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  1. You get 15 pts for landing, and 1 pt for each 3 minutes in flight, plus a CM (assuming the para drop sortie took >= 15 min). If mission ended before you could land, you would just get the last two items.
  2. AKA_Relent + BoN And a big thank you The-Doctor for the hugely generous gesture!
  3. No worries, not flying TAW as much lately but try to help when I can here :). if you hadn’t noticed already, once in the game and able to see the in-game map, you would see “Attack” next to any icon/target that is damageable from your side. Same goes for friendly targets, you would see a “Defend” next to the icon. You don’t see this outside the game (since it’s context sensitive based on which side you join), so maybe that’s part of the confusion. Was responding to Racoon
  4. Looks like you just posted a short while ago. Just checking the main TAW page, the blue side is full, and I saw you in the Missions page for the current map as blue. You were probably kicked due to that (blue side full), as I believe there is a short penalty to prevent you from retrying over and over again. You’ll just have to wait until you see that your side isn’t full, then try again.
  5. I think part of the issue is the number of objects added to the map. Making every active/live airfield damageable means a lot more objects would need to be added to the map, and this could affect MP performance. I don’t necessarily think it was done to help one side or the other. I won’t speak for the admins as I’m sure they had a reason for limiting the number of damageable airfields, as I’m surmising.
  6. Only “border” airfields can be attacked and have any destroyed objects count towards the campaign. The exception is the depots and replenishment warehouses that pop up every 20 missions or so. These can be attacked regardless of the where the front line is, if they exist. When an airfield has a buffer (e.g. another airfield or town - I.e. with the icon on the map) between it and the front line, it Is protected from damage. However, the AAA is not removed (for protecting the human pilots taking off/landing I presume). It has been like this in TAW as long as I can remember.
  7. Seems like a lot of folks are still not RTFM . Check this out from the Manual page: 3.10 Warehouses and ships Warehouses and ships are spawned and visible on the map once a few days. If not destroyed they increase limits by. Warehouse: · 80 aircraft · 150 tanks · 240 trucks Ships: · 135 aircraft · 225 tanks · 360 trucks Damaged or partially destroyed warehouse or ships increase limits by accordingly smaller amount. =================================== So it looks like the warehouse(s) on the blue side was not damaged and increased the item maximums by their full amount above, but the warehouse(s) on the red side was mostly destroyed as the red item maximums only increased a negligible amount.
  8. This is because warehouses and or ships appear from time to time (happens on both sides), which if not fully destroyed will increase the maximum aircraft, tanks, etc. that can be destroyed. From the TAW manual page: 3.10 Warehouses and ships Warehouses and ships are spawned and visible on the map once a few days. If not destroyed they increase limits by. Warehouse: · 80 aircraft · 150 tanks · 240 trucks Ships: · 135 aircraft · 225 tanks · 360 trucks Damaged or partially destroyed warehouse or ships increase limits by accordingly smaller amount.
  9. I’m pretty sure front line airfields are those that are adjacent to an enemy airfield field or town. If an airfield has a friendly “buffer” airfield or town between it and the front line, it is not a front line field (and thus has no “attack” designation on the in-game briefing map) and thus has nothing to destroy (I.e. that would count within the campaign). As for why, it’s probably to give airfields a chance to repair, after advancing the front line. Otherwise as you describe, it would be possible to wipe out all of the airbases on a side (esp if the teams are not balanced). However, only the administrators could more accurately answer the why as I’m just speculating :).
  10. If I recall correctly, the 20 hour death/capture penalty/3.0 lives change was mainly put in because there was some abuse where pilots were performing activities to wipe out airfields “at all costs” and potentially dying/getting captured many many times in a row (well beyond 3 times). This change was to help prevent that sort of activity (among other things - =LG= can clarify). However, this may have had a side effect that the side with lower numbers would also be detrimentally affected, as pilots were probably not willing to risk that last life (and the 20 hour delay) to fly against much higher numbers. Before the 3 lives/20 hour delay thing, there was no penalty beyond losing 300 XP (lol like Xbox :)) and a 5 minute penalty. This was the way it was for many TAW rounds. But at least that way, if you flew on the outnumbered side, you could continue to fight and fly, as you were not as concerned about dying/getting captured (I mean, once you’re back to zero, keep fighting! ). IMHO it’s a good change for balance-sake, It allows pilots to fly more often, if they choose, esp on the smaller side.
  11. Hmm, what happened with map #5? I hadn’t noticed the plane/pilot attrition numbers of late, but didn’t think either side was that low. Neither side was out of usable airfields - just curious.
  12. Not speculating, from the manual (regarding planes and pilots). Not very likely for both sides to run out of planes or pilots at the same time for a draw (it would need to happen during the same mission, since it’s a winning condition. If one side loses all of its planes or pilots, the tanks don’t matter, that side would lost the map. The map (#3) that was a draw was because both sides ran out of tanks before any other winning condition arose (and before any replenishment depot spawned on either side to increase the max limits apparently). In the current map, it kept going after the Germans ran out of tanks because a winning condition had not been met. This allowed for a replenishment depot to pop up (on both sides as it were), which upped the maximum numbers and kept the offensives going.
  13. Winning conditions are, if I recall correctly (and it’s stated near the top of the manual) - loss of the max aircraft - loss of the max pilots - loss of all airfields (including if you can’t spawn in any of the remaining ones, such as if tanks threaten) Actually, here’s from the manual: The TAW campaign consists of eight maps. The side (Axis or Allied) which wins more maps win the campaign. There are three ways to win a map: · enemy loses all its cities · enemy has no open airfields · enemy exceeds aircraft or pilots limit
  14. Whichever side I’m on I would want more lives :). However, isn’t the partial/fraction life penalty when you’re on the outnumbered side already taking care of this? If you’re outnumbered 15-7 for example, you could die/get captured 6 times (assuming you started with 3 lives) and still be able to keep flying - i.e. 7/15= 0.47 * 6 = 2.82 lives used, or 0.18 remaining. All this depending on the average numbers on each team (or however the admins have set it up).
  15. From the manual: So in this case, you were better off waiting at least 5 minutes after you were last damaged, then you would have fallen into the second scenario above. You would have still lost your aircraft, and the transport mission would not have counted, but at least it wouldn't have been treated as a killed/captured type of DISCO with the 20 hour wait (assuming you were at <0 lives).
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