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  1. And what about telemetry sharing ? Please ? Any hope fro 2019 Han ? Make our dreams come true this year , I know I am not the only one waiting for this ...
  2. Voss

    When the P51 will be available?

    The roadmap for 2019 looks gorgeous Jason, thanks a lot. I am sure that you will have as usual some nice surprises for us too ๐Ÿ˜‰ May we hope a possible telemetry sharing for our lovely sim this year please ?
  3. Hi to all and happy 2019 in the sky of IL2 I am building a new computer to support VR , Il2 has just been reinstalled / migrated successfully, but I only missed my campaigns. I have to restart them from scratch. Is it possible to recover the campaign progress ? And if yes where are the files located ? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. As always a great job.And as always I will enrich collection of airplanes and campaigns. I know the amount of work behind each change during this year and just for this the team needs congratulations. Il2 Great Battles is like a gem polished years after years. However my hope concerning an announcement about telemetry support vanished again โ˜น๏ธ This could have been a good synchronized news with the imminent arrival of the realteus device ... To Jason and the devs : Could you make our dreams come true for next year please ? ( I know I am not he only one for waiting for this .... ) ๐ŸŽ… Can't wait to see what is planned for next year !
  5. Voss

    Gametrix support can be amazing.

    The first Realteus owners are not too far away now. I hope that we will not have to wait as long as the preorder of the product to have a good feedback feeling in our seats.
  6. Voss

    API for export of flight data

    I left the same comment ๐Ÿ˜‰ , WE NEED TELEMETRY DATA SHARING !
  7. Voss

    From " England with Love " problem

    Same for me since 3.006 but it happens too in other scripted campaigns and only scripted campaigns I had the same issue in the superb JG51 Over Velieki Luki campaign The symptom is always the same, a freeze but maps, escape is working and the sound too, smokes are still animated , you have to wait 10 / 15 seconds and the game goes on, but sometimes it just freeze again and again ... very frustrating I have played 3 missions like that and I have the last of the campaign to finish, but it is really frustrating. I tried to play mods off but the issue is still here. I have the feeling that 3.006 have broken something in the missions as this problem never happen when I am playing a career or in multi .... Very very strange and I am surprised that not too much players are in the same case...
  8. Same freezes noticed in scripted campaign only until now for me. I played mission 2 of the superb VeteranenCampaign JG51 over Velikie Luki yesterday and add it 3 times in the same mission, same symptoms , freeze, but sound still going on, I did alt+Tab several times and after a few second the game came back ...but no crash Very strange indeed, and I never had it before ... I guess thta it is a bug coming with the latest patch ...
  9. Voss

    API for export of flight data

    I hope we have good news for this in a short period. This is THE THING that can make the difference between sims : - better feeling and handling of damaged planes - higher realism ( with and w/o VR ) - you can immediately feel from where the pb or the danger is coming from on your beauty Please please please Jason ... At least try it on other compatible titles ... this could make a great step forward
  10. I updated last version of the campaign today I tried mission 2 ( mission 1 immersion was excellent ) but my FW and all other FW crashed immediately before taking off . My plane crashed a few second just after pushing the throttle. Can someone help me to solve this bug ?
  11. Thanks a lot for your support and the fast correction Samson, very impressive and much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'll check it when I'll be back from work
  12. I am playing and enjoying this campaign but I encountered an unexpected issue in mission 15 : Get the Bombs ! The video start, then a car is moving along the road and near the planes, then suddendly the car is moving to the direction of a barrack, the camera moves on the other side of the barrack and there is an explosion behind. So I guess that the car crashed on the barrack, but ... nothing else happen ... So I am stuck at mission 15 , any help ? Did someone had this issue ? Thanks
  13. Voss

    Gametrix support can be amazing.

    The first realteus are near delivery now. I hope that we will not have to wait the next 2 or 3 IL2 GB titles to have a chance to use it at its full potential ... I am surprised that in the community there is no talented candidate who is able to help for coding such API.