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  1. There's that damned P-word again, just when my blood pressure finally returned to normal! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. ...and not to mention, just outright creepy. I dont know who that dude is in that "other" sim but when I hear him huffing and puffing like that, it sounds like Chester the Molester has stowed away somewhere inside the aeroplane. If they go this route maybe the audio files could be deleted, as currently works to get rid of the annoyingly abrasive shouting of that "Hans Gruber" dude who's always freaking out about stuff on the German radio. Or an option for user-defined Heavy Breathing audio tracks could provide interesting options, particularly when used in conjunction with the planned new In-Cockpit Photograph feature. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. Abso-frikkin'-lutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean , all this blabbering and yapping is great and all, don't get me wrong... but I'm just gonna leave these here so we can admire 'em all in one place...
  4. I'm gonna have to side with the folks that think this may not be such a hot idea. I mean I liked the concept enough to spend some time on my lunch break today doing Google image searches for a suitable picture to have in the cockpit.... unfortunately I got interrupted, turned my phone off, and made the mistake of turning it on after dinner tonight in front of Mrs. Stoopy, and up pops Google right where I left off. Not real sure she bought into my explanation that those bikini pictures of Ali Landry were related to a technical research project...
  5. Alright, I just couldn't sit still any longer, as I've been diddling around with a Non-Historical Ju52 mission as part of my first foray into the mission editor. After a couple weeks of fussing with it, everything seems to work as intended and I want to move on to the next big idea so it's now posted in the Missions Sharing Corner, link below. Again, it's pure fiction so anyone looking for historical relevance will be disappointed. That being' said, feedback is certainly welcome, thanks in advance.
  6. Well to go along with the thread in General Discussion about what to do with the Ju52 in SP, here is a slightly different, and definitely non-historical, mission for folks who like to fly her. Bait some PO2's and drag them back to your home airfield, putting your rear gunner to work. Or put the autopilot to work and get some gunner time. There are some other challenges, nothing too bad but just enough to make it interesting. Been tweaking it or a week or two as it's my first foray into the mission editor, and I've learned quite a lot thanks to the great manuals by JimTM as well as many other resources here. Still a long ways to go so your feedback appreciated, thanks in advance. Ju52 - Peskovatka Fishing Trip.zip
  7. Been flying nothing but the Ju52 in SP the last two weeks, after diving in and getting to learn the mission editor it's been fun coming up with some challenging flights for it. Putting the gunner and paratroops to work is a blast, even if the mission ideas have not exactly been historically accurate. I flew a paradrop mission on the Finnish Virtual Server a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to doing more of that in TAW, already registered.
  8. I concur wholeheartedly and in addition to also thanking Geronimo before this thread gets moved somewhere else, I'd like to add that in addition to his guide, I am now getting OUTSTANDING results after turning off the HDR Bloom setting in the startup config file, per this other thread here (which was inexplicably moved to an entirely 'nother section for hardware and controllers, ensuring it will never be viewed in relational proximity to Geronimo's guide):
  9. Avast! Links be helpful for poor souls like me who spent time searchin' for a manual in the game foldarrs, only to realize years later that thar be a whole section on this forum for manuals and tutorials and tips'n suchlike: Ahoy: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/82-manuals-tutorials-guides-and-tips/
  10. Dude... I'm not one to judge but it seems that you may have some bird issues. Either there must have been a traumatic childhood event related to Thanksgiving or your username is alarmingly appropriate. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  11. There ya have it - another example of how the innernet can skew your perception of reality ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Plus the nurses might start expecting me to empty my own drool cup!
  12. Brief description: missing sound in external cam views of Ju52 after 3.102 Detailed description Take Ju52 aloft and cycle through the external camera views using LeftAlt-F2 and certain views have no or extremely low sound.
  13. Jade Monkey, I just want to tell you how much fun I'm having with these missions so far, and thanks for your work. The airfield strafing attack missions for the '109 and '110 have been a real hoot. It's a gas to come up with different approaches to accomplish them succesfully, with some results being quite rewarding. Good stuff!!!
  14. Assuming you are using the windows file manager to view the folder where the file is: Right click on it, go to Properties, and in the Attributes section at the bottom of the dialogue box, check "Read-only", then select "Apply" and "OK" (Apply is redundant but considered good form).
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