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  1. @Kathon - can you do us a favor when you have time and update the link on the Forum navigation link at the top of the TAW page to point to your post describing this upcoming (tomorrow) start of TAW? Namely: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21029-tactical-air-war/?do=findComment&comment=912935 Otherwise it goes to an older post a few TAW iterations back. Thanks in advance!
  2. I tend to agree on this as well. Although it is still a way to minimize suicidal behavior. However, as we’ve seen with late war aircraft, the speed and armament increases mean that even not so suicidal behavior can get you virtually killed more frequently than earlier aircraft matchups. Thus, as has been stated before, if the lives stay, but if you can re-accumulate lives back to the maximum (e.g. 3.0) via a number of transport missions (again, to WokeUp’s point, based on balance ratio), this would encourage more pilots - even if just doing transport runs.
  3. Agreed, a reasonable additional incentive for the outnumbered side is good. Not sure about the dual reward/punishment thing, as I would think you’d choose one or the other, but I get your point.
  4. Do you mean this, or 2 CMs vs 1 CM, to match the ratio? In any case, I agree with the concept, in giving the outnumbered side an additional CM factor to help the team members counter the imbalance at that time. It can get a little crazy with the ratios, though. What if it’s 7-5? Do you give the smaller side member 1.4 CMs, and the other sides member 1.0? I guess it would be more like the deaths/captured then, with leftover fraction CMs after deducting 3.0 for an added plane. I’d have no problem with it, if it can be implemented by the scripts OK.
  5. Glad to see others agree... this is along the same lines as I mentioned a few days ago:
  6. You mean it’s not a ditch now? I would have thought it would have been set up that if you can only take off from back concrete airbases you already would get a ditch if you landed a 262 on a forward airbase... so yeah, thats a given (I.e I agree with this enhancement request).
  7. OK so my take on the Me-262. Got my first taste at the wrong end of the quad 30mm, twice within 15 minutes, on the deck not too far from base, lol. I think I'm done with map two. Given many like "historicalness", but with balance, IMO if the Me-262 is to be allowed, it should be extremely limited. Given that when they were in the air in decent numbers in late 44/early 45 (e.g. 8-16) they were going up against hundreds of escort fighters and more bombers, we obviously can't replicate that here. However, if they are to be allowed, it should be something like 1 Me-262 for every 20 pilots on the opposing team. Thus, if there are less than 20, then sorry, no Me-262; if there are 39, yep, still just one.
  8. You only lost one life. - You get 3 lives for each map. You lose a life (or a fraction thereof) if you die or get captured. - If your side had an equal or larger number when you lost the life, you lose 1.0 lives. - If your side had a lesser number than the other side, you lose a fraction of a life (e.g. 7/10= 0.70 life lost) - The 20 hour penalty comes into play if your life count goes 0.0 or below. Then you immediately get 1.0 lives back, and have to wait 20 hours before you can fly. You don’t get all 3 lives back until the next map.
  9. If this were implemented, how many pilots do you think there would be left to fly ground attack missions - they would be too concerned about getting sniped by AAA or CAPing fighters that they would probably change to fighters and just fly defensive sweeps over their own territory. It’s almost as easy to die/get captured flying when you value your life as it is when you don’t - especially when attacking defended (by CAP or AAA) ground targets. if you want a well rounded set of pilot/plane types in a mission, you can’t penalize deaths/captures in that “final” of a way (e.g. 10 deaths/captures and you are banned for the duration). Or if you do, maybe give fighters 10 lives and bomber/ground attackers 50 lives so they are encouraged to continue ground pounding.
  10. You get 15 pts for landing, and 1 pt for each 3 minutes in flight, plus a CM (assuming the para drop sortie took >= 15 min). If mission ended before you could land, you would just get the last two items.
  11. AKA_Relent + BoN And a big thank you The-Doctor for the hugely generous gesture!
  12. No worries, not flying TAW as much lately but try to help when I can here :). if you hadn’t noticed already, once in the game and able to see the in-game map, you would see “Attack” next to any icon/target that is damageable from your side. Same goes for friendly targets, you would see a “Defend” next to the icon. You don’t see this outside the game (since it’s context sensitive based on which side you join), so maybe that’s part of the confusion. Was responding to Racoon
  13. Looks like you just posted a short while ago. Just checking the main TAW page, the blue side is full, and I saw you in the Missions page for the current map as blue. You were probably kicked due to that (blue side full), as I believe there is a short penalty to prevent you from retrying over and over again. You’ll just have to wait until you see that your side isn’t full, then try again.
  14. I think part of the issue is the number of objects added to the map. Making every active/live airfield damageable means a lot more objects would need to be added to the map, and this could affect MP performance. I don’t necessarily think it was done to help one side or the other. I won’t speak for the admins as I’m sure they had a reason for limiting the number of damageable airfields, as I’m surmising.
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