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  1. I recently bought the Ice Ring scripted campaign and have to say I have been really impressed. The airfields, battlefields and airspace feels much more alive than the Career. I understand the reasons for this, by its very nature a scripted mission is always going to be a more hand crafted experience with extra detail and timing. But with that said I wonder how much scope there is to flesh out the career missions? Making the airfields busier, seeing more flights in the air and more ground conflict on the front line? I imagine this could be scalable in the way it is already with some assets, to keep things flexible. Ground conflict could be creatively represented with art assets, in much the same way as the explosions across Stalingrad and no-mans-land. I'm certainly not asking for every tank, truck, gun emplacement and bullet to be rendered in glorious 3D.
  2. Congratulations Q_Walker, you're now the proud owner of a modern bi-plane! That's a wrap, thanks! If you missed out then you should still consider getting it!
  3. It's a mini give away! Be a Hero, fly a Polikarpov U-2VS! I'm hoping to support the third party developer of this fine plane so that we might one day see more! First come first served of course, two planes to give away. If you missed out then check them out on the store since it's nice and cheap right now. This is the first time I've done this so please be patient, I think I just need your forum name to gift them. Confound and defeat the Hun with your mighty turret gunner and superior handling capabilities! Fly with comrades, they probably can't shoot you all down... not in one pass anyway. Fly Safe!
  4. One of the best things for surviving online in my limited experience is to try and fly with others, also try to avoid flying obvious and direct routes from a front line airbase to the nearest contested targets. Altitude is your friend since enemies below you have to struggle up to meet you which gives you time to spot them and gives you the opportunity to pick your fights. This certainly seems to help me survive the initial engagements although once the fur starts flying the rest is down to luck for me!
  5. Great thread, I will now be jumping on to find these details myself!
  6. Thanks for all your efforts, you're a brilliant team, I am always amazed by the constant changes, improvements and additions to the sim and of course not forgetting the ever more ambitious goals!
  7. Definitely some sort of four engine heavy bomber, probably of Russian origin... the way my cornflakes stuck to the bowl this morning has confirmed this.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the fleet and seeing how it's implemented, I'm also hoping to be able to support the landings although I imagine that seeing the landings would be a technological stretch. I'd also like to fly in the Battle of Caen and see the devastation.
  9. Given the amount of improvements to the maps and technology over time I prefer to believe that there are simply no plans to return to it at the moment, not that it is something they wouldn't ever consider. Fingers crossed for the Normandy map, its going to have a lot of sea, so maybe more space for a more accurate depiction of the towns and cities? But who knows, as far as I'm concerned games development is wizardry anyway.
  10. I've tried keeping the rpm quite high (40%ish), seems to help. Although I am a total amatuer so take that with a handful of salt! But it works for me.
  11. I very rarely dabble online but decided to test out the Yak9/T on the Finnish server, my usual routine is to get up, bumble towards the enemy and then get shot down by someone I didn't see. It feels like a nice stable aircraft to fly, quite forgiving, great visibility even with the cockpit a bit further back and its as easy as previous Yaks to take off and land with. I even managed to get my first online kill (that actually registered on the board, but no name poped up so I guess they managed to bail?), I think it was a Bf109 that was running for home and flying nice and strait, even after a couple of failed attempts by me to hit it, I assume he was all out of ammunition. Pretty much my last burst of the 37mm, and my first hit with it, ripped off nearly half of its port side wing. I was firing at quite a distance as I was planning on expending the last rounds and running away myself. All in all very satisfying, I think I loaded mixed AP/HE, next time I'll take just HE.
  12. I find spotting 109's isn't too bad now, they're fairly distinctive. When I get stuck in I'm looking for the skinniest aircraft in the sky. I think you'll sometimes be in situations where you just have to make a decision and pick an angry speck in the sky to start following. There should be one of two outcomes, either you catch up and see its an enemy and can shoot it, or you see its an ally and you've just become a wingman.
  13. I think a simpler solution would be to create a 'front line' scenery asset instead of trying to model each individual unit. This could be made up of trenches, foxholes, craters, ruins, strongpoints and barbed wire and animated to represent the active zones (where required) with small explosions, incoming and outgoing gunfire, smoke and fires. Used in conjunction with the units in game it could be more immersive.
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