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  1. Instal msi afterburner and enable on screen monitoring. It gives you the ability to monitor, as you play, a large number of variables, from individual core speeds, temperature, to memory usage, video card boost, temperature, memory.... Her's an example. I was just checking the CPU core usage, so that's what you see on the screen, butt it does a heck of a lot more than that. Whatever you see running at 100% most of the time, you know that's your bottleneck.
  2. The motherboard is a tricky one. If you plan to go AMD you can ger any mid range x570 board. As mentioned before the AM4 socket will be replaced next year, so you only have one upgrade available after the current Ryzen 3000 cpus. If you go intel it's even worse, since the current intel cpus are the last to use this socket. The new intel cpus that are weeks from being released, will come with new socket, so if you buy a 9900k and the like, you won't be able to swap the CPU later down yhe road. In my opinion, if you plan to change the motherboard, CPU and RAM and plan to go Intel, you will get a much more future proof platform by waiting for the Comet Lake serie cpus, that should be released in mid April. That way you will get a new platform with a future proof socket.
  3. If this game is the most intensive app you use on the computer, Intel top cpus 9900k/ks and 9700k have an advantage because of high boost clock and fsb speed. I need the computer for other tasks as well so i went AMD because the performance advantage in multithreaded tasks of this 3950x over any intel mainstream CPU is massive. This thing is literly two three times faster than 9900k. The game is just too old to make good use of it.
  4. Il-2 is not processor intensive. Generally, this days, for gaming, a graphics card update will give you the most performance boost, unless you are badly bottlenecked by the CPU or memory. In your case, i think the memory is your bottleneck. Going to 16GB of fast memory should fix some of the freezes. After that it depends how much you want to spend and the target resolution. If you plan on increasing resolution and have some head room for future eye candy upgrade that usually comes with game updates, a stronger card is the safer choice. If you plan to change everything, i'd get the parts that allow me to at least play at max settings and good frames right now, so i have some headroom for the future. For CPU anything over six cores and six threads from both, intel and AMD will do right now. The game engine is old and can't efficiently use high core counts right now. High boost clock and fast memory speed is what works best with this old engines. So because of that intel chips have a bit of an edge for this game. 9900k/ks is the best cpu right now for il-2. AMD chips are better for everything else outside gaming and are better value. Ryzen 3000 serie CPUs are very good for gaming as well and once you turn on some eye candy or up the resolution, you won't be able to tell the difference between any of the top ten CPUs. Intel or AMD it doesn't matter. I forgot. If you run the game from a spinning hard drive, adding an SSD will make a solid difference in responsivnes and load time.
  5. Basically the most powerful card available today will give you the best longevity. That right now is the 2080Ti. But cards have already been out for a year and they are still expensive. After that you get the 2080 Super and 2080. The next level is 2070 super. The best AMD card comes just under this level. There are new generation graphics cards coming out this year from both, AMD (RDNA2) and Nvidia (Ampere). They are planed to be released sometime mid year, but with the Coronavirus sending entire cities, of tens of milions in quarantine in China, the supply and distribution will most likely be affected. I was in the exact opposite situation. My cpu motherboard and ram was older than my graphics card, so i upgraded those in december and will wait for the graphics card upgrade after the release of the next generation cards, sometimes this year. Good luck with your hardware shopping.
  6. quote: " Panther Template https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/I1SJ5cQzRc I have uploaded the Panther template to Jason, it has been cleaned up ready for public release. I wanted to give some info for those creating skins for the Panther. Templates Panther_TC_Public &1#1 (contains turret, wheels and engine decking) Panther_TC_Public &1 (contains hull) There are 2x templates, one for the hull and one for the turret, wheels and engine decking and the naming conventions must be followed. The skin name must be identical for both parts of the skin and IT MUST end with the text highlighted in red. So for example if I create a skin called Panther 123 I end up with 2x skins called Panther 123 &1#1 Panther 123 &1 You can have any names for the skins you want, as long as it ends with the text in red. Failure to follow these naming conventions means your skins will not display properly."
  7. Awesome. Thank you!. Edit: OMG!!!! that ID map is awesome. I was pulling my hairs out trying to find some of those small pieces around hatches, mantlet and weld joints. You rock!!! Now i just wish i had as much time as i had last month. Can't touch it until next week. 😭 Anyway. Thank you very much! In a few weeks i should finish my Ambush predator:
  8. 5G is bad news for humans and animals. There's a good reason 5G is ilegal in the country it was designed in. Let that sink in.
  9. Did you try to reapply thermal paste and re install the cpu cooler? That could be the issue. It's very easy to get performance issues if the cooler is not sitting properly on the CPU. Maybe the thermal paste is not covering all the die, or it's old and got dry. Get yourself a tube of Kryonaut and check the cpu cooler contact. First make sure the fan is actually spinning. You could just as well have a dead fan. Good luck.
  10. I've been working on a similar one for some time. It's still a long way away. The turret is further ahead, the hull is just started...It's going to take a while.
  11. Recoil is more damaging and disruptive when the guns are installed in the wings, compared to the fuselage/engine mounting installations. The heavier the part you hook the guns to, the more stable the gun is. The Brits had a lot of issues when they installed they Hispano cannons in the wings of their fighters. The French never had issues with the same cannon in their fuselage installations, because there was more mass in the immediate vicinity to absorb the recoil and vibrations.
  12. I just posted that screenshot to show that versions of the IAR were built as attackers/ dive bombers. Half the IAR 80/81s that fought at Stalingrad were the dive bomber version.
  13. Hello. Does anyone know when the official template for the Panther is going to be released? We need to edit two textures, 4096x4096 pixels each. There are a lot of small parts all over the place, that are a pain to find and paint. If you could also add the tanks to the skin viewer would also help a lot. it's a pain to restart the game and a mission, every time we try to identify and paint some small parts. Thank you very much and have a great day.
  14. Il2 is using six cores most of the time, but a lot of things are done on a single core. I've seen one core run at 100% while the rest sit there on multiple occasions wile playing. DCS is a bit better in that respect, but the game is bigger and more complex. I recorded a quick mission in DCS that shows the CPU usage in a simple of line quick mission. This is recorded at 1440p, so most of the time my CPU is waiting on my older 1080TI to build the frames. At 1080p i would get higher frames and the CPU would work harder, but this are the settings i play at.
  15. I still think he was talking about the template. There are still a lot of 2k skins available online.
  16. That can be easily done by resizing the skin and saving it at 2k.
  17. I found an early 2k template that's very close to the original 2k A3 release. There are a few extra layers I painted over it, but all the layers released with the original are there. I lost the original in a hard drive failure and this is the closest to the official templateI was able to recover. https://www.mediafire.com/file/se5hcvor2f6s9i3/FW190a3_2kPublic.psd/file Have fun painting. Edit. You could also work on the 4k template and just reduce the size of the texture before you save it. That way, you get a better looking skin. The newer, 4k template is of higher quality as well, not only bigger in size.
  18. This next few days I'll try to fix the camo and get most of the big pieces to line up. I'll release it in an unfinished state, and later after the template is released, when/if i finish it, i'll release the finished skin. Late in the war, the germans didn't even painted the whole tank. They just pulled some lines over the primer and sent them to the front, so this is historical. Look at this thing. The red part is just primer/undercoat. https://twitter.com/nicholadrummond/status/834885053024976896/photo/1
  19. This is what i was working on. Just a generic late war ambush camouflage. But as you can see, there's a loooooooooong way to go. 😭 Don't even know if i'll ever finish it. Camo is still early work in progress, lots of fitting to match the camo, and then sooooo many small parts spread all over the place. 😰
  20. The eliminator is great. i found a and fixed a few small parts that i couldn't find before. Small pieces of of sheet metal around turret hatches. It's great. The problem is that tanks don't work in the skin viewer and you have to start the game and a tank mission every time. On top of that there are so many small parts that have to be found and painted, i don't know if I'll finish this thing. It takes too much time. Whoever mapped this tank textures needs to be flogged in front of the office.
  21. Awesome! I'll install this new version. Good idea to have the elim_start at the top. Thank you!
  22. Make sure you respect the naming convention for tank skins. I didn't try the Panzer IV yet, but for the panther you have to add &1 to the hull texture name and the turret use the exact hull name plus #1 That way the game knows that this two textures are for the same skin. this one in game shows up as "ambush": but the names for the textures are ambush&1 for hull and ambush&1#1 for the turret. Try it see if it works for the PanzerIV. I just checked the names for the official panzer IV skins and i thinkl they follow the same naming convention.
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