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  1. I am not so sure: XWing for instance was sometimes uselessly difficult, a little like some "point and click" : if at the begining of the mission you go right you win, if you go left, you loose with no clue on this. Now we do not want this anymore : we want something "punitive" : you lost because you made mistakes, not because you made a choice you had no clue it would be bad ! The dogfights against fighters are outdated with a miserable AI (though not much worse than what was available for flight sim at this time) Remember that Shuttles were more deadly than Tie Fighters ! The fighters are very slow (see the video posted above on XWA), they do not fly like in the movies. ww2 flight models would fit better to what we see in the movies : Jason what about Battle Of Death Star ? 😀 ...
  2. It's been a long time I play it Anyway, it seems that it has been recently upgraded so I will check it Thank you for reminding me
  3. This is a trailer, with no gameplay demo ... But for me, a "Rogue Squadron" level would be enough. Of course, X-Wing Alliance gameplay would be great (anyway, a reshoot of XWA using modern technology would be my dream)
  4. After a pause, Iupdated PWCG version 9.2 and played a little. That's great, the improvements are really significant Thank you Pat !😀
  5. They would fit in a later Eastern Front "Battle Of Koenigsberg" for instance (with Normandie Niemen Yak3 )
  6. Do you have sources and accounts for this ? I searched for years, but did not find one
  7. The other point is that the MC202 operationnal career on the eastern front is very small : I think only 17 sorties, no combat
  8. The Ju52 was a great surprise to me. I did not think that I would have so much fun flying over the maps with this plane.
  9. Just tested the Spit mission and it was quite fun 3 109s shot down vs 2 spits Only problem is taxiing: I don't know where to go so I switch to autopilot
  10. I met some recently in a sept 42 9th GAP campaign (over Stalingrad) Which is not historical
  11. My choice would be for the FW190 Ground attack campaign
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