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  1. How about Lucasarts Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe? Oops meant to say on the (IBM compatible) PC. Happy birthday Jason
  2. I had mentioned this sort of thing in my feedback post as well. IMO the bottom line is there are still too few critical targets, that tend to focus attention on both sides (i.e. tank columns attacking and defensive positions defending). This may keep some players from attacking (esp on the outnumbered team), due to its suicidal nature. On the other servers like wings or combat box, the targets are also known, but there are many of them, which means the server population tends to be spread out. With TAW, the most important objects that affect movement of the front lines has alway
  3. Yep, did someone forget that the allies won the first map? :). This is based on the assumption that the third map was a draw, since only the tanks lost were over the max limit, but not the aircraft, pilots, and there were still 4 active red bases.
  4. @=LG= - I thought I had read somewhere in this thread that starting this TAW round, when the server pilot count is low, that it becomes harder to move the map. Can you explain what that means in terms of how you implemented this? Are the tank columns or defensive positions more “hardened”? I’ve had bad luck doing much damage even on “good” defensive positions, or tanks, and just wondered if they have different “toughness” properties than if the server is more populated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Didn’t mainly the experten of the experten fly the 262 (I.e. JV-44)? Why not have just those German fliers on the top 5 list (for air to air) be allowed to fly the 262? Now we’re talking “earn it”!
  6. As Lawyer said, tanks are not one of the winning conditions. However, if a side runs out of tanks they cannot advance/capture towns (well, except the Luftwaffe can up to two times per map using paratroopers, but that’s another story (see the manual). if there are no advancing enemy tank columns, you can still find tanks in defensive strongpoints, and in random flak groups near the front lines.
  7. The program is the same as used for IL2/46, but CountZero provided data (input) files he created based on his own testing in IL2/BoX.
  8. This is a good idea, as it rewards experience points (in this case which is all about the ranking) based on the risk the outnumbered pilot took, vs the pilot on the larger team. This can be extended towards earning CM's too... so a 1:1 ratio earns a pilot 1.0 CMs (the "baseline"), but a pilot on a smaller team that averaged 2:1 odds gets 2.0 CMs, and a pilot on a larger team in that scenario only earns 0.5 CMs... so more risk = more reward. Obviously in some cases the ratio is X:0 when one side has no one, so there needs to be a minimum for the larger team (e.g. 0.2 or some such CMs guarant
  9. Once the only remaining active airfield (Viselky) became inactive, that became a winning/losing condition for the map (i.e. no active airfields). Looking at the missions' Axis events, it showed that airfield was destroyed: Airfield in Viselky was destroyed Here's from the manual: There are three ways to win a map: enemy loses all its cities enemy has no open airfields enemy exceeds aircraft or pilots limit
  10. As mincer said... it was an added feature (this or previous TAW), not in the original. Also, FYI it’s in the manual: 3.4 Defense line During each mission, cities attacked by tanks spawn defense lines, according to respective city defense strength. Sometimes an extra city will spawn it’s defense line even without being attacked. ...
  11. Easier to sneak over with paratroops it seems :). And that is para-capture #2 this map (after Gromoslavka), so hopefully the scripts are working properly ;)...
  12. From the manual: However, as long as airfields have AAA that can all be killed and stay killed for the entire mission (as opposed to some of them re-spawning after 15 min or so, to better emulate the large number of AAA that airfields had), seems the degrading/destruction of airfields which makes them less or non usable appears to be much more actionable than the process to repair them. As a suggestion...seems that direct action on the part of transport pilots should have a more direct impact on repairing airfields than they do currently? This part from the manual:
  13. Given that the front line was changed (at the start) as above from previous Kuban maps, maybe the static ships location could be moved more to the rear and less to the side, to avoid this situation. Seems a good location would be south west of Anapa/west of Gelendzhik.
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