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  1. You took a print when he was zoomed in. That's not the problem. The plane had just merged with the terrain (another problem). Then I think you did not quite get it. The problem is when he zooms out and the plane just vanishes from the screen. From 7:22 to 7:30 the contact disappears three times when he zooms out. Taking it frame by frame, here's what happens. So you can see that this is not a "YouTube" problem, but a game problem.
  2. I think you are wrong. YouTube does not work that way unless you are using the wrong format, but Sheriff’s video seems fine to me. All my videos regarding these bugs portray what I see in-game with a very small margin of error, and when contacts disappear is because they do disappear. Just small 'pixels', as in 'pixel hunting', get affected by loss of quality, not aircraft profiles like the ones we are seeing [not seeing by the way].
  3. Yup, that was me, love this skin (don't know who made it). Jacobs is dear to me, since he flew Fokker Dr1s [with Clerget 130hp engines], together with his D7s, till the end of the war. This livery in particular is a good one. He had other liveries and I think he kept two Dr1s in flying conditions during the last year of the war. Thursday was fun! Never saw so many Spads and Bristols 😄Two Bristifs killed me once and I had to return to base a couple times with damaged engines. I saw some fun furballs at the front.
  4. At least from my end Alt vis was on last Thursday. I noticed right at the first engagement. Planes were teleporting and some would come out of nowhere. From what I see, some planes that were visible disappear when you zoom half way in, but others that were invisible appear. Then, if you zoom all the way in, some of them disappear and others get small. I'm not sure how the devs still keep this visibility. It is basically a White Rabbit version of Jefferson Airplane 😂 (pun intended of course). Best viewed for me at 1440p
  5. The problem here is that once we lose a contact, we can't find it again. But in my experience, seeing choppers and paragliders in my city, 1km is a distance that you can only miss an object below the horizon line, and even then it has to be in very specific conditions. At 1km, objects do really seem to be just around the corner. With paragliders, at 3km they are clearly visible, with colors and everything. He said that they think that 'a portion of these incidents' could still be related to it because they still see evidence of it. I'm not saying that people are cheating in FC, but we can't rule out that it could happen.
  6. It is really a good thing that they are answering some of these questions, because otherwise we don't know what's going on. Regarding cheaters, it is indeed a touchy subject, and what we can do is to record all these sorties and analyze the tracks after, post them on the proper threads. He also answered about the visibility, saying that from 0 to 10km they are using the same system they used before, but I think they are not taking into account the new reflection effect. That might be making contacts too slim for the screen to render, especially when we have the sun on our backs (very hard to spot planes ahead, especially above). I just analyzed an old track from J5 Kuban and there are visible contacts at 3.5km, 5km, something that it is very rare with the current system. I'm not sure if I have time and patience to make a video to compare, or if I’m being correct or this is just a placebo effect, but I think we have been mentioning that spotting is being affected by the new lighting system since day one basically. It does not seem to be the same as before. They is also the zoom bug with Alternate Visibility, which makes it unplayable for many of us. Let's hope for the better and that these fixes comes rather sooner than later.
  7. Did know that, but it is an atmosphere killer anyways and not always you are supposed to see the enemy, especially on your blind sides. It would not stick in full real missions and it would not solve the cases when we are supposed to see well beyond 1.5/2km (which is a common thing in real life) and we can't. They either fix or don't. We can't start bringing arcade settings to full real missions just because spotting is broken. There is no point in that.
  8. Isn't padlock to lock your view onto enemies? Why fly in [full] missions if we can't devise tactics and positioning and people bounce you from nowhere? It reduces the game to furball servers in small areas, when the visibility problem still exists, but it affects less the players since everything is already compacted into a small area of the map.
  9. But that, or even icons, would be the death of multiplayer missions, or even multiplayer (as if we haven't enough problems already).
  10. Here are a few examples (Ultra settings, 4AA, expert visibility) of how limited is my visibility at the Arras map in some situations that correspond to a big portion of our spatial perception. This is why planes comes from nowhere, and you have to add the fact that in-flight we are not just analyzing a screen as we are doing now, but managing all the aspects of combat and sometimes looking at the wrong direction, then you can discount a couple seconds as reflex, which will reduce these distances at least by a few hundred yards, which is already too close to call. Best viewed in 1440p for me. These angles, horizontal and lateral passes at the same level or below the target (when you are above you are likely to see nothing against the ground) accounts for a big portion of our spatial perception*. In other words, I’m personally flying blind most of the time. We can count with flak, but what’s the point then? Better to enables icons, which then it is the same to say that we can’t play missions online. *For who read about my experience spotting small choppers (Robinsons 44 for example) in Rio de Janeiro, yesterday I went for a even further vantage point (near the Sugar Loaf, noon, sky partially clouded), and I was spotting choppers and paragliders from 3.5km to 5.5km with no problems over the Christ the Redeemer. In fact the paragliders have a very thin profile, but I could see the half moon shape beyond 5km (they wore past the statue, from 4km to 5.5km away). when they banked, those things looked big in my field of view. Choppers also have a very clear signature against the blue sky, even past 5km. against the clouds they blend more over the dark patches due to lighting, but even then they were perfectly visible. I had no problems going from paragliders to choppers alternately without missing them. Mind you, this from an average distance of 4.5km.
  11. I linked newbies with "running stock", and this is important, because they can find the server whenever they fire the game. But I've seen quite a few newbies here asking where the action in multiplayer is, and I always refer the barans site as the main reference to find people online.
  12. But that's the niche mentality that will only bury the game in my opinion. We need an open server, listed on barans and running stock so any newbie can join in at any moment, just like people usually do when they see players listed online. Don't we see WWII players login in on Sundays because they saw a server with 50+ players? Some of them are WWI newbies, some are WWII veterans that might buy the game to try it out. If people start to create barriers, it ends up basically as a private sesssion or a closed event with password required. Not really good for starting or strengthening a business.
  13. I think that improved gunnery would saw planes in half anyways, with or without stronger wings. Have you tried? Can you get hit several times and don't shake like they shake in ROF? That's a deal breaker. I can only imagine Rolands with twin spandaus with improved gunnery. And to have a server with mods on, we go back to the niche thing. I can only see a server thrive being listed with mods off and at the barans site. J5 is proof of that. NFF went off from the barans site and I just forgot about it. Every time I fire ROF to check, there is from zero to 5 players, sometimes a bunch at the French server. When it was listed at the barans site, even I joined in when J5 was empty and there was a good crowd at NFF. I imagine that other people did the same, hence why it had almost every day a good crowd at evening. I don't think you can reproduce the combination of DM, gunnery and physiology in ROF, plus, at least for me, the force feedback is different here. We also have better machinegun sounds and such, and stats, when you do get captured when you land in enemy territory and your streak ends. That's also a deal breaker for me. You don't have to strafe people just to get a kill in your own territory and you do not get to keep a streak if you are not careful enough to return to friendly territory. If they do fix the visibility issues and the bugs and FC 2 is announced sometime in the future, there is no reason to come back for me. If they do not fix these things, I personally would probably not go back to ROF anyways. Those kinds of things is what made ROF become outdated to me. But this is just me.
  14. I'll check today if I have time. Off the top of my head, I never had this issue with expert visibility.
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