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  1. I'd just take anything equipped with one of these...
  2. Interesting observation about the lone Stuka dropping it's whole payload. I wonder if what it's targeting is different from the others (there are some old M5 tanks, some trucks, some cars and a gunner, so maybe that ties into it). While the ME is known to be far from perfect... in my experience, every time I'm tempted to blame the tool I end up losing an opportunity to learn about a fixable problem I could have solved myself. In this case, where you've made steady progress getting toward the goal, it's likely that some continued scrutiny will get some results. This interrupted dive bomb attack sounds intriguing. The timing would be extremely coincidental but is there a downstream waypoint after WP3 that may have gotten activated some other way? Is there a shared "Land" command back at the base they fly to, that is object linked to other aircraft that could have activated that command? In my example, I am sharing the "Land" command with all the other planes in the other flights and that is IMHO not the way to go, just pure laziness on my part in trying to set up an example mission to demonstrate the other stuff - but not good, since any aircraft returning early can then influence the behavior of all other aircraft that are object linked to it. Can you pause the game at that very moment when the Stuka calls off the attack, and see what other objects and aircraft are doing? Anyone getting close to landing? Just for fun, how large is the Stuka's attack area? They're not flying out of it as they roll on their back, are they?
  3. As regards the dive bomb technique of the Stukas, it seems they do indeed wing on over into the classic steep vertical dive if they are set to 2800-3200m altitude (actual range may be outside those numbers, this is just what I've observed). The new ZIP file includes a mission called "Stuka_Dive_Bomb_Comparo" and has 6 flights of Stukas that approach and attack from these altitudes: Flight 1: 1200m Flight 2: 1600m Flight 3: 2000m Flight 4: 2400m Flight 5: 2800m Flight 6: 3200m EDIT: Altitudes of 2500-3400m (ASL) worked fine, and just outside of that (2400 and 3500) the Stukas refused to wing over. Ground level was approx 150m, so altitudes between 2350m to 3250m AGL seem like the actual limits? The other flights just do the boring ol' shallow dive technique, but Flights 5 and 6 just flat get jiggy with it, winging over only when they are directly above the center of the target area! And what's even better, they activate their sirens (when so equipped) in the dive...Woohoooo! (pumps fist). Payload doesn't effect their technique except that if they are carrying multiple bombs, they only release the main bomb in the dive, then they will "fly around the chicken pen" and revert to doing the shallow divebomb technique for the other bombs...better to go with a bigger single bomb for a good show, I'd say. Stuka_Attack with Divebomb Comparo.zip
  4. If I remember that mission correctly, you're going up against I-16's? Pesky little buggers that can turn on a dime. So I wouldn't turn with them, keep your speed up and fight more in the vertical, until at least you get down to one remaining and want to play around with him a little bit. One interesting thing I've wondered about it, there have been big improvements in the AI dogfighting abilities since many campaigns such as this were originally developed and tested. So the dogfights you are having now are not necessarily the dogfights the developer was able to test with or maybe even intended you to have...things should be tougher. Which makes re-flying these campaigns for those who have previously completed them, worth considering...
  5. Hmmmm. I'm going to try my best to see if I can get them to do that as well. I just assumed the AI behavior didn't go that far. I took another look at your ME screenshot and I made a mistake - there's a Target Link going directly from Para WP3 to Para WP4... It passes directly through the Attack Area MCU which threw me off and I thought it was from the Attack Area MCU. But still, with that Target Link in place like that, you're telling the Ju52's to go directly to WP4 after WP3. That would be why they're not dropping. Have you tried deleting that Target link, and connecting a new TL from WP3 to your Attack Area MCU?
  6. It will be the 109 only because the development team is extremely well-versed in releasing Bf109 variants by now... they can likely do in in their sleep!
  7. Re: the way Stukas attack in a shallow dive: I may be wrong but I think this is just what we get. I have not seen them do anything else such as wing over into the classic steep dive. Further disappointingly, you can outfit them with the Siren and they won't use it (or at least you'll never hear it). The Ju-88's attack at about the same angle. If there's other info around here that describes getting them to be more "dive-bomby" that would be terrific. Must search... Re: the Ju52's not dropping, have you tested deleting that Target Link from their Attack Area MCU to the next waypoint? I think as long as they "see" that as their next instruction, they'll go ahead and just focus on that as soon as they reach the center of the Attack Area... which is also where they start dropping their payload, so they could be conflicted, thinking "do I drop or do I go?"... and it's been my experience that given the choice, the AI has a preference for self-preservation and seemingly will do anything to stay out of a fight. So yes, going with Habu's OnBingoBombs event message to trigger that waypoint after they've done their job is the way to go (it's also in my last example or two I think). I have no problem sticking around a horrorhouse... it's not a real party until a proper mess has been made with empty beer bottles and pizza boxes all over the place, some broken furniture, there's a naked girl in the pool, a fight has broken out, the neighbors have called the cops at least three times because the band is too loud, a couple of friendships have been broken and re-mended, Mrs. Davish's priceless diamond necklace has turned up missing and someone has passed out on the front lawn and they're trying to use him as a ramp to see if One-Eyed Jack can ride his Harley through the front door... So speaking of messes, see the "Stuka_Attack with JU52s and Blitzkrieg" mission in the attached ZIP file. Put your plane on autopilot then press F12 to switch to the camera that looks over the test target airfield, wait and watch the show. This is about the best I've been able to coordinate Stuka, Paradrops and Artillery together, and the Arty stops right as the Ju52's come in to make their pass. Stuka_Blitzkrieg.zip
  8. Thank you Habu. I stand corrected, just retried it both ways and no need for the timer. Not sure why it seemed to make a difference before, probably a case of changing more than one thing at a time on my side. Beebop, I think you may be missing an Object link from the Attack Area MCU back to the objects that you want to perform the attack (in this case your "Ju87 Para (en: 1115)" object). You may have lost the original link when you copied or shifted the group around. That's what stands out to me, at least. And to Habu's point, I would not have that last waypoint (para WP4) triggered from the MCU Attack Area. That may cause your Ju52's to fly right through the attack area without doing anything.
  9. For both of those Attack Area MCU's, they should only have Object links (green) going back to the attacking plane(s), not to any ground objects. You don't need to create any links to stuff you want attacked, since you're already doing that by drawing a big circle around it (the Area), and saying "attack ground", "attack ground targets" and/or "attack air targets" for anything within that area. The Attack MCU is a little different in that you draw Target links from it to specific things you want to target (this takes the place of the circular "inclusion area" of the Attack Area MCU). But then you'd still need green Object Links to go to the planes (objects) that you want to perform the attacking. So in your Blitzkrieg example, both flights would use their own Attack Area MCU's set up the same way and even overlapping, just with unique Object links going back to the respective attacking force. Ideally the Stuka's Attack Area will be set to "ground targets" and the Ju52's set to just "ground". Then for a true Blitzkrieg you need artillery shelling the area as well at least until the paratroopers land. That could use its own Attack Area MCU set to just "ground" and active only for as many minutes as needed. Getting artillery to open fire is another trick and where I found the Force Complete - Low command useful. But one thing at a time.... and no you're not an idiot, this is just very exacting stuff.
  10. NP, I'm stumbling my way thru this as well. Once you think you know it, you get tripped up by little details. For instance, activating the Attack Area MCU's from a waypoint MCU didn't work for me. Waypoint MCU (target link)--> Attack Area MCU ...seems like it should work, but didn't. Instead, I had to go through a timer MCU, set to minimal if any delay: Waypoint MCU (target link)--> Timer MCU 500 msec (target link)-->Attack Area MCU ...fixed it, as per the example. No idea why. Maybe not all target links are created equal.
  11. Take a look at the attached, it builds off of the first example. First look at the "Stukas with Ju52s" mission. The flight of Stukas using the Attack Area (as opposed to Attack) MCU is retained form the first mission, since it's the best option for this scenario. Then there's a flight of Ju52's that has their own Attack Area MCU set to Attack Ground and both actions occur at the same time, more or less. Both Attack Area MCU's overlap, I don't think that;'s a concern (I have missions with many such overlaps). Getting Ju52's to paradrop was tricky, but I like to do it from a lower altltude than what's in your screenshot (I want my troops on the ground and out of AA fire ASAP). The handoff from the last waypoint trigger to the Attack Area MCU had to occur just far enough in advance of approaching the target, or the Ju52's would just orbit the last waypoint. Also, the speed and altitude of the last waypoint had to be just so - a speed of 300kph and an altitude of 500m was necessary, or the lead Ju52 would dive down too low during the attack and would not release paratroopers. Then they hang around the area, which as you can see gets a little crowded what with the Stuka's still trying to take out targets. So the third mission, "Stuka Attack with Ju52s and Egress", deals with getting the Ju52's to RTB after they do their paradrop thing, using an Event trigger to set off a string of waypoints back to their base, where they get an MCU Land command. It's basic but gives an idea. Same applies to the Stukas, which RTB after going bingo bombs. The next step would be how to handle the chaos that occurs when both flights try to land at the same time. Stuka_Attack with Ju52s and Egress.zip
  12. Yep it's pretty important. If you change the Attack Area for the Stukas to "Attack Ground", they will level-bomb and drop all their eggs in one pass, right at the center of the attack area (kinda what you want the Ju-52's to do, right?). If you leave it set to "Attack Ground Targets" they should drop only one bomb per pass on different targets until they have made 3 passes (since they carry 3 x 250kg bombs) each. 6 targets should be taken out, after which they will start strafing after a pass or two. At least that's the results I get here.
  13. Well @Beebop and @jollyjack, I don't know if you are still messing with this but you can forget some of what I said above, i.e., use of the Force Complete command. Turns out it's not applicable here from what I can see. That's what happens when the n00b tries to answer a question meant for the experts. Anyway if it helps, here is a very brief example mission that has two flights of Stukas attacking some generic airfield targets. One flight is set to task with the MCU Attack command, and the other uses the MCU Attack Area command. As you'll see if you run it, while both flights initiate an attack, the results are very different and Attack Area certainly seems the way to go. After an air start all you have to do is tag along behind them in your Stuka, or put it on Autopilot and it will orbit a point south of the airfield from where you can watch the action. Stuka_Attack.zip
  14. Here's what's been working for me (basically what you've done but with addition of a Force Complete - Low command MCU) So I have my Stukas (and HS129's in the same formation flight so they work together) following waypoints toward the target area - altitude about 1800m or so. The last waypoint in the chain is about 3km from the MCU Attack Area (also works with MCU Attack command). This last waypoint is key to triggering all the action. It in turn activate two things: The MCU Attack Area command (which can be set to medium or high priority, attacking ground targets) as well as a 2-second time that then triggers an MCU Force Complete command set to Low. The name of the command and the setting seems counter-intuitive, but from what I've gathered, the Force Complete - Low command is how you tell everyone that they are "weapons free" and should start going to town on the targets. These MCU's should have Object links going back to the attacking planes (Stukas). If you have spawned them, they each need to be individually object linked. If you brought them into the world by Activating them (which unlike Spawn must be done with them in a non-Enabled state) you can target link the other Stukas to th formation leader and you only have to object link from all these other MCU's to the flight leader himself. If he gets killed, the next plane in formation assumes the lead and receives/gives orders to the flight. The MCU Attack command goes a step further and allows you to make Target Links form the MCU Attack command to specific targets you want the Stukas to go after - like focus on tanks in a mixed environment, etc. ALL of these MCU's have to be triggered to make the magic happen - in the case of the Force Complete command, I trigger it a couple seconds after triggering the attack commands. Note that the last waypoint only activated this attacking stuff and offers no way out of the area after that. I set up a second string of waypoints to egress the target area, and then I trigger it with an Event link from the planes that uses OnBingoBombs or other similar appropriate event (OnBingoMainMG works too). So this way, once the attack planes have dropped their bombs, they set a course for home.
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