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  1. Amazing cover! Crank up the volume and enjoy, it cant be too loud! edit: I just have to add one more. Edit 2 : Ok, one more 😅
  2. I have same Logitech and I am using these settings : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z7bk3ChYjE
  3. There is nothing wrong in Mig! It is perfect target for my Messerschmitt bf 109.
  4. I only see IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - Standard Edition STEAM + my purchases (from IL2 store ) and gifts in License keys. All my other Steam purchases are missing. That does not matter because I have them in my game. Like Battle Of Kuban for example
  5. Answear is no. Only purchases on IL2 Sturmovik store will be on your profile.
  6. Thank you! After few missions I really like it and want to fly more.
  7. I am sure that it will be fixed. Now it is impossible to shoot all enemy aircrafts down, just because they crash before you can even shoot them.
  8. 1. Hawker retrofit the fuselage tanks of Hurricanes with a fire-resistant material called "Linatex" as a matter of priority. I dont know is one answear enough or do I need to know them all.
  9. This +100 times. Atleast we need topic that tells how to make broken campaigns and missions to work.
  10. Thank you! I try find that Juri's campaign. I have all released maps so moscow is not a problem.
  11. Thank you! I cant test it right now so it is nice to know that there is some cool campaign to fly when i have time.
  12. Bought it on sale -85%. Very good plane. Now I need to find some scripted campaigns to fly. Does this still work with newest gameversion?
  13. Free tempest campaign! Thanks! C47 look so good, it will be hard to shoot it down but I think that I just have to do it. Just today when I was driving I saw dc3, not an everyday sight.
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