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  1. nynek Supporting Member Join Date Jan 2012 Location Vancouver BC Posts 22 Post Thanks / Like Re: Your thoughts on Next-Gen SimulatorsI have very bad experience with making suggestions. After this post http://forums.ubi.com/archive/index.php/t-264633.html - they managed to ph..c up Silent Hunter 4 and 5. Personally I think next step should be step back to the time where 3-4 hundred guys could join in at one server and because we have 2013 and not 1993 this server should have permanent war. Right now I'm talking about sacrificing meteorology, architecture, botany etc. and concentrate on quantity, damage and flight models. We reached some kind of wall in development of AI. So automatically single player aspect of the sim should be put aside. Few of us for sure remember "dirt" of Rowan's BOB in which wasn't important effect of blurred propeller because one didn't have a time for that shit in 70 plus furball. As of today I see flight simms users as a congregation of scale modelers instead of "killers". Somewhere on the road weathered paint become more important than proper fire, smoke or midair "bang". nynek The original date of this post of mine was Apr-11-2013, 15:49
  2. http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4085&p=42434&viewfull=1#post42434 And I'm done with posting on this forum. nynek
  3. He is not. He has no clue which FM is right. He is trying to propose solution using thing called computer. Look above LukeFF nynek
  4. I think in order to weed out any "political", subjective, wishful thinking, etc. sources it is HIGH time for us to start using more often that thing called computer in resolving Flight Model issues. If dawn of space age happened thanks to slide ruler it is simply beyond my comprehension why we cannot put 3D model in some airflow soft and be done with it. My 0$ Samsung is better than that Lunar Module Eagle landing craft TG50 transistor based state of the art abacus. On the other hand I'm just game playing, porn watching dude who knows s**t. nynek
  5. yea!!!! 3.10 Gigs...Finally nynek
  6. You've missed three times downloading and uninstalling...
  7. tranquility of picture , that's what struck me nynek
  8. Gents, I'd like to ease some anxiety in community and take Your mind off from this waiting into the more pleasant area for 8:14 of Your time
  9. For twenty plus years I'm reading this "please include square roots version of Spitfire/FW-190/Bf-whatever/P-47....etc." and I start to wonder, where went that desire to discovery something new. You should see chat window in WarBirds when I choose Hurri..." man what You doing ? It is slowest plane in the game"...and after I clipped FW190... "You hacker". Dear pilots...Please stop thinking, stop reading, stop comparing, just take the "worst" plane there is and try to survive for the beginning. If You cannot get past Your historical background, just pretend it is some kind new HALO environment. In short start to DO things instead of KNOW or LIKE things. Game is called il2 Sturmovik, it is C O M B A T simm and is about RUSSIAN Theater of Operation. If You knew anything about this side of conflict and cannot get past western planes You should ask for P39 FIRST. WW456 Salute!
  10. After Kursk I'd like to have Operation Bagration with 1000 kilometers detailed map...always ask for more in order to get some...
  11. No wonder I never heard about this SWOTL thing, at that time we, technically inclined, did THIS: Win 3.11 RuLeZ
  12. A few links for those who want to know what is actually there down below. http://chindits.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/stalingrad/ http://www.probertencyclopaedia.com/photolib/maps/Map_of_Battle_of_Stalingrad_1942.htm http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/stalingradassortedmaps/Map%20Sketches/slides/Stalingrad%2016-Sep-1942.html http://www.stalingrad-info.com/aerial%20photos2.htm
  13. Press H key. On the issue of bug or what my answer is why not. During a fight wingmen gives You contact data in one short sentence and then You can localise its placement.
  14. A few things from me. AI wingmen report too much and would be nice to have that stopped after they got an order from me. In current state I've to wait till the stack of reports is finished to get some response to my orders. Tell that damned AI's in Sturmoviks that during strafing mission they should strafe and NOT to make immelmanns with 109's. Order those Sturmovikers to stay in formation if not, transfer them to some airshow storm barn gang. Tell also those Laggs "wooden coffin" riders that when they fly with me they are here to COVER me and my squad. The guy/s who made a sun should move to Venus or Mercury. With that kind of German flak CNN would be Amerikanische Wochenschau today. For the first time in a loooong time I can see contacts. Permanent smoke, which is hallmark of every battlefield photography is perfect. That plus future clouds will cover this rainbow sky I hope. Besides that I'm happy people. And remember that .... I'm watching YOU !!! nynek
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