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  1. Not worth it. You still have a kick ass machine. There are tests of two 11th Gen Intel chips in the benchmark thread and while there's some improvement, is too marginal to be worth the hassle. Basically, the 11900k managed to match the six core 5600x, but is still weaker than the bigger ryzen chips. Intel needs a new node to be worth it. 14nm is just too inefficient for new architecture. You got the best Intel 14nm cpu. After that it was just more of the same. I remember when you got it. I was also looking for a new computer at the time. I just had an emergency an
  2. Harrier, river run. Happy Birthday Jason! And the question. Are you aware of the bug with the new AMD 6000 series cards, that makes them slower than 5000 series? If yes, is there a chance to see some sort of fix in the next, let's say three months?
  3. This generation of Twin turbo ford engines are pretty cool. I have the Edge Sport in 2.7L and it's very fun to drive. The bigger trucks with the 3.5 are just as fun. I always thought Ford missed a big opportunity, by installing the 2.2L in the Mustang instead of this 2.7L Twin Turbo.
  4. You can add the image of the BOS bar in your signature.
  5. Processors have more cores in the same die this days, so you get the benefit of extra cores, but with the added bonus of significantly faster and more efficient connection between cores. No need for multi socket platforms in most normal applications. Even mainstream motherboards, that you can buy today, can efficiently use up to 16 cores and 32 threads CPU"s (on the AMD side), without going to the more specialized work station/server platforms.
  6. Oh man. This is brutal. 🤣 "And before that, this murder scene was brought to you by GN Store."😂
  7. Very nice! This generation Asus has the best cards. Congrats!
  8. Just an average, 2.7 liters Twin Turbo V6.
  9. Since we talk about Nieuport 28, here's a reare occasion of a fight between Nieup28 and DVII, as remembered by both pilots: I'm very excited about Nieuport 28. It was, by far, my favorite plane in ROF and i spent many, many hours in it.🥰 Thank you GOZR for introducing me to that fun little thing.
  10. I agree with most of that, but do you know that, had the war gone into the winter of 1918-1919, the US air service was planing to go back to the Nieup28, because of hte horrible reliability of the engine in the Spad, during cold weather.
  11. Other ww1 planes had this problem. Alb for example, it's just not so widely talked about. Never read about that in flight tests. Same as 90% of the planes with rotary engine. Again, typical rotary engine torque, but way better in that respect than the Camel or Fokker DR1.
  12. Awesome little Noop28.🥰 Sorry but that's BS. It flew extremely well. It just had problems at higher speeds, in dive, ....just like half of WW1 planes. It bled too much speed during maneuvers, in ROF, because the developers used Spad 13's wing profile, in the FM of the Noop28...
  13. Zen 3 is very fast, in general. In this game, in Syn_Vander's benchmark, I got a massive 40 fps jump, going from 3950x to 5950x. Look at the results in this game: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gJmnz_nVxI6_dG_UYNCCpZVK2-f8NBy-y1gia77Hu_k/htmlview We don't know yet exactly how the new Intel Chips are in this game, but from the rest of the CPU's out there Zen 3 are at the very top.
  14. I've seen a donkey and girls show in Tijuana, few years ago. Is this the same team?🤣
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