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  1. I grew up in Iserlohn. We had a factory in the IserlohnerHeide. Was born in the Zimmer Strasse but don’t remember the number. The outdoor swimming pool, where as boys we used hang out with the ‘Tommies’ who were actually Scottish soldiers, can still be seen on google maps. I thought it would have been long gone. Everything is so built up now. Left for Scotland in late summer of 1965. Our au pair was called Patsy and came from Liverpool. She was great and also came swimming with us on her days off. My father who had been in the Luftwaffe and finally in the army, as no fuel was available for the
  2. Another attempt at a skin I did a couple of years back. I'm glad to see some improvement since then. I based it both on the period photograph and the profile by Claes Sundin. Emil Lang (14 January 1909 – 3 September 1944), nicknamed "Bully", was credited with 173 aerial victories—144 on the Eastern Front, 29 on the Western Front—and one Soviet MTB sunk in 403 combat missions. Posted to a fighter wing on the Eastern Front, Lang claimed his first aerial victories in March 1943. He was credited with 72 victories in a three-week period, among them an unsurpassed total of 18 on 3 N
  3. I did notice that it wasn't wide and bright enough just as the white surrounds on the black bars but there is a choice of looking for ever small details and endless fixes or to move on and do another skin. It is a case of deciding where to draw the line. If I spend too much time on increasingly small details I would never learn new techniques by concentrating on doing different skins. It is a compromise. Every profile is a different artist's impression of usually a b/w photo. Many details get altered or excluded. I tend to follow and try to copy Claes Sundins work as I find his profiles are th
  4. The lines were supposed to be water runs as dust is washed off while the plane is parked not fluids from the engine. That is why they meander like water droplets running over an oily surface. Engine fluids would take a more direct route. Because the plane is light in colour they appear too strong and also extend a bit too far. When doing oil or fuel I try and make them denser and usually thicker and straighter. I spent a lot of time working on a classic car so got the opportunity to see a lot of leaks that I would rather not have. There are always little things that pass (mostly) unn
  5. Not much to go on with this one but representative of JG54 on the Eastern Front in 1943. There is an extra patch of yellow or white on the top of the rudder in the b/w photo but, like the profile artist, I chose to miss it out as it was seriously fugly when seen in colour. I'm also sure that the pilot would have told the erk to get it sorted asap anyway. https://mega.nz/file/owljDY7T#jBEN02ts1_wUq1T8i7eqs961BZqN75YBUEKYyN8Yafo
  6. Hugo Broch (born 6 January 1922) is a World War II Luftwaffe ace credited with 81 victories in 324 missions, all on the Eastern Front. His score included twelve double victories and three triple victories. In January 1943 he arrived on the Eastern Front to serve in II/Jagdgeschwader 54, and claimed his first victory two months later. His first combat experiences were as a wingman to prominent Experten Horst Ademeit and Heinrich 'Bazi' Sterr. During October '44 he scored five confirmed victories; one Pe-2 bomber on the 10th, a Yak-9 on the 22nd, and three Il-2s on the 28th. When the year ende
  7. Axel Kessler flew black 10 from Jessen in Lithuania to neutral Sweden on April 19th 1945 to escape the advancing Russians. I based the skin on these profiles and the only original photo that I found. https://mega.nz/file/480VEa7A#hVTN-0xkcLGjeagcqXNiBafubi5WrDXZh_rkCF5SrHo
  8. This skin is based on a Claes Sundin profile, White 1, which was flown by Erprobungskommando 19 from Castel Benito in Libya during July 1942 to test the FW 190 and Bf 109 G/Trop under desert conditions. The unit was disbanded two months later. At some point the info was updated from the online pic (below) to the printed bookazine version. https://mega.nz/file/lhs2CZ5b#ti1n55CzRStocwF-1NFrZvmnkjzYnwBJuLHKl2rfIlQ I also made a second non-historical skin while working on this profile.
  9. Apart from the Schrotter skin it turns out (to my surprise) that I haven’t. I think this might be because having an air cooled engine it wasn’t as suitable as the 109’s but I’m not sure. I know that in July ‘42 at Castelo Benito in Lybia, Erprobungskommando 19 evaluated the 190 and 109’s for a couple of months to test suitability in desert conditions. I’m doing a couple of skins for this group at the moment (Once you got me thinking). One is semi-historical and the other will be historical. Also my skins won’t be going to HSD as I do a lot of updating as I find errors. I think it
  10. I came across a model that caught my eye as it was unusual and made a skin based on that. The skin was based on an Eduard model but I was unable to find any period photo or pilot name to go with it. Only thing I did find was that a number of Stab aircraft of JG54 used a similar camo pattern but b/w photos didn't give any info on colours used. https://mega.nz/file/lsMA3RoZ#REkj1Hvn0kZvxS52JojHDPaErVfArmdd35efdYrlTvA
  11. I based the FW190 A-5 skin on these two profiles. Since taking the screenshots I have fixed the strengthening plate on the tail fin to what you see in the hangar shot. I couldn't find the photo that I saw just yesterday that I think was the basis for the profiles. If and when I come across it again I will add it. On looking at the shots next to each other I can also see that the heart should be a bit bigger and the emblem a bit smaller.. another update beckons... Tweaked and updated as in hangar photo.. https://mega.
  12. Walter Nowotny (7 December 1920 – 8 November 1944) was an Austrian-born fighter ace of the Luftwaffe in World War II. He is credited with 258 aerial victories—that is, 258 aerial combat encounters resulting in the destruction of the enemy aircraft—in 442 combat missions. Nowotny achieved 255 of these victories on the Eastern Front and three while flying one of the first jet fighters, the Messerschmitt Me 262, in the Defense of the Reich. He scored most of his victories in the Focke-Wulf Fw 190, and approximately 50 in the Messerschmitt Bf109. Nowotny scored an "ace in a day" on multiple occasi
  13. 🤭 What happened was I was posting my update shortly after you had already posted. But as usual I left the old link up because normally both versions are valid but different. In this case the old link is to a faulty version so I have now removed it so all should be good now. I like to fix actual faults like this one but sometimes there are things that are slightly odd but I leave them because in reality people also make errors and I think this can add to the realism and is something that adds interest. This is true btw and not a copout 😄 Here is an example of what I mean
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