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  1. Haha. That's exactly what i was working o as well. I know the colors are too dark and it needs more weathering, but after looking for small pieces all over the maps for two months i just wanted to release it, without waiting to calibrate the colors better. A lot of people are home and could use it even if it needs more work. I just wanted it out and then take few days off from it. I should have a few more versions sometimes this week. if you want more versions with different numbers and unit markings let me know. Your version looks great, Flowbee. You can release it if you want. The more the merrier.
  2. That's why it took me three months to finish this. 😰 Still a bunch of smaller pieces are not done, or done in the wrong color, but it's just too time consuming. ... You find one piece and paint it exactly like it should be to match the camo on one side, then you realize the same piece is used on both sides, and if the camo is not symmetric, the other side will looks wrong. This will have to do. It's not like the Germans followed a precise painting standard by that time in the war.
  3. It is not an exact representation of a single tank. It's just one of the variations of the broader spectrum of late war "Ambush Camouflage". There was no established standard, just general guidelines, so each factory made different versions and the camouflage differed even from factory to factory, since many of this paint schemes were completed at the unit....if they had the paints. late war ambush camouflage ambush camouflage The number 323, that i made, of the 10th SS panzer division, is a real one, even if the camo may not be exactly like the real one. It was lost in the Cottburg area in Germany in April 1945.
  4. Thank you very much, guys! That MG trap door is made from a bunch of small pieces. They are the pieces i selected in this screenshots: multistrada 1100 ds To find all this little pieces i used Pict's Eliminator 2x beta tool that he posted in this thread: It made a huge difference, because you can locate the small pieces.
  5. I finally sort of finished this ambush camouflage for the Panther. I started this the day the Panther was released. One single paint scheme, but I made two skins with it it. Different numbers from different units, just for my amusement. If you want it with different numbers, for different units, let me know. I could add some more, but i won't modify the camouflage. It takes too long. It's a pain to chase around all those little pieces. The biggest drawback is that Skin Viewer doesn't do tanks, so it's a pain to start a new game and a new mission every time. Anyway. Here's the download link. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tz88642b5knao6d/_PzV-D.7z/file Extract it into your Skins folder. and the mandatory screenshots....
  6. This is where the simple DCS mission builder makes a huge difference. It's so quick and easy to throw a quick scenario to enjoy. I don't even know how to change a skin in GB mission builder.
  7. https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/cheltenham-news/live-updates-b2-stealth-bombers-3941880
  8. I did some Russian in school, but it was many decades ago. The title is the microplane of Dmitriev Victor Pavlovich. table on top is just specs for all the versions. - model name -Length in meters -height in meters -wingspan in meters -wing area in square meters -dry weight in Kg -takeoff speed in km/h -maximum speed in Km/h The rectangle in the lower image has specs for the version X14D (last version in the top table). It has the same specs plus engine specs. Engine manufacture company: " Чазет": ( i think it's a motocycle engine) engine specs 380 cubic centimeters, 6400 rotations/minute, 42HP. Wasn't able to translate the writing on the drawing in the second photo. Maybe one of the Russian guys could help. Here, i found more info about this thing: https://modelist-konstruktor.com/razrabotki/samolet-kotoryj-legche-pilota http://rgo-sib.ru/news/2.htm and some more stuff in this forum: https://reaa.ru/threads/viktor-dmitriev-avtor-x-14d-otkryl-svoj-sajt.8116/page-13
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