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  1. They are a fake political tool to justify wars against independent nations. In Aleppo they had their HQ literly just across the hallway from the HQ of Al Nusra, in the exact same building. I remember back in 2018 even their youtube chanel was registered by Al Nusra and they also collected the revenue generated by the "white helmets" chanel. You need to research this things in alternative news chanels and pay attention to what's happening, because the mainstream media works with them. I'll give you just some high level credible information here. Here you can find details about the UN panel review in 2018 into White helmets activity in Syria. There are a lot of documents and videos here about their activity. https://www.mintpressnews.com/un-panel-details-organ-theft-staged-attacks-white-helmets/253441/ Another link to the un panel on white helmets https://www.unmultimedia.org/avlibrary/asset/2338/2338981/ I'm not going to post links here but you can search it for yourself. There are videos of while helmets assisting al nusra during executions. There's a metric ton of information out there to show you excactly who this cutthroats are. It's 21st century, you have the internet at your finger tips. You should stay informed. The last thing i want in a game is more of the same lies.
  2. Well, it's right there in the trailer. They show the White helmet /al nusra cutthroats "rescuing" someone and they get bombed with "chemical weapons" by a Russian Su-25. Exactly like the fake videos we've seen in the main stream news media this last few years. Pure propaganda bs.
  3. Don't get me wrong. I did like the first one, but looks like now they went full propaganda and bs lies, showing the terrorists as heroes.
  4. More bs propaganda, masquarading as games. When I see Al Nusra/White Helmet cut throats, portrayed as heroes and saviors, even in games, i want to puke. A miseable world we live in and we are heading to really dark times.
  5. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    That doesn't look like factory item, why are they modeling that seventies pubian carpet in the game? If they really want that personal touch, they should add that silly seat cover as a selectable option.
  6. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    So, does anyone know why they decided to give the Viper that"pimp my ride" seat cover?😂 My aunt from Romania would use something like that in her old Dacia.😂
  7. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    That's a sexy looking model. The viper and the A8 are too sweet to pass. Just got them both. I'm really thankful ED is releasing the Viper after the power play, legal B.S, that happened few weeks ago. It should be a fun ride. Ah Btw... Anyone knows what's the deal with that pimp seat cover in that state of the art cockpit? Now I do understand that some pilots pimped their rides, but shouldn't they stick to the factory sear texture for this model?
  8. That looks cool. You see so many well done model planes ruined by some messy ugly gunsight. this thing looks amazing...and it works!
  9. Jaws2002

    DCS news

    Yeah it's on RT as well. [edited] The thing is this guy was arrested [edited] and extradited to USA. Anyway. It looks like it's not slowing down the developement of the F-16. here's the official press release by ED: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=240962
  10. Jaws2002

    Game NEWS

    Hahaha. That image is comedy gold! I agree with everything you said. i just find it scary how even crappy gaming companies are allowed to abuse players privacy to such a level. If they are doing that, what is CIA and the other shady organizations doing...
  11. Jaws2002

    Game NEWS

    The article is not about buying stuff you don't want to, it's about the excessive violation of privacy proposed on those slides. Just read those slides. What's scary is how far a bloody game company is allowed to spy on people!
  12. This is something that could be find in manuals. For example here are a bunch of manuals on the BF-110. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/bf-110-manuals.12902/ Some are manuals about weapons operation, so your answer, at least for the BF-110, should be in one of those. Hope you speak German.
  13. Jaws2002

    Game NEWS

    Tracking your every move, tracking women's "cycles", your work hours, mapping your house, and everything you do, just to sell you some crap in game..... When you see what they are doing with freaking games, just imagine how far this crap goes with cellphones, gadgets, apps, social media, operating systems, politics, education and really every aspect of our lives. This is Orwell's 1984 being implemented as we speak. Actually you too, have a lot to be worried about. They learned this from the big "tech" companies, and everyone is a victim of this crap.
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