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  1. @MewtMy semester at university just ended so plans will be in motion soon! @lefuneste Absolutely it would be an honor! It looks like a sweet mod. Your welcome to the original word file too if that would help. Right now it's a 250 MB word doc. Just shoot me a PM if you'd like a copy. @beresford For aircraft that use MPH I give it in both KPH and MPH. If your using my guide no such mental math should be needed. If I forgot for put MPH on an aircraft just say witch one and I'll be fixed next version.
  2. Thanks for the help Tzigy! I've now added the relevant information to the guide. I skipped the part referencing the pressurization system since there's no way to control that in game but that's the only part I changed. Version 2.8 is now out! I've added all 5 new planes from the recent patch! Yak-7B P-39L-1 La-5FN Bf 109 G-6 A-20B I also added a list of the default key bindings. I'm hopping this might help players just getting started. On another note holy crap this sim is up to 34 planes!
  3. Tapi thanks for the correction! It's a shame there's no way to chose what temp to show. BlueHeron to be honest I have no idea what they are for either. I'll play around and see if I can figure it out. If any one else is reading the thread I'm referring to the lights outlined in read in the attached image. It's for the 1943 IL-2. I'm almost done with the update for the new patch. I'm half way done with the A20B portion and that's all that's left to do. Should be up in the next day or so.
  4. A gtx 1080 works for me but I never hit the full 144 Hz at 1440p. It stays between 90-120 fps most of the time. I'm happy with it but if you want the full 144Hz a 1080 ti would likely do the trick. 120 Fps is way nicer than 60 fps especially with fast head movements combined with track ir. I find the higher refresh only really maters in flight sims and twitch shooters such as RB6.
  5. As other have said landing is a big difference. In 1946 I can come down at 400 Km/h and slam on the brakes no problem. BOS is a bit more realistic and you really do want to be going slow and level during landing.
  6. Dam it those are some embarrassing errors! Well there fixed now. Ju 88 is now german again. Look like I got a bit confused with the MC202, confusion removed. Pe-2 87 guide has been corrected. I found an additional error and fixed it too. Thanks to Schmehl, Elanion, and 19//Rekt for reporting those issues! Version 2.73 is now ready for download and the fixes have been Incorporated into it.
  7. I'm not a fan of track ir in the external view either. Hate is a strong word but it would apply here.
  8. Yep it's referring to the small little door. It's correct but the wording might not be the best. I'll change it to "2. Set flaps to 20 deg and close cockpit door." in the next release to remove any confusion.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out! Looks like I made a but of a mental math error.... Anyways that problem affected almost all the German planes. I just uploaded version 2.72, thanks to your feedback, that fixes this issue.
  10. Lensman I have a full CH setup and had no problem binding every single control. I used the left most button on the the throttle unit as shift. For example water radiator control becomes oil radiator when shift is pressed. It would be better to have slider control for every thing but buttons work fine as long and you memorize where the same control is in the cockpit. If it helps I can take a picture of the sheet I use to write down my bindings. I still have a good number of buttons unbound.
  11. Tzigy well shoot I should have caught that.... I just uploaded v2.71 that fixes all the issues mentioned so far. Dietrich I gave you a mention on the page for the Ju 52 and hopefully it's up to snuff now!
  12. Dietrich thanks for the detailed explanation! Much appreciated. I had no idea it was altitude throttle. I think I'll label it "Altitude throttle (Mixture)" since it's controlled using the mixture bindings. I'll make all the other corrections as you indicated. The water in engine start is a embarrassing copy paste error I suspect.... I'll put credit on the page for the Ju 52 when I make the corrections. Tapi Woops looks like I was close but no cigar. I'll see if I can squeeze in a label for the pitch adjustment as well. Thanks for letting me know, I'll make the needed corrections.
  13. Just finished up a new version and V2.7 is now out! New additions Spitfire Mk. VB Hs 129 B-2 As of today all 29 planes are now included in the guide! There was also a rework of the table of contents and book marks added to simplify PDF navigation. I decided to try hosting it on file front this time, let me know of any issues with the download its self. I think I figured the Hs 129 out but I have a few questions to make sure I got the instructions right. The only way I was able to get it to go intro continuous power was to use manual prop control to raise the pitch, thus lowering RPM. It would seem that automatic pitch control is only for combat power then? Is this how it's supposed to work or am I making an error some where? Now that all the planes are included spread the word! I'll probably post it to Reddit some time later today.
  14. Ok version 2.5 is out. This adds five new aircraft to the guide. Bf 109 G-4 FW 190 A-5 IL-2 AM-38F 1943 Bf 110 G-2 He 111 H-16 Guide is up to 27 aircraft and half of the BOK planes are now included. If you only look at currently released planes that leaves the Hs 129 and spitfire. A big thanks to all of you that found errors! They have all been fixed. As usual if there are any errors found please let me know. They will be fixed!
  15. Alright NN_Elanion thanks for the confirmation! I'm guessing it will also apply to the Yak 7B. I'll make the correction for the next release. Fenris_Wolf that's odd. I'm on android 7.0 with a Moto G4 and it's opening fine in various PDF readers. I'm using word 2013 to export to PDF. Is it any different if you copy the PDF over to the phone instead of downloading it using the phone? Kilawatts I just tested it on a other computer and for the moment the download is working. If your still having issues just send me your email address over a private message and I'll email it to you. This applies to any one else having issues too. I've decided I won't be adding instructions for how to read the controls for bombing. I've taken a look at a few bombers and I'd have to add a whole new page to do it properly. Maybe at some point in the future.
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