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  1. Cool, thanks for the clarification Coconut.
  2. Hey Coconut - sorry if this is in your guide (didn’t see it in my first pass), but is there any way to replenish aircraft at what I call the supply base in your campaigns? I notice that typically one airbase far from the front lines will have more aircraft than the others. However, eventually the numbers there also get depleted. Once those are gone, is that it? Thanks again for the servers. Relent EDIT - oh, and why isn’t this a sticky?
  3. Tactical Air War

    Oh, just noticed this, as I just registered... so we should hold off registering for the actual campaign until it’s cleared then. Assuming we should wait for the big post from Kathon, etc
  4. Tactical Air War

    AKA will fly Russian. There will likely be anywhere from 5-10 players, flying in the PST/EST evenings.
  5. Thanks Habu - the issue ended up being that for the fakeairfield object, a property (“Return aircraft”, I think), was checked. Apparently, even if each plane was set to unlimited, that property overrode it. Once I unchecked that property we were able to get at least 6 players spawned at that spawn point without anyone having to move out of their spot. Thanks
  6. So, using the fakeairfield object, how can you set the number of spawn points? I don't see any way to set it - all aircraft types for that fakeairfield object are set to unlimited, so other than the 135 meters to the side of the fakeairfield object being blocked by another object, what are the max number of spawn points for one fakeairfield object? It doesn't make sense why only 3 spawn points were allowed. Thanks...
  7. Thanks Tip - you bring up a good point, it could be the number of spawn points as well. I’ll have to read up on where that is set, as I was just tweaking a copy of an existing mission. I haven’t used the coalition balancer so I’ll have to check that out too.
  8. Yesterday our squad noticed on our practice server that only 3 players were able to select an airfield and choose/spawn in an aircraft, but the aircraft numbers in the mission file were set to -1 (unlimited), and in the server config file the number of clients were set to 33. After 3 players, the rest received a message (paraphrasing) that the max number of players at this airfield was reached. Strangely we had 4 players on (at the same airfield) a couple days ago without any issues. So, I’m wondering if others had seen this limitation and what was the root cause? I initially thought that maybe there was a new property in the mission file since v3.001 that dictates how many players can join an airfield, but I couldn’t find any. But, as said, it was fine the night before, so what could have changed since then? One of our squad saw the same thing on New Wings server, where there were 3 players flying German, and when he clicked on the busy airfield (three dots), he got that same “max players” message as on our server. Thanks in advance for any clarity on the issue.
  9. PWCG Bug Reports

    Thanks for the 3.3.2 update Pat. Just downloaded it and ran it, was just going to take a look at my pilot log book for one of my existing campaigns, when there was an error: Invalid skill level for pilot Relent. Skill = null I overwrote the PWCGCampaign folder, which had the 3.0.1 version, plus the in-progress campaigns in the Campaigns sub-folder. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  10. Error: Automission start failed

    I started another career as an IL2 pilot, battle of Moscow, same pattern. At first, when I hit Proceed I got the Automission start error. Then I selected the new campaign and clicked Restart, with the same pattern, and automission start error. Just like before, when I clicked Next Mission it loaded the mission and I was able to fly. So the suggestion by steppa to restart the career seems to be doing the trick for me. As for null, I suspect it's more for the programming term, more than likely a null object (BoX written in C++?), and maybe the issue is caused by some code attempting to reference a property or method of a null object reference.
  11. Error: Automission start failed

    I tried hitting restart but it happened again (automission start error). But this time there was a Next Day button available, seemed like something happened that skipped that day. After I hit Next day, I was able to actually get a mission to load and flew a mission. Seems like there is some fine tuning of the career code needed. Hopefully the devs will review. There are lots of moving parts so I expect it will take some time.
  12. Error: Automission start failed

    I have the same issue when I tried to start a career (v3.001). I noticed that just before I clicked on Proceed, that it showed me as taking off from airfield "null", so that's likely the issue (i.e. airfield isn't getting assigned for some reason). I'll try the restart button, thanks for the suggestion steppa.
  13. Brief description: New career, won't start Detailed description, conditions: Created a new career, Soviet side, Battle of Moscow. Clicked on "Next Day", whereby it showed the Date/Unit/Weather. Noticed the Unit said: "Unit: 495th IAP PVO at null airfield". Clicked "Continue", then "Proceed", and an error dialog popped up, showing "Automission start failed" Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 7 SP1 64bit, i5-2500K 3.30Ghz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970 4GB VRAM, Samsung 128GB SSD, running IL2 BoX 3.001
  14. Good job, I’ve posted in that thread to support your request. Thanks again for all you do to provide your servers.
  15. I’d like to show my support for this request. Payload information is very important for dynamic campaign servers that limit loadouts based on weight. Thanks for a great update.