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  1. I also have this problem, I hope this bug will be solved.
  2. https://www.bol.com/nl/p/il2-sturmovik-cliffs-of-dover/1004004011339168/ The DVD version costs € 50 !!!! Could only be because of Team Fusion. Great work guys!
  3. I found info that the 109f-2 with C3 fuel had indeed a higher PS 1265. I also updated the e-7 1.4 ata max meaning that we have the DB601A-1 version in the sim.
  4. The Bf109f-2 is equipped with an improved DB601N so might actually have more than 1175 PS. I could not find German data for specific Bf109f-2
  5. I would like to have wider paths for taxiing.
  6. This sim is generations ahead of the original IL-2 back from 2001. But yes I liked the campaign set up in the original.
  7. Han allready stated that they need rework.
  8. Thanks Sokol, makes sense that B2 button is used for HAT switch.
  9. Is the little button down front the HAT switch?
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