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  1. While having a full hotas/rudder setup with trackir is a wonderful thing, just for forward/backward head movement I'd rather be bound to something on my hotas than my own actual head movement. Might sound silly to some people but playing other sims the head movement isn't quite like what you get in BoS. Head starts too far forward imo by default, and while I understand this can be changed by disabling trackIR with f9 or whatever key it's bound to, and then using the headmovement binds, and setting it where you feel appropriate, but at the furthest back I can go I find I'm having difficulty spotting. I do have zoom bound to my hotas, and that works but I'm sitting in an office chair with lumbar support, I can only move my head back a couple inches in flight and it's uncomfortable to hold it there. Maybe it's my curves and I'll look into that with my TrackIR software, however having played a bit of DCS, most of their modules allow you to bind and unbind the Z axis or any other axis if you wish to zoom or head forward/backward. Honestly, in that sim and other sims by default I don't feel like I have to lean near as much as I do in IL-2 BOS if i desire to lean forward, and leaning backward isn't really an option (which makes sense being against a seat). So in the meantime, I'd like to know if there's a way to completely unbind the trackir Z-axis to use keybind/hotas bound head forward/backward. Sorry if there are posts about this, I did google a bit and someone pointed to the input directory and the current and default "action"*(?) files and directed them to find a line including trackir but neither of these files contain trackir binds anywhere. If anybody knows a way I'd appreciate it. *edit* - neglected to mention the reason I want to do this is that the keybinds or hotas binds I've set to head forward/backward currently only work when TrackIR is disabled. 6
  2. Just chiming in to say a proper co-op mode with a chat lobby or something would imo increase the appeal of IL-2 BoS As someone who's not as experienced in flight simming as he'd like to be - my options are go play campaign, or go join one of few populated MP servers. I'm pretty useless without labels on.. If I do manage to spot something I'm guessing as to what it might actually be and whose side it's on. And while I'd love this game to have a SP format similar to the current available release of il-2 1946 - I'd honestly be really pleased with the ability to run the current campaign mission with friends and hop on the wing of a more experienced pilot to go tackle vicious AI while I learn combat maneuvers and develop a bird's eye view.
  3. As a total noob joining up on multiplayer servers being able to look at the map and find out which way to taxi has been something I've wished existed. I need to buy a printer.
  4. That screen shot is pulling the stick full left? Or are you referring to the sensitivity curve and deadzone center you set that's causing less movement near the center?
  5. I saw that one of the last two patches addressed something to do with joysticks/input devices but I don't think it really addressed unplugging controllers and their ID changing from joystick 0 to joystick 2. I just rebound my il-2 BOS controls the day before that patch which says to me the game recognizes the ID that windows assigns them. I'm hoping there's a way to identify them by their specific driver or something.. which seems possible based on ED's ability to do so in DCS. I don't know if it's because they routinely check what input devices are available on the market and update some file containing a list or if it's just how the game recognizes the devices themselves.. but it's not based on the ID windows assigns. It's based on the type of controller you use. Comparing my DCS control setup with my windows game controller properties - the names of the devices are named exactly as they are in game as they are in the windows properties. Which leads me to believe it recognizes devices by their given name rather than the priority windows arranges them in when you plug the up. This could be a feature specific to newer versions of DirectX and not possible with BoS, I can't be certain - but if not I'm hoping it's as simple as editing some syntax.
  6. Wondering if it's possible to change the way the game identifies controller setups without much of an over working. I have more pc peripherals than I know what to do with having been a gamer since the 90's when it was just blooming.. usb hubs into usb hubs. - let's talk about what's out there with joystick parameters. Any xinput controller or d-input controller.. (well duh). I use them all... m+kb for online shooters (not controller but I'm showing how a player might like options)... xbox controller or offbrand version, logitech g13 (not as much as i used to but it has a joystick axis), HOTAS - 1 ID for throttle, 1 ID for stick, 1 ID for rudder pedals, and then I actually have a second stick I prefer for BOS and heli sims. I know this makes me not the typical video game consumer. But.. for anyone who goes to the extent that I would to enjoy their games to the max, here's my dilemma: If i ever have to unplug any of them or all of them for any reason.. it's almost guaranteed I'm going to be rebinding controls for older games like il-2 1946, falcon b.m.s. (which to make work i have to unplug everything but what I'm using). The list goes on and includes IL-2 BOS/BOM. There are countless games I could list that will freak out if you have more than one controller plugged in, which is a design flaw imo. I'm mention DCS World here, because - Eagle Dynamics has shown us this isn't necessary. I don't know the coding involved, whether it's something they were able to do because of switching to newer versions of DirectX, but their software seems to identify devices by their names, and as long as I don't uninstall the game it remembers what I do with my peripherals. I'm not asking for individual configs for every plane like they do(although I like it) - but if a future update to the new IL-2 series could include a way to identify controllers by a unique driver signature, I'd be a grateful player. . I apologize if there's already a thread about this but I'm not the type to spend a lot of time on forums. I've become more of a master at rebinding controls in flight sims than I have mastered anything about air combat. I mean no disrespect.
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