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  1. Just to let you guys know that I uploaded the video ‘Uninvited Guests!’ again, as I discovered that there was a section of a couple seconds with icons at the beginning (to indicate they were enemies, since I thought they were Spads). The original intention was to upload the raw version, with no icons. In fact, when I saw that section with icons, it felt cringy. It completely departs from the other videos. Anyways, the original version with no icons is now in place. In the Original Post as well! _______
  2. That's not really true when talking about ROF, Il-2 Series. My old i7-3770K was never stressed in both games (around 20/30% or something like it) and the improved performance was significant with overclock. The same here with my i5-9600K. Overclocking it makes the game run smoother, and the CPU seldom goes up 20% usage, some 15% overclocked. In other words, these games are not really optimized and clock / IPC is still king. You have to have a high clock / IPC processor to milk everything you can from that 15% the CPU is using. I could have kept my i7, since I could run ROF three times over, but I would miss out on the new IPC / clock of my new i5-9600K. The difference is blatant even running it stock compared to my old i7 overclocked. I'm not sure how the new patches are, but VR required Intel preferably in the past. The 2000 Ryzen series is likely a contributing factor in the bottleneck. You could overclock it to the limit as well to see if there is any improvement.
  3. According to Scalemates, in the product timeline, it is a rebox from Wingnut Wings. A kit with both the F.I and Dr.I.
  4. Yeah, for who likes the experience of flying, it looks promising. They are also saying that, with the dynamic weather and the flight model surfaces, you can do a few go-arounds and each of them will be different. But they could add some storytelling, perhaps some careers.
  5. Yes, from all the talks, there will be no VR support at the release. It is still on the wishlist, but they are working on it. One of the Natural Point representatives wrote a couple months ago in a forum that they had contacted Asobo to work on the compatibility, so I imagine that TrackIR will be compatible at the release, but TrackIR is still on the wishlist as well (not good). The good news is that FFB seems to be compatible. Brunner forum has some feedback, and a keymaster said that most FFB features are working as of now.
  6. So here comes the last batch of videos. They are in the original post, along with the others (in the order of posting). Or you can access it through the links below (with no thumbnails). IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - The D.VIIFs Part Four! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_ACMNie9BM IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - Shake That Tree! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Aht8Pa9dtE IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - She's a Beast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjfWnp4SmqU IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - Hectic Furball North of Cappy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkhtUY1fylg That's all folks, it was a pleasure! SeaW0lf. _______
  7. It is more about the novelty. They seem to be expecting a new wave of players, which sounds reasonable due to all the hype. We might start to see some new stuff out there.
  8. We might be on the verge of a 'new' era of simulators. The whole thing sounds promising. A Thrustmaster set licenced by Airbus? Who could have imagined? I wonder what else will come to the market. I hope to see some good FFB sets out there. Looks like FFB will be supported, or it is on the works.
  9. Hahaha, the old DM was vintage! I saw you guys going to the deck on that big furball. Bold as ever 😎 Unfortunately these things will be part of the past. We were lucky to be there when it happened.
  10. At least for me, the Camel covers your head, so you get tunnel vision (hence the cutout mod). You are also in between wings, so the overal vision is poor. Which is also a hindrance in dogfights. The Dr.I, with stacked wings going forward, cleared from your head, gives you an excellent overall vision. Not as good looking forward, but I consider a better trade off.
  11. thanks! It took a while for me to get used to Camel, because the visibility is very poor compared to Dr.I. But at the moment she is fun and she took up a space in my heart that she didn't have before, even in ROF. As for blackouts, you can throttle back in turns and maneuvers to avoid high Gs, because it retains a lot of energy at sea level and you won’t get bogged down. It looks a bit like the Sopwith Pup. You can't fly full throttle unless you mix some vertical maneuvers. When I came back from a month flying the Dr.I, I took the Camel and felt like a beginner. I thought, "Good Lord, it will take me a couple months to relearn everything again". Just in sustained turns that it is tricky to throttle back, because then you can’t sustain the turn. I imagine you can approach her as a [powerful] race car in Monaco. Throttle, blip-switch and turn management all the time. It sounds more realistic as well, and it adds to the fun. Cheers!
  12. Hi guys, here comes another batch of videos (the penultimate one). I call it "Super Tuesday", since they happened in the same day, although it was not on tuesday. They are in the original post, along with the others (in the order of posting). Or you can access it through the links below (no thumbnails). IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - My first Track Flying the Fokker Dr.I. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZfBnVuHufU IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - I Almost Made it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOjWAVcMmhg IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - Good Lord, More Spads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUy59TejJEI IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - Against All Odds! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFqMgBrcIYQ IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - Classic Furball Over No Man's Land. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxZM3MKREh4 Enjoy!
  13. Hi guys, I just uploaded five more videos. They are in the original post, along with the others (in the order of posting). Or you can access it through the links below (no thumbnails). IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - He Did Not Saw it Coming. https://youtu.be/RexEB5LTeD8 IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - Against a Fokker D.VIIF and Defensive Flying. https://youtu.be/sE0M7ZW5dws IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - He Did Not Saw it Coming 2. https://youtu.be/SYoABjWdpJw IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - The D.VIIFs Part Three! https://youtu.be/4hq8j9XfRug IL-2 Sturmovik - Flying Circus - Good Team Work. https://youtu.be/X-zWv_3TB9E Enjoy!
  14. No matter how people are trying to explain or defend the new damage model, it is clear that it is not working. Players are gone. It players are gone, something is wrong with it. There is no two ways about it. Before these updates we could fly on prime time almost every day with a good crowd. Nowadays I check Flugpark by curiosity, since I’m not playing FC anymore, and it is always empty. The crowd is gone except during the events. And it makes sense. People don't want to be flying and having WTF moments all the time. Regarding Gs, any good Camel pilot will go easy on the Gs because of the g-lock, which is prevalent on the Camel. It is not related to how people fly. We were not used to the physiology at first but we gave the benefit of the doubt and we adapted. But not this. We are experienced enough to understand that we can't get any hits anymore. And on top of that the planes shake, and with every update they add another hit failure and the planes became a Christmas three of failures. So what’s new? Nothing. People are flying with glass planes. These WWI planes don’t have cannons, not even 50 cal. So then people start to ask for bullet dispersion, this and that. When people are going to start asking for ambient flak? One thing is for sure. People are stopping to play the game, something that some of us here fought for a couple years, with servers working hard to host missions and players seeding hard every day to have a crowd. I know the MO, the same happened to ROF, so I'm not losing any sleep over this, but it is sad nonetheless.
  15. Then the temporary solution becomes a permanent solution, just like bullet dispersion in ROF. Either we ask for these things to be fixed / rolled back or we will end up with the same problems we had in ROF a decade ago. Problems that we did not have before in Flying Circus, and I'm talking about a couple months ago, which is just alarming. And things are getting worse at each update, first with the D7 becoming a tank and now with planes going limp all the time, and like it was just mentioned, the tail end of the plane becoming the new golden mine? I mean, seriously.
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