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  1. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    Agree. I tried a dozen of F-16 skins over the weekend and all of them were uploaded in the last few days, since the F-16 release. It reignited my interest for skining. Surprisingly, It's now much easier to upload a skin in the game compared to the early DCS Black Shark days. You no longer need LUA scripts, Voodoo, and animal sacrifices to get a skin in the game. Here's the early stage of my first attempt of DCS skinning in over five years. 😛 Hope I can finish it this year.
  2. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    You were badmouthing Cliffs of Dover for years. Here and in other forums. You were badmouthing Cliffs of Dover for years. Here and in other forums. No SIM is perfect. Specially this days. Most of them are based on old limited engines that should have been scrapped long time ago.
  3. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    Is shilling against DCS and other flight sims part of your job description here?
  4. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    this thing is sexy.
  5. took the viper for some fun. url=https://postimg.cc/HVnjGWWD][/url] online upload image
  6. Man, this two months will be exciting in the computer hardware world. Hearing the rumble caused by the arival of the next gen Threadripper and the Ryzen 3950x, Intel just cut the prices in half for all their upcoming high end CPUs. They are all coming this month. On the other hand, every AMD leak coming sounds like they have some powerful computing beasts, just waiting to be unleashed next month, and even the Pro line of the Ryzen line, just announced two days ago, is breaking records. The latest record was just secured by the non X version of Ryzen 3900, that hit 5.5GHz on all threads! https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-9-3900-overclock-65w-world-record-unreleased,6371.html On top of that AMD is going to release new heavily optimized firmware for the new Ryzen family. This next few months may just be the best time to upgrade, regardless if you want Intel or AMD. This time around looks like AMD may have both the performance crown and the price per performance crown. I still have to decide between 3950x and one of the upcoming Threadrippers. Exciting times.
  7. Kinda late for advice, but I have a question. How easy was to instal the memory under that Noctua cooler? The new 15 series has some fixes that allows better memory compatibility, but some tall memory sticks still don't fit under it. I have the older 14 series for many years and I had to change the corsair memory I ordered when I upgraded, to a low profile Gskill, because it wouldn't fit.
  8. In 1080p and locked at 60Hz, I don't think you are using that card at full power. The micro stutter is something else. Some settings the game doesn't like or something else that's going on in the bacground. Maybe monitor your temperatures during game play to see of it's not some thermal issue. A different monitor will make zero difference.
  9. One more tip. Check the layout of your motherboard and how it likes the memory. You said you have one stick of 8GB. Some motherboards will give you much better performance from two sticks instead of one, because the motherboard can use two memory controllers simultaneously. So if you upgrade to 16GB, either try to match your stick or get a 2x8GB matched set. Don't buy a single 16GB stick. Some motherboards (daisy chain) give you better performance if you populate the second and fourth memory slot instead of first and second, or first and third. Check online what memory controller layout your motherboard use, so you can get the best performance from your RAM. Here's a great video that explains very well why the motherboard layout affects performance and why It's important to insert the memory in the propper slots.
  10. I think it is using multiple cores but not very efficiently. I don't blame them. The CPU market was Intel's playground and Intel was very biased towards clock speed instead of core count. But even game's like this can use more cores to cope with everything that's going on in the background, on the computer, while we play the game. The attitude towards core count is about to change in a big way, with AMD taking Intel's crown in pretty much every segment of the CPU market. Everyone realized that the CPU clock speeds are hitting a wall at around 5GHz and It's very hard to increase clock speed further, while increasing the core count can give a lot more performance per dollars spent. With AMD taking the performance crown, gaming industry will have to rethink their attitude towards multicore support. There's a rapidly increasing ammount of unused computing power sitting idle in users multicore CPUs and the game developers will have to address this. A lot of big companies are switching to AMD for their enterprise computing and this will push for change in the gaming market as well. Even Microsoft is switching to AMD. Games will have to adjust as well or be dumped. Intel's laziness and greed got them here and by the look of it they can't hope to catch up to AMD in the next three four years. They are just too far behind. Intel is still on 14nm architecture and hope to switch to 10nm architecture next year, while AMD already switched to 7nm and next year they are going to the so called 7+. Intel chipsets are also behind in technology. Just look at the specs of z390 compared to x570. And even the upcoming Intel chipsets, due to be released next month for both mainstream and enthusiasts are not going to address that. I had only Intel CPUs until now, but that will change, most likely this year. I still have to decide between the next Threadripper 3000 and Ryzen 3950 and they are both going to be released in November. This next few months are going to be really exciting and good times to upgrade, with everybody dropping prices to stay in the market.
  11. The Napier Sabre was coming from a line of "H" air racing engines. There were a lot of routes engine development tried during the 20s and thirties, to increase performance. The engine is arranged in "H" shape. It's basically two flat engines connected together in a single block. You see, before that there was only one safe way to increase the number of Cylinders and still be able to cool the engine. That was the Radial engine. However, very few radials could get more then two rows of cylinders and still have effective cooling. The V engine got different problems. Once V shape engines got more then 12 cylinders, the crankshaft became too long and the vibrations were too great. The designers at Napier wanted to increase the number of cylinders, without the large cross section that comes from a Radial engine. This guys made engines for racing, so the cross section of the engine was directly related to drag and speed. An engine arranged in H, can have a lot of cylinders, (high displacement),while still having lower cross section and drag than a radial, with the same number of cylinders. Another thing. Most engines are not designed from the ground up, from a clean piece of paper. The designer start from somewhere. Maybe they built this H engines based on flat six or flat 12 engines they already had access to. It's easier to increase performance that way, than designing everything new, from scratch. Anyway, once the Germans taught them how to make aerodynamic cowling for large radials, with the FW-190, the Brits abandoned the H engine and went with a large Radial.
  12. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    Big improvement in the modeling of aerodynamics, in a flight sim, is unwarranted feature for you? ok. All combat flight sims are nothing but regurgitated old engines. This game is no different.
  13. Jaws2002


    While this is not a joke, it's pretty damn funny:
  14. http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/CannonMGs.htm "The foregoing compares only the guns' efficiency; it takes no account of ammunition, the area in which the HMG loses most ground. The 20 mm cannon shells were not only two to three times heavier than HMG bullets, but their HEI contents greatly increased their effectiveness. Although HE ammunition was available for most HMGs, their small bullets severely limited the quantity of chemicals carried, so the Americans decided not to use them. Initially, the M2 used a mix of incendiary and AP bullets, with some tracers, but in 1944 the M8 API began to take over. Rather curiously, this was based on the Soviet B.32 API used in the Berezin."
  15. The Russians made the best API projectiles. USA copied the Russian ammo when they made their own .50cal API, so popular in ww2.
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