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  1. Being as we have a whole forum section for SRS Radio, I thought I'd start a separate thread to discuss how to use it once you connect, to avoid cluttering the “Installation and Use” thread which is focused on setup and troubleshooting (and ironically to keep it from looking like a typical linear Discord conversation that jumps from one subtopic to another). So as I understand it, when you first connect to a server and see the map (plus hear the little "bleep" sound") you are connected and able to communicate using the "intercom" channel. Which is kind of like a lobby? Then, once you pick an aircraft, and have essentially chosen a side, you are then automatically switched to the Radio 1 Channel, which has 5 channels per side, and you will only be able to hear users who are also flying the same side as you. At that point you can stay on Channel 1 or switch to other channels depending on what pre-existing roles have been defined or agreed to (for example 1 for fighters, 2 for strike/bomber, 3 for tanks, etc). How those channels get assigned is up to the users and may or possibly could be addressed in the mission description on the server. Does that sound about right, and is what are the thoughts regarding good standard practices on channel assignment that we should collectively try to follow - naturally allowing for certain exceptions on special-use servers? I think that to a very large degree the success of this feature is going to be up to us to collectively agree upon and follow good practices, using good comms etiquette and radio discipline - hence the purpose of this thread. Thank you in advance for your positive contributions to this discussion. 🤙
  2. One of Ennio Morricone's most stirring compositions. His ability to evoke emotion in his music, and Susanna Rigacci's talents to help bring it to life, made for a powerful combination. In this more recent rendition we get to see everyone in action. I know the same song is posted above but this version is wonderful to watch.
  3. OH NO!!!! I hadn't heard that he'd passed. But I know he was getting on in the 90's. He brought so many exciting ideas into his compositions, and will be missed greatly.
  4. Ditto. I was flying on the server on the A Bridge Too Far map when people started reporting issues not being able to pick planes on the map in chat. I guess it got restarted (just as I was coming back to base from my very first, and successful, mission in the Razorback, arrgggh) and then after the server came back up, could not join the 262 Menace map. Tried twice but never got past the spinnin' wheel... spinnin' 'round... what comes up, didn't come down....
  5. To that point does anyone know if there is a way from the client side to mute specific players if needed? I'm only asking because I didn't see one, and one of the realities is that we'll need a way to deal with the occasional mouth breathers, potato chip eaters, babies crying in the background, and ranting drunken Canadians... not that, y'know, there's anything wrong with folks who fit into any of those categories. 🙄 😁
  6. Bingo! I'd go with Allied and Axis basically. Not a lot of need to separate Strike and Bombers since they can be coordinating on same targets, like strike flights doing flak suppression for bombers. On that note you might want fighters to be able to hear your screams for help from the cockpit of your burning strike aircraft too. And lets' not forget channels for tanks for servers who support them too - 1 General lobby, 2 Allied Aircraft, 3 Allied Tanks, 4 Axis Aircraft, 5 Axis Tanks
  7. Because you are on their channel. Up to 5 channels are supported per server, and the install instructions advise to set up hoit keys for switching channels for this reason. It's up to the people who join to use common sense and fair play to exercise channel discipline and announce what side they are flying when joining, and to switch channels if advised that they are on the wrong channel. This will be a long-term challenge we all have to address and work on. Hopefully the MP servers that support this feature will include in their mission briefings a breakdown of what sides should use what channels. And make it really hard for pilots to misunderstand or not see. Maybe even periodic in-flight messages?
  8. A tip for anyone having connection issues with the client: SRS Radio was unable to auto-connect in my initial tests last night to The Unprofessionals server. Everythign looked good and it showed a connection to IL2 (green plug) bu no worky in regards to the other two "plugs". Issue: My IL2 is set to "Run as Administrator" (because reasons). Note that this is not a typical setup. Solution: Set SRS Radio to "Run as Administrator" as well so it's on the same privilege level and can share data. Everything auto-connected just great after doing that.
  9. ** THANK YOU !! ** Was a successful test, and I ran into someone I'd recently flown with (NoBigDreams) who was there to test as well. Wish he and I would have had this feature on a mission we flew last night! 👍
  10. As long as servers have the 150 hi-test available, this will help keep up with those P-38's online. Usually as the lone P-47 pilot at an airfield, if there's a group of fully-laden Lightnings heading out for a strike I try to form up with them to provide strength in numbers, but after a given altitude they eventually start walking away. Now I guess we'll see if they can still outrun the fat kid on the block so easily. That is THE skin I was looking at and thinking it's the most bitchin'.
  11. 👍 Awesome! 🤙 Thank you! 🤘 Hmmm. OK so the controls for channels etc are not basically integrated into IL2 per se. Would be great if that could be looked at down the road to eliminate switching back and forth between tasks, particularly for VR users etc. Like you say if this become popular, which I expect it will be.
  12. I bet you are right and I was just cappin' on the plane's older reputation in this sim for laughs. I've had a few really good missions more often of late where I was able to make it back much to my amazement, oil covered windshield and peering through jagged holes in the canopy (and wing), but normally my experience, particularly in the more "campy" servers, is that I still get blasted out of the sky by defensive air cover after about 15 seconds over a target. Although I attribute that more to the firepower, skill and target-orbiting patience of our honorable online opponents than to any shortcomings of this gorgeous and buxom big-sparred* fun-lovin' gal. * To borrow your term.
  13. Ahhhhhh. So otherwise, it's the still the same good ol' IL2 BoX P-47 that we have come to know and love. A brute on the outside, a P-39 on the inside. 😉
  14. With all due respect, things just don't always fall into either absolute ends of that spectrum. There has to be a way to allow for people to ask questions and point out abnormalities, so those can be looked into by other folks with appropriate skills, access or resources. If it turns out to be a false alarm, fine. But if everyone turned the other cheek when they were the victim of someone cheating, there would never be progress on mitigating those events. I do agree that to accuse a particular person of cheating then yes, strong accusations require string proof, since at that point it's personal and frequently detrimental to the community we are in.
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