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  1. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Banned from WoL Help / Advice

    Or Facebook wings of liberty has a group now
  2. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Faces of the flying community!

  3. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    No server list again... but we got more world war 1 planes coming out.... just sayin. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣👌
  4. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    still down....
  5. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    Love that GVL throttle that’s awesome!!! When did you team up with GVL to make that sturmovik model and how come there wasn’t an announcement ?????
  6. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    RIP random expert RIP.......
  7. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    What has happened to the Official BOS Teamspeak server?

    yeah me and a bunch of guys that use this official BOS sever are all wondering whats going on with it???
  8. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    [MOD] Voice Pack in English for Radio Chatter V0.47

    I’ll volunteer as voice actor for germanside? I’m a redneck American with a southern draw though
  9. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    ACG's Public Server

    Interested in helping test server if you all need help... I know the game well but nothing about mission editing... just thought I would over my time would love to have an American server running!
  10. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Tactical Air War

    I’m a lone wolf for now but I’m flying BLUE!
  11. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Would you buy a premium I-153 Tchaika? Here's why you should!

    go play warthunder...
  12. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Game version 3.001 discussion: Final Release of the Battle of Kuban

    Hello Jason I’m loving the new render distance and the clouds but these bugs are getting pretty annoying modifications being locked and getting the gray start button all the time... also when can you guys make a multiplayer entry que so we don’t have to play the lottery trying to get into the servers? Thanks
  13. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Tactical Air War

    I hope this new map only last 1 day for me it is to hard to fight 4 109’s and a 190 while trying to figure out where I am on a map that is covered in snow...
  14. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Tactical Air War

    Hahahaha yeah I was playing solo last night against the whole LW... it was 5 109s vs my i16 or 5 110s against my il2... I ran out of planes real fast...
  15. =TBAS=TeufelHunden

    Saturday Night Bombers Flight

    sign me up for lagg 3 edit or yak if lagg is full