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  1. Ok, I wasn't sure at first how a picture of a beautiful oil stain was going to get me very far. But then I converted it to a psd, created an alpha layer and put it into a skin to check it out. That let me see where I had been going wrong and it just needed a change in method by using more variance to get me back on track. Thank You Rap! Meanwhile I made a semi-historic winter skin for the 9T. Next one will have working liquid spills again... thanks to a little help from my friend http://www.mediafire.com/file/t1inx6ckn5so9b4/Yak9Ts1_Public+4k+7th+GvIAP+gr+blk+winter+v6.dds/file
  2. I based this Yak 9T skin on a profile by artist Claes Sundin using the superb 4K template prepared by ICDP. I had to adjust the Alpha layer quite a bit due to the current trend of massive reflectivity but I am starting to get to grips with it again now. There doesn't seem to be much adjustment available if you wish to represent fluids though which is a pity. If anyone has figured out how to get liquids to look right I could do with some pointers. Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/h7crjfn91lhe7d9/Yak9Ts1_Public+4k+7th+GvIAP+gr+lt+v12.dds/file
  3. I've already started on a Yak9T based on a Claes Sundin Yak profile I found. It's early days but already I think this one has legs. Can't wait to show it. Hope I don't screw it up meantime by overworking it. The template for the 9T is itself outstanding but comes in an unusual format.
  4. Glad you liked the skins. I've added more weathering and variations that you might also like. Again these are generic variations rather than any particular historical aircraft. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ayvlazoaslkqqj8/Yak9s1_Public+4k+airfix+grg+32+v2.dds/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/ebjofq1i46471zp/Yak9s1_Public+4k+airfix+22+v4.dds/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/e3lmfzofcdkbaa4/Yak9s1_Public+4k+airfix+grn+blk+33+v2.dds/file Now I need to buy a Yak 9T to try out as the Yak 9 is really nice to fly and the template very well laid out. Only thing is that the recent changes have made the Alpha layer a nightmare to adjust.
  5. I was looking for something different and came across a couple of pictures and based on them I made a quick semi-historical skin. http://www.mediafire.com/file/g7z84h7c2jvbqmp/Yak9s1_Public+4k+airfix+23+v5.dds/file If anyone comes across something historical with similar colours I would be interested in seeing it. I might even try for the airfix kit box although I shy away from browns normally ...
  6. You're right, now that you mention it. It isn't just colouring the shape looks different. More bulbous and circular. Could be the angle though. Took another shot to compare... They also need some mottling at the bottom and maybe some shine removed to help them blend but mainly the angle changes their appearance. I notice the dust also has an effect in the photo. Check it again now. http://www.mediafire.com/file/iild8bedgn7w2mu/Bf109G6_Late_4K+163824+respray+v8.dds/file
  7. Thanks for letting me know I'll get on it. Ok, Here are the fixed skins. http://www.mediafire.com/file/fdjywsym80rreo5/Bf109G6+163824+v23.dds/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/7zyrxu59o1ppfzq/Bf109G6_Late_4K+163824+v20.dds/file
  8. That was amazing and what a great presentation to keep history alive and to remember those who had to endure the war. 👍
  9. I used the G6-late template that is available and then checked my progress by cladding an AI G6-late. The G6-late is therefore equipped with the tall rudder. My biggest problem was that I used a template that wasn't official right at the beginning and then found out that the author had used a modded bump map. I then spent hours fixing things to get back on track. I learned an important lesson from this. Can't understand the point of diverging like this and would recommend sticking to the official templates and if you do go your own way at least make things compatible with the existing official bump-map. There is no point shifting things out of sync without gain. If I had realised that the G6-late template was out so quickly I would have used that from the start. At least both 109's are done now and I'm fixing some minor issues as I use them and will post them in due course. If you find it interesting that's great and keeps myself and other skinners motivated to share. Thank you for the feedback and most of all thanks to those who create the incredible templates!
  10. Well here is the G6-late version with the Erla hood. It is also slightly cleaner and shinier due to the renovation work. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7zyrxu59o1ppfzq/Bf109G6_Late_4K+163824+v20.dds/file
  11. Doesn't look right but I don't have the G6-late yet. Once I get it I can fix it.
  12. The only original painted 109 G6 in existence. Currently in an Australian museum. Captured by US troops in Kassel 1945 after being rebuilt in Munster in 1944. Lots of photos for this one available online. http://www.mediafire.com/file/fdjywsym80rreo5/Bf109G6+163824+v23.dds/file
  13. It's great to see that the Alpha isn't miles off and the reflections are spot on. Did you have to change the alpha brightness or did it arrive fixed? I've been working my way through the official skins (not the hurricane) I use to bring them back inline. Either way I thought the metal on this one looked great. Beautiful indeed!
  14. Here is the second of the pair. There is some speculation that the aircraft belong to the 78 IAP and operated on the North-West sector of the Eastern Front. It appears in vol.5 of Red Star Black Cross. If anyone has this book maybe they could add some more detail. http://www.mediafire.com/file/41w2qa79vrtz0wv/hurricanemkii_skin_vvs+14+v14.dds/file
  15. Just get a hold of the dds files if they exists then create a layer on top and start copying the lines using the pen and brush tools. In photoshop mark a point then go to the end of the line hold down left shift and click again. Now you have a straight line. I don't have a template and by the time I get close to making one the official one will probably get released. Go to folder .../data/graphics/planes there you will find the bump map files. They are the closest thing you will get to a template at the moment. They need some manipulating, tidying, blending and also some cleaning up but that's all there is so far. I would venture at this juncture that you are jumping in the deep end starting with template creation. It is a slog. I have only ever made one template (completely including the panel lines) and it took weeks of constant error correcting and restarts. Like I said the bump maps are a great place to get things off the ground quickly but even then it takes a lot of patience before you get anything back out. Hope it helps and GL!
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