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  1. I think BH&HII is very good for solitaire play. RoF is cheap but not supported anymore, but a good reason to buy it if you love two-seaters are the recon and arty spotting missions you do not have anywhere else
  2. I wish we also had engine variant for Spad13 : 200, 220 and 235 hp as they behave quite differently
  3. No, it is a completly different version. And if you want to install Bh&H2, you must uninstall PE https://combatace.com/forums/topic/95977-woff-bhh-ii-install-notes/
  4. Yes, WOFF is "dawnscreenshotware" : if you do not post a dawn shot on a forum once every month, you are not allowed to play anymore
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Scheldt?oldid=254181532 Escaut is the french name, english name seem to be Scheldt
  6. Just finished the campaign It was great, I loved the intro text, very good and immersive history and the missions were excellent too. I have been shot down twice and killed only once (during the last mission, I loitered too long above the targhet and was trapped alone by ennemy fighters). But my plane often landed heavily damaged. Thank you very much !!!
  7. Is the player plane a 190 A8 or A6 ? This may explian as I do not have BoN
  8. I rechecked, still not working My install is english, latest update Do you have some installed mods ?
  9. What do you mean ? The D520 archive are available at the "archives du conseil departementale de la Haute Garonne" (15 km away from where I live) For the MB152, you have them from the armée de l'air archive (and some where reproduced in a publicly available book) ...
  10. For the D520, the Morane 406, the Bloch 152 and the Breguet 693, factory plans are available quite easily in french archives as well as test reports
  11. Same here All your other missions are working, but not this one
  12. If you talk about the french planeset BoF is totally new and original !
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