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  1. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Steam can't find my Odyssey+

    Download https://store.steampowered.com/app/719950/Windows_Mixed_Reality_for_SteamVR/
  2. E69_Qpassa_VR

    ¿Que musica escuchais?

    Por aportar 😀
  3. Save on that windows 10 license and upgrade to an used 1080ti
  4. If you could give us the logic behind I could develop a offline android app, no ads obviously
  5. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Pimax 5K+ without lighthouses

    Are you using 3dmigoto mod?
  6. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Tactical Air War

    I am not doing it. Just because I am annoyed about you flooding the chat I don't approve this behaviour
  7. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Tactical Air War

    Just stop flooding the chat, it is annoying as hell, if you want to complain do it here. Let the admins take the decision about spectate mode or whatever people do in the server. Thanks
  8. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Ground units disappearing a lot

    Yesterday I was only seeing the smoke of the stuka but the plane wasn't rendered although we were so close, zoom in and I could see it, surreal.
  9. E69_Qpassa_VR


    I have been disconnected and the game stopped working (I was in the TAW). Afterwards, I tried to enter the game and I was unable to login
  10. This simulator without FB is not the same, I am using the G940 only because there is no other option that could replace the joystick, the FFB helps you a lot identifying the stalls, how much can you turn... I would not change it
  11. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Lost VR movement in cockpit

    Just FYI, although you have Oculus Rift. If this happens in WindowsMR: A) Check there's enough light B) Reconfigure limits and define your position as seated
  12. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Samsung HMD & HMD+?

    My IPD is 60 so I'm hardstuck to Odyssey 😂
  13. E69_Qpassa_VR

    [MOD] Hakenkreuz (Swastika) on Awards and Flags

    little 2019 bump
  14. E69_Qpassa_VR

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    Are you using Lefuneste mod 3dmigoto? It helps a lot recognizing contacts
  15. E69_Qpassa_VR

    Version en Castellano

    FW190 A3. Traducción que falta