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  1. Never saw the original post of the art work above, so I hope my guess that the fellow is Humphrey Bogart is correct? If so (at least thats who I thought it was) its pretty good . The face is particularly well done,the hand just needs a bit more detail,otherwise its a decent painting Apparently a young artist from Austria produced some art work that was not appreciated...so he put his energy into other things!! So beware the "New Order" of the raaaid reich. lol!
  2. In il2 1946 (and earlier versions), if you had landed or crashed you could hit the bailout key and it skipped to an animation of you dumping the canopy then exiting the plane and running 50 yards before leaping to the ground. This was good as was said above if you were sitting in a burning plane!
  3. I think its fixed with the latest 4.008 update ,only tried on the Summer Kuban map,but the issue was not showing after the latest patch. THANKYOU to those that sorted this out!
  4. This has been a constant thing,never gone away with any update! If you fly around the port area you see the flickering (from this area only ....as in clip) ,when you get up close it goes. -Short film shows how it looks.....same for 1stCL/rudidlo I guess?
  5. Same here,I think it affected many. This is not uncommon after an update. I am not an expert, but I dont know of a way of getting your old views back.........but if you do re-do them, "backup" the settings by copying these files to some other folder (such as il2 BoS settings) . (in DATA) input snapviews ( to be found in LuaScripts) startup cfg. This way if it happens again you can save yourself the trouble of re-setting everything!
  6. Sorry to hear you and some others are still having a few issues ,for me with my RX480 (same driver as you) I dont appear to have any. After all the problems with the last update (4.006) ,this lastest one (4.007) seems to have resolved them. You could try my graphics settings to see if that helps...or it maybe is an issue with your particular card. It would be interesting to see if other AMD users with different cards are getting your bug?
  7. Just did a bit of longer flying with the DRF set to 0.6, (reduced res) and I found that NO scenery showed through ,but I did notice an OUTLINE (Pics below). - I retested with DRF set to FULL and NO outline showed up and of course no scenery. These test were longer than the original quick tests above! OK I will see about the Beta, although I am rather busy ,but I will try to help if I can. I will look back here later tonight ...if I have not heard anything I wont be able to check any messages till after 3.30pm on Tuesday. I only have a crap old mobile phone (no internet) so will have to check on my PC only at home......sorry about that, even illegals in dinghies at Dover have better phones than me Lol!
  8. ADDON INFO- Did a further test with the same reduced resolution settings BUT PUT BACK DRF SETTING TO MY ORIGINAL PRE-UPDATE POSITION ....0.6 and panning around with my Trackir over the town and other scenery NOTHING glitched through the wings or cockpit as before with this setting. Pics below (THESE ARE ALL WITH DRF AT 0.6) Sorry for caps..but wanted to highlight the important change of setting!
  9. Interesting findings- Spit IX Default skin/Kuban summer map The settings I was using are below ( 4th pic down..my desktop resolution), with these I get a faint black outline as you are aware (1st..top.. pic). I did as you said and lowered the resolution one step down to 1680x1050 and voila no outline around nose or wings. (2nd/3rd pic)
  10. We figured it out in the end (last few posts of mine above). As I may have said above I have never been a fan of FXAA,it just looks a bit blurry & less sharp than MSAA on my big 32"tv (not this games fault) ,but your right in the game it does eliminate the black outline. However I am happy to stick to 4x msaa for now,I can put up with the outline (as its hardly noticable). Thanks for your input though......I am just content to play the game now and stop fiddling with the PC. Never be afraid to suggest something that might help ( you make a good point about the settings solving method) ,if it was not for 56 RAF Stickz posting his settings up ,I would have had a headache longer than I did. Cheers! Just for something to do, I created my own ANTI OUTLINE modified Spitfire IX ( I like this aircraft!) The Spit. IX AO lol! Its not historical of course ( They are my initials "JJ ", I am not Sir Flappy on the electoral register would you believe!!), but it does totally disguise the outline NICE!
  11. Thanks to you also for your ongoing support.....and the members of the community who helped.
  12. Just to add ,the game now looks fantastic. As an example here is a external view with my settings above. As you can see no black outlines are apparent......its only from cockpit view where you can see a faint black outline. This is a huge improvement and I can certainly live with it, obviously if no outline was present that would be perfect, but I am at least now able to enjoy the game in all its glory ....thankfully!
  13. Yes it is Dynamic resolution factor. My settings below - -with DRF on full no issue ,but black outline (2nd pic) -DRF set to 0.6 ,all the scenery showing through plane.(1st pic) Pics below. Good job you posted your settings yesterday m8!
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