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  1. Thank you very much @Mycu, @Beanie and @jollyjack, glad you are having a good time! Without jinxing myself I now think it's safe to say, more to come very soon!!!! 👍🍺🤘
  2. WOW!!!! Great job!!! That's fantastic.... that's got to be at least a dozen landings and re-armings! And just like, that, we have another update, version 1.54: Fixed the Mystery Box and Spitfire Mk.V/Mk.IX spawn points for the Axis missions. Details and download link are in the first post at the top of this thread.
  3. Download ZIP has been updated to version 1.53, per the new download link and content descriptions in the top post of this thread. For anyone updating, please see instructions regarding deletion of the temporary ctreecache and mtreecache files in your IL2 data folder to ensure new mission descriptions show up properly after updating the mission files. Hats off to @easterling77 for calling attention to this! 🍻
  4. DP, if you have time to check your PM from me and let me know how it works, I'll post the link to the updated mission set in the top post of this thread for everyone else. Thanks for reaching out. Stoop
  5. Hi DP, Thanks for the information, I see the problem now. The aircraft description in the first line for the German (and some other) language files is incorrect for some of the collector aircraft. I must have overlooked that in my haste when adding them. I'll fix it and provide a new upload link. In this case, hunting for mistakes!
  6. More than any other aeroplane in this sim, the Duck taught me many things about becoming a better stick-and-rudder (and mixture and prop pitch) pilot. If you pay attention to leaning the mixture to 67% and keeping the prop pitch in the sweet spot, those French-made radial engines come alive instead of acting like disinterested dead weight, and you can then dance her around without (much) fear of scattering airframe components amid the treetops. I hated this bird until folks here clued me in about managing the engines properly. Download the great Panzerknacker scripted campaign and you will have a real blast and become One with the mighty Duck.
  7. Hi easterling, thanks for the kind words and I'm very happy that you are enjoying the playground. First off - the version 1.0 that is listed in the mission description is my fault, I never updated that version number when making changes and uploading a new version of the ZIP file that contains all the different playground missions. That's because it is buried within 8 different "language" files for each mission (English, German, French, Chinese etc.) and there are now 15 different missions in the playground (for 15 different aircraft types) which makes 120 files I have to edit to updated the version number that shows up in the mission description. I clearly need a better way to manage that. At any rate,. if you have the Stalingrad playground mission that includes the Hurricane, you have the right version. I just did a quick test and can load and fly the Hurricane mission - so please forgive the obvious question, but do you own the Hurricane (did you purchase it separately via pre-order, etc.) , and have you confirmed you can fly it around in the Quick Masson Builder? It's not included with the Battle of Stalingrad plane set, but like the Yak 9 and Yak 9T it's a collector plane that can be used in other maps as long as you purchased it. So I made a mission for it in the Stalingrad playground so those of us who own it can get some familiarity flights with it.
  8. You are 100% correct about this community here. It has an outstanding membership and you will find none better. Classy move by CK. I'd recommend you hang on to your Battle of Normandy license though. Planes are now starting to be released one by one and you can get familiar with them as they come out as opposed to watching from the sidelines.
  9. GREAT update and one more shoutout to @Oyster_KAI for his excellent work and well-deserved recognition!
  10. Stoopy


    Requiem's series of videos on YT are a fantastic resource, here's one of his tutorials on the Yak 1b. I believe it was made prior to the change that requires you to set mixture to 100% prior to starting, but otherwise should be quite an accurate reference. Happy hunting!
  11. I think they do more of a sashay than a waltz, 🤣 This sounds outstanding, can't wait to try it!
  12. Sketch, the above seems like a really great convention to follow. Do you mind if I borrow it for my next set of Playground missions I'm working on?
  13. Just out of curiosity, any idea of what problems could occur? I do this fairly frequently and it's in several groups that I re-use. I agree looking at it now in retrospect that it's not clean hygiene (particularly when written to XML) and I will clean my stuff up based on this advice. Just wondering how it manifests itself.
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