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  1. The nature of the game package is: - multiplayer server setup - solo / coop setup Having the technochat on/off option is a total plus. We can go on discussing the merits of having it off or on but the discussion is about - having the option. And in that regard I must say - yes, having the option is good. Server admins can then decide whatever they want to do with it. Same with the game masters in solo/coop.
  2. Damn, great event and everyone having a great time. I spy bushpilot booth as well 😄
  3. It is ! Bit busy with work but will dress Belov's skin soon enough. Cheers.
  4. That's a bulky list I assume, hopefully, that careers in progress will not be lost.
  5. A buddy gave me a heads up of a event going to take place in the air force museum, PT. Sharing for anyone interested. More information here http://www.museudoar.pt/pagina-006.053
  6. Sure. Risky but nice to have as option for a career. I tend to use it 50/50 on my 46 pacific campaigns. That moment of "prayer" when regressing over the vast blue hoping everything works perfect
  7. History is written already, we just join the "simulator" to re-live a "may have happened like this" scenarios. Pretty sure Boris Belov wasn't a musician that joined the VVS and got thrown into the teeth of operation typhoon but hey, it is great fun to play a fictional character and going through the events as they unveloped. MP though is 101% subjective.
  8. 1946 had reliability as option, but if you think about it, modelling all the recorded faults into a reliability system is a gargantuan research and code work. Guns jam sure
  9. Maybe less "ground" entities make up for air entities space ? Here's to hope !
  10. PTO starting with the Skies over China, 1931. Let european theatres rest. Need the big blue with the early carrier birds, and the jungles in the rim, and the hump for the DC3 , and... and...
  11. There's Emergency Landing result as well. So far only found it with a fuel situation, but was already on last approach to runway when it dried out 50m from the ground, so she rested gently. The captured situation in the frontlines may be dynamic, like the AF is contested ? Last mission I had to bail and was very worried i would be captured but somehow managed to evade and was inside enemy lines with a river in between the frontlines. So not sure how it all works.
  12. Really odd... You generated the mission and made it coop right ?
  13. We use it extensively on our peshka/a20/etc hit and run "nevermind the map just follow the beacon" flights. It works.
  14. Absolutely worth it in all aspects, vanilla career mode or PWCG in coop with your sim friends, with one being the main character and the others always picking the same companion named pilot, so flight lead and element and wingmen can be always your buddies. Go ironman/DiD mode and suddenly the following quote makes a lot of sense when applied to IL-2 "Actions which are not permanent draw the player away from the simulated reality of the game. They present the players with the temptation of trivialise the importance of the actions and results, but actions, which have a permanent and
  15. Excellent vid ponhard ! How do one places the camera like that ?! Was playing with the replays and didn't get myself around it... Anyway, will take your visuals as inspiration.
  16. She delivers. A lady of her own nose, treat her well and she will pay back in earnest. Keep her out furballs, slide through them with grace and guns blazing. And yep, she is a great choice as ground and even air interdictor.
  17. Yes As the pilots have names, each one of yer fellows can play the same pilot as the PW career progresses. Good fun.
  18. First hand sources. At best second hand sources. Anything beyond that starts to become diluted and at the fifth hand sources it becomes historical reinterpretation. That's what I learned.
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