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  1. Concur. I love the aircraft and how it's been beautifully modelled in this sim, but only use it for the occasional non- combat pleasure flight offline. It's just not something that's capable of filling the role it really played in real life.
  2. It isn't 1C's doing. The virtual mechanics removed the mixture cutoff control because they got tired of having to calibrate it due to abuse by ham-handed pilots... and who can blame them, have you ever had to adjust an English carburetor? Some of those Zenith-Stromberg setups will drive you nuts!!!!
  3. On the bright side saying that you were accounting for magnetic deviation is a great new excuse to explain to squadmates how you got lost...
  4. Also no need to ask for anything despite this generous offering, but wanted to second the recommendation for this incredibly fascinating, entertaining and compelling look into the career of a true legend. Absolutely a must-read!!!!
  5. That's normal behavior regardless of whether you start in the air or on the ground. In your previous flights you may have been opting to include the additional fuel valve in the aircraft loadout menu, which limits sudden changes to fuel flow and helps keep the engines from quitting - without it, you have to be verrrry careful and patient with throttle movement as you describe.
  6. I rearranged my computer desk so that my back is to the wall.
  7. Beat me to it. Just like any other flight/combat sim that's ever been written, please Santa give us ONE visibility setting that doesn't do strange things with scaling and contrast as you zoom in and out, rather than user/server options between two problematic settings that have their own unique issues that divide the user community. We've been good. We really have.
  8. How about some info on the system you are trying to run this on... Laptop, or...??? What resolution is your windows desktop set to? Definitely do not panic and start mashing the keyboard with your hands. If you want to be a fighter pilot you gotta be cool under pressure, man....
  9. Last I heard, the new MS FS is not supporting VR. Which was surprising to me. Has that changed?
  10. Corporate Buy-In. LMAO - so true!
  11. Ya'know....(sigh).... I really, really thought that some of you would have seen the humor in this and would have run with it in regards to your own theme song intro as well as what could be used for some of the more well-known players. While I'm not disappointed in the community here, I do hope that some of y'all get out and have a much-needed laugh soon. F'rinstance: Scharfi could have a few measures of Rammstein (or whatever German metal stuff she's into) as an intro. I-Fly-Central could have something classy/classical. Der Sherrif could use the well-known intro from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". I guess I'll stick with playing my banjo during the mission download splash screens until such time as this idea ever takes off...
  12. Welcome to the forum. There's an entire sub-forum here about the Pacific: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/106-pacific-theater-discussion-and-assistance/ ...and when you are through reading that, as Gambit said if you use the handy search function you will find more additional chatter back here in the General Discussion forum. P.S. I'm a relative newbie here and I started with Sublogic Flight Sim since 1983, first "combat" sim was Fighter Duel on the Commodore Amiga since 1985 (and it was Pacific-ish). 😀
  13. Thanks for the reply, Alonzo! Yeah I'll get you grid coordinates when I can. And yes I was on auto-level because I'd moved to the bombsight position. Prolly bad luck as you say. No biggie, my crew and I knew the chances when we climbed on board and took off...
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