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  1. Something we don't have in IL2. 😁 The satellite-enhanced scenery data that will be streaming from the Microsoft cloud servers as you fly, which is a major feature of this release. The higher your settings, the more data you will be pulling in and writing to the game folder (caching). Microsoft lists the ideal system as using SSD drives for this, due to the performance benefits. With a lot of data streaming, I also wanted to segregate that away from my main storage (spinning media) drive just to keep it neatly separated.
  2. One week to go. I have a 1TB SSD drive that just arrived, waiting to go in my system, and I will set it up as an install target for Steam so this new sim will install there, and that will be where all the scenery caching happens as well, so it won't be constantly banging away on my HDD and load times will be decent. I'll also migrate IL2 and VTOL VR there this weekend since it should be plenty of room.
  3. Say what now? If that's true, it's unreal. In a time when many of us are struggling to see contacts at 4km away, and 9km is a dream. Maybe it's the smaller FOV that a mirror provides, which IL2 treats as zoom. If contacts can be spotted from 20km away using a mirror, then I am asking the devs for a small, hand-held mirror to take along on my flights because... I, uhh... I have rapid accumulation of beard stubble on my face, yeah that's it, and so I need to shave frequently so's to look good for the ladies when I land, yeah, that's the ticket....
  4. I don't know about HOTAS but I can tell you it recognized my rudder pedals. I'm just starting to go through the tutorials but from what I can see it really is set up to use VR controllers since the cockpits are designed to be easily clickable/grippable. It's a mind bender (in a good, challenging way) to adjust to that style of flying. Pretty cool.
  5. At first I thought "what's up with those watermelons?" and then they slapped me in the face... DD... I get it....
  6. Best I've seen is indicated at the 8 minute mark in this video. It may be the video you were already referring to.
  7. Thanks for the mention and endorsement - that means a lot, as I've been eyeing this and hovering over the "purchase" button. Mind made up now! πŸ‘
  8. A C-152 Amigo! I sure hope they're spinnable, from what I've heard from the new flight modeling they should be! There were some aircraft that were carefully modeled in FSX that could emulate spins, the RealAir Scout/Citabria/Decathlon did a very believable spin. This is a young Stoopy in another life circa 1974. 13 years old with my flight instructor Jim (no relation I'm guessing?) and N6266T, located at O28, Willits-Ellis field in Northern California. A really cool airport that sits on top of a hill overlooking the north of town - breathtaking takeoffs and motivation to avoid landing long when using the south runway. Sadly, according to the FAA registry, 66 Tango was destroyed during an airport storm a few years ago. Jim and I had some very exciting spin training with her. Guess where my first flight in MFS20 is gonna be? πŸ˜„ Same here. I remember watching the speedo wind up to 140 with the nose pointed almost straight down, and the cows in the field below us going around and around with the whole plane sounding like a Stuka siren. Instructor was definitely not happy with the development and told me it was a "graveyard spin" - only time he ever said anything close to being dramatic. She was a helluva gal, not a real looker but always willing to go...
  9. Good call. Just from watching all the preview vids I can tell I'm starting to get sick of the G1000 and want a C172 with regular steam gauges for old-school IFR flight challenges. Plus the 152 looks pretty cool for just knocking around in and since it's what a young Stoopy did his flight training in, I'm looking forward to the Aerobat version. Although I hope someone comes up with an appropriately weathered and dirty livery for the C152, right now it is way too clean and pristine to live up to it's namesake as the "One Filthy Two".
  10. Holy cow that's wild! "They are repeated a little bit..." Well of course, everyone's watching the same show!! πŸ˜„
  11. This is coming along nicely! I finally got around to starting the engines and getting under way, then controlling the boat with the Automation menu. Pretty slick. Can't wait to fire that deck gun!
  12. Sadly this seems to be par for the course with any YouTube content these days. I automatically just punch ahead anywhere past the 1:00 mark for videos of this nature. I teed up the video so it should have started around the 10:35 mark so you could just see the landing I was talking about, don't know if it worked for anyone but me... it was a sweet touchdown, I'll give him that... Ya'know, with so much satellite imagery of many bodies in our solar system available, Microsoft could just as easily build a virtual twin of any of them using this platform. You could be on to something here. Flying the X-Cub around Olympus Mons would make for some ultimate Martian bush flying! πŸ˜„
  13. Finally, here's a reviewer who can grease it on properly and doesn't just plank the thing onto the runway as if he's doing a carrier landing at night in a thunderstorm and 40-foot swells. Gets a nice little chirp from the tires @11:41 too. Oh, it's also a well-produced video, as are many of this particular YouTuber's efforts, with a great walk-through of many of the menus. I'm also REALLY trying not to watch and post about every preview out there, because right now there are so many, there won't be anything new to see when the sim finally releases! But this is a pretty good video going over all the graphic setting options. And I'm pretty encouraged by this since my system is very similar if just a tick better than the system used in this video (Win10, i7 4790K, Nvidia 1660ti, 32Gb RAM). I think the "High" settings will do me just fine.
  14. Well I finally got around to pre-ordering the double extra cheese with loaded fries version today on Steam. Gonna be a long wait until the 18th! Anyone up for some formation aerobatics in Multiplayer when this thing releases?
  15. When I first watched that I thought the white dot in the center was a U-boat and they had launched it into space.
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