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  1. I was there too in a Camel ( even if I usually fly in a DR1 πŸ˜€ ) The experience was awesome ! Be sure to count on me next week for sure πŸ˜„
  2. https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com/2020/01/simshaker-wings-beta-v133-published.html Simshaker Wings new version is ready ... but still no support for Realteus ... 😭
  3. Crossed fingers hoping that my Realteus will be finally useful in IL2 BOS and not only in DCS ... Please Andre help us I'd like enjoying IL2 BOS with my jetseat Combining VR headset and jetseat will push flightsims to a higher level πŸ˜‰ Thanks a lot in advance for your help
  4. On Andre's Blog simshaker wings is the only software dedicated to IL2 great battles ... But for owners of the Forcefeel / Realteus no compatibility is shown 😭 Only Simshaker wheels support realteus and simshaker for aviators ( for other flight sims ) I want simshaker compatibility with Realteus Andre please ....
  5. Thanks a lot for this gift ! I just finished the first 2 kaizerschlacht missions and wow This is how FC must be immersive and full of actions. And in VR FC is just in cre di ble ! Merry christmas to all of you !
  6. Since the last update I noticed that I don't hear any sound when beeing shot by bandits. I see tracers and bullets on my wings and generally it's too late. I didn't had this issue before. And as I am playing in VR this is really difficult and frustrating. I know I am not the only one in this situation, but I find strange that no info came from the devs since the last patch.
  7. Hi sorry but I did not manage to open your txt file successfully ... I have strange characters inside ... πŸ˜• Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot Alonzo ! I will start with your settings πŸ˜‰
  9. Hello Could someone give me advices or share is keybinds in order for me to be able to switch rapidly from fighter to bomber on my new T50 CM throttle I would like to quickly map the most urgent keys and find the best mapping. Any suggestion is welcome Thanks a lot in advance
  10. Could someone share his key bindings for the virpil t50 cm throttle in il2 bos ? I am trying to find the best assignments for both fighters and bombers ... Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks Sokol1 I fixed my issue I recreated a profile and recalibrated all axes Now all buttons are working. πŸ˜‰
  12. Hi I just received my new T50 CM Virpil throttle I have created a profile and calibrated the device However when mapping buttons B1 to B8 in Il2 BOS I received the following inside BOS : B1 : JoyX_pov0_180 B2 : JoyX_pov0_225 B3 : JoyX_pov0_270 B4: JoyX_pov0_315 B5: JoyX_pov1_0 B6: JoyX_pov1_45 B7:JoyX_pov1_90 B8:JoyX_pov1_135 And when clicking on the button nothing happens For exemple binding B1 for Canopy open/close gives me JoyX_pov0_180 inside BOS And when I try pushing B1 in BOS nothing happens ... Can someone help me solving this issue ? Thanks a lot
  13. Yes thanks for the corrections wings of course πŸ˜‚ Any possibilities to have a detaIl of the effects available ? Thanks for your effort As I am still waiting in vain ( like many others ) a reply from Realteus for the promised licences which I think now will never come to us first buyer ( a shame ) who helped them to start selling their product .... I am now thinking about buying a licence directly to you πŸ˜‰
  14. Many thanks AndrΓ© ! Even if we are 1% as Jason said , the 1% will thank you πŸ˜ƒ Once in place and configured in VR I confirm that you cannot go back from a jetseat even with the sound mode. Nice info , keep us informed when the new version of SimShaker wheel is available 😜
  15. Yes please , we need just few more information in order to user simshaker or simhub software 😯
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