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  1. Thanks to some photos and further information kindly supplied by RaFiGer I have updated the first version of the skin to reflect this. I also made a couple of minor changes. I'll add the other version tomorrow. The colour wasn't changed it is just the lighting from the hastily taken screenshots. https://www.mediafire.com/file/cr7ls6ogh1zprur/FW190a8+4k+winter+bg+yellow+2+6.JG300++v13.dds/file Hmm.. now that I look at it changing the side pattern to match the colour of the upper surface might be a good idea..
  2. I've run out of likes for the day but thanks for the support and for the really useful photos that help to clear things up. Changing band colours in December - no wonder I get confused. Now that I've seen a photo of the new blue white band clearly painted I can change it in seconds as with the wing crosses which is as taxing as a check box. Just don't ask for a clean up.
  3. I did a version of this aircraft over a year ago but never posted it. It was done for a friend who supplied the picture of the aircraft he wanted (not the one above), as you can see it is based on a different profile (probably Claes Sundin?). Either way it is dirty as my friend wanted it that way and another example of what I like to do. It is what it is. https://www.mediafire.com/file/fhxjcs2wn7a3dq7/fw190a8_Uffz._Paul_Lixfeldt_v12.dds/file
  4. The reason I put up reference pictures is to show how a black and white image can be interpreted in many ways by different people including myself. I can do this without needing your permission or approval. There is no particular wrong or right just various interpretations. My advice is that you look elsewhere as clearly you strongly dislike my efforts. I'm not quite sure what exactly your problem is other than wanting me to do what you want. You say I can paint in, "pink and fuchsia found on a muddy scrap heap in 1948", but not include history or other images alongside my skins. Nuts!
  5. Thanks for the pics as they clarify the band in the black and white photo. However the author has also made a mistake so I'm not alone. The red RV band belongs to 5./JG300. And the W.Nr. is wrong? In June 1944, Engst was transferred to 6./JG 300. On 24 August 1944, he attacked a formation of USAAF B-24 four-engine bombers over the Neuhaus region (Jindrichuv Hradec area) of Bohemia. Engst shot down one B-24 to record his sixth victory, but his Fw 190 A-8 (W.Nr. 681 361) “Yellow 7” was damaged by return fire and he was badly wounded. On 24 December, Engst was shot-down and wounded in
  6. Lots of critical feedback which is useful. Let me to through it. First of all I spend a lot of my time looking at photos so I'm not completely clueless. So the first point is the over painted RV band. This is quite common and there are a huge amount of photos and artist impressions showing this. Look again closely at the photo I can see quite clearly that the band has been overpainted and is virtually obscured. That is deliberate. Same goes for the wing pattern, I've seen hundreds of photos showing all sorts of paint splashing. I'm looking to do something interesting and different.
  7. I thought I would also include a less stylized version more inline with Claes Sundin's brilliant profile. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tyrpwgozi4gjxna/FW190a8+4k+winter+bg+yellow+2+6.JG300+sundin+v2.dds/file
  8. On 24 December, Engst was shot-down and wounded in aerial combat near Hersfeld whilst flying Fw 190 A-8 (W.Nr. 682 181) “Yellow 2”. Engst was awarded the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold sometime in 1945. He flew combat sorties to the end of war.According Wolfgang Engst (son of Hubert Engst) he achieved about 20 victories over four-engine bombers and one Mosquito. All his victories were recorded over the Western front. Engst himself was shot down four times. https://www.mediafire.com/file/orawxx03crmo74m/FW190a8+4k+wint
  9. One more impression of the aircraft shown. And even while posting I'm thinking maybe it's time to rework the front cowlings to match the paint job. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tb6sv5ce2vti1sf/FW190a8+4k+winter+bg+rb+red+2+Stab+I.SG2++v4.dds/file
  10. Here is the amended version with the points mentioned. I am also looking to add a light blue and grey version which is very common going by the profiles in Claes Sundin's bookazine which I like. Also I remember seeing a tan and brown version somewhere that would make a nice summer skin. Colour tone slipped a bit here but it's a good pic for showing the wing pattern I went for that is more consistent with the fuselage pattern. I also gave at least a nod to the often seen line pattern style on the tail plane and gun cowling. http://www.
  11. I'm doing a reworked version just now with a sharpened up fuselage and also improved wing camo pattern, an included oil cooler access panel and now that you pointed out the wheel covers I will remove them.
  12. You have actually raised an interesting point. From looking at the panel lines on the template it looked like the top cover was a one piece construction as shown below. It therefore didn't make sense to paint across it as servicing and lifting the cover would break the paint and cause flaking. I chose to go around and follow the panel line. However on checking online and looking at models there appears to be an error in the template as there is a separate panel. Is this a locking plate lest the cover is blown open or maybe to make more room for e
  13. I had another go at doing this skin. This time for the Fw190 A-8. I did the Green 2 and Red 2 versions. I have to give huge credit to all responsible for making and freely allowing access to the templates so that we can splash paint on them and have fun being creative. Thank You! http://www.mediafire.com/file/rjpc4nxlemo5ji2/FW190a8+4k+winter+grey-green+green+2+Stab+I.SG2++v4.dds/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/q1y55ci0sfv69kh/FW190a8+4k+winter+grey-green+red+2+Stab+I.SG2++v6.dds/file
  14. I'll do the A-8 next and start making it closer to the photo with hand painted number and black cross. Also more diffuse camo and red markings instead of green. I do like the choice of green though as it immediately caught my eye. It also fitted well with the aircraft being deployed in Hungary.
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