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  1. E69_Qpassa

    Samsung HMD & HMD+?

    My IPD is 60 so I'm hardstuck to Odyssey 😂
  2. E69_Qpassa

    [MOD] Hakenkreuz (Swastika) on Awards and Flags

    little 2019 bump
  3. E69_Qpassa

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    Are you using Lefuneste mod 3dmigoto? It helps a lot recognizing contacts
  4. E69_Qpassa

    Version en Castellano

    FW190 A3. Traducción que falta
  5. E69_Qpassa

    Version en Castellano

    @SYN_Haashashin Buenas, hay un problema en la traducción de la Carrera. Al recibir los 1000 rublos por derribo. Un saludo Faltan la Sala de la unidad por traducir, o al menos la de la 27th IAP:
  6. Suggestion: It would be nice to have all versions stored in a GitHub project
  7. E69_Qpassa

    Ayuda para volar con Oculus Rif

    Esto te baja porque te bajan mucho los fps. A mi me pasa muy puntualmente en algunas situaciones en servers tipo Berloga.
  8. E69_Qpassa

    Tactical Air War

    Hello, I am interested in translating the TAW Website to Spanish. Could you give me some information? Regards
  9. E69_Qpassa

    Samsung Odyssey+ cannot start IL2 in VR

    Don't forget to install 3DMigoto mod!
  10. E69_Qpassa

    Double kill or kill participation

    Didn't see your thread, sorry. 😊
  11. Check Sweviver video where he tests the Pimax on IL2 BoX
  12. Hello guys, So, my Samsung Odyssey HMD left screen stopped working (the lense or whatever) and, at the moment, I have shipped it to the seller to use the warranty. It's going to be 4-6 weeks minimum (not taking into acccont Christmas holidays) and I decided to fly using my good ol' Track Ir. How we were able to fly with Track Ir? It feels so artificial, too easy to lose contacts, I have to be so far from the screen, more difficult to aim. The only positive thing I can say it's easier to check your 6. Have you experienced this? Did you go back to the HMD? I am seriously thinking to not play again until I have my HMD repaired. Regards
  13. Hello, I've seen this strange behaviour on the Berloga server, but it think this is not in their side. Check the attached screenshot. Thanks!
  14. E69_Qpassa

    Force feedback issue

    I use a G940 HOTAS and It's nice.
  15. E69_Qpassa

    Sim Flying Friends (SFF)

    El enlace de Discord dice que no es válido