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  1. I am playing a P47 campaign in september 1944, and I quite enjoy it. I agree that having ennemy troups in a river or in forest may be quite frustrating. The objective layout of the career is better: for instance, an artillery battery is not only made of guns, but you have sandbag protections, trucks, ammo dump, radio truck ... which is more immersing. On the other hand, the mission itself is more pleasant : after some tuning, I have 8 P47 taking of, they are usually escorted and the escort behaves much better than in the career mode, the ennemy fighters do not chase you until your airfield ... So the PWCG ground attack campaigns are more pleasant to fly.
  2. Hello I am going through the adv config files and have some questions : In "fighter missions type" : what is the difference between the CAP and patrol missions ? What are "offensive missions" ? Also: In "Flight: you have "base alt for period" and then 1 to 5: What time span / dates correspond the numbers (1 top 5) ? Thank you in advance As a side note, I found that having between 2 and 8 planes (2+6) for all missions is very nice for allied fighters over BodenPlatte
  3. I can help testing for BoX if necessary
  4. I finished the campaign. It was great, thank you
  5. Ivan's life and in general Juri_JS campaigns or mission sets are very good: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?list.122 http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.906 I also loved veteranen campaigns: (you can play Veteranen's JG51 campaign before Juri's as they are historically linked). Fire and Ice is nice too: There are others which may be interesting, but I did not play them yet
  6. Same for me Well not really: "I miss 4-7 targets and all my AI teammates will have a single AA battery dead and we'll get the Return to your base prompt " would be more accurate
  7. Hello When I want to generate a combat report, I have the following error: PWCG was unable to find a log set for your last mission sturmmoscou: sturmmoscou202001012001924.zip
  8. I tried yestearday, and did not notice big changes. I was playing a Spitfire Mission over Bobp and the 109G6 were still turning with the spitfire. Also, I was chased up to my airfield, as usual. In anotehr mission over Stalingrad, as a leader, I was left alone when attacking a bomber formation.
  9. It is nice to see how you work on AI improvements. I hope friendly AI cooperationj with player will improve too
  10. Hi I refefined the keys for flares and it works Sorry for disturbing you It is an excellent mission
  11. Hi I am playing the night intercept mission (13 or 14). I cannot shoot flares (I use default key Lctrl 1), even after the alert, is there anything special to do ? Thank you in advance
  12. Hi I have an error when creating a mission an a 56sqdn Tempest Bobp campaign: I join the error log and the campaign directory Thank you in advance PWCGErrorLog.txt Tempest.zip
  13. Spitfire missions are very short, and this is due to the poor autonomy of the plane I had to land several times with very few fule left, and once ran out of fuel because I was followed and attacked by ennemy fighters over the airfield.
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