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  1. Just as a feedback, I saw that J5 was online at the moment, but wasn't able to login. It loads for a while and then you go back to the coop / dogfight page. I also deleted my mission files, but no luck.
  2. Thanks, strange though. I'm having different results on my tracks and my Nvidia driver is the same since the 4.002 update.
  3. Was there a hotfix yesterday or so? I can't confirm it on the launcher. I saw a change in one of the bugs that I reported but I'm not sure if there was a hotfix (some servers reported bugs due to a hotfix). Did anything changed with the contrast / zoom?
  4. Was there a hotfix yesterday or so? I don't recall updating because the launcher was behind some windows, but I recall seeing a message of 'failed to update'. But the game is running fine other than the servers.
  5. Looks like the latest hotfix (yesterday?) fixed the bug I reported when planes were disappearing about 2.5/3km in a collision course. Because the update 4.002 had made it worse, when planes weren't visible at all in a collision course. Now it looks fixed. I can see planes from about 5km away until they bounce. I have to check more thoroughly, but it is better than when the first visibility update came out (the expert and alt vis).
  6. I'm up to it. I might be slammed though (things are picking up again), but there is always people around on Fridays. Let us know!
  7. J5 is listed, but I still can't login. Was the event canceled or you guys are going to wait for the second window?
  8. The only detail about the i3 is that they are still coming with thermal paste on the die, and the 9th generation isn't unlocked as far as i know (a bit out of touch with it, since I wasn't thinking about buying one). I felt a big difference when overclocking my i7-3770K, even with the i5-9600K. You could search for an unlocked 7th or 8th generation i3, clock it to 5Ghz if possible and it will probably carry Il-2 with no sweat. There were some anniversary unlocked i3 releases in the past and they were great overclockers. I don't play DCS for a couple years, so I'm not sure if you need a 8th, 9th generation i5 (six cores). The only advantage of the 9th generation i5 is that it has a soldered IHS, and then you can overclock it with cheaper coolers. You could easily get to 5Ghz using a Maelstrom 240T if the chip isn't so bad in voltage. My i5 can get to 4.8Ghz with 1.22v and the temperatures are abysmal, even with an old 9900 NT, which is on par with a Thermaltake NiC L32 or Frio Silent 14 - great coolers for the price if you have the GPU on the second slot (they port 14cm fans). They are much better than the regular entry level Hyper 212. And there is the Ryzen 3000 series, which have a much better cost / performance ratio (by a mile) and require cheap coolers if anything other than the OEM cooler. I know nothing about it, but people seem to be happy with them.
  9. Regarding pedals, the ones with pots are a pain (I have the G940). Nowadays I take care of the pot in the pedal, but nonetheless it is not that precise and it greatly affects my shooting. You can work a DIY pedal if you have the skills. The hardest part is to choose the hardware / arduino and set the controller. Page 3 has a good pedal with a hall sensor that seems to be as precise as any top of the line / custom pedal in the market.
  10. The GTX 1660 Super was released costing the same price of the old GTX 1660. Be carefull when buying to don't fall in a trap and pay the same price on a GTX 1660 for a card that is inferior than the GTX 1660 Super. Also, some brands have "Super" in their regular cards (I think EVGA), so you have to check if the Super means Nvidia Super or the brand Super. Also, the 1660 Ti has the same performance of the 1660 Super and costs way more, then don't get fooled by a seller who is saying "but the Ti is a premium card". They just want to get rid of the older cards. I have a GTX 1060 6GB and I'm currently playing on Ultra settings with 4AA / shadows in High on a 2560X1080p monitor (ultrawide). Horizon set at 40km to help with the visibility / spotting problems, so I imagine that the 1660 Super will run in Ultra Settings / 4AA and Ultra shadows even with the horizon at 150km in a regular 1080p monitor. The CPU bottleneck is tricky, since I had an i7-3770K in the past and it run fine at high settings. Back then I thought that horizon distance affected spotting so I kept it always at 150km, but I think I would not have problems to run it with Ultra settings and 40km of horizon. Of course the I7 had more clock (3.9Ghz vs 3.3Ghz of the i5-4440), and later on I overclocked it to 4.7Ghz, but the i5-4440 is a generation above. Regarding CPU usage, my i5-9600K uses around 10/15% of my CPU playing il-2, so you can run the game even with an i3-9100F or an old i3. But the ideal scenario is to get an unlocked CPU to overclock, like the i5-9600K. This way you can buy in the future a 144hz monitor or such and play with higher fpm. The i5-9600K would also come in handy with more demanding games like DCS or the future MFS 2020. But if you can't replace the CPU / RAM (newer CPUs requires DDR4) and GPU at the same time, I would go for the GPU first. Your i5 still can run the game, I'm just not sure about the fps, because these simulators are maily single threaded and clock is king.
  11. Can't login either. Deleted the files on the dogfight folder and no luck. Some bug with the mission / dserver? The server is currently empty, no players.
  12. I already have a bug report on the subject (disappearing contacts), I was posting the video to contextualize my argument that the whole game is flawed regarding visibility, since the previous post was mentioning ROF, CloD and other games (started with the video from Il-2 1946). I mentioned flak just on the surface (I need to build a report and record some videos). Also because it has the information that they were spotting planes kilometers away on the deck. I'm not sure if I veered too far and attached to much information. You can ask the moderation to delete it (also the further replies). It will take some weeks to put things together, but if I open another complaint regarding flak, I’ll post a link here just for people to know.
  13. No, I just removed the video from my post. Wasn't what you were asking? Maybe I did not quite understand it.
  14. I assume that it is not normal to be that way, but then you can get a RTX 2070 Super, which appears to be a tie with the 1080 Ti. Newer card, best resale value and with real Ray Tracing (2080* under the hood). Edit* - in Brazil, a new 1080 Ti is way more expensive than the RTX 2070 Super, a bit above the RTX 2080 Super. I can find used 1080 Tis on the market for about the same price of the RTX 2070 Super, but then you won't see your money back, because in a couple years they will sell for peanuts.
  15. I think the most challenging thing is to come from keyboards to sticks, which was something that happened from the old simulators to the newest ones. I don't think it would be the same to fly a real plane for the first time. I imagine that in six months, flying twice a day or practicing over the airfield, would turn most pilots in experienced fighters. Especially when you are young and dash. And we have the accounts of kills with a few bullets, then I tend to think it was easier for them. Or at least that we don’t have any advantage. Perhaps turbulence would affect, but the fact that we are using online sticks also is not the same to have the aircraft in your fingers in real life. Because then it will happen the same that happened in ROF. They will come with some sort of algorithm to nerf aim or shooting. Something that we praised when FC removed the bullet dispersion and came up with a new damage model.
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