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  1. I thought you were speaking about a 260° FOV device..
  2. From second 0:12 , one day we will be able. If you don't recognize him, he is a former F1 pilot and currently he is a Dakar rally pilot
  3. Swivel chair and move your ass in order to turn. Also It depends a lot on the position inside the cockpit, you have to be in the middle.
  4. Thanks guys, amazing time response
  5. Too expensive investment for me and I don't trust PiMax as a company, I have seen their subreddit and it's a mess.
  6. Well this zoom is not x10 at all for what I remember of migoto. It is very close to the x5, with the current zoom I can see spot contacts but for some reason sometimes they disappear or stop being rendered, or they become darker.
  7. Do you know everything about your GPU, did you replace the cooling system? The way data is being stored in the RAM? For what's everything in the motherboard? 😂
  8. I paid some dude to do it, he has done over 50 delid so for him it was one more job, we didn't sweat a drop and for 25€ he did it at the first try.
  9. I prefer insta-zoom, migoto mode rather than slowly zooming in
  10. Take a seat and enjoy
  11. I would test with another video game to discard the computer matter or to reassure. Total war warhammer 2 has a benchmark where you could test it and if the results are equals it would mean is because of the servers or some situational reason. If they are not equals I would format his computer, check the overclock and do tests again. Maybe is because the processor is not being properly ventilated?
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