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  1. I very rarely dabble online but decided to test out the Yak9/T on the Finnish server, my usual routine is to get up, bumble towards the enemy and then get shot down by someone I didn't see. It feels like a nice stable aircraft to fly, quite forgiving, great visibility even with the cockpit a bit further back and its as easy as previous Yaks to take off and land with. I even managed to get my first online kill (that actually registered on the board, but no name poped up so I guess they managed to bail?), I think it was a Bf109 that was running for home and flying nice and strait, even after a couple of failed attempts by me to hit it, I assume he was all out of ammunition. Pretty much my last burst of the 37mm, and my first hit with it, ripped off nearly half of its port side wing. I was firing at quite a distance as I was planning on expending the last rounds and running away myself. All in all very satisfying, I think I loaded mixed AP/HE, next time I'll take just HE.
  2. I find spotting 109's isn't too bad now, they're fairly distinctive. When I get stuck in I'm looking for the skinniest aircraft in the sky. I think you'll sometimes be in situations where you just have to make a decision and pick an angry speck in the sky to start following. There should be one of two outcomes, either you catch up and see its an enemy and can shoot it, or you see its an ally and you've just become a wingman.
  3. I think a simpler solution would be to create a 'front line' scenery asset instead of trying to model each individual unit. This could be made up of trenches, foxholes, craters, ruins, strongpoints and barbed wire and animated to represent the active zones (where required) with small explosions, incoming and outgoing gunfire, smoke and fires. Used in conjunction with the units in game it could be more immersive.
  4. Sounds like a pretty cool idea.
  5. Sounds like a great idea, would something like that be disabled for non-radio carrying aircraft? Certainly it could be an option for servers I suppose.
  6. Between different types of aircraft there are different missions as well, I'm running a Moscow I-16 career in tandem with a Stalingrad Bf 110 career. The Bf 110 has given me free hunt missions where you go off in a pair and wreak some havoc as well. The VVS haven't trusted me to do this yet...
  7. Maxim Kalashnikov - I-16 pilot on the Moscow front, just made his third kill and in the process of the squadron converting over to the MiG-3 (at least there are MiG's on the books, haven't been asked to fly one yet).
  8. When I'm trying to check my six I don't feel that I am trying to roll my head at all, the blasted thing just seems to do it of its own accord whenever I look back. So the question about RL use is completely pointless. The only time I use roll when thinking about it is pretty much when looking straight ahead and I want to keep my head level with the horizon when banking.
  9. Also found this. Also noted there was seemingly no mission variety.
  10. Love the switches and buttons, really solid look.
  11. Thanks for the info, the wait will feel even more interminable! Love the look for the career mode and the amount of options.
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