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  1. It's been a busy week and I missed reading this thread but would also like to offer my belated happy birthday wishes to Jason! THose are some pretty good milestones indeed and most importantly you've taken something that was a hobby, crafted a real gem of a sim out of it, and provided it right back to all of us who enjoy the very same thing. Thank you!
  2. You shouldn't have any problems hopefully. There are a number of members here that use it, and you might even find a profile or two here in the forums that you can download, I use it in VR myself.
  3. Here's an add-on that works very well with IL-2: https://voiceattack.com/
  4. Recently declassified documents reveal that he was brought to the U.S. under the auspices of Operation Paperclip, but then disappeared into obscurity after an unfortunate administrative error wherein an office clerk took his association with the name of that Operation far too literally.
  5. Shocklngly I completely missed this latest Dev Diary (how can that happen, right??!) but have to say it's one of the coolest ones in a while, and they're all good! LOVE the new MC.202 and Ju88 skins, perfect timing since the Moscow Interactive Playground is now in testing and will be coming out soon - it needs to include some of these great skins!
  6. I stand corrected! That's awesome! 👍
  7. Instructions on how to change aircraft type for this particular mission are provided in the screenshots at the bottom of the first post in this thread: Be advised that the aircraft object can be located anywhere in the mission tree on the left of the mission editor window and not all missions have the same structure. If you need any assistance beyond that and are unable to make use of the many Mission Editor tutorials on YouTube or the manual that was created by users here in this forum, the below utility may be more suitable - although it cannot edit existing m
  8. Very cool. Raptorattacker! Speaking of videos, here's one for anyone who's thinking of attending some of these events but didn't last year:
  9. I see some fly-ins on Combat Box which is great, however do you know if they're planning to have another Air Race event like last year? Th races I was able to participate in where a hoot!
  10. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Count me in again same as last year! Thanks S15! 🍺🍺🤘👍🍺🍺
  11. In my search for instrumental music (because I don't need to hear some guy whining about his girl in any language, I've got problems of my own to think about) I found this very cool station in Germany. I give them bonus points for even playing some Camel, although the DJ decided to just play "Rhayader" without the companion "Rhayader Goes to Town" follow-through. But I still heartily recommend giving this station a listen, I'm digging it very much! http://radio.garden/listen/instrumental-journey/vbJNN1u8
  12. As we say in the two-wheeled world, "It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow!". A friend's 250cc Honda CBR is just as much of a gas to ride as my liter bike.
  13. Bitchen idea... I'll start laying out the first race track in the ME!!!!
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