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  1. Red 5, of KG51 “Edelweiss”, Luftwaffe, Germany, in late 1944/early 1945 - possibly.. as very little is known about this aircraft. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xga47mrmtt11xay/Me262A_4k_Public_schenk_red_5_v2.dds/file
  2. Thanks, sorry about that, had spent too many hours and rushed to finish. Will tidy it up and update.
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/adxx18285qzmxjy/Me262A_4k_Public_3_JG7_Y8__late_v10.dds/file
  4. I have been working on a skin based on an excellent profile picture by Claes Sundin. You can find his pic here. It was copyrighted so didn't want to post it here. Me262 'White 1' was flown by Leutnant Franz Schall of Kommando Nowotny from Achmer during October 1944. Schall was an Austrian and the war's third highest scorer of jet victories. His overall tally of 133 kills included (while flying the 262) six four-engined bombers and 10 P-51 Mustangs. He was killed on April 10, 1945. https://www.mediafire.com/file/f7y988y8ucd7h19/Me262A_4k_Public_White_1_v52.dds/file
  5. Stunning work, Ouky! My favourite 262 by a long shot. Thank you!
  6. Wow what a great find! Thanks for your uploads, Ouky.
  7. I've spent a lot more time finishing off the Me262 Yellow 5 of 3./JG7 (Wk.-Nr. 110007) adding everything from grime and dust to oil stains and hand prints on the recently repaired port engine. I've also scraped more paint off the walkway. I am happy with the way it looks now. I hope you will try it out. https://www.mediafire.com/file/2tned7qx5xtx660/Me262A_4k_Public_3_JG7_Y5_v28_cs.dds/file
  8. Check out the Shark skin by SKZBolzon in an earlier post in this thread. Should be easy to add a bit of blue to that. I'm going to be busy for a while doing weathering to some of the existing skins in between spending time flying the 262. Was trying to get an engine looking like it had been worked on but ended up more like fire damage with too much black. So scrap those hours and start again.
  9. Have updated the Yellow 5 skin to look more natural especially with regards to the dirt and grime. I guess the monitor setting also plays a part so I have left the original up as well. (Further small update to cleaning up emblem and tuning down luminescense of bare metal and fuel spills in low light.) https://www.mediafire.com/file/mxdvv9x2p75hz59/Me262A_4k_3_JG7_5Y_v7_cs.dds/file
  10. You are correct and I have changed my post to reflect this information. Thank you for pointing out the error. I didn't immediately cotton onto the fact as the first 262 flights had taken place in 1941 and Hitler had intended it to be used as a bomber. So making it available to KG200 in 1943 seemed reasonable. However it turns out the jet engines weren't available until 1944 and the 262 Mistel plans were not finished until very late in the war. It is doubtful that it even flew before the war ended. As for the skin being highly speculative, in my opinion, all skins are highly speculative as they are based on b/w photos of the era and artistic impressions, usually being copied and modified based on subjective information.
  11. Love your skin 'Yellow 2', Ouky1991! Was just thinking I have to make that when I realised that you already have. Brilliant - Thanks
  12. Here is my impression of a famous 262 of 3./JG7 in May 1945. 'Yellow 5' was an aircraft flown by Unteroffizier Anton Schoppler. It is battle weary and scarred. I have drawn heavily on the brilliant work done by ICDP and in this case by e69_julian57. (Once again I need to reiterate that virtually all skins and artwork are highly speculative as they are mostly based on old b/w photos or much faded colour photographs were the inks have been degraded. Also not all information that is found in books or on the net is factual. I take it at face value and do not corroborate it as to ascertain its authenticity.) https://www.mediafire.com/file/o42786tz9s5s238/Me262A_4k_3_JG7_5Y_v5_cs.dds/file I just found some original b/w photos that exist of the aircraft. The noteworthy thing for me is that my choice of asymetrical engine cowlings was actually correct. Also.... "Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a "Schwalbe" (Wk. Nr. 500443), "Yellow 5", 7./JG7, this aircraft was flown by Unterofficier Anton Schoppler from his base at Saaz and surrendered at Schleswig-Jagel, Germany on 8 May 1945." There is no mention of Schoppler having flown (Wk. Nr. 111007), "Yellow 5", 3./JG7 captured and scrapped at Fassberg in May 1945. (The Yellow 5 shown in the Osprey profile and of which the skin is an impression.) There are photos and information on both of the aircraft shown in the link below. I think this is a good example of what I have been saying and having to reiterate with regards to factual and speculative information. The depiction of aircraft skins is at best a subjective rather than an objective pursuit. More information in this link: http://silverhawkauthor.com/axis-warplane-survivors-german-aircraft-part-iv-messerschmitt-me-262-to-siebel-si-204_567.html
  13. Yes, thanks, see earlier in the thread. I went with trying to recreate the photo which didn't turn out well. Anyway, as things have drifted off topic and into the conceptual, here is one I actually like and again not outwith the bounds of what was being done at the time. It is quite possible I am the only one that likes it but a good note to finish on. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6safc2px915cdvs/Me262A_4k_mistel_v22.dds/file
  14. Hi sevenless, was trying to copy a 262 from a photo of an A2 in SA (see further up). This is not a generic aircraft but a specific one hence the small numbers. The use of a black cross instead of white is note worthy in the photo. Again the variance was huge. It is less a case of right and wrong and more of usual and unusual. Anyway bottom line is the stitching of the pattern is beyond me. The original aircraft cammo actually looks easier to mimic. This is my last effort on this one. Sorry, bzc3lk, but I did give it a go. https://www.mediafire.com/file/55as3r79tc59brv/Me262A_4k__nightfighter_sa_v23.dds/file
  15. I resized the pattern as it wasn't right but now the stitching needs fixing. There is a way to do it but just how tedious it is going to get remains to be seen. I might not get it better than this within a reasonable time frame. It depends how much it bugs me whether I sort it or not. https://www.mediafire.com/file/uit1zq6nyct6ahv/Me262A_4k__nightfighter_sa_v21.dds/file
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