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  1. I am getting this problem now too, I think. How do I fix the font? Now that I think about it, this only started after downloading RoF.
  2. One thing though, if we include the forces attempting to relieve the trapped forces in Stalingrad, the Tiger could be added. Would be pretty OP all things considered, but just food for thought.
  3. One thing that I feel would be interesting, if they add full tank internals, where you have to look through viewports and periscopes, a 3rd player in tanks with a dedicated commander would be an interesting and somewhat critical addition to properly simulate tank combat on in 1941-1943. The purpose of the commander in game would be more of a support role, but one that makes a huge difference to the overall survival of the tank. A commander can help navigate for the driver, help spot targets for the gunner (and help them make adjustments as stated above) and communicate with the team as a whole more freely than the other two. It's an interesting role, since the fact that the commander isn't really actively doing anything makes them one of the most effective tools for a tank crew. Pair this with the infinitely better situational awareness that German viewports and cupolas offered, and you have a very interesting mechanic. The KV-1 may have a dedicated commander, but he would be just as blind as the gunner.
  4. Nailed it right on the head. Couldn't have said it better.
  5. I would like to see the Hs129, IAR-80B, Fiesler Fi156, Fw189, Po-2, I-153, Yak-1B, and finally the first Yak-9 variant for BoS, since all these planes took part in the battle of Stalingrad. The Fw189 would be a good counter to the Po-2, considering it was used as a night fighter with the specific mission of shooting down those little buggers. Plus, check out that cockpit! The Fi167 Storch would be interesting. There could be medevac missions for it, for example. Land in a clearing close enough to the objective, take off, and land at a base.
  6. I usually listen to either my playlist of rock music related to flight or just being good music (danger zone, gimme some lovin, spirit in the sky, highway to hell, purple haze, etc) or music related to the faction I am playing (Heidi heido heida, Erika, panzerlied, etc for Germans, Crimson tide, hunt for the red October, polyushka poyle, etc for USSR)
  7. For the USSR, it would be interesting to see either the M3 Stuart or the M3 Lee. Both were fielded in the battle of Stalingrad, as detailed below: http://www.o5m6.de/m3a1_InCombat.html The KV-1 and the T-60 or T-70 would be fun too. For the Germans, Panzer IV Ausf F2/G. Hands down. They could go with like an Ausf F series, staring with the F1, and mods turn it into the F2, with an L/43 gun, and appliqué armor would bring it up to G standard, and then there would be a mod to change the gun to an L/48, since there were late production Ausf Gs that fought in Stalingrad. The StuG III Ausf E and F (or G depending on documents) are also a must. Also Panzer II Ausf F would be a lot of fun. PS, first post on the forums. Just got the game today! Loving it! :D Am I the only one who spent their first 2 hours of gameplay just gawking at the planes' startup sequences?
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