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  1. jeanba

    La ZSF prend sa retraite

    Mr Marcel aura t'il droit à des indemnités de licenciement ?
  2. I love your missions They are a nice opportunity to try aircraft we do not usually play
  3. jeanba

    Order AI to level bomb

    Thank you I will try
  4. Hi I am playing an A20 career as unit leader. I would like to know how to order may AI to "drop bombs" at my command. I can have them perform ground attack, but not level bombing (order "patrol ground target" or "ground attack") Can you help me to order them to perform a "normal" level bombing attack ? Thank you in advance
  5. jeanba

    ground attack mission bug ?

    I regularly (but not always) encounter this problem I made a report here and added the files (mission / campaign) :
  6. jeanba

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    Just got an error after a mission where my pilot was wounded and promoted to lieutenant Here is the campaign + error log Thank you in advance Edit : I can continue my career if I request and accept a leave of the duration of my wound Lafive.zip
  7. jeanba

    Battle of Rome

    It would be a very interesting battlefield !
  8. jeanba

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    I am flying on the other side an Il2 1941 campaign, and I occasionnally meet ennemy fighters, which I take as an opportunity to find new names on the squadron roster
  9. jeanba

    A-26B For Sale in Canada.....Eh! =o)

    It's overmodelled and the damage model sucks
  10. jeanba

    [POLL] Which American light bomber do you want the most?

    The B26 was the main medium bomber for USAAF in ETO and was not often simulated That's why I chose it
  11. jeanba

    LIONS OF KALININ - scripted campaign

    I started with Mission 1 : I killed a heavy gun and 2 BT-7M That's a great idea and adds a lot of immersion !
  12. jeanba

    VeteranenCampaign -- JG51 over Velikie Luki

    Hi I am on the last mission of the campaign and strange things happen : Some FW do not takeoff Though I shoot down several enemies and land, I do not have "success" Is this normal ?
  13. jeanba

    Red Star against the Swastika?

    Agree ! What about Lagg-3 Bk-37 over Stalingrad ?
  14. jeanba

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    I remember Icefire's Arado Campiagn under Il2, it was great and most mission would fit under BoPP
  15. jeanba

    Green Moscow map

    I agree, that would really be great !!!