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  1. The P-47D throttle and prop RPM synch does not seem to be working correctly (or like it used to). It used to be that when synched, as you move the throttle up and down, the prop RPM would be in synch. Now, for the past couple of updates, I've noticed that while the prop RPM stays in synch when you increase throttle, that it doesn't when you decrease throttle. For example, if you push the throttle to 90% the prop RPM goes to 90%. But if you throttle back to say 70%, the prop RPM is stuck at 90% and doesn't move until you manually drop it down to synch with the throttle setting (e.g. 70%). Anyone else observe this behavior? If so, is this a bug, or is the way it's supposed to be? Thanks.. AKA_Relent
  2. If the techno chat is turned off, I suspect the average number of lost aircraft per pilot per sortie will go up significantly. This mainly because when things heat up and aircraft start chasing other (enemy) aircraft, there will likely be many more chased aircraft (and also those doing the chasing) that will burn out their engines with these engine timers. That said, I hope =LG= will consider this, and consider increasing the number of lives per map, and/or the number/max of aircraft per type, to account for these anticipated increased losses.
  3. As he said, he did answer, you need to go through the posts a little more thoroughly So basically looking at random troops “on your side” will be without AAA units, but they will spawn in the enemy random troops once you get close enough, and you’ll know as they’ll be shooting at you lol 😂.
  4. The cargo ships in the Kuban maps representing the resupply for aircraft/pilot/tanks/soft column maximums seems a bit flawed. Looks like they showed up in mission #457, at least for the red side - I can see why LG wanted to do something different, but it's not equitable to both sides. If memory serves, the blue ships spawn north east of Zaporozhskaya in the Sea of Azov, and the red ships spawn south of Saratovskaya in the Black Sea. The blue ships are fairly close to the blue corner airfields, but the red ships are pretty far from any red airfields. Other than the novelty of having ships, I don't see why the resupply depots aren't used on Kuban like the other maps, where the buildings are fairly close to both sides' friendly airfields that can defend them.
  5. @=LG=Kathon, I’d like to know more about the exception to the 3 lives rule, based on team balance. Seems this was incorporated in this current TAW round? From what I’ve read/seen, if you run out of lives (I.e. < 0.0), you can still fly if the side you’re on is outnumbered. Would be nice to get more clarity, such as: - How much more does one side need to outnumber the other before this takes affect? - Does this apply immediately in a mission, or after the first 15 minutes? Or ?? - If you fly and land, then your side is no longer the smaller team, assuming you can’t fly again and the remainder of the wait time continues to be enforced?
  6. One way to avoid the behavior mentioned is to have a couple of small caliber AAA gun mounts at each airfield with the following characteristics: - Position them near aircraft spawn points, to provide protection - Change them to either invulnerable, OR (so planes attacking them will get some benefit of AAA suppression) have them respawn automatically after 10 minutes. This way, even if someone killed all the flak/AAA and landed (in order to park and try plunking newly spawned aircraft pilots with a tail gunner), those small caliber AAA would respawn and hopefully tear that enemy lander/spawn killer to shreds :).
  7. I doubt it was scheduled, more likely the IL2 BoX DServer crashed.
  8. I agree - something like what happens in the I-16 where the button is pressed (including visuals) every few seconds and it shows the current fuel state. Assuming the real Spit you needed to be flying level for the fuel level to show accurately? If that’s the case, having a regular “automatic” pressing of a fuel button every few seconds at least would allow the pilot to anticipate when the next press was going to happen, then they could fly level for that short time (instead of now where you have to fly level for 5-10 seconds!).
  9. Actually, regarding tank and truck supply on each side, what I’d like to see is the following: - Continue with the resupply depots spawning very infrequently which build up plane/tank/truck/etc maximum numbers. - Introduce “re-supply” tank and truck columns in the backfield (I.e. away from the front line) once every 5-10 missions, which would represent the actual movement of vehicles and tanks from the (infrequent) supply depot areas to the staging areas (e.g. airfields not quite at the front line). IMO this would better represent vehicle and tank movement from the rear areas to staging areas, before they are then used for actually attacking enemy locations from front line airfields. If they make it, the maximum tank and vehicle numbers go up, but at a much smaller amount than the depots of course. Also, this would have the effect of spreading the “actionable” areas, with more targets of opportunity. Since TAW uses static units, it shouldn’t be a huge cpu drain to add another column or two once every few missions. One more thought is that these could also be semi-hidden, with a white ellipse showing that somewhere a column existed.
  10. It was just a suggestion - I mainly suggested a third lower because the time of flight would be much longer than what was needed/done for the “bugged” depot, since not as many sorties would have likely been completed against the “legitimate” depot.
  11. Kathon mentioned there was a bug, and it was removed, but it sounds like that was for future missions. It’s not clear what he’s going to do to “fix” mission #279 (@Kathon please comment on this). To be fair, since the main (I.e. intended) re-supply depot near Shkolniy survived intact, the maximums for Russian aircraft/tanks/etc should be adjusted. On the other hand, the Germans annihilated the “bugged” depot near Surovikino, so maybe the full amounts are not warranted (since they probably would have made strikes at the legitimate one). Maybe reduce the full amounts by 1/3 or something... Thanks for your consideration admins...
  12. If nothing else, one of the two supply depots that spawned that mission was not destroyed, so even half of the tanks/planes/etc would have been acceptable.
  13. Just because an airfield is damaged 100% is not a guarantee that paratroops will capture it. I recall a change a few TAWs ago where I believe the chances to capture went as high as 80%, if the field was damaged 100%. If I find it I’ll post it here. Or Kathon can verify :). Edit - I found the post, from a previous TAW edition: If Allied airfield is damaged more than 50% then paratroopers drop zone is visible on the map (blue circle near that airfield). If at least 60 paratroopers land within area of this drop zone then they may capture the airfield with probability of 30%-80% (probability = airfield_damage% minus 20%). So the more damaged is airfield the more chance to capture it. Remember to destroy incoming Allied supply convoy or train near the city (they may supply the airfield and lower it’s damage after mission). So another area of the manual that needs updating. Another update is that there is a limit to the number of times paratroopers can capture an airfield per map (I.e. 2), so you can’t just keep capturing airfields in a given map via paratroopers, obviously something the red side can’t do at all.
  14. Yes, this was odd. The warehouse at Shkolniy was the "legitimate" one, that should have counted towards increasing the Red aircraft/pilots/tanks/etc maximum numbers. I've never seen one side get two warehouses added... it seems like because Red had recently captured Surovikino, the Blue warehouse that was to spawn there inadvertently spawned as Red (maybe a script bug?). Of course, being so much closer to Blue airfields means it was a prime target. However, as Prancingkiller mentioned, the warehouse in the Red backfield survived the mission, so the question remains for the admins, was there a bug in the script that prevented the additional maximums being added to the Red side?
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