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  1. Are the updated bundles also in the OP?
  2. SeaW0lf

    looking for a mentor

    Yup, just show up at the servers. There are no skills required and it is exhilarating (you'll get hocked). Sunday is coming, just show up at the mass dogfight event. People also tend to gather at early night (GMT) on JG1 or J5. Just jump in and ask for help when needed. People will help you. ROF does not have VR support so they say, but FC is gearing up, especially when the D7 (very popular) and Dolphin arrives. You can say that pretty soon we will have a consistent daily crowd flying in multiplayer in Flying Circus (the Sunday event is already a success). And age is not related. Some of the best aces in ROF are well past 50. And you already have a set of stick, throttle and pedals and tracking device (VR). So you are good to go Just jump in.
  3. I already voted, but I just think it should be "Flying Circus Sunday Dogfight Event". "Sunday Blody Sunday" alone (whitout the previa) works as well. In my opinion, just keep it simple.
  4. We are not talking about multitasking. This is up to the player, pilot, and people get used to awareness with time and practice. And if you get jumped by ten planes and get shot down, don't beat yourself too much What we are talking is that from the 10 gliders in the same thermal, you can't see none of them, or just glimpses of it, just because of the terrain below. Then you have a real problem. Or else the pilot has bad sighting or a few decades outdated prescription glasses, but then it is not our fault.
  5. I think it would be better to create a new thread for the skins (separated from the event). Just write a short text for the time being and attatch the files to the OP. I was also going to ask you where are the complete files
  6. In real life things are different. You can track a dog in a hill a mile away, even if you turn your back a few times to sip some coffee. I imagine our retina has gazillion more resolution than a monitor, plus we are spotting in real life, 3D at its finest, and with the Sun as an ally. Then port this to a dogfight with aircrafts measuring from 7 to 10 meters, wingspan and all, in a radius of let's say 500m, and they go AWOL (in front of your eyes) because you are dogfighting above a forest? I don't think so. People could test it (the ones with real aircraft), but I imagine we already know the answer. They should come up with a solution to solve this, even because we have ROF as a proof that spotting can work in a monitor (people say that CloD is also good). I would not say ROF is perfect, but it is good enough to allow for game-play. At the moment, BOX forces you to fly low (to spot people above you), which is something that might make Oswald Boelcke turn in his grave.
  7. Yeah. In these last missions in Flying Circus it was clear that whatever was below me was basically stealth, especially on Kuban green forests. You can still see planes below you in the Lapino map, but the shapes are faded against the background, even at close distance. There was a furball in the Kuban map in a patch of forest surrounded by mountains. It looked like a green bowl. I was a couple kilometers away and I could only see the tracers. I saw some glimpse of aircraft a few times, but just a shine here and there. When I got closer, I estimate five to six aircraft swirling around, but even when I was on top of the action I could only see them in brief instants. And I have a good IPS monitor, Philips 298P4QJEB, with an amazing image. I'm using the game settings on high, shadows in max and this and that. It was virtually impossible to engage the lasting planes, since I could not see shite. And my current monitor settings works just fine in ROF (for years). The other day I found a video on YouTube and analyzing it I saw the shadow, volume of the object (a jet). In the cutout you can see that the jet has a shadow. I could clearly follow it against the ground (the link is broken). I can only imagine the visibility they have from the cockpit. I would assume that it is virtually impossible to lose track of a WWI aircraft in combat, which does not seem to happen here. I'm no programmer, but I imagine some sort of artifice should be used to give volume to it or contrast in comparison with the background. Because even in ROF we have moments when the aircraft go AWOL at close distance. But at least we have those amazing moments when you spot aircraft down below on the deck. It is really hard to engage a plane in BOX if you are above a patch of forest. I can only imagine when the Flying Circus map arrives, because it has lots of green in it. So in my view the BOX engine is not as advanced as the ROF one, at least not regarding spotting, rendering objects and reflection. At this point I'm all good though. I don't expect much. But of course these things hurt the multiplayer crowd badly, which is a pity.
  8. For the practical side / performance wise you can (should if needed) use the altitude throttle right from the take-off, piste. These flight models are not like the real thing. It is just an approximation. In-game, the best way to treat these machines is to take them for a ride and understand how they work [edited]. Then you use it to the limit when necessary. Unless you are playing single player and is into role-playing.
  9. Yup, today was great and I could fly for 3 hours, with more than 20 players for almost 2/3 of the time. But I did not have time to load most of the skins! And the Camels did some catching up lately, although the Dr.1s are still dominating the turnfight. And it is good to see some Spads for a change (but the D7s are coming!).
  10. You can use the altitude throttle right from the take-off if you need a fast climb to intercept something, because it gives you a nice boost in power. Just keep the lever on the edge when the engine sputters and makes noise. You can even let the lever above the sputter level because after a few seconds it will stop (you are climbing). Then you set it again just above the stutter edge and go doing that until about 1300m. Then it will stop sputtering and you are good to go with it at 100%. You can also use the altitude throttle at deck level in some emergency cases. I don't know how long you can use it (I think it is 60 seconds) until your engine is damaged, but it gives you the extra torque to get away in some situations. You can crank the altitude throttle all the way up in these cases. When the D7 arrives, you will hear people using the altitude throttle at low altitudes around you (it cleanly sputters in a rasping noise as ZF mentioned). Some people use it well in these cases, others just blow their engines with it.
  11. That's great news. I hope all servers follow through.
  12. I disagree. No offense to anyone but ROF has reached its limit and is on a descending curve since then, and Flying Circus is only going to grow, obviously. I came back to ROF in 2017 and the events were never thriving except in a few occasions. Now with the holydays and this controversy there might be more people (I haven't checked), but in general we can say it is the end of a cycle and I many times went there to seed and support the missions, even when I was slammed in work because I did not wanted to see it go. So we cannot say that these weekly events are thriving. It is basically the same people who go there, just like I was doing. And when the missions are not popular, you see 12-16 players flying, which is basically the max of what we see in the airquake servers. So Arthur is right. The other aspect is that some players don't have Flying Circus yet, perhaps a big portion of the players still playing ROF? Then there is no sense in compromising a mission here, in Flying Circus, its rightful place, counting on eggs that did not even hatched. The other aspect is that I personally have no fear that Flying Circus is going to get halved in nothing. The first event of this thread was a success in my opinion, and 16-18 players in an airquake mission with a new engine and beautiful maps is just a dream at this stage. Organized by a new player and we only have 4 planes. Hotlead gathered 25+ players the other day. And we don't even have servers listed at barans.ru. I have to be starting the game to check who is there. So I think Flying Circus is doing more than fine, and the numbers will only grow with the next two planes (the D7 is very popular) and new players coming in. To shove the events here to the side to give way to the 'remnants of the sleepy old RoF community going through the motions' is a big mistake in my view. And I still play both games and I still enjoy training with the Nieuports and D8. People can accommodate and compromise, but to just think that Flying Circus could be held back at this point is naive. Unless people begin a campaign against Flying Circus, but then we can't help it, can we? Better to dig a grave to ourselves because then we are always going to be treated as second class simmers. No to mention that the OP never heard of these events and did not play ROF. If I was back in ROF and with no Flying Circus module in my computer, I would only be happy to see that the genre is not dying, that people are gearing up at the new iteration, to hear that the engine is better and that by the time I would get there eventually, I would see servers and missions with 60+ players.
  13. SeaW0lf

    When to stop shooting?

    Well, speaking of chivalry... Note that this book - Wings of War, by Rudolf Stark - is now on Kindle (Amazon) for three bucks. I consider it heregy to not buy it and it is a beautiful book. I will, because it is better for searching than in a real book. I scanned this section (with some cuts) on FineReader. The encounter seems a bit farfetched, but what do we know? They tell the story. We are back from the front, and slowly the evening descends upon us. That patrol was our last take off from here to the lines; tomorrow we shall land on the new aerodrome. I fly off just once more, quite alone, to say farewell. Higher and higher I climb. The haze that extends to two thousand metres is left below me, as I soar up heavenwards in the pure sky of eventide. My view is so clear and infinite today. When I reach five thousand metres, I can see the sea; it shines in the distance, glittering gold in the setting sun. I am looking on it for the last time. (...) The front lines now run along by Roeux, Monchy, Vancourt and Croiselles. From my height I can no longer see the shell-bursts; the war has sunk to the depths, while around me all is peace and silence (...) It is a long way from the front to Arras now. Arras has almost become part of the base. The town lies directly beneath me, but l can only just recognize it. Mists rise up from the Scarpe and float over the town, wrapping all its buildings in a soft, blue veil (...) a solitary machine climbs up in my vicinity and approaches me. It is a single-seater, an English scout. At first we stare at one another across the void; then we attack and begin to turn. The turns grow narrower and narrower; nearer and nearer come our machines. I can see every detail of the other machine, the painted badges, the number, the bracing wires. Two red streamers float out from its elevator . . . the pilot is a streamer-man, like myself, a leader. We meet alone in the great heights. What drives my opponent so late into this loneliness? We still continue our narrow turns. Neither can get on the other's tail and put in a burst. I see his eyes peering out of his goggles and watch his hand on the stick. Is it not senseless to think of fighting now? The other pilot raises his hand and waves to me; simultaneously both machines pull out of their turns. Now they are flying side by side, quite close to one another - quite close. Weary of the combat, two birds of prey soar through the evening sky on peaceful wings. We have known one another a long time. Our formations have often met and fought at the front. Has peace come to the land now, so that we may fly tranquilly side by side? (...) We do not speak of the depths, of the ground far below us, and so we do not speak of the war. We speak of the air, of infinity, of eternity, of the stars. Darkness grows around us. Only a faint gleam comes up to us from the lakes and rivers in the west that reflect the last brightness of the evening sky. Already it is quite dark in the east; the eye can see nothing more there when, dazzled by the western sky, it scans the depths. I must go home (...) we detach our thoughts from one another and break off our flight. One machine goes into a wide turn and heads eastwards; the other flies to the west. The streamers swing out in opposite directions to give a farewell greeting. The other machine vanishes into the evening sky, while I dive into the blue twilight. On the chutes, I've seen some WWII accounts and the general sense is that they despised such acts and often went bananas to get the ones shooting chutes. I see no place for it in here, but people do what they do. And I don't care much about stats in general, so I often let people go with that feeling of "it is not worthy to get out of my way just to get a kill", especially in an airquake server (it is just sparring). But I do dislike the glitches of the game, like prop prongs and such. But I would welcome stats that favors who lands in their own side of the lines or airfields and looses their streaks if they land in enemy territory. That would push people into a better pattern of flying online.
  14. You should read the whole thread. And yes, I'm trying hard to stay on topic as well.
  15. I might be there today guys. See if I can move things around at home.