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  1. Just flew new patch in a MP server for the first time. My Impressions are: Graphics very good except for propeller disc - too much sun reflection (especially when the sun is at the aircraft's six oclock), Flight model (I was flying the P40) - OK but still a bit twitchy (although that may be due to my joystick / rudder calibration), Own aircradt sound - a bit weak and washed out Other aircraft sound - good (especially when taking off - sounds very real) Bomb explosion sound - quite good (dive bombed a factory and clearly heard my bomb explode as I egressed) Taxing physics - very bouncy (my plane felt like it was on pogo sticks and I watched two PE2s move past me on the taxiway bouncing like kangaroos) Summer map - terrific (looks good and much easier to navigate from landmarks) Overall - a 7 out of 10 Thanks Developers
  2. Anyone know how to get the iron sights to work?
  3. I sometimes (when no one is at home) have the game on speakers and TS on headset - works well even if it does seem that the house is shaking at times.
  4. Merry Christmas to all and wishing you and your loved ones a very happy 2015
  5. Thanks everyone - yes it is DSR just did not recognise this. I have learnt much from these posts and now are able to exploit the potential graphic benefits of DSR / down sampling in BOS.
  6. I was recently introduced to the video enhancement potential of "down sampling" but il2 BOS does nor seem to support this. Why?
  7. Brief Description: Game no longer launches Detailed description: After changing some key bindings and joystick axis settings my game no longer launches. Additional info: attached is a sceenshot showing BOS icon in task bar
  8. Once again my game has stopped working. A few days ago the game refused to load and I did a complete reinstall. Today I went into the Controls section and changed some of my key bindings and joystick profiles. Then when I restarted the game and clicked Play all I got was a blank screen. I have check Task Manager and it says the game is Running - running a blank screen obviously (last is my poor attempt at sarcasm). If this game had been made by politicians then I could understand - so much promised and so little delivered. Game was directly from website.
  9. Brief description: Error 10005 Detailed description, conditions: When I click on ENTER I get an error message that there is a newer version of the game and that I should update the game. Unlike ROF where there is a separate update function, BOS seems to rely on the launcher carrying out an automatic update which does happen as I cannot get past the ENTER screen. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): none Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): in signature below
  10. Australia - A land down-under where women glow and men chunder
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