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  1. I really love your missions JMM. But it would really be great if you wrote the takeoff instruction systematically as you did for the Pe2 attack on Pitomnik, including specifying if you are leader or wingman (to check if you wait for the other guys to takeoff or not). I played the Spitfire over Bastogne mission and it was real fun !!
  2. And what about the AI P38, did you takeoff with them ? Because they turned right when I did this, before massivly colliding.
  3. It usually works in BoS, M and K because airbases are simple, but here, the air base is very complex, with several runways and taxiways can lead to either side of the runway.
  4. Non, car sous l'effet de la rotrophisation antéréductrice pulsogyre, la cigogne n'aurait pas disparu mais ce serait transformée en licorne rose
  5. ça t'apprendra à ne pas écouter le professeur sorlogunov : il t'avait pourtant bien dit que la mechletivation organique de la liobuvine pouvait amener à une TOTALE RADUPOLISATION de la karmakhavicanousse
  6. I tested the P38 mission and I have several problems: There is no instruction for taxiing : we do not know which runway and which direction to take ? All AI P38 collide each others on takeoff Any idea ? No istruction for taxiing at takeoff is a common problem in user made campaigns / missions Maybe I am missing something ?
  7. Je veins de vérifier, ce n'est pas un blank: c'est le aa
  8. Salut Dans la version que je viens de télécharger, le A44 (avec ou sans bande) n'a pas de cigogne ! Sinon, superbes skins
  9. I wish we had a "Battle Over Koenigsberg", featuring Normandie Niemen's Yak-3 !
  10. Especially now, as Bobp is nearing completion but campaigns are not yet available, this tool is of great use Thank you
  11. Hi I would also enable the P47 for most "bombing scenarii" as HQs for instance were often targeted by 9th AF P47s
  12. Tu me donnes envie de précommander Bobp rien que pour tes skins
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