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  1. maybe with a shitty game.. DCS runs circles around this game in terms of advancement and its super easy to embark on those voyages. no. not moving it at all. I'm trying the stock mission that comes with the darn game and that is doing the same thing. This is nuts, where is the developers !!! we should not be going through this BS!
  2. both reinstalled what? the entire game jesus christ lol what exactly does this mean Make sure the mission is saved in the correct folder on the DServer PC. The .list file for the mission shows the correct folder to save the mission in on the DServer PC. Resave the mission, copy it to the DServer, and restart the mission. Whats a Dserver PC? I don't have a dedicated server, is this what you mean? I'm looking to host and play, is this not possible? thanks
  3. what do you mean I can join the mission what do you mean check the path of the file listed. what is all this? thanks I opened my modem/router compeltey open, i'll try turning off my firewall completely This is silly though, I mean really!! what is so different about the servers I join like combat box
  4. damn!! I really thought that was going to fix it, because you were right, ping was set to 0, I changed it to 300. He loads, gets the loading screen, gets to the end, but then, boom back to the menu!! gotta be something else
  5. Seriously, my buddy and I have tried everything. its really annoying. I tried opening all the ports listed and nothing. I even DMZ'd my router!! He connects, see the splash loading screen, gets to the end and then boom right back to the menu! There just has to be some fix. please help
  6. Well that fixes that, now to the biggest issue, which really sucks!!!!! Why the !@3$#!@% can't anyone join my game?!?!? I'm really getting annoyed at this BS with this game. I host and no one can join, so I then DMZ my @#%$#@% modem and now they get the loading screen when trying to join, but eventually get kicked back to the main menu! Dont have this problem with any other game, whats the deal here? thanks
  7. my buddy and I huge DCS players, are able to make co-op missions to practice, we do dog fighting, bombing and so on. I can even have us start 5 miles from target at altitude. How do I do that with this game? want to have just the two of us and make certain situations to practice more, especially dog fighting. thanks
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