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  1. Indeed - also, they could be “fighter only” strips with limited numbers of planes so the concept is not abused.
  2. I asked Kathon about the possibility of using "road strips" as airfields in the Kuban map where there are large gaps between airbases - basically finding straight, flat stretches of road without trees lining them of course. He said they would think about it, so that's something. He mentioned it's typically easy to take off, but difficult to land without damaging your aircraft. But from the way I see it, it at least provides an option for some who might want to take the chance, and be closer to the friendly/enemy ground forces to protect/attack than the current situation. Also, if the pilots are not confident about landing on these road strips, they can always choose to fly longer routes back to a main airfield. As mentioned prior, the gap between some of the airfields in Kuban is IMO the biggest drawback of this map.
  3. I agree on this as well. Looking at the introduction of the fighters on both sides, the Lagg-3 was introduced at the same time as the Bf-109F4, which stopped being in the inventory after map #6. Based on the timing and quantity of fighter types on the German side in map #7: Bf 109 G-2: x/2 Fw 190 A-3: x/2 Bf 109 G-4: x/1 Fw 190 A-5: x/1 Bf 109 G-6: x/1 if the Lagg-3 was replaced, a recommended Russian fighter combination for map #7 could be: La-5: x/2 Yak-1B ser.127: x/1 Spitfire Mk.VB: x/1 Yak-7B ser.36: x/1 P-39L-1: x/1 La-5FN ser.2: x/1 This seems more representative as the Lagg-3 would have been replaced by the La-5 series in more numbers by this time.
  4. I'm pretty sure you were already given back the 1.0 lives, and now you are in the wait period. You were likely at -0.78 lives after you died/were captured, but by the time you looked at your profile, as mentioned, it was already adjusted + 1.0. You had 3.0 to start Kuban, but you've died twice and have been captured twice, so it seems logical that you were under 0.0 (depending on the balance of the teams at the time of each death/capture).
  5. The Kuban map is tailor made for the German side, given the distances between some of the key central airfields, the strength of the German level bombers (in bomb load) vs the Russian side, and the fact that paratroopers are still only used on one (i.e. the German) side. Have to hand it to them for taking advantage so far, as they often do. The keys of course are Krasnodar and Akhtyrskaya. Once the German side bombed Akhtyrskaya to > 50% damaged (mission #275), they could use paratroopers to attempt to capture it, which they did in mission #277, #279, #280. While it wasn't captured by paratroopers, it was damaged each time, and left 100% damaged and unusable for the Russian side. This meant much longer flight times to defend Krasnodar once the tanks got close enough to close it, from Gelendzhik, Viselky or Maikop. Once Krasnodar fell, it was easier to attack Akhtyrskaya since defenders had to fly from Gelendzhik since it was still unusable to take off from. Once Akhtyrskaya fell, losing Gelendzhik to the German side was a foregone conclusion since it could only be resupplied from all the way across the map! Once Gelendzhik was damaged > 50%, paratroopers were used again in mission #289, and while they didn't capture it, they damaged it so it was unusable again. No way Russian pilots can fly across the map to destroy the attacking German tanks when they could be covered by aircraft from Akhtyrskaya nearby. Long narrative, but it really shows the shortfall of the long distance between airfields in this map. @=LG= - have you given any thought to adding a few "man made" airstrips using straight roads as runways in the middle and eastern portions of the Kuban map? Or is that still not feasible given how the simulator engine treats aircraft on the ground when not at a predefined airfield?
  6. Yeah, on the Kuban map, losing the front line airfields temporarily due to imbalance can be a bummer. Already lengthy flights due to the sparsity of and distance between airfields can become marathon cross country flights.
  7. Sorry to hear this Coldman, R.I.P. Kwiatek, blue skies.
  8. From what I understand, when your lives are less than or equal to 0 is when you are forced to wait 24 hours. However, by the time you look at your profile, you’ve already received the 1.0 life increase (i.e. you get the life back and then the countdown starts). Thus, if for example your lives were reduced to -0.44 at the end of the previous sortie where you were killed or captured, you would 1) get the 1.0 life back immediately (now at +0.44), and 2) the 24 hour join/spawn delay would kick in.
  9. Some additional comments on a couple items: 1. In some cases there may be a limit on the number of aircraft of a specific type at forward airfields. Thus you may not be able to spawn/take off with particular types depending on the number available at a given forward airfield. 4. You also lose your aircraft if you bail, or crash land an aircraft and it’s not considered “ditched”, which you can check after you finish the flight and check your profile page/sortie log. New to this round, you also lose your aircraft if you land at an active airfield (or ditch I presume) and your aircraft is damaged > 30%. Also, if you disconnect you may lose your aircraft depending on if you were recently taking damage (e.g. < 5 minutes I believe).
  10. As has been stated/asked before, if the “end of mission” counter was reduced from 15 seconds to 3-5 seconds, this conversation probably wouldn’t be taking place, as there’s be little time to spot, track and shoot someone in a chute before their sortie ended. I was one of those re-asking to reduce the timer given the 3 lives per map change (I.e. in that lives are even more “precious” than before). However, since this timer has never been reduced by the administrators of the server, it’s clear that they aren’t actively preventing it from happening, so it is what it is...
  11. The three lives per map is certainly making everyone stop and think a bit more before committing to engagement with other aircraft or ground targets, that's for sure. Everyone is caring more about their virtual lives... but then again, isn't that what we want in a campaign like TAW? Personally I can live with it, since the worst you have to wait 24 hours to fly again, but would prefer some adjustments as have been suggested previously, such as: - Reduce the 24 hour wait to 20 hours. When you are reduced to 1 life and lose that, if it was at the end of your "usual playing time", it means you probably have to wait two days, since it might be too late to start flying. If you have to wait 20 hours instead, those 4 less hours means you would be able to play again the next day during your normal hobby hours. This is important for those that have limited time available to fly. - Provide the ability to "earn back" lives (or even a partial life, etc.) by doing supply runs. This way, if you get down to 1 life (or fraction between 0 and 1), you can fly some supply missions and try to get a little more, providing a little "death buffer". Maybe something like 5 transport missions to get you .25 lives, or something... anything along those lines.
  12. A few pages back Kathon mentioned the balancing logic was relaxed (at that time I think it was one side no more than 40% more than the other), due to all of the connection/delay problems (and probably the complaints). It seems the percentage was increased to something closer to 100% (I.e no more than double the size of the other team).
  13. Yeah, maybe the 0 lives pilots can only join (and of course can only pick a transport plane) if the server is only partially (e.g. 50% or less) full. I don't know.. just an idea to allow folks that want to contribute to do so. Otherwise the 24 hour wait can sometimes end up being 48 hours - assuming, for example, you lost your last life at the end of your usual night of flying, just before bed. So that means that basically you can't fly the next night but have to wait another night. This way you may have something to do/contribute.
  14. Actually, IMO this is a good idea - at least this way, if you are out of lives and have to wait 24 hours to fly a combat aircraft that can contribute to offensive/defensive activities, you can still contribute flying transport missions, plus as suggested maybe earn lives, a single life or even a partial life after so many transport missions.
  15. Not from what I understand after asking Kathon. If you used up your 3 lives for a map, you have to wait 24 hours to get back to 1 life. It does not go up (above 1) from there, until the next map of course. So basically, after you use up your lives in a map, you can only get back one life (for that map). Die and it’s 24 hours until that 1 life comes back.
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