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  1. Jaws2002

    Myths of American Armor. TankFest Northwest 2015

    The tiger 1 was ok for what it was designed, the tiger 2 was obviously way too heavy, the panther, while it had issues early on, it became as reliable as anything out there by the end of the war. And the brittle metal was not a design fault. They just built them with what they had. I think they did amazing with the severe lack of raw material in Germany. US, Britain and USSR had vast empires to cherry pick the best raw materials. You can't blame the designers for that.
  2. Jaws2002

    Myths of American Armor. TankFest Northwest 2015

    The second one is quite a good insight in the military procurement back in ww2.
  3. Jaws2002

    Myths of American Armor. TankFest Northwest 2015

    They did make a difference, and there were also tank destroyers made with that kind of firepower, but they could have never offset the sheer production capacity of the first three world powers. The Germans fought the three strongest empires, in the same time, so no wonder weapon could have saved them, but some of the things the Germans produced were clearly better than their adversaries.
  4. Jaws2002

    Myths of American Armor. TankFest Northwest 2015

    This guy is well known "sherman won the war" propagandist. I know this video since it was released, few years ago and i laugh now, like i laughed then. I'm not saying the Sherman was a bad tank. When it was introduced it was one of the the best all arounders in the world. But trying to cherrypick battles and data, to tell people it outclassed the German tanks, in late 1944 and 1945, on the western front is a pretty hard BS to support. Virtually all the veteran tankers that fought in the Serman or against it, considered it inferior to the German tanks... I'm not saying it didn't have good things going for it. I'm just saying that it's shortcomings in protection and firepower, when compared to the opposition, can't be completely brushed aside, like this guy is trying to do.
  5. Jaws2002

    Russia plans to disconnect from the internet?

    Actually the Russian population gets more reliable news than what we get here from this bs corporate media. If you rely on western mainstream news you are in fantasy land.
  6. Jaws2002


    This one reminds me of another funny video. Kazakhstani language is the sound of a diesel engine trying to start up in -40 degrees
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_look Free look is a built in feature that allows players to use different hardware or even buttons to control the pilot's view. Many players, for good reason i'd say, consider TrackIR too expensive, and hate the company for patenting the ability to move the head around the game with a ir camera. There were many players who used some ingenious methods to track head movement with the help of camera or IR camera, even before track IR. Natural point came in with their patent and went after games that offered built in features allowing players to use other hardware to track player's point of view. I think Free Look is a way for people to use some of those features, while not infringing on, what many consider arbitrary patents owned by natural point. Many years ago, before i got my first trackIR, i used a nice program called "FB View Plus", that allowed me to use the hat switches on the joystick a lot more freely and effectively, by having control over camera speed, field of view and ability to combine multiple views. The program didn't allow you to bypass the cockpit boundaries, it just allowed to to customize the views better. Jason could tell you a lot more about this, as if I remember correctly, he was a Track IR dealer, at some point, back then.
  8. Jaws2002

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

    Sound track from a really cool 90's movie. "Run Lola, Run"
  9. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    No I haven't. They just make new versions of the game and bring back the same planes over and over. First was Lock On, then came Flaming Cliffs (same planes just a bit more advanced), then came DCS, then FC2, Then Black shark 2, then new versions of everything, and so on. Some of the planes are there since 2000. They should have started fresh at some point instead of carrying a bunch of archaic parts of this game from installment to installment. I mean, just look at the way they use skins in DCS. It's such a retarded obsolete way to deal with paint schemes, yet it's still used since the early days of Lock On. Maybe that's why the game is a hundred gigs. Edit.. And btw, some of the planes you had to buy again, if you wanted to use them in the new version of the game. Look at the Black shark. It was the first thing released in DCS, so it's not a ported plane from Lock On. You can't use the original plane in the current DCS. You have to buy it a second time... I liked that one, but I'm not buying the same plane again, just because they tweaked the graphics in the game.
  10. Jaws2002

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    DCS and a sexy Mirage
  11. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    Another reheated DCS meal. This guys sold the same thing a thousand times. Now, the new graphics engine looks really good, but, man, do the like to sell the same damn planes over and over. I'm not surprised. We live in a dark era of flight sims development.
  12. Jaws2002

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    Happy New year all. Some DCS shots and some from Warthunder, just because they have an awesome IAR-81C.
  13. Thanks. That doesn't make it any clearer. It took me only 40+ years to figure it out. At least I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  14. Strange. Did i get it wrong all this time. The funny thing is i can still find a lot of places in online newspaper archives where it's called "institute".
  15. Jaws2002

    A Christmas present for researchers

    Oh!!!!!! gold mine. Thank you! http://www.bild.bundesarchiv.de/cross-search/search/_1545673627/