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  1. I wish I had known that this emblem was available ready made. I took mine from a very poor web picture of an aircraft nose. Enlarged it and then coloured it in by hand while smoothing out the jagged edges all of which took ages. The gator was red in the pic I used. Next time I will check through the available stuff on the forum.
  2. He was commandeered from a web page. I hope nobody misses him and comes looking for him.
  3. This is my version of a Panzer III depicted in the markings of the 4th Panzer Div. Credit goes to whoever made such a great template to work from. https://www.mediafire.com/file/pyn21ze5fm2jadt/Pz.KpfwIII_4th_Panzer_Div._v24_%261.zip/file (I realise that at this period of the war no Panzer III was fitted with skirts but added them for the sake of completeness. Also the IIIM model we have did not appear until late 1942 but I thought it was interesting to see it in early war grey camo.)
  4. Got carried away while preparing skin screenshot..
  5. And finally the winter version and again thanks for the great job done by someone on the winter layer in the template. Top notch. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wkxjyq8xh93wod0/PzIV-G_winter_v2_3rd_SS_Totenkopf.zip/file
  6. I hope you get a better reply but as far as I can remember you need to get an add on for Photoshop which I got from the Nvidia website. It is in effect a DDS file conversion plug-in. I Googled it and got all the links and info required. It is free to download.
  7. The II SS Panzer Corps was formed from SS Division Leibstandarte, SS Division Das Reich and SS Division Totenkopf in July 1942. In early February 1943, the corps, under the command of SS-Gruppenführer Paul Hausser, was attached to Army Group South in Ukraine and participated in the Third Battle of Kharkov. In July 1943, the corps took part in Operation Citadel, spearheading 4th Panzer Army's attack in the southern sector. By July 11 SS Totenkopf had 94 tanks. Only 15 Tiger tanks were still in action at Prochorovka, and there were no SS Panthers available (the Panthers that were involved in the battle were those allocated to the Gross Grossdeutschland division, fighting to the west). The SS battalions that were equipped with Panthers were still training in Germany in July 1943. The bulk of the tank force was made up of the workhorse of the German Army, the Panzer MkIV. SS Totenkopf at Kharkov, March 1943 This skin is of a Panzer MkIV of 2nd Platoon 3rd Company SS Totenkopf as it might have looked at Kursk in July 1943. https://www.mediafire.com/file/5s7877292do6r2i/PzIV-G_v7_3rd_SS_Totenkopf.zip/file
  8. And finally a Spring version. The paint work has faded from the abrasive dirt, dust and sun of summer. The whitewash, now worn and washed away, still lightens the green paint. The spring rains are dissolving away all but the most stubborn of the winter's mud. The numbers over-painted as losses are filled by replacements. Ever West no matter the cost. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zlslg98fln7na98/kv1s_53rd_heavy_tank_brigade_white_24_v2.dds/file
  9. Here is the winter version and hats off to whoever created the winter layer in the template. Really nice work. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4h8p2tam4tvsv8s/kv1s_53rd_heavy_tank_brigade_red_21_winter_v1.dds/file
  10. The KV-1S saw action at Kursk in 1943, with the 53rd Guards Heavy Tank Brigade. The unit took part in the fighting of 12-14th July that broke the main thrust of the German offensive. https://www.mediafire.com/file/t7xdh9i7opc5l34/kv1s_01_public_v11.dds/file Also available with the more common summer white slogan option. https://www.mediafire.com/file/728tljznhm734ck/kv1s_01_public_v12.dds/file
  11. I started on the KV-1 today. I always enjoy watching it come to life bit by bit and never knowing quite how it will turn out..
  12. I can't replicate this but I have had many similar random things like this happen. What I do is change something in the key mapping file usually something that has multiple key assignments or even sometimes alternate key presses for the same function. Then I restart the game. That usually gets things working again. I thought it was just me lol.
  13. Here is the winter version of the tank above. I tried to create a more icy wet look to the skin using the Alpha. https://www.mediafire.com/file/k42vcwkrudfcznf/T34-76UVZ-43_winter_v7.dds/file
  14. This tank skin was inspired by a model I came across online. The caption and info were in Russian so I do not know anything else about it. I will add some more variations and a winter scheme in due course. https://www.mediafire.com/file/gt6igftkwyviev3/T34-76UVZ-43_2.045_v39.dds/file I hope you noticed the leaves which took ages..
  15. Even the discussion isn't allowed in the forum so I won't be discussing it, commenting on it or advocating anything, just stating what the German law actually is. According to German law, the public display of almost all right-wing extremist symbols or signs according to § 86 StGB ( dissemination of propaganda material of unconstitutional organizations ) and § 86a StGB ( use of Mark of unconstitutional organizations ). This law can be read in the original German online and can also be translated into English. It is not hard to find. The salient and applicable part is - According to the exception provision in Section 86 (3) of the Criminal Code, the "social adequacy clause", acts of crime are not punishable if they serve civic education, science, reporting on current events, history or similar purposes. Make your own mind up just don't discuss it here or break any forum rules.
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