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  1. Actually, just a minor point of clarification. While that is the idea, what seems to happen is that when the lives on map counter drops to <= 0, it is increased by 1 instantly/automatically, and then the 20 hour penalty begins. I've seen this as a confusing aspect, as guys see their lives are still greater than 0, thinking "why do I have the 20 hour penalty", and have posted as such in the past. It's just that you've been given your +1 life right away instead of waiting to see it incremented after 20 hours.
  2. @=LG=Kathon On the first point - nice! This has been needed, to better simulate tanks in more of an attack formation. On the second point, can you elaborate a little more on how this works? Thanks!
  3. Geez, enough already. For every story or complaint about the Pe-2’s gunners being OP, I say the Ju-88, Bf-110, He-111 and at times even the Ju-87’s gunner(s) can be just as OP. I’ve flown enough fighters who’s engines have been shredded (with the occasional PK) by the likes of all of those aircraft. It’s a universal AI gunner accuracy issue across BoX aircraft of all nationalities. The difference between a perfect bounce with minimal exposure to defensive guns and a dismal bounce where you are exposed just enough to get shredded can be a split second (or seconds) and/or just a few degrees (i.e. dive, climb) on the angle of attack of your aircraft vs the enemy and/or a few degrees on the clock position of the attack on the enemy aircraft (I.e. from it’s 12, 3, 6, 9, etc). If you don’t get the bounce just right you will often get exposed to defensive fire and get hit, so you can’t just blame it on OP defensive guns. We all have to take responsibility for how effective (or not) our bounce/attack profile is each time we make a pass :).
  4. Also, this way you can set up a refueling airfield/airstrip, where there are NO spawn points, so you can land, refuel, and take off - maybe at a very forward position. This not only lets you keep your plane (if there were limited numbers of them now), but also saves flight time to the front possibly.
  5. Hey thanks Wheels - actually, that's the old home page, although it was never taken down. Try this page: http://www.goshawknest.com/Home.html . Relent
  6. This sort of thing was requested before (Po-2/U-2 activity similar to what the Ju-52 has with paratroops), so hopefully =LG= have given it some thought by now and will include something next round :). Something along the lines of having a Po-2/U-2 carry bombs and land them (disarmed is best) and drop them after landing in a landing zone similar to the paratrooper drop zones. The bombs could emulate storage containers carrying weapons/ammo/food/medicine for partisan troops that are near an enemy base. Thus the Russian side could capture a damaged German airbase the same way the German side could capture a damaged Russian base (e.g. after say 6-8 Po-2/U-2’s have landed and dropped off supplies. The only issue is whether the Po-2/U-2 can successfully land and take off from a non-airfield/airstrip stretch of land. Maybe it’s easier if the landing zone can always include a road, or in the winter a stretch of frozen river :).
  7. Assuming you are taking about the AKA expert server, powered by Coconuts. Coconut was gracious enough to allow us (AKA) to use his campaign engine. Other than the plane set/AI and other campaign adjustments as maintained by AKA_Scorp, I believe it’s using the latest version of the Coconuts engine logic for ground movement, etc. No plans for AKA to stop the servers any time soon, assuming the campaign engine still works with newer versions of BoX.
  8. Mmmm not quite... If you bail over enemy territory you have a percentage chance of escaping (not sure of the current percentage, but escaping capture is in the "ballpark" of 50/50, but it's slightly different percentages for Russian vs German). If you are considered captured, then you get the same point penalty as death (i.e. -300), and you get a life subtracted (1.0 or fraction thereof depending on the ratio of friendly to enemy team numbers at that time) and 20 hours spawn delay if your # lives fell to 0 or less).
  9. I’ve seen the same thing when dropping 2x500kg on a def pos, I doubt it’s because of the “useless” 1000kg lol. Depends on the health of the def pos, and of course if anyone hit it before you. If it is avg or poor, and you hit it first, it may look like a normal target but it’s not. You can observe hits and see fires and get no credit in your TAW sortie log. IMO this is something that could use some adjustments. I.e., if a def pos is poor, it would be nice if only a small portion of the def pos spawned, and everything that was there could be destroyed and you got credit for - instead you get a complete looking def pos but trying to find the actual healthy part of the target (where you get credit for destroying objects) is impossible without dropping bombs all over it. Same story on both sides (it’s not just the Pe-2), although it’s hard to predict. Sometimes I’ve gotten away clean when attacking a Ju-88, 111 or 110, but more often than not, my plane is chewed up and often the engine quits. And I’ve flown the Pe-2 enough to know that more often than not, attacking 109/190s are doing more damage to me than I to them.
  10. And in the same time frame only ~700 1000kg bombs and ~100 >1000kg bombs, so you see what I was getting at :). With TAW (and other servers I’m sure) it seems there is an unlimited supply of the bigger bombs :).
  11. Not only that (spread out), but realistically (I mean if we are replaying semi-historical scenarios), how prevalent were bombs of 1000kg or higher on the eastern (or western) front. Were Ju-87’s, Bf-110’s, Ju-88’s and He-111’s able to carry such heavy bombs on most sorties, or were they typically limited to bomb sizes of 250/500kg or less as they were produced in much greater numbers? Would be interesting to know, and if found to be so, maybe limit further the large bomb sizes going forward. Maybe limit the larger sized bombs to the first so many aircraft per map (up to some reasonable number of bombs), then disable those bombs until some sort of replenishment occurred. Right now this sort of happens for the really large bombs (e.g. 1800kg or above, I think), where it’s tied to your depot health, but maybe something is also needed for the (less huge) large bombs in terms of an initial inventory count.
  12. Wow, salute! to those comrades participating in mission #610 (http://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=610) THREE tank columns attacking Mirskaya destroyed! And I’m sure you were harassed much of the time. Great job!
  13. Hehe, well I was a little bummed that I didn’t get credit for the kill in the TAW stats (I had in the sim), but I appreciated Sketch’s help, as I otherwise may have been killed eventually. A small price to pay (having him get credit for the 109 my gunner damaged) for a friendly fighter coming to your aid, me thinks :). Thanks again Sketch!
  14. Another thought to the balance question - if the scripts were updated such that if the numbers became lopsided (e.g 2-1, 3-1) over a significant portion (e.g, 30 minutes) of a given 2 hour session, that additional ground units on the outnumbered side would spawn near/behind any existing ground units already spawned. This way, the outnumbered side would have a slightly better chance of defending those units, since it would require more units to be destroyed. Just thinking outside the box here...
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