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  1. Thank you for the kind words and I will most definitely love to have your feedback. I can't say how much I gleaned out of the manual you wrote as well as many threads in the mission editing forum where I *always* (at least so far) have found answers to problems that perplexed me. The whole community has a treasure trove of information there. That being said there are definitely things I will do differently when I make this for other maps and if you look under the hood you'll probably see some artifacts of some trial and error as I learned. But I'm really glad you flew it! Cheers!
  2. I should have given you credit above for suggesting the U-2VS' as a target type. Anyone who crashes while trying to shoot those annoying little buggers, blame durruti! ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Hate to point this out, but currently the template download links for the Bf-109 F4 under the BoS section, and the La-5FN Ser.2 under the Collector Planes section, are not working. Just takes you to a constant loop of "Generating new download key". Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the feedback - been a busy week, I didn't notice it until now. Winter and Summer maps will need to be separate missions, which would be 4 new missions (two for each side) - I'm thinking I might rather do a Spring and Winter versions for completely different maps (like Stalingrad, Moscow, etc.) since others are requesting different maps, and it will lead to a potentially unwieldy number of missions. Eagle flight - good catch, fixed (see below change notes for v1.2). I'll l also take a look at different times of day... this is a bit of "scope creep" form what I was originally trying to accomplish, but that's how it goes with this stuff. Cool idea. ============================================= Update Info: ============================================= For anyone who has downloaded previously, please note updated version with some requested changes and fixes as noted below. Download link and attachment in original post have been updated for this v1.2 version (it was was v.1. until a few minutes after I read von_Michelstamm's post above, LMAO!). Major changes include, but not limited to: - Added additional spawn area for U-2VS and JU-52 targets on Axis and Allied versions respectively - Spawned air targets should be more aggressive and challenging - hopefully not too much! - Spawned bomber targets have better payloads and should attack ground targets at home air base if not intercepted - Spawn trigger points for tanks and artillery targets are visibly marked with a lighthouse, so looking at the map to find the spawn circle is no longer necessary - just buzz the lighthouse! Major fixes include, but not limited to: - Airbase alarms (flares and siren) wasn't working correctly - fixed - AI escort flight taxi behavior is improved - Axis calls signs changed to "Eagle" for consistency, per von_Michelstamm's point in above post (thank you). - German language file for Axis mission is now in German, thanks to durruti's EXCELLENT assistance (THANK YOU LOTHAR!) - All other language files have content, albeit in English as I did not have time to translate all this. Also there's a media sound file included, but won't work unless the mission is installed exactly as indicated in the README file. I tried not to make it path-sensitive but it appears to be an "IL2 thang". Since the main point of these missions is for familiarization flights and target practice with new planes, there will be one more update to include the new BoP planes in both missions when they are released (spawn points for them as targets in the Axis mission, and one of them will be the new default player aircraft in the Allied mission). Enjoy & good hunting.
  5. Sorry my bad - you weren't eating a banana were you?"
  6. I know exactly what you mean! The P-38 stirs up the same "feelings" I had as a young teen. Mom and Dad said those urges were completely natural but still, looking at the pictures in the most recent DD's, I still feel kind of... naughty... All I know is that the closer we get to release, the more I have to make sure that I sleep with my hands on TOP of the covers.
  7. So ultimately, we may get a new key binding for all that. Unless I'm overlooking one that exists for this use (which well could be th'case...) On another note this video popped up in my YouTube feed, I can't understand why, but even though it's an older video with low volume I think it's unique in that it's a live demo flight that goes into a fair amount of detail...
  8. durruti, thank you very much for the kind words and I will be more than happy to incorporate the language file you've provided into an update, which I will be posting in the next day or so with some fixes/enhancements. Seems I hadn't tied up all the loose ends as I thought. I had originally planned for the spawnable tank column(s) to be used for target practice with ground attack aircraft, which is why they take so long to get to the base and attack it, but yeah it turns out to be just as entertaining to watch the drama unfold. Up until today I had no idea that the German translation for Bagpipe was "Dudelsack". Which somehow just makes sense to my American ears. ๐Ÿ˜€ Your post made my day, thanks!
  9. Thanks very much for the feedback, I'm stoked that you're enjoying it! While I am no expert on the mission editor, here's my take on your (excellent) questions: 1. Can you do variants for moscow and stalingrad too? Those of us with slow comps would appreciate it. Yes, this could easily transfer over to other maps, I'll look at that. I definitely would like to do this with Bodenplatte when the map releases but the earlier maps also make a lot of sense. 2. If I just want a wingman and not a 3rd plane, how do i remove one of the planes without breaking anything? No easy way I know of other than editing the mission and deleting the third (last) plane in the list, which would be a permanent change. However, if you ask them to attack some of the targets, like the artillery if you activate it, they don't seem to do well in the hilly terrain, even though they are "Ace" level. So very soon you are down to one wingman (or less) anyway. ๐Ÿ˜ 3. It might be nice to have a few 'wildcard' target zonse where you don't know what aircraft you'll get. Great idea, I actually thought of doing that, and calling it the "Mystery Box" area of the map. However, I was worried about having too many of these check zones, as the ME manual indicates that a lot of them can impact performance, so I"m curious how this works out for folks the way it is. My system can handle it OK but that's not necessarily a good measure. 4. Any way to randomize stuff like cloud height, weather, and even time of day (within daylight hours?) Unfortunately not that I know of given what I have read and learned so far - those seem to be basic properties of the overall mission that have to be defined up front... 5. Is it possible to do reinforcement zones? Might be fun to fly through such a circle and have it generate a couple of friendly AC, as if you were encountering a friendly flight and assume command of them. And if you flew over a friendly bomber circle it might generate some 111s which you could command to attack ground and basically be on a bomber escort mission! This is a pretty cool idea. From what I have run into so far, it's definitely possible to spawn friendly objects, but they have to have pre-defined courses and objectives, they won't function as part of a formation under your command. They won't even function as a formation among themselves, and the ME manual warns against spawning formations saying they don't work correctly. Maybe that's one of the things that may improve in the game over time, and I don't want to give up on the idea either. 6. Along those lines, being able to spawn stuff like friendly tanks or ships could create an interesting scenario, where they fight the enemies, help defend the base, etc. Yes indeed! As long as it doesn't get overly complex and load down the system. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't done so yet, watch what happens when one or more tank columns get near the base. You'll see why the defenses are the way they area, and a way to call in reinforcements would help tremendously sometimes. I did have a destroyer come within firing range of the base if it was spawned but not dealt with, but it so deadly in terms of accuracy and firepower I had to take it out, as very quickly there was nothing left of the base. Plus, even though this scenario is not going for historical accuracy, I didn't know how acceptable it would be to have destroyers from both sides launched in the Black Sea. When we get to the channel (or Pacific!) that would interesting though. Thanks for the ideas, I have some more stuff to work towards now. ๐Ÿบ
  10. And here I was thinking no one would get that joke It would take a few more steps to change the player aircraft to a player tank (delete the plane, add the vehicle. make it a linked entity, go to advanced settings to make it player controlled) but is possible. You'd lose the links for the formation flight and such but who needs airplanes buzzing you when you're making a scenic drive through the mountain passes anyway. Although you couldn't spawn any enemy tanks to engage since the spawn point for them is out in the water, marked by a lighthouse where it's less likely to get overflown accidentally and spawn more tanks than the base defenses can handle. Oh I know, I'll build a long bridge to it... Anyway a "sandbox" mission for TC would be cool, I just don't have TC. I'm going to do a version of this for FC next though, as it would be even more fun. No two flights are ever the same. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. Greetings, Here's a pair of *ABSOLUTELY NON-HISTORIC* missions I created out of a desire purely to have a flexible environment for familiarization flights with new aircraft, practicing gunnery or just generally hosing around. I wanted a way to take long, leisurely flights across a scenic map and absorb all the nuances of a new plane, maybe shoot some touch and goes, but maybe also bomb, shoot or dogfight various targets if I wanted to, based on the aircraft type and what I wanted to practice. As I learned more about the mission editor, I ended up creating just that kind of a mission, where you could have the freedom to do what you wanted and activate many different kinds of targets by flying through small check zones scattered around the map as triggers, which are marked on the map along with the target spawn areas. Some areas will allow for multiple spawns so you can keep generating certain aircraft or tanks to practice against. Other areas (ships, artillery) only spawn once when the trigger zone is activated. To also help keep things interesting, most trigger areas will spawn a random number or type of target. There are also some targets that are fixed and always present (Train, Factories). You can fly solo or have an escort/formation flight of two aircraft depending on which direction you taxi out of the revetment, just follow the instructions that appear at the start of the mission,. It also allows to create some interesting scenarios since some of the targets (tanks, artillery, attack aircraft) will set out to attack your home airfield unless you take them out. So it's possible to launch an artillery strike against your airfield, then spawn a tank column that will drive toward it to attack, and then spawn some attack aircraft that may set out to bomb it as well. Then you go either try to rescue your airfield from the mess you've made, or sit back and watch the drama unfold (the airfield does have good defense capability, but can't hold out forever). This is based on the Kuban spring map - mostly because I wanted to dogfight in the mountain terrain - and I've made versions for both Allies and Axis. Also tried to organize the objects in the mission editor so that it's really easy to change the aircraft that's assigned to you, to facilitate using this as a tool for familiarization flights with new aircraft (cough P-38 cough Mustang cough Tempest cough), which I will also add as target groups to the Axis mission once they come out, so we can practice flying against 'em. Anyway here is how the maps look for both missions to give a general idea. I am still learning lots about the mission editor and have flown many hours on these but don't claim them to be perfect - if you see something that needs to be changed let me know. Lastly, if you are not terribly familiar with the mission editor and would like to know how to fly these missions with different planes, see the instructions.in the last screenshot. It's not hard. Feedback welcome. Good luck and good hunting! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1501VLwEuEOzKlwlsGxtkluQJO9Qz9C0x/view?usp=sharing If the link don't work it's attached at the bottom here) Axis target layouts - fly through the red circled areas to spawn a random instance and number of that target: Closer view of targets around the Axis airbase: Allied mission target layouts: Closer view of targets for Allies: How to change the aircraft type assigned to you (at your own risk of course) CREDITS: I used quite a few things from the Missions and Group Sharing corner. Alonzo's really great Airfield flak and Alarm groups [DBS]Tx_Tip's Shipping with Destroyer Escort 4-way random switch from the downloadable groups file ...And of course HUGE credit to JimTM and the great manual that he and others worked on for the Mission Editor. I'm hooked and still learning every day! Kuban Interactive Playground v1.2.zip
  12. P-38 gets a bad rap based on size and being a twin. Actual procedure is pretty straightforward: Release the pressure-activated interlock to twist the intercooler induction control knob counter-clockwise while holding down the flanged override lever, making sure to align the knurled collar of the pressure output regulator cam and then just pull upwards on the coupling ring to lock it into place against the shaft casing. From there it's a simple matter of turning the slotted spindle on the end of the Johnson bar and engaging the spring-catch of the sequencing levers on the right-hand switchbox to activate the semiautomatic controls which then allow for (limited) free manual adjustment of the boost pressure fulcrum, of course making sure to avoid any interference between the connecting socket shank and the strike plate. Repeat for #2 engine and you're in business!
  13. I just had the following happen in a mission I am testing and immediately thought of this thread: Starting the engines in a Ju88 parked in a revetment. As both engines started and the rest of the startup sequence was being completed, a ground crew figure walked in front of the plane at an angle right to left, on a collision course with the prop for the #1 engine. I was watching on external view and saw the moron walk right into the propeller disk as the engine was idling. I cringed but saw that he kept on walking so I just told myself he must have cleared the prop. I popped back into cockpit view and lo and behold. there's the message "Engine 1 damaged". A few seconds later the engine stops altogether revealing a completely shredded prop. We need propellers that are made out of the same tungsten-carbide material those ground crew dudes are made of. Meanwhile, made a mental note to take extra-special care of these planes so's not to tick off the crew chief.
  14. Sure thing! I'll post it with a description and stuff. There's just this one thing I gotta tweak a little (I suppose it's normal with the ME to keep telling yourself that for days on end?).
  15. Yup! And that's a much better, succinct way to say it than I did!
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