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  1. On Expert tonight I witnessed a bug re: German tanks (I've seen this before but forgot to post). Seems they spawn at the same point, and if a tank is destroyed soon after it spawns and starts moving (e.g. within 5-10 tank lengths), the next tank that spawns drives right up to the previously destroyed tank(s) and blows up, then the next one spawns and the process repeats. You may want to consider randomizing the spawn point a little more - so that, for example, a tank spawns at a random location within a 100 meter circle or some such - so this scenario is avoided. Thanks again for the server Coconut and your efforts.
  2. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    Here's an idea about stats... Why not track the air/ground kill streaks regardless of if it's "current" or "active". In other words, show the highest to lowest number of air/bombing/tank kills, period. Then denote with some symbol if the streak is still active (the current system), and/or if the pilot has never died/been captured (the special award). This way, if someone gets say 50 air kills and then dies/gets captured, it remains stuck at 50 and they remain on the top X list. There might then be more incentive for that pilot to take more risks on future flights (e.g. help comrades down on the deck :), since their 50 kill streak will still be there until it's surpassed and drops out of the top 5 or whatever. The way the top 5 stats are now, IMO there is less and less incentive to fly with much risk in the later stages of the campaign, for fear of losing these precious stats/standings. Do I like stats? Sure, but I don't ever expect to be on the TAW top 5 anyway, so I tend to mix enough risk in my flights as needed to try and hit ground targets, etc., for the team :). However, it would be great if I somehow did end up on the top 5, that if I died/was captured, that performance/streak that happened a few lives ago might still be enough to be considered a top 5 event. :D.
  3. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    The biggest challenge with the defensive positions (other than the flak/cannon/mg being grouped together so closely, being so deadly) is knowing which of the earthen bunker/mounds is actually destroyed or not. There is a slight difference in color/pattern between an undamaged bunker and a destroyed one. Often you can’t tell until you are at the end of your dive, getting shot at, and you see the subtle differences. By then it’s often too late - you just try to adjust your dive, drop and then try to avoid the hailstorm of flak/tracer coming your way!
  4. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    OK, a little more reasonable :). I beg to differ about the Ju-88 though, as I get damaged about as many times as I don't (seems ~50/50) when attacking them, depending on relative nose attitude, speed, etc. during the attack. While the Pe-2 87 has a higher caliber upper-rear gun, the Ju-88 has the twin guns in the upper rear-facing gunner position (1 always AI) and it sure spits out a lot of lead. If you lose an engine in the Pe-2, you can't fly very far - it's not going to bring you home very often if you've lost it in enemy territory. The -87 is a little better than the -35, but not that much, plus I haven't found a way to feather the prop (edit) in the Pe-2, which doesn't help.
  5. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    Every time I read a post like this, I can't help but roll my eyes. I fly the Pe-2 a lot in TAW, and I'm sorry, the general comment about them being almost immune to barrage flak, or "as usual" PK'ing enemy fighters attacking them, is just nonsense. I've lost a wing a few times due to flak rolling over/diving onto a defensive position from 2.5k to 3.5k, and I haven't observed many 109's having that difficult a time bringing my Pe-2 down. I can count the number of times this round of TAW where my gunner PK'd an enemy 109 pilot - on one finger. And that was a 109 that was stuck on my six on the deck trying to pump rounds into my smoking Pe-2, so yeah, eventually the gunner's going to hit something. Just stop, please... If it's as bad as you think it is, please fly Russian next round, and see how "invincible" the Pe-2 really is! :).
  6. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    If you are in the main TAW page, and click on The Forum link, it will take you to the post in this thread where Artur or Kathon explains the changes for this round of TAW. In it, he explains that some maps now have axis or allied offensive themes (my interpretation), and so those sides will have an advantage in plane/pilot counts, etc. As for airfield counts, on Kuban, the blue side has one more airfield to start, so it seems to happen more than once where the airfield count is not even. The problem with Kuban is that other then the coast area, there aren’t a lot of airfields in the middle areas. Unless the admins create a grass field, there’s not much they can do. There are situations where you see two airfields close by, but I think airfields need to be far enough apart in order to utilize the defensive position structure that LG is using. Thus only one of these airfields is used, for example.
  7. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    You can load your gun ammo (you can’t distinguish offensive vs defensive ammo in the loadout section), and you can choose the ‘87 turret. As mentioned, just make sure you have 100% fuel, no bombs, no rockets, and you’re good to go.
  8. Cool, thanks for the clarification Coconut.
  9. Hey Coconut - sorry if this is in your guide (didn’t see it in my first pass), but is there any way to replenish aircraft at what I call the supply base in your campaigns? I notice that typically one airbase far from the front lines will have more aircraft than the others. However, eventually the numbers there also get depleted. Once those are gone, is that it? Thanks again for the servers. Relent EDIT - oh, and why isn’t this a sticky?
  10. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    Oh, just noticed this, as I just registered... so we should hold off registering for the actual campaign until it’s cleared then. Assuming we should wait for the big post from Kathon, etc
  11. AKA_Relent

    Tactical Air War

    AKA will fly Russian. There will likely be anywhere from 5-10 players, flying in the PST/EST evenings.
  12. Thanks Habu - the issue ended up being that for the fakeairfield object, a property (“Return aircraft”, I think), was checked. Apparently, even if each plane was set to unlimited, that property overrode it. Once I unchecked that property we were able to get at least 6 players spawned at that spawn point without anyone having to move out of their spot. Thanks
  13. So, using the fakeairfield object, how can you set the number of spawn points? I don't see any way to set it - all aircraft types for that fakeairfield object are set to unlimited, so other than the 135 meters to the side of the fakeairfield object being blocked by another object, what are the max number of spawn points for one fakeairfield object? It doesn't make sense why only 3 spawn points were allowed. Thanks...
  14. Thanks Tip - you bring up a good point, it could be the number of spawn points as well. I’ll have to read up on where that is set, as I was just tweaking a copy of an existing mission. I haven’t used the coalition balancer so I’ll have to check that out too.
  15. Yesterday our squad noticed on our practice server that only 3 players were able to select an airfield and choose/spawn in an aircraft, but the aircraft numbers in the mission file were set to -1 (unlimited), and in the server config file the number of clients were set to 33. After 3 players, the rest received a message (paraphrasing) that the max number of players at this airfield was reached. Strangely we had 4 players on (at the same airfield) a couple days ago without any issues. So, I’m wondering if others had seen this limitation and what was the root cause? I initially thought that maybe there was a new property in the mission file since v3.001 that dictates how many players can join an airfield, but I couldn’t find any. But, as said, it was fine the night before, so what could have changed since then? One of our squad saw the same thing on New Wings server, where there were 3 players flying German, and when he clicked on the busy airfield (three dots), he got that same “max players” message as on our server. Thanks in advance for any clarity on the issue.