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  1. Currently updating my old 110 skins to 4k and then will be working on more. 2k Bf-110 Skins
  2. One more for the pack thats coming soon...
  3. Thank you sir. Slightly more progress on the "Poached Egg" camouflage on early Series III C.202s. Also adjusted the panel lines to reflect the early series.
  4. Revision of my original skins with the help of Vespa. They will be included in a new skinpack coming soon.
  5. Beautiful work bud. Any chance of getting the complete skin package by Zargos? All of your skins in one zip?
  6. Very nice work Zargos. Love the subtle weathering and panel lines. Excellent.
  7. I pre-ordered BoM Standard edition but can I purchase the C.202 independently? Hard to skin the bird and not fly it.
  8. Very early work on more schemes. Much work to be done.
  9. Thank you sir. Updated link with corrected version.
  10. Thank you sir. Working currently on some different camouflage schemes. Here is an early WIP from one right now.
  11. C.202 Continental Scheme Skinpack Download Here http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.912
  12. I believe you're correct regarding the length of the yellow nose and possibly the upper wing insignia. Posted below are the corrections.
  13. Just the man I hoped would chime in. Yes, I am doing early Serie III for this skinpack. You are correct about the GAC. I had yet to blend them in as historically correct but look below in my pics and tell me do I need to soften them up more. Also please be critical of anything. I'm more concerned with my colors than anything currently. Do these look correct or need adjusting? Here are the first three skins. Please be critical of anything needing adjusting; colors, weathering, panel lines, etc... Red 2, MM.7760, of 71 a Squadriglia, 17 Gruppo, 1 Stormo C.T.
  14. First work deals with Mc.202s of 80 Squadriglia in 1941 featuring the "Continental Scheme," Verde Oliva Scuro 2 and Grigio Azzurro Chiarro 1. Still some work to be done but here is a current WIP.
  15. Anyone with deep enthusiasm for the Folgore please post here regarding my current work. Any inaccuracies that may be seen please share or any requests please post below. Current state is of an early C.202 in Verde Mimetico 2 and Grigio Mimetico. I am currently working on colors/demarcation alignment and weathering right now. Have not begun any markings yet.
  16. Agree with Samson. Gorgeous work on my cannon fodder.
  17. Bf-110F-2 "LN+FR" of 10.(Z) Staffel, Zerstorergeshwader 5 http://www.mediafire.com/download/fr260s2gqvnj5bj/Bf110F2_10%28Z%29ZG5_LN_FR.zip
  18. And finally...a Russian front Zerstorer. Bf-110D-0 "LN+HR" of 1.(Z), Jagdgeschwader 77 flown by Felix Brandis http://www.mediafire.com/download/46xfs4mfzin4jeb/Bf110D0_1%28Z%29JG77_Brandis_LN_HR.zip
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