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  1. yes server is down did the host change your IP again @Jason_Williams
  2. Wings is by far the best server for balance and population. Weapons are locked for historical accuracy based on date of map also i believe it has to do with balance. There are some maps that allow jabos just like some maps allow russian fighters to carry a bomb. Good luck on the other servers!
  3. Was issue with cheating using skin that is see through and other cheating things which cane from people using custom skin files so server just locked them there was videos on youtube that displayed the cheat but it’s very hard to find now because il2 producer does not like cheating published it’s bad for business
  4. Absolutely wonderful... thank you!!!
  5. This is the power supply I am running for my 1080ti 750W EVGA® SuperNOVA 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU
  6. It was a 190 that I was referring to obviously it wasn’t you. You were not lying... SORRY 😐
  7. I don’t use any curves or sensitivity adjustments to my axis controls for stick or rudders. Everything is 1:1 and it feels great. I have the VKB t-rudders and the VKB gunfighter 2 MCG with 8inch extension...
  8. ill tell you whats going on its Saturday night when we all want to play and someone is punishing us! who is it?
  9. Denlarik, since the update 3.010c there is a problem with the durability of the planes, trains and, vehicles. please fix this issue they are not able to be destroyed by guns straffing! I have attached a photo from the bottom of the 3.010c dev post on this update stating the issue and how to fix it. Thank you!
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