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  1. A producer stepped in and asked us to confirm whether it happens without trackir and just using mouselook. Until that point..I dont think one of us tried looking around WITHOUT TrackIR. (habit from years of owning a head tracking unit) The fact that it is still stuttering without TrackIR is relevant, and corrects us on thinking it was related to TrackIR to begin with. It's related somehow to how the game is utilizing force feedback. and I corrected the bolded part of your statement. (there are posts about this issue before the DX11 update.. and the title of the thread doesn't mention dx11) It does not matter if using mouselook only, or using trackir - Only when FFB is enabled.. I get stuttering looking around using either method. with FFB disabled I do not. The same effect can be observed by enabling autopilot in "normal" mode flight as it seems like doing so disables force feedback until you disengage autopilot. Edit* I attempted to make a video capturing the stutter but it is harder to notice when you're watching it as opposed to experiencing it, as I also couldn't really see it from a previous poster's video, although when trying to look around in game it feels clearly noticable. (even when trying to record to show the stutter with trackir on which is a more noticable jerkiness it isn't anywhere as noticable while watching.. but when experiencing it's super jerky) So im going to withhold them as I don't think they'll be of much help. I will say - the jerkiness of trackir is much more noticable (maybe do to it differing from the way my head is moving) but it is definitely still happening using only mouselook and not running TIR software. But I'll repeat it again - going to the camera settings in the game options and increasing "Smoothness" to 90 greatly diminishes this effect to a more comfortable degree, even if not completely, while being totally unnecessary if not using an FFB stick.
  2. I've stated that even when TrackIR isn't running I'm still getting the issue with mouse look and it goes away when disabling FFB (one person even mentioned the stuttering stops while he's using autopilot) . . About to set up and make videos for demonstration.
  3. My apologies Habu the error and misunderstanding is mine. For some reason my eyes fixated on "warthog" in your post. That being said, Your setup is pretty similar to mine in terms of peripherals. Crosswinds/MSFFB2 + warthog throttle and I use TIR. The install is fresh with no sweetfx or anything of the sort (have never used) system i5-2500k, evga z68 sli, 8gb ddr3 1600, gtx 980Ti driver version 378.49 TIR 5 driver version Windows 10 pro 64-bit. I almost suspected that perhaps the reason you're not experiencing it is windows 7, but there is a post in this thread from another user stating he's using win7 64-bit and getting the issue. I will boot into win7 later to see if the problem is there as well and I will upload a video or track showing exactly what's happening probably using mouse mode so you guys can see it's not just erratic head movements. . The one thing we have clearly established imo is that it's not just limited to TrackIR/freetrack/open track. I will say that since the dx11 update I've only been able to play in borderless windowed mode and still get the full benefits and refresh rates of my Acer Predator x34 (there's another thread on this issue), are you playing in full-screen Habu? I will also check on my end whether changing from borderless windowed to full screen will have any effect, but doing so for some reason causes my monitor to reset to 60hz refresh rate rather than the 100hz it's capable of being clocked to. (An issue specific to 21:9 UWHD monitor users and IL-2 - here's that thread https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26784-60-fps-lock-fullscreen-setting-after-update/ ) I will test fullscreen later and edit post with findings if no other replies have been made..otherwise will leave new post in this thread with info.
  4. I'd have to assume the majority of BoS players aren't using 21:9 UWHD or monitors using an "overclock" feature for refresh rates and therefore this thread isn't a hot topic. I'm convinced this is only happening to freesync/g-sync users whose monitors have to be overclocked (albeit by software built into the monitor's OSD) to exceed 60hz. People with native 144hz refresh rates won't get the issue, as the game resetting the monitor wouldn't cause the native refresh rate to change. I will say I tend to see devs and producers respond to people more in the Dev Diaries from what I've seen but I haven't really spent a large amount of time on the forums. I recently brought up another issue in the Dev Diary for the latest patch and one of the threads regarding that issue actually got a response from a producer, so hopefully that will be getting a fix very soon. I have been playing in windowed mode and made sure g-sync is set to work in windowed mode as well as full screen. The numbers at the top right of my screen aren't a lie. I generally average 85-100 fps in IL-2 BOS with the limiter set to 100 in startup cfg. My system can run it at higher frames per second, but my monitor won't refresh fast enough to show more than 100 fps. G-sync syncs my monitors refresh rate with the fps the game is running at IF it's under the maximum refresh rate, and my refresh rate is being shown by the monitor itself becuase Acer Predators are cool like that. I literally watch my screen's refresh rate change with fps dips (or switching from windowed to full screen in IL-2) I will say the game seems to be running fine at 100hz in windowed mode other than a problem related to FFB sticks. In nvidia control panel allow g-sync to work with programs running in windowed mode for results. While I would love to see full screen functionality returned to us oddballs who went with an expensive single monitor with less screen retail than 3 smaller monitors (and perfectly happy with it as I LOVE MY MONITOR) in the near future, I see no need to be impatient with the devs right now. They seem to be doing a lot of work and keeping us updated with dev diaries and even responding to peoples concerns in those threads. I'm sure if you mention this thread in the latest dev diary someone will take a look at it at some point. Hopefully it's not a difficult fix for them. To anyone who takes that advice...be nice about it, I'm sure courtesy nets better results.
  5. I apologize if I came off as being disturbed or hostile. Just trying to keep this thread on track. I appreciate your willingness to help very much, but you say you're not having the issue and that you're using a Warthog while the majority of the complaints come from users using an msffb2 or perhaps other force feedback stick. That could lead us running in circles here. I can very much confirm there was no such issue with my logitech extreme 3d pro, or my warthog stick. I only noticed the difference when plugging in my msffb2 and launching BoS for the first time. With a producer responding to the thread I think we're going down the right track now. Hi Jason, thanks for a response to this thread and for offering some guidance on things that will help you and your team troubleshoot. I notice I'm a bit late in replying and that others have tested this since you've asked.. but I'll also go play around with mouse look and no TIR and edit my post with my findings shortly. *EDIT POST TEST* So - I went into the game without TrackIR running and my FFB enabled and at first due to the higher sensitivity of the mouse and my camera smoothness settings in game being around 90, it was hard to tell if it was my mouse movements or not causing the stutter. Then I reduced the camera smoothness and mouse sensitivity, and it was pretty stuttery. I went into input options and unchecked the FFB enabled box. Mouse look motion was 100% smooth. Turned FFB back on without even exiting the game and the stutter was back. Again the ingame setting for camera smoothness does clear up the stutter quite a bit when set to 80 or 90 and I'm getting used to kind of but it's still not the fluid motion received prior to investing in an FFB stick. So - to try to summarize Yes - stutter is still there with mouselook + FFB and no TrackiR. The stutter with head movement does go away when you disable FFB but that kind of makes the stick useless. I would also like to point out that until just now I had unbound mouse x + y from head movement, as when I would set my mouse on my knee it would fight with my trackIR anytime I moved slightly. So it's definitely not tied to any bindings, at least with the mouse. My bindings for vertical and horizontal head motion had nothing bound to them until this test. So thanks for pointing out we've been incorrectly declaring the issue was TrackIR + FFB rather than FFB + in game head movement, and I'll happily do whatever else you can ask of me attempting to diagnose the issue. For anybody else struggling with this - I'll repeat it - turning up the in game settings for camera smoothness (not TrackIR or whatever alternative) should reduce the stutter to a playable point in the meantime. Mine's set to 90 personally and while it's not perfect.. it's allowing me to scan the skies. You can do so while flying even, hit esc, click settings->camera and in the upper right is the smoothness option. I can also turn on my geforce experience overlay and upload a video to youtube showing me enabling/disabling the FFB and how it's effecting head movement if that will help.
  6. This thread is specific about the issue..with trackIR or alternatives + FORCE FEEDBACK STICK or more specifically the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. Before I picked up the msffb2 there was no stutter.. after plugging in the msffb2 there was a stutter specific to Il-2 BoS. Increasing the in game camera smoothing does seem to reduce the effect, it's still not as fluid a movement as we may be getting in other sims that utilize both FFB and TrackIR. I regularly switch between DCS World, il-2 1946, and IL-2 BoS/BoM and soon enough BoK and only il-2 is effected by this. Going into the camera options IN GAME (Not via trackIR software) and increasing the camera smoothness helps a lot and in my case currently is at least playable. I have various sticks I use without FFB for other sims, and my msffb2 replaced a Logitech Extreme 3d pro that I used for RoF, IL-2, and the DCS Ka-50. And the DAY i switched sticks my IL-2 was responding very poorly to TrackIR. Best solution for people with trackir + a ffb stick at the moment is to adjust INGAME camera smoothness setting to 90% or above. Not perfect but at least playable imo.
  7. The OP asked if he should save up until he can afford something high-end.. and I gave him my opinion..the MFG Crosswinds are worth the money and the wait in my opinion. Hall sensors and no plastic... last you a lifetime.
  8. Can't wait for the download to finish so I can see how the FW-190 A-3 is handling. Not that I'd know how it flew IRL, but, I do like the plane. also hoping TrackIR + MSFFB2 stutter issue is being looked at soon or already addressed. Thanks for the updates devs.
  9. I can't speek for the T.Flight Pedals. I can say that they weren't available when I decided to get a set after finding my Saitek pedals were broken. I got on Milan's wait-list for a set of MFG Crosswinds and have been using them since April of last year with zero complaints, and more faith in them as a product than any piece of plastic I could ever put underneath my feet. Plug and play, software to calibrate and even turn the toebreaks into buttons. Smooth cam design. Adjustable spring strength for centering. http://mfg.simundza.com/products <-- Slaw Device...all metal construction.. also using a cam/spring setup similar to the MFG Crosswinds. IMO the MFG Crosswinds at 256 euros makes it a great deal and will likely last you a lifetime.. I flew with a twist stick while waiting for mine.. and it seems like he ships them out a lot faster these days if you look at his expected shipping dates on his website. Milan sent me a mail today responding to a question I asked him yesterday in regards to ordering his width adjustment plates to make it fit into an Obutto cockpit or even make the foot stance wider with the ease of twisting an allen wrench. If you can afford it - I haven't come across one using them who has something bad to say about them.. and I seriously feel like I'm set for life on rudder pedals. I wish I could say something about the t.flight other than.. I don't trust plastic pedals anymore. But at $90 U.S... that's probably the least you're going to pay for a set. Apparently the pedals are very close together. I'm not a salesman but with my experience with his excellent customer service and honest work with a product that I doubt will ever fail me, personally I'd point you to Milan at MFG and tell you that when they show up and you plug them in.. I think you'll find them worth it.
  10. Second thread I've posted in about this very issue hoping devs will notice and fix. Since aqcuiring a msffb2 my TrackIR stutters BAD in Il-2 BoS. This isn't a video driver issue.. this is an Il-2 BoS issue. Everything functions fine in other sims or other programs using trackIR + msffb2 Was not having these kinds of stutters prior to MSFFB2..
  11. Also going to report stutters with trackIR since connecting my MSFFB2 I recently purchased through ebay. smoothing does reduce it but I don't like this solution personally, and there still is a stutter here and there. Not having the issue in RoF or other sims or other programs for that matter. win10 pro 64-bit, i5-2500k, 8gb ddr3 1600, gtx 980ti. Just mentioning the only other issue I seem to be having with the game right now - seems myself and other users of Acer x34 or the Asus equivalent are having their monitors refresh rate reset from 100hz to 60hz when running the game in fullscreen since 2.006 . WIndowed mode +gsync seems to work fine.. but for some reason since the update fullscreen caps at a 60hz refresh rate. There's a thread on it but just in case the devs see this and all. The FFB+TrackIR stutter is really annoying and worth a hotfix asap, with all due respect to the devs.
  12. Had a win7 pro 64-bit sitting around on cd.. created a partition and now have dualboot win10/win7. Reinstalled IL-2 BoS in win7 and stick works fine. Wish saitek would own up and release a driver update for win10 for the people who still have these.. but..if you have access to an older version of windows.. this works. A bit impractical if you aren't already using a dual boot setup or don't have a copy of win7 laying around. Again kudos to the devs.. anybody interested in getting theirs working should prob contact saitek just to show interest in an updated driver.. and on top of that I'd probably send an email to Logitech asking to start taking over driver support for saitek products including the Evo Force, as honestly.. logitech software has always worked fine for me unlike my experience with many saitek products. It may be fruitless as this product has long been discontinued however, the more voices on the matter the better the chances.
  13. I'm personally betting against it being a video card issue if it was happening on your older card as well. If your monitor is completely losing signal (the light on my monitor would change color indicating so or a OSD would pop up saying "no signal") it could be a bad cable..or in my case on my previous monitor the hdmi connection could come lose just from my foot hitting the ground too hard, and I only used it beacause my dvi-d cable was going to another monitor. It could also be your power options. Open Start Menu and open control panel or type control panel in the run box and hit enter. Click "Power Options" If it's set to balanced or power saver that might be your issue.. computer or monitor might be going to sleep. I personally set mine to "High performance" as it's not a laptop, and I'm more worried about performance than my electricity bill. you can also click "change plan settings" and set "Turn off the display" to "Never" (turn it off manually if you plan to leave your pc for an extended period of time" and Put the Computer to Sleep to "Never" There's also a power setting somewhere in the nvidia control panel where you can set power settings for your video card. You're saying it's not happening at lower settings however so perhaps something else is afoot. If it's not an issue of signal and rather your computer freezing up personally I'd head over to gigabyte just to make sure there weren't any driver or bios updates you missed out on since the last time you checked them. (my culprit when my pc performance is finding windows has installed a generic sata controller driver rather than my intel one) Also try to avoid usb3 ports for your gaming peripherals. usb2 is the way to go and if you don't have many a powered (with power cable) usb hub is recommended. If either of the last two are the problem (out of date or uninstalled drivers or usb3 conflicts) generally you will be able to see it having an effect on your memory or cpu usage in the perfomance monitor in task manager. CTRL+ALT+DEL to access task manager. Sorry if i'm covering steps you're already aware of Again.. the power options/video cable if the monitor is losing signal.. and if it's the computer just locking up all together I'd check drivers before doing any more trouble shooting that might require money. Ultimately if all of the above fails, it's time to try a different pci-e slot or start troubleshooting other pieces of hardware. Going to try to emphasize again that the biggest performance increase in any flight sim has come from an increase in CPU speed with the i5-2500k being known as a stable overclocker but it isn't my intention to persuade you to tinker as such without reading up very diligently on the subject. Overall jumping from the 6804gb to the 980ti was still a good move for me personally and your increase in vram should be pretty nice for you. fyi my system specs aren't too terriby off from yours other than video card and my cpu speed. i5-2500k@4.5ghz evga z68 sli 8gb ddr3 1600 evga gtx 980Ti win7/win10 pro 64, all 3 of my harddrives are SSD.
  14. Kudos to the devs for posting a temp fix. BOOO at Saitek for not releasing updated drivers for the stick. I just picked one up brand new for $30. Using win8 driver installation software I actually got to see that the FFB on this stick is fully functional as it tried to shake itself off my stick platform. But, going to that same testing page through "usb game controllers" in control panel it just crashes as soon as I hit a button with "Test Force Feedback" checked. All it does is centering force.. not working in sims I've played. But.. again.. the driver installer software allows me to run the test program so I feel like..yes..this thing could actually work in windows 10 if saitek would figure out what is causing it to crash and provided a driver update. But seeing how they dont sell these anymore.. I'm not getting my hopes up. Hope someone finds a fix! Or I hope someone hacks their drivers and fixes it for them.
  15. I'd run DDU from guru3d and do a clean install of your nvidia drivers. I'd also go and check ALL drivers on your system, also go into task manager and make sure there aren't any faulty drivers or connections causing some crazy cpu/memory usage. Another thing I'll add is altho I generally avoid attempting to overclock anything.. upon replacing my heatsink/fan like half a year ago I decided to give it a try with my i5-2500k. Following guides on the internet I was able to get the thing to 4.5ghz stable on air cooling which provided the biggest performance increase I've seen from any flight sim on the market. Even more so than upgrading from a 680 4gb to my current 980ti. The only reason I was willing to attempt it is because I've had the system for about 4-5 years and was contemplating an ugprade.. but the simple overclock pretty much made it feel like a new system. That being said.. it's still possible to screw up badly when attempting to overclock and do some permanent damage so do so at your own risk. However I was fairly surprised at how little effort was required to get a stable overclock. Before trying any of that.. look inside your case and make sure your cpu fan is clean and running smoothly, and not throttling down the speed of your cpu due to overheating.
  16. Posting in an old thread just because of this comment I've bolded. If I'm at a LAN party and some dude gets up and decides to fight me because of an action I took in a video game.. who's the real douche there? Real world reprecussions? A guy decides to shoot someone's chute for his own fun in a video game.. and you think you or someone else would get up and have a fist fight over it? No no, sir.. that person would be in the wrong. If I were any good as a pilot I could chute kill someone all I wanted and not be breaking the law.. if it caused "real life repercussions" the guilty party there would be facing assault charges and rightly so. Reading this post I think some of you are way to easily hurt over the actions someone else is taking in a video game. If you're getting angry to the point where you might get violent playing a video game that's a problem with you not the pilot doing the chute killing. I care not how many votes indicate otherwise. That's kind of the point of video games.. there ARE no real life reprecussions. *Edit* I'm not a great pilot..I'll be happy when I get my first player kill on an expert server.. but to give my opinion on the matter.. if I'm floating down in my chute and someone kills me.. Kudos to them.. maybe they just wanted to see if they could. I'm not going to rage or even really think twice about it. I'm going to hit esc, finish flight and spawn a new plane, and do my best to find something to blow up and likely fail miserably and hope to heck I can recognize the markings and identifiers of an enemy plane and get the advantage before I get shot down again If a friend did it to me at a lan party I'd probably laugh about it then move on. It was my fault for allowing him to shoot me down in the first place. My goal everytime I fail so far in flight sims or any game I return to in general is to do better the next time. And while I've been guilty of ranting in anger over a video game before.. I've found over the years it's easier to enjoy them to just move on and play the way you want to and anything deterring you from doing so is either a challenge you're willing to accept or run from. Either of those is a good choice imo as opposed to the steam pouring out of our ears.
  17. This thread was originally posted in 2015 but it's nice to see that there are more alternatives popping up for a trackclip. I went through 4 of the ones that naturalpoint makes before trying various things ranging from a $20 3d printed thing from hong kong that broke up to a Delanclip. The Delan clip is definitely better than the Trackclip pro. More recently, I've gotten a Lukeclip. I highly recommend it. I don't know how often he makes them but I found mine on ebay for about $35 + shipping. Can use CR2032 batteries or a mini usb, he sends some adhesive velcro and it's pretty awesome. Has on/off switch to save battery. Can rip it from your head set and put it back on the velcro to adjust its angle to your camera without adjusting how your headset is sitting on your head. I can't say enough about how satisfying receiving my Lukeclip was and how much easier it's been to deal with than anything else I've tried. The only thing I didn't like about the delan clip is that due to fastening it with zip ties I had to move my headset for optimal tracking...which could probably easily fixed by just applying some velcro to it and your headset, maybe that's what sold me on the luke clip the most. i'd advise doing so with your delanclip when you get it as opposed to zip ties.
  18. For you it's working... for me and the OP on our 21:9 ultrawides it is NOT working. my refresh rate is being set to 60hz when I load at fullscreen, and a feature built into the monitor is letting me know that's the case. Yeah I set it 100fps in the startup.cfg and it seems to be working in windowed mode.. unfortunately fullscreen wants to cap at 60hz refresh rate. When this the case, even if the game's FPS counter is reporting higher than 60hz the monitor isn't capable of displaying more than 60fps, which is what causes the tearing without v-sync. Mind you, i've played on more than one 60hz monitor with games running at a much higher fps with no visible tearing, but I think the end result is that the monitor was really only displaying 60fps as a hz is defined as one cycle per second, or there were simply frames I was not able to see due to the limitation of my monitor. It could be the case that "G-sync" is still functioning @ 60hz as I don't know the full extent of what g-sync does. So that might have been an incorrect statement on my part that "g-sync functionality seems broken" A more specific explanation is that launching the game in fullscreen seems to be resetting my monitor from its overclock to 100hz refresh rate down to its normal 60hz. And when I look at the monitor's settings the screen overclock is still maxed out. This is ONLY happening in il-2 BoS and it wasn't happening prior to the update that released a day or two before the OP Nifty feature on this monitor is it has a built in fps counter.. and with v-sync off launching il-2 full screen, regardless of whether the game is counting above 60fps, the max the monitor will display is 60fps or 60hz . The only other game I've played recently that won't allow a max of 100fps was a final fantasy game that was capped at 30fps. Otherwise (as with any other game) i get a 100 in the upper right hand corner that may lower from time to time if my system isn't outputting 100fps. So, instead of checking your fps counters, check your refresh rates in full screen. If your monitor natively has a 144hz refresh rate I doubt you'll have the issue. But seeing as the 34" ultrawide g-sync monitors available now both require overclocking(a feature built into the montior menu) the refresh rate to a max of 100hz, the only thing I can say is they did something in the last patch that is forcing my monitor reset and run at a 60hz refresh rate in fullscreen. My monitor is still displaying at 100hz refresh rate in borderless.. but I can't say I'd mind if they figured out what in the last patch made it impossible to do so in full screen.
  19. I believe you're spot on. I just double checked my nvidia control panel settings, and they're set correctly. Some people say theirs are working fine but the OP is a 21:9 ultrawide, so is mine. There's an fps/refresh counter built into my monitor. When things are working normally that number matches a games fps counter if it's built in and not exceeding 100fps. if exceeding 100 fps the counter on the monitor stops at its highest achievable of 100hz but the games counter can potentially go beyond that just like using a 60hz monitor while running a system that gets more than 60fps with v-sync disabled. This was working fine and dandy before the patch released prior to the OP's post. However now when I start the game in fullscreen mode my monitor resets..and switches to a max 60hz refresh rate. The ingame counter will still show higher than 60 if v-sync is off but my monitor at this point is not displaying 100hz refresh rate when il-2 launches in fullscreen. For some reason when IL-2 BoS launches it completely resets the monitor as in black screen and click as if i just turned it on then i get the log in screen, I get an icon stating "DP" with a little display port icon and suddenly im capped at 60hz even when flying missions (which its almost always at 60 in the menus in full screen, then used to jump up when i started flight. I have tried lowering the fps limiter from 120 to 80 (why skip 100?) to no avail. However running the game in borderless does NOT reset the monitor. Seems to only happen in specifically il-2 BoS as of late. i'll try deleting the old il-2 profile alltogether but hopefully we'll get a fix soon.
  20. I do know there is a career generator in the works.. but does that career generator consider the option of putting the player in a spot other than flight lead? That's what I'd like to see in consideration. *edit* I may have overlooked and probably stick to the dev diaries that pop up when I launch IL-2, and playing maybe a couple times a week yeah I don't catch all of them. but Yes.. a career generator was mentioned in the dev diary that led to me buying the SP campaign. Speaking of reading, my post was about features coming with the career generator. I'm pretty sure the suggestion forum or forums in general weren't put here for people to come make snarky comments and make assumptions about people based on a couple paragraphs but to discuss features and aspects of the game, the suggestion forum specifically to discuss features we'd like to see in this game that we all hope continues to develop into something more and more beautiful as the devs update it. You're welcome to disagree.. but my post clearly had a point. Whose post was pointless here? Did you add anything useful? Dak below didn't even have to go as far as copy and pasting, while I thank him for doing so. A simple "I think I read a dev diary where this feature was mentioned as hopeful but not priority" would've been appreciated just as much. I've seen the il-2 bos community decsribed as "Helpful and friendly". So let's do our part to keep it that way.. even if that means not replying to posts if all you're going to do is be negative and insult them. Your being annoyed by my OP is your problem not mine.
  21. Sorry for getting back to this thread so late, however the zoom function works fine. My problem is with having to adjust my pilots position in the cockpit which is not tied into FOV or zoom at all. It's headmovement. I will try disabling the z-axis in TIR but I'm unsure this will solve my problem. By default the headmovement forward back keys are insert and home. This is not the same thing as zoom or FOV which works fine. In order to set the default position of my pilots head further back in the cockpit, I have to disable trackir and f9 keypress, hold home until im all the way back in my seat, hit f10 to save new center position, turn trackir back on. My problem there lies with planes like the il-2 sturmovik, where sitting all the way back can leave you with blind spots to the left and right unless you open the canopy. I'd like to be able to remove this functionality from trackir and do it with button or keypresses instead. I will test disabling z-axis in trackir, but zoom/fov is not the function I'm having issues with. That works fine.
  22. So I bought the new scripted campaign and I'm overly excited about this, as it is a step towards what made Il-2 1946 so great.. But I would like to see more features involved with scripted campaigns or even a career generator similar to 1946's system. Now I didn't play it when it was new and popular as content was released for the game, but there are things about it in it's current state that I absolutely appreciate being an inexperienced "pilot". I think the biggest thing I'd like to see implemented current and future scripted campaigns is the ability to choose your rank in the air force you're flying for. In IL-2 1946 you could start from flight lead to the guy at the back of the flight or the lowest rank in the group. As someone who's trying to learn as much as he can, this feature was very inviting in IL-2 and taught me that I wasn't flying to the full performance of the planes I was flying as I'd watch my flight lead and the rest of my flight go further into the distance as I tried to figure out how to operate CEM to the point of keeping up with them. Once I got that figured out, it gave me opportunities to practice formation flight and even get to see some AI induced combat formations that I've not been able to experience otherwise, as I was not the flight lead. I had someone's wing to park on and keep speed with. Heck flying in expert mode was more feasible because I could follow my flight leader and his orders and his headings. And I think the AI in the game should be able to clearly communicate these things to you as a rookie pilot. In my opinion that's what this game needs to attract new pilots and to convince them that at minimum $30 for a Logitech extreme 3d pro is worth investing in to start them on their simming journey. I know most experienced simmers likely focus on multiplayer but in my experience that doesn't work out to well for a new pilot. Scripted campaigns are a great way to get new pilots some experience and I don't believe thrusting them into the flight lead position is the way to go about it. Personally I'd rather start from a lower rank and further back in the flight. With some guy griping at me if I'm not following correctly. It could be done better than il-2 1946, however in my mind, that's a large part of what made Il-2 1946 such a great sim. It put you in different scenarios, and gave you opportunities to take more or less responsibility as a part of a flight. I think if either BoS or BoM had anything like this at all, you'd probably see more new players coming over just by the word of mouth of the experience being derived from this sim. *edited* - because I let myself make a comment about a non il-2 game, its players, and aimed at a feature I hope never makes it to any other "flight sim" ever created. Fixed.
  23. Yes, seems latest patch broke g-sync functionality. Got an Acer Predator x34 for xmas, (a couple weeks early) and was playing at 80-100 refresh rates just fine about a week ago. I d/l'ed the update today, and now when I start the game it makes my monitor reset, give a message indicating its using the displayport and it wasn't doing that before patch. I alt tab out of game, windows showing 100hz refresh rate, go back into game it drops down to 60, even though the ingame FPS meter is showing 120 fps. Not cool.. my xmas present was working fine a week ago (and still is outside of il-2 bos) Please fix, I really enjoy the higher refresh rates. *edit* - playing in windowed mode I am getting the full 100hz out of my monitor, and it's noticably smoother on my eyes. Maybe I was running in windowed mode before patch, I'm unsure, however. Still worth looking into the reasoning behind this for fullscreen imo.. thanks for the tip already mentioned in this thread.
  24. Steps to get TrackIR working - install the trackir software (which will turn it on when you run it) http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/downloads/ Once you have the software installed, run it, and the camera should turn on and if your trackclip or hatclip is lit up and the camera sees it a light should pop on the left. WIthin the TrackIR software, in the upper left hand corner is a button. Click it and you get a drop down menu, go ahead and check for software updates and games list updates. Now, when you want to play a game that features trackir support run the trackir software FIRST, and then run the game that supports trackIR. (the trackIR software has to be running) enjoy 6dof headmovement, and eventually you may want to adjust the curves to your liking and get a handle on them. (also make sure to select the proper tracking target. Trackclip is default and the one that goes on a hat, Trackclip pro is the one that takes usb power with LEDS.) If ever it wont recognize a game that features TrackIR support, first thing to check is game list updates. Once you get your trackir setup to your liking i suggest minimizing it to your system tray on your taskbar for minimal cpu resource usage.
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