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  1. Hi I have an error when creating a mission an a 56sqdn Tempest Bobp campaign: I join the error log and the campaign directory Thank you in advance PWCGErrorLog.txt Tempest.zip
  2. Spitfire missions are very short, and this is due to the poor autonomy of the plane I had to land several times with very few fule left, and once ran out of fuel because I was followed and attacked by ennemy fighters over the airfield.
  3. A really good map that is long in need of a summer version. And also some campaigns in PWCG or career mode
  4. Is the map screen capture complete ? Because we miss Falaise and other important places in the south:
  5. In the NN squadron, the Yak-9T was used as a fighter, same as "normal Yaks".
  6. Agree: Flying Finnish Buffaloes or Moranes, Romanian IARs, PZL, Hungarion Cr42 and Re2000 were great. Now the Potez633 is available, I will certainly refly over Bessarabia !
  7. I was thinking of an extension on "South Barabrossa", with the Romanian, in addition to the German and Soviet of course. Axis planes (including collector): Blenheim Hurricane I Me109E3 Ju87B IAR80 USSR: Yak-1 early Su2 SB2 I153 I15bis This battle was hard fought in the air and is very interesting as such The map would correspond to the Bessarabia map in Il2 (or larger if possible) and could be used for the 1944 USSR offensives too. Of course, early british planes (which were part of the Romainian OB) would interest a lot of people, out of the Barbarossa context
  8. I did not buy it yet, but I think I will soon
  9. Reposting on the "bug topic" : During interdiction missions (attack of transports), I sometimes start "in fligh" and cannot find the target. Here a Tempest squadron (7.1) but it also happened to me with a Thunderbolt squad. Thank you in advance missions.zip
  10. It is very good, and is conitnually updated. Excellent SP experience
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