I tend to think that any reasonable player will stop flying it (streak killer). I might be wrong, but they might have over-modeled the g-forces in the past to give that whoosh, stream wingtip effect that would attract some novices with a sports car feel, but with the new physiological effects, the combination is making the pilot blackout after a while, even when managing the rpm and turns. To me it is a dud at the moment - a flying coffin. Mind you that it is the only plane to me with this behavior. I’m not complaining about the physiological effects, which I don’t dislike. I might be wrong about the Camel, but time will tell, especially because you have to stop everything to test and all, and I have no such luxury at the moment. But after several long fights and blackouts (pulling back the throttle and going easy on turns in general), ask for help, to me it became a dud / bugged. Regarding ways to bring people to altitude, everything that is realistic is welcomed in my opinion. Because tricks to force people to do things will only weight on the novice. Veteran and aces will always adapt with time and be at the top of the food chain. The novice or the casual player will only remain with one more problem to solve, sometimes a problem that is not even realistic and that he cannot even relate. Just my 2 cents.
  9. I'll PM you to don't incur in the risk of derailing the thread.
  10. It would require a foundation to study those planes and test them with context and methodology. Javier Arango seems to contradict Kermit, since the former gave low numbers for the Camel. Memorial Flight Association gives the Dr1 180kmh, from data from the Service Technique de l'Aéronautique (STAé) at Villacoublay aerodrome, the same association that helped 777 Studios with a lot of technical data. Mikael Carlson now provides 86kts for the Dr1 at cruise speed (95kts for the DVII / DIIIaü, 200hp). McCook Field test (1921) gives 185km/h for the D8. From accounts, Thomas Crean says that Voss left behind his two wingmen flying Pfalzes DIII on that last day to the point that they were not even sure if it was Voss they saw engaging the 60th Squadron on the horizon. So he opened some good 5/10km on them, and I don't think climbrate alone can do that (disregarding wear and tear). Which goes back to the relative performance being the best route so far in my opinion.
  11. You're right! From the pics (not very detailed) it looked like a Clerget, but it is a modern engine. Surprising, since they even produce engines there.
  12. Ah, that was other fight then! It was just me and him. I got bogged down with the Camel bug and a Spad saved the day 😎
  13. Agree, the game changer is that we can use the zoom again. I could identify contacts again (friend / foe), which was impossible with AV on, just at close range. AV is visibly broken for a lot of us it seems. I’m of the opinion that servers should not use it, and it is not a matter of taste, but because it is broken. At least in WWI, a good portion of the server was complaining about it during the last week. But spotting is sub-par as expected with normal view. Too early to tell because there were just a few of us on the server, but the line below the horizon is a black hole, even when the sun was still up. @US103_Larner, I think it was you who saved me from the Albatros (I could not turn anymore with the Camel / physics / *physiological bug? after a somewhat long fight saving the rpm and going as light as possible with the turns). Sorry if it took too long for me to alternate with you on him. I lost you guys! Took me forever to spot him again, and I just did because he was streaming! If I had seen you guys I would certainly act as a duo as soon as you engaged. To exemplify how spotting is bad at the current state for me, I think even worse than before the update.
  14. From what I recall from Gould Lee, from two books that are basically about the duel Albatros / Pup, the advantage of the Pup at the top ceiling of the Albatros was because it was light and had good wings, just a kite with a motor, so it could hover above the Albatros above 19000ft, but the Albatros was faster and had more performance within its ceiling. I won't read the books again, but I recall Albatroses bouncing hopeless Pups down below that could only prop hang for a sec before being bounced again. The Albatros was faster and had two guns. Just above 19.000feet (apparently the ceiling of the Albatros) is that the Pups could hover and bounce the Albies. From the books, he had a stressful experience against the Albatroses, which was also a plane that gave a hard time to the early SE5s according to the accounts in High in the Empty Blue (amazing book). The same with the Tripehound apparently. It had a splendid ceiling due to its wings. With the later models, I think the rotaries started to being used as low level scouts due to its lower speeds but exceptional torque at lower altitudes - vide Werner Voss, who with his Fokker F.1 retired 4 of the 10 SE5as from that fatidic fight before being shot down. Hence my sentence: first because Vintage Aviator would not incur in the error of mentioning IAS. Second because 188km/h is already darn good for 5.000ft for a plane that has no altitude throttle or that kind of thing.
  15. I doubt that it would read 188km/h at 1.5km with IAS, since rotaries perform better at lower altitudes. So I'm gessing it is TAS. They should know that too.
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