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  1. Loving the detail on the LCI(L), bodes well for the naval enthusiasts amongst us! Or perhaps those who really hate ships and want to sink them...
  2. I've really been having a go at level bombing online (Finnish server) in the PE-2, I can pretty much get my deliveries on target although its not exactly pickle barrel accurate. I've been going for 10x100sc and dropping them in pairs, thinking that more bombs means more chances to hit something however the results haven't been dazzling. Would I be better off using fewer larger bombs? Or spreading the payload over a wider area? Or maybe I'm just not getting as close as I think!
  3. I have a bloke sat behind me in my PE-2 but he only talks to me in Russian, so he could be giving me directions but I'm not sure. I really enjoy the challenge of navigating to a target by sticking to a bearing and aiming for landmarks etc but I know I'm doing it in a very simplistic way so this discussion is helpful. I'd love to see some in game tools to help though.
  4. Evening all, I was hoping against hope whether nomugopCE6ACTb9H or kancur_VR happen to have recorded footage of a sortie that took place on 02/03/2021 - http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/log/1026626/?tour=40 I don't, as a rule, get many kills but this one was particularly good and I'd like to take a look and see what I did right. Thanks
  5. Developed Viable Dirigibles... we can even stroll around the bridge to enjoy the view.
  6. My Career pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union Maxim Kalashnikov took to the skies once more in his beloved Donkey. I had to give the I-16 an attempt as its my bird of choice (sorry Stoopy!), I've not managed to record an improved speed so went for the altitude record. Reached 8554m above Krasnodar starting from the runway, I tried it with just 60ltrs of fuel and no ammo and as you can see if you look at the image, I ran out of fuel so can definitely go higher. I should've easily been able to land at the airstrip given the altitude I had to play with but misjudged it so went for a road instead (
  7. Yak9-T Ser.1 - Managed to achieve 783kph without the loss of any control surfaces and landed safely at a nearby airfield. Had a few much faster attempts but my better one flipped on landing so not sure the pilot survived that! Video available on request.
  8. Any landing you can climb away from...
  9. Today I got to demonstrate the awesome tank busting power of the U-2VS on the Finnish server... okay it might of been an assist thanks to the Tankies in the area, and my accuracy left a lot to be desired and I might of killed my engine when flying through debris on the final pass but still. I consider it definitive proof of its tank buster credentials.
  10. I find these really useful, as I'm sure many others do too. I often find myself referring to them to make comparisons, refresh my memory and usually relearn something I'd forgotten. That said, having to jump in and out of a quick mission to get to the specifications can be a bit labourious. My suggestion would be to have them accessible on the main menu via a UI just like selecting an aircraft for a mission, in addition to keeping them in the usual places of course. Cheers
  11. I recently started a PE-2 campaign on Kuban flying with one of the Naval Squadrons at Adler, south of Sochi. Its probably based the absolute furthest away possible but I thought it would give me plenty of practice with perfecting level flight. My first successful mission started at 20:30hrs with individual take offs. The navigation to the target, Gostagaevskaya, was easy thanks to nice big coast line to follow with plenty of land marks and day light. I was slow to arrive at the area because I hadn't realised that the flaps weren't fully up! On arrival over the target there was still two friend
  12. Perfect, that sorted it. Thanks for taking the time to screenshot the controls that really saved me a lot of hassle!
  13. None of the trim appears to be working on the PE-2 (both series), I jumped into a P39 to see if it was my hardware but that was fine. I've checked it out in career and quick match and both yielded the same results (with air and runway starts). I'm at a bit of a loss, also I noticed my usual RPM control isn't working in the Ser.35, but I haven't flown it for ages and am wondering if there's just a trick to it that I don't know. Thanks for any tips, I'm certain the fault lies somewhere between the keyboard and the pilots seat...
  14. I recently bought the Ice Ring scripted campaign and have to say I have been really impressed. The airfields, battlefields and airspace feels much more alive than the Career. I understand the reasons for this, by its very nature a scripted mission is always going to be a more hand crafted experience with extra detail and timing. But with that said I wonder how much scope there is to flesh out the career missions? Making the airfields busier, seeing more flights in the air and more ground conflict on the front line? I imagine this could be scalable in the way it is already with some
  15. Congratulations Q_Walker, you're now the proud owner of a modern bi-plane! That's a wrap, thanks! If you missed out then you should still consider getting it!
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