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  1. Emil Lang (14 January 1909 – 3 September 1944), nicknamed "Bully", was credited with 173 aerial victories—144 on the Eastern Front, 29 on the Western Front—and one Soviet MTB sunk in 403 combat missions. Posted to a fighter wing on the Eastern Front, Lang claimed his first aerial victories in March 1943. He was credited with 72 victories in a three-week period, among them an unsurpassed total of 18 on 3 November 1943. He received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 22 November 1943 for his 119 victories to that time. By March 1944, his claims totaled 144, for which he received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves on 11 April 1944. Transferred to the Western Front, he claimed his 150th victim during the Normandy Invasion on 14 June 1944. He scored his last three victories on 26 August 1944; on 3 September 1944, he was killed in action over Belgium. The markings indicate that Emil Lang's aircraft is of the II Group, 5th Staffel of JG54 and thus denoted as 5./JG54. Note how the the normally well defined Green Heart symbol has been roughly over-sprayed. Luftwaffe aircraft were routinely roughly over-painted depending on the season and the terrain over which they operated. RLM colours, when even available, were freely mixed and in the absence of genuine paints, household paints were used as the German supply situation became ever more chaotic throughout the war. https://www.mediafire.com/file/fellg7vzzwlz22y/Fw190-A5_Emil_Lang_JG_54%2C_Eastern_Front%2C_March%2C_1943.dds/file Update... Just tried this skin on another bigger monitor and it was way over saturated and also changed and fixed a couple of things. So if it looks off try this version. I think I should stick with this monitor but any feedback appreciated. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ama4lvkno3z61um/Fw190-A5_Emil_Lang_JG_54%2C_Eastern_Front%2C_March%2C_1943_v5.dds/file
  2. This image kind of stuck in my head along with some others and I started doing the skin only I worked from memory so the end result is a bit different. I was also confused by the fact that the Black 16 was missing in some of the photos which are all associated with Emil Poidinger and Black 16. Anyway, thanks for the great pictures and also to ICDP for providing a great template. The aircraft in the pictures (shown in an earlier post in this thread https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17741-mc-202-series-8-skins/?do=findComment&comment=285063) are supposedly of an MC-202 of II./JG108. "Black 16" (MM9691) and it was flown by Emil Poidinger when he crash landed it in 1944. However the cammo patterns look slightly different and the black 16 is not shown in all of the photos. I might try recreating a closer likeness but I do like the way it turned out anyway. Hope you will try it out. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymxatpzpt7ia5se/MC202_Emil_Poidinger_1944__black16_v9.dds/file Update..... I worked more on the skin to get it closer to the b/w photos.. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6256sosljbqpzso/MC202_photo_Emil_Poidinger_1944__black16_v20.dds/file
  3. I wanted to do something more creative this time so this is a semi-historic skin of a JG51 mid-war Fw190 A5. Battered, bruised but not broken. Repaired and resprayed in parts with late-war RLM colors. I did 2 versions, one in high contrast(hc) and the other in low contrast(lc). The lc versions looks much better on my system so I would try that first and use the hc version if it looks washed out on your setup. If you do try it out let me know which works best for you. https://www.mediafire.com/file/cm5j6sh9khlrvzk/Fw190-A5-Kruger-Public-flowbee_JG51_lc_V31.dds/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/emmqwxxq10brlv5/Fw190-A5-Kruger-Public-flowbee_JG51_hc_V30.dds/file Update --- After using the skin for a while I found the big red one on black was a bit of an eyesore so I brought things more into sync and also added some bling ()not meant to be disrespectful on the rudder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/d6b6k9pbtvf9ddx/Fw190-A5-Kruger-Public-flowbee_JG51_lc_V39.dds/file Being on a creative streak this skin comes with a free poem entitled "Ode to ma Butcher Burd" by Flowbee Burns Pistons slap and rattle and all the conrods knock The engine burns the oil and also leaks it from the block Sprayed and repaired more than anyone can remember Hard to start her in the middle of December But when push comes to shove, she doesn't need a powder 'cause when the cannons thunder, she doesn't break a sweat She's not so young now and now no longer pretty but when death it comes a calling she stands upon her ground and stares him down, and does not frown at just another clown And when the ball is over and she goes back home alone Another day is over just like a thousand gone before She's not called the Butcher Bird for nothin' So it's better you remember that if you're not her friend you had better turnaround real quick and brother - Check Your Six Lest she come up behind you and blows you - all to bits
  4. JG26 where one of the first Groups to receive the 109 K4 in November 1944 and where deployed en masse in order to stem the Allied onslaught on the Western Front. They were engaged in Operation BoddenPlatte and ensuing air battles suffering heavy losses fighting against insurmountable odds. Bf109 K4 III./JG26 "Schlageter" Red 5 - unknown pilot - Plantlunne, Germany March 1945. This skin is semi-historical being based on artwork and models. https://www.mediafire.com/file/pemuy6gwd2rvvek/Bf109-K4-Kruger-Public_JG26_Red_5_v2.dds/file
  5. This is my impression of the Fw190 A5 flown by Hauptman Erich Leie on the Eastern Front in 1943. I failed to find any original photos of his aircraft bar one showing just the tail section with him standing in front. Many artists impressions do exist however. I used JG4 Kruger's excellent new template as my base for this one. Adding layers and a new Alpha to make the skin. In January 1943, Leie transferred as Gruppenkommandeur to I. Gruppe of JG 51, based on the Eastwern Front. Leie led the Gruppe during the offensive operations leading up to Operation Citadel, which initiated the Batlle of Kursk; the battle began on 5 July 1943 with I. Gruppe of JG 51 supporting the German 9th Army in its northern attack on the Kursk salient. For the first days of the operation, I. Gruppe primary task was to provide fighter escort for bombers. On the first day of Zitadelle, Leie claimed his 50th aerial victory, an Il-2 shot down in the vicinity of Maloarkhangelsk. On 7 March 1945, Leie claimed his last two aerial victories and was killed in action. At 14:56, he claimed a La-5 shot down. Half an hour later, he claimed a Yak-9 fighter west of Bielitz, present-day Bielsko-Biała in southern Poland, but collided in mid-air with the crashing Yak-9 fighter in his Bf 109 G-14/AS (Werknummer 786329). He baled out at an altitude of 60 metres too low for his parachute to fully deploy. He was a Knights Cross recipient with a final tally of 121 kills. Of his 42 confirmed victories recorded over the Western front, 30 were Spitfires. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wy4svlrqtilqulf/Fw190-A5-Kruger-Public-Leie_JG51_V7.dds/file
  6. Fantastic! Can't wait to get that into the air. Great pattern and innovative use of colours. Very different from the run of the mill. Wish I could come up with stuff like that.
  7. Really enjoying the single player campaign. One minor thing is that while the wind conditions in the briefing are varied in the mission itself the wind is always at ~6m/s.
  8. Hervorragend! As usual great use of colour and attention to detail. Look forward to seeing more of your skins in IL2.
  9. Ok, Paganizonda, further to our earlier discussion here is the screenshot of how and where to adjust the output level of the Alpha layer.(kept getting an error trying to put into message)
  10. This is a semi-historical Fw190 A3 skin loosely based on and inspired by a picture of the Fw190 A5 of Hauptman Erich Leie Stab I./JG51 in Russia 1943. The massive kill score is due to me keeping score while flying an offline campaign using this aircraft and is not historical as neither is the 7 on the cowling. I just liked it that way. When and if I find more original photos of Leie's aircraft I will do an A5 in the future with historical markings. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z31cyp62d9w5t2h/FW190a3_4096_Stab_I.JG51_v21.dds/file
  11. Looking great! Really like your War Thunder skins and your use of colours is always outstanding. Hope you find the time to do more.
  12. lol That is high praise indeed, thank you! Still busy trying to salvage 3D after the last patch. All the ground objects are floating. Don't think I can fix it this time. I did do a K4 and very slowly progressing with an A5 during testing possible fixes.
  13. Your presentation is off the chart. Can't wait to see the skins in game. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Pretty sure that should be Schleppen which means towing. When towing push the elevators down.
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