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  1. Add Breguet 693 before (I am a mudmover )
  2. A very good book comparing UK and France : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/14534401-two-roads-to-war
  3. I don't agree with "boring theater". Whatever the outcome of the campaign, flying french planes during the campaign of France can be very interesting and obviously challenging. For instance, the Breguet 693 family would be a lot of fun to play, quite like flying soviet at the begining of Barbarossa or Japanese in 1945 (and even non jet German in 1945). The various 1946 mods have french planes (including the excellent Fred D520) and some campaigns which are very nice to fly. For this, I agree, the only way to have Battle Of France selling significantly would be as an extension to Battle of Britain, that's why having french planes in CloD would have more sense
  4. I think a D520 is being modelled for CloD thank's to fusion team.
  5. https://www.duffelblog.com/2015/03/op-ed-i-sexually-identify-as-an-a-10-thunderbolt/
  6. I understand it is very difficult Jason. For clients, it is also very difficult to buy something which is "90% existing" already in RoF. Moreover if my favorite planes / maps are not available
  7. Thank you I will certainly preorder BoBP To play this campaign
  8. I love Pe3 too. I think they can be used over Moscow Pe3bis as recon over Stalingrad ? But about Prokhorovka, I don't know ?
  9. Agree The Ju88C6 would be a nice addition, though the map might be too small for this plane
  10. It is very similar to the "Prokorovka" map in the old IL2, and quite a number of missions were flown there. But would it be interesting if you don't want to play tanks ? I am not so sure
  11. I have been flying careers and I agree that friendly AI is terrible This is nearly killing the enjoyment, please do something !
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