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  1. Which seat kit are guys of the left using?
  2. Well for pedals I advise you to check the MFG Crosswind, simply amazing
  3. I have it and I cannot be competitive enough when using it. You deep dive in the combat making you too nervous 😁
  4. You should use 3dmigoto to identify targets. Go to the VR subforum
  5. All I did before these updates was to use the zoom implemented by the game
  6. Contact twitch support so they could do it for you. Not having an image seems quite indie/unprofessional game
  7. It seems the stats are not being correctly updated in the website.
  8. Also this happens when you have low light or too much sunlight.
  9. In the latest version I cant disable the sight from my left eye. All I can do is enable and disable the sight.
  10. Most of the squads fly in their private discord or team speak. You should try to join one of them.
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