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  1. The program is the same as used for IL2/46, but CountZero provided data (input) files he created based on his own testing in IL2/BoX.
  2. This is a good idea, as it rewards experience points (in this case which is all about the ranking) based on the risk the outnumbered pilot took, vs the pilot on the larger team. This can be extended towards earning CM's too... so a 1:1 ratio earns a pilot 1.0 CMs (the "baseline"), but a pilot on a smaller team that averaged 2:1 odds gets 2.0 CMs, and a pilot on a larger team in that scenario only earns 0.5 CMs... so more risk = more reward. Obviously in some cases the ratio is X:0 when one side has no one, so there needs to be a minimum for the larger team (e.g. 0.2 or some such CMs guaranteed). This has been brought up before, but it has merit, especially if it's combined with the ratio affecting the experience points similarly.
  3. Once the only remaining active airfield (Viselky) became inactive, that became a winning/losing condition for the map (i.e. no active airfields). Looking at the missions' Axis events, it showed that airfield was destroyed: Airfield in Viselky was destroyed Here's from the manual: There are three ways to win a map: enemy loses all its cities enemy has no open airfields enemy exceeds aircraft or pilots limit
  4. As mincer said... it was an added feature (this or previous TAW), not in the original. Also, FYI it’s in the manual: 3.4 Defense line During each mission, cities attacked by tanks spawn defense lines, according to respective city defense strength. Sometimes an extra city will spawn it’s defense line even without being attacked. ...
  5. Easier to sneak over with paratroops it seems :). And that is para-capture #2 this map (after Gromoslavka), so hopefully the scripts are working properly ;)...
  6. From the manual: However, as long as airfields have AAA that can all be killed and stay killed for the entire mission (as opposed to some of them re-spawning after 15 min or so, to better emulate the large number of AAA that airfields had), seems the degrading/destruction of airfields which makes them less or non usable appears to be much more actionable than the process to repair them. As a suggestion...seems that direct action on the part of transport pilots should have a more direct impact on repairing airfields than they do currently? This part from the manual: “Enemy airfield is able to self-repair using its supplies after two consecutive mission without being attacked.“ indicates that given the frequency of attacks on airfields, it’s unlikely that a front line airfield can be repaired in a timely fashion. It basically has to wait until another airfield or town is captured between it and the front line, so there is no longer an “Attack” directive on that airfield and its not possible to attack (for destroying objects that “count”). @=LG=, was that the intent? If not, then with the extreme balance issues (during NA times) allowing for more airfield attack blobs which destroy front line airfields, you may want to reconsider the rule above in your scripts??
  7. Given that the front line was changed (at the start) as above from previous Kuban maps, maybe the static ships location could be moved more to the rear and less to the side, to avoid this situation. Seems a good location would be south west of Anapa/west of Gelendzhik.
  8. I’ll beat a dead horse again... lol... or, as suggested (paraphrasing) disable capture of side A locations, at the end of a mission, if side B has >= 5-1 ratio of players over side A (on average, determined at the end of said mission). so e.g. 5-1, 10-2, 15-3, 20-4 (or worse ratios), then the front line can’t move (but destroy away )...
  9. So, not sure how to interpret this, but seriously, a single Ju88 can destroy 72 airfield objects in a single sortie (and I know some, like hangers, often count for 3 ground units), without getting a scratch from AAA? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=60102&name=[110]xJammer Oh, I see, he first went over in a fighter and destroyed all the AAA, so he could come back and singlehandedly wipe out the airbase without any defensive fire. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=60079&name=[110]xJammer Was there anyone around that could spawn at the base to defend it? Seems to me we are back to square one with this sort of behavior. A suggestion I had made prior still applies... there should be some percentage of AAA at airbases that respawn after say 15 minutes to prevent this sort of unrealistic behavior (I.e kill all AAA, RTB and come back 30 min later and have free reign over the airfield). In reality there would be way too much AAA for one aircraft to destroy, then come back to an unprotected field. On the other hand, I have to applaud the nerves and skill (?) of a single pilot to cause this much destruction lol :)... Edit: I see that there may have been others on these raids, so maybe it was a so called blob :). Still, IMO all airfield defense should not be able to be completely destroyed for a whole mission, some should be respawned within a relatively short period to offer some defense at these sanctuaries :).
  10. Regarding balance... A lot of ideas have come up with regard to balance and how to deal with it. For example, one I had mentioned before was to not allow towns/airfields on the greatly outnumbered side (e.g. 10-0, 15-3, 20-5, or worse “average” ratio for that mission, determined by the admins) to be capture-able during that mission. I have no idea if =LG= will ever add such a feature. If that feature is not feasible, what about at least strengthening the AAA of airfields, depots and defense “temporarily” (I.e. via the current script) if after the first 15 minutes of a mission, the ratio is 8-1 or greater (or whatever the admins decide). So this would mean having extra AAA at airfields and defensive positions and depots, but they would not spawn normally - they would only spawn when the criteria mentioned above was met. Otherwise it’s silly (for both sides, really) that when things are slow on one side, the other side can just come in and wipe out most everything. Then when the server is more busy, the formerly light side has to spend a lot of time trying to resupply all the damaged/closed airfields, etc. At least make it a bit more difficult and require that the hugely outnumbering side use good teamwork to defeat the AAA if there is no competition from enemy aircraft.
  11. Actually, I’m referring to the TAW web site map. Fritz is correct in that a severely damaged airfield will also be gray from the web site view. The teams being uneven will not show from the web site view, only from the in game map view, which is what I was trying to distinguish from (I.e. you can land on an airfield closed temporarily within the mission if due to balancing).
  12. Yeah, it’s sort of odd, but it’s the decision of the admins who set this up, =LG=. Think of a greyed out airfield (from the TAW web sight map view) as a temporarily abandoned airfield with enemy nearby (which is pretty much what it represents). This is I think why it’s considered a ditch and if damaged, why you are considered shot down. It’s like you ditched in a field...
  13. LOL and a few hours before it was the opposite, 10-0 in favor of blue, I just didn't take a screen shot. It's just a little odd balance-wise during NA evenings. Edit: About an hour prior to this screen shot, it was more like 9-4 in favor of red for a little while, but all of the blue pilots left.
  14. Use the map at the TAW web site to get a clear understanding of an "open" airfield (i.e. http://taw.stg2.de/index.php ). Basically, if, on the web site map, the airfield is colored (red or blue depending on what side you're on), that airfield is considered an "open" airfield. If it's grey, it's a closed airfield, and landing on it would be considered a ditch unless you were doing a valid transport mission and landed there. Also, landing at any other airfield not included above (i.e. it's not a colored airfield, or grey airfield, meaning it's not a valid airfield for this map period) will result in a ditch, regardless of what the in-game end-of-sortie summary says (e.g. you landed). This is important as, during the mission, an "open" airfield near the front line may look "closed" depending on balance (e.g. if your side has many more than the other side, it may be temporarily closed for spawning), or if the maximum number of possible spawn points for that airfield has been reached (I believe this can still temporarily close an airfield). However, if you saw that the airfield at the web site was colored (e.g. red), but while flying you look at the in-game map and it appears closed, it means you can't spawn/take off from it, but you can still land at the airfield and not get a ditch. Hope that helps.
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