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  1. I overclocked my monitor just weeks after i got it, back in 2010-2011, and it made a difference. Back then, Nvidia control panel didn't have the overclocking/custom resolution menu to make it easy to overclock, so i used a third party software and got my 60Hz monitor to run at 73Hz. It's still running at 73Hz ever since. Overclocking the monitor, for Nvidia cards, is easy. Go to Nvidia control panel and click on "change Resolution". then click on "Customize": Then in the next menu you click "create custom resolution" and you get to this menu: Now all you have to do is to increase the refresh rate and then click on test the new resolution. don't change anything else on the page. You keep doing that until the test fails. then go back two hertz and you got your stable resolution. You save it and then select it from the drop down menu and apply. That's all. Mine doesn't have variable refresh rate, so It's always at 73Hz. In the Vsync menu, in the control panel I select "Fast" and it works perfectly. The game runs at around 140 FPS but with no tearing, like when I run it with Vsync off.
  2. Yeah. you are right. Looks like this is just a fan video nothing official, as i thought initially, so take it with a bucket of salt. I do expect it to need eight or more cores. The next Xbox comes with eight cores/sixteen threads, AMD cpu.
  3. Yep. Same here. Looks like the game will have a more advanced engine and will require more modern PC. This thing will require solid multi threading performance and lots of memory, both stand alone and video memory. Here's a little video with some general idea about hardware requirements:
  4. Yep. something like that. It wasn't only about fps. He wanted to create the "English smog" and ruined all the game for it. When Team Fusion took over the game I had high hopes to see that gorgeous lighting engine brought back to the game, but With time i realized the guys in charge of how the game looks are more interested in old photos and old gun camera footage, than how the real world actually looks. Nope. This game is using flat maps.
  5. Of all Combat flight sims out there today, only Cliffs of Dover modeled the maps as part of a globe. All other combat flight sims are using flat maps. That and the great lighting engine gave the early cLOD such a realistic look....Then, after Oleg left, Ilya got his dirty boots and color blind programmers, in the lighting engine and turned everything in a gray murky mess, with cheap HDR in place of lighting engine. 😭
  6. I voted other. It's a combination of extreme performance hit, low resolution, lack of standardization, poor software, poor integration in games. Prices are also pretty high, for something that requires tons of tweaking to work right.
  7. This video was posted before and it was quickly deleted.
  8. We have that bug for years and it wasn't fixed yet.
  9. I think the effect is good, but a bit overdone. The whole thing is a bit murky and depends on a lot of factors that are not modeled and most likely can't be modeled in the game. That's why i think it's a bit over done right now. There are so many things that can affect G resistance and most of them are not even modeled in game, so I think the G tolerance should be increased a bit. Not exaggerated, but increased. Most people here have a hundred times more "virtual flying hours' than experienced ww2 fighter pilots, yet the G tolerance is modeled to the level of novice pilot. i think this is wrong. It should be modeled to the level of experienced fighter pilot. In career G tolerance could be increased as you gain more hours in career, but for online, QMB and everything else, i think G tolerance should be increased to the levels of experienced combat pilots. Those who look at this from the Red vs blue, TnB vs ZnB point of view, are missing the point. Everyone is affected by this equally.
  10. I don't have a clue about the impact memory has on VR, but 9900k can make good use of fast memory. If you only build the PC for this game, the 16 GB of fast memory will make a difference. If you plan to play DCS i'd take the 32GB option and try to overclock it. [edited]
  11. The reason windows sheduler makes processes to jump cores is heat management and CCX/CCD management. Now Intel mainstream CPUs don't have this problem because all cores sit on the same CCX and share cache, so when Windows scheduler switches cores, the data is already in the cache and the next core can pickup from there. On Ryzen, where cores can be on separate CCX or even different dies, the cache is built on the CCX, so when windows scheduler pairs up cores from different CCX, it has to send the data from cache to Ram and then to the next core. There was a very good explanation from AMD, few weeks ago, when they talked about best cores in Ryzen Master Overclocking application. Here's an article about it: https://www.techpowerup.com/261377/amd-admits-stars-in-ryzen-master-dont-correspond-to-cppc2-preferred-cores
  12. This happens in more games, not only Il-2. No idea what's the reason, but from what I've seen, turning SMT off on Zen 2 CPUs drops the low 1% framerate in most games. Some games do have a bit of boost in average frames, with SMT off, but most of them have lower minimum 1% frame rate. SMT ON will give you a smoother experience. I left mine in 16x32 mode, since, droping it to 8x16 gives me ove 100MHz boost increase, but only gets me three to four extra frames and for everything outside gaming, 16x32 is a heck of a lot faster.
  13. You can add the NB frequency for mine as well. It's running at 1800Mhz. And the 3.7 GHz is the base clock speed for 3900x. It will boost to 4.6 i think.
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