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  1. Easiest way to check if it's the router is to plug connection directly into the PC rather than into the router. The router I had prior to the one I have now wouldn't even let some things through in DMZ mode all of the sudden where it worked as a total bypass in the past. I wasn't aware of the issue until I unplugged my ethernet from it and hooked it straight to pc. No amount of port forwarding was fixing that. It was getting dated though. Regardless, I'm glad you seem to be sorted out. Without any router woes.
  2. Might be worth verifying integrity of game files in Steam. I'm amazed at the issues that solves sometimes. Might not solve anything but usually only takes a few minutes esp if you have a lot of bandwidth. Also, if possible see what happens when you plug your modem/internet connection directly into your pc rather than through a router. Also usual steps - power cycle router's modems if they haven't been turned off in awhile. I'm not saying this will fix anything..but always steps to take when you run into connection issues.
  3. Scojo says no to Slow-Mo. You are the perfect candidate for campaign mascot.
  4. As much as this guy seems to be known as a troll (my first encounter with him personally) it's actually an interesting question. Personally, I can count on one hand the amount of times I can say I truly experienced the full effects of adrenaline. They were potentially life threatening occurances and my perception of time did indeed change. I poop you not, it felt like being in the freaking Matrix. All 4 times involved being in a car and either barely escaping a wreck, or watching as an inevitable accident was about to occur where many possibilities thankfully didn't happen, or else I'd be in bad shape or in the ground today. Things that took probably a matter of 2-5 seconds felt like 10-15 or even more seconds and my ability to analyze the situation and attempt to correct or make choices resulting in the least amount of damage seemed improved. There has only been one video game that ever got my blood pumping to the point where I could hear/feel my heartbeat very strongly and that was likely just a small/medium sized dose of adrenaline. It was Eve Online, and I was alone in a system with a target heading my way and I didn't know what he was in, and could have lost a ship that took me a bit of time and effort to put together. Those moments were few and far between in my experience, and no change in time perception like in a true life or death situation. I will say some of my experiences in flight sims have been intense, but not enough to induce a change in perception of time. If you actually DO manage to get doses of adrenaline in an environment as safe as a flight simulator.. I have to admit I'm a bit jealous. There are certain substances in the world that can definitely make time feel slower. I'm not going to name or recommend them to anyone, slowmo isn't the only effect. I will say my alias was inspired at a time when I was young and experimenting with perhaps one of said substances.
  5. When you take a photo of your desk and it looks like this, and you have a totally unused msffb2 in your closet "JUST IN CASE.".. and you still dont have everything you want for your simpit. The stick that came with that throttle doesn't get use in BoX, however, it is a part of my flight sim addiction.
  6. This may be a long read. Between various sims I have endured quite a many hours of flight in the last year or two without much guidance from other players and it's only recently I'm starting to really "feel" the planes I fly.. and I don't just mean because of the fact that I picked up an FFB stick =x. Mostly been flying solo, not that I want to.. just need to find English speaking players to fly with. That being said, doing the research for myself without the opportunity to wingman for someone with experience it's taken quite a while for concepts to really sink in. So while this may be a walk in the park for some of you.. I'm feeling a little proud of myself right now. I'm used to getting my butt kicked so far. So, I hope if you read this you enjoy my story.. I wish I had been recording. I spawn in a BF-109 F-4 next to about 4-5 other BF-109's. I wait for them to start taking off and follow them as I tend to try to do despite not being on voice with them. I ended up in formation with a couple of them.. and it's one of few experiences I have to fly on someone's wing. At first I paid attention to only the guy up front, I lost a little bit of speed and saw there was another behind him so I kept myself in position to where I could see both of their 6's. As we fly near the border, the lead breaks right towards friendly ground units I'm not even sure where I was on the map, below is an IL-2 heading towards a bridge. Lead dives, I follow suit in second position. Lead takes shots, on my screen they were misses, he pulls up from his dive and I take shots at the IL-2. I'm unsure if I hit or miss. I pull up to make way for #3 if he's still behind me. I lose sight of the IL-2 and make several passes over it's target area passing by the friendly 109's once or twice. I think we all lost him in the treelines. My guess is at this point that the friendly BF-109 responded to seeing enemy fighters and headed that way, because I lost sight of them. I hovered above the IL-2's previous target area for a minute or two, lessened my altitude and saw a plane heading my way in the distance. I regain my altitude and I'm not sure if it was the same IL-2 or a new one, but I get above him, let him go under me, and roll in on him as he goes beneath. My approach is bad, I pull up for a displacement roll and realign myself, and notice a furball in the distance 4 or more planes tracers in the air about 8-10km off. The IL-2 is trying to point his guns at me, making tight turns, I dive on him looking at his propeller coming towards me. I don't even remember if i fired shots on pass two. But I pull up and keep eyes on him, he goes low and turns and I position myself behind him. He has no tail gunner. I get close and hold the trigger for 3 seconds. He smokes.. pieces fly off.. he hits the ground. Pilot is dead. Someone in chat says "enemies 612." I was near by.. flew past it without realizing and started chasing a friendly bomber attacking a target. I got close, saw it was German and held fire. A german fighter approaches to protect the bomber, sees I'm friendly and flies right by. I hadn't seen enemies yet so I began to follow the fighter to help with the escort and again in chat "enemies 612". I start heading south towards it, I'm between 5-10km out, scanning the skies. I didn't see anything until I was within 5km of them. Then I saw the tracers.. Then I saw the smoke. I couldn't tell what was what. I believe they were P-40's chasing a BF-109. The BF-109 was smoking. There's another fight going on above me, a P-40 chasing a German fighter. All I could recognize was the German, and it was the P-40's shots that sealed his fate. I chased him.. he was trying to zoom up towards the german, as he starts to stall I get close and squeeze the trigger very briefly..I see the smoke from hits as I pass him, look behind me and nothing but black smoke. The P-40 pilot has either bailed or died and the plane is going down. I turn my attention below me and see the smoke trail I saw earlier. I wasn't sure who was who yet in that fight. I see another plane start to chase the plane that is smoking. I get close attempting to identify and initially was under the impression it was german. I followed it as if I were flying in formation as it chased the smoking plane.. as we got near I saw the smoking plane was definitely german, most likely a BF-109. I thought the plane I was following was just getting back into his position in formation. Then I see him fire shots, I zoom in further and see the stars on his wings and tail. The smoking german breaks right, I'm trying to get in position to get the p-40 off his tail. The turn is too sharp for me, I pull up for a yoyo or displacement roll and they turn underneath me. I swoop down on the p-40, squeeze a small burst and black smoke erupts from his plane. I didn't see a chute, just pieces of his plane so I continue following him down until about 500m where I watch him crash into the treeline and explode. The smoking BF-109 is still alive.. trail of white smoke behind him. I try to ensure he sees my wings as he goes evasive, after what appears to be a moment of panic.. he straightens up and starts flying home. Then the map ended. I so wanted to see that smoking German land.. and I'd have loved to land myself. I know the poor IL-2 and the two P-40's never really stood a chance against a flight of BF-109 F-4.. but this is probably my most successful sortie on an expert MP server.. and it's a nice experience compared to flying around solo getting my rear handed to me. To the pilots I killed. S! To the German fighters involved. S! Thanks for giving me an awesome experience in combat flight simming. I hope people enjoy this chapter of my simming story.. not that I plan to share all of them in this way.
  7. Still borked.. I decided to run in fullscreen the other day to s if anything had been done, as ground attack/support missions in PWCG were dropping from like 99 to 25-40 fps which was horriblly stuttery. G-sync WORKED.. for one session.I almost came and posted about it but as soon as I left the game I couldn't get it to function in full screen again..tried switching from windowed and back and refresh rate stated 60hz while the game was trying to run at 120fps. I will say that those same ground attack missions were only dropping me to 40-55fps when looking at the action on the ground in fullscreen and back up to 60+ after flying past them with no choppiness. Windowed mode is still the only option to get above 60hz refresh rate for me at least.. so I'm declining ground support roles until I can play in full screen again. So choices for now are - fullscreen with fps limiter or v-sync on or Windowed borderless with g-sync/freesync if freesync has the option to enable for windowed mode in the ATI software.
  8. The childish part of me sounds like I'd have a hell of a humorous adventure in Denmark.
  9. See what happens when you put a small deadzone around the center of the pitch axis in the in game control settings. Set it so that center doesn't start moving until you feel resistance. The center of my msffb2 has a little play. Very little pressure can cause movement. And then post what power settings you're using, what speed you are maintaining, and what stabilizer amount. I have a couple non-ffb sticks laying around..I could test, but after adding the deadzone flying the bf-109 felt pretty similar to my experiences when I was using my non ffb sticks. -Was going to upload a video to demonstrate but I play in 3440x1440... and need to figure out how upload at a decent quality without cutting the edges of my in game screen off >.< *POST Edit* - IMO don't use a deadzone with VVS planes. The "center" of the stick does not move with the stick when you adjust pitch trim. To try and be more clear - when you adjust pitch in a VVS fighter the stick moves as a result and the axis in the control settings will reflect the position of the stick.. making the center deadzone somewhere where you would pull back. Could cause some weirdness when you pullback and actually do cross the center of the axis. But with the FW-190 and the BF-109.. I highly recommend a small center deadzone on pitch axis with msffb2, as the stick does not move from center as you adjust the stabilizer. Doesn't take much effort to set it to 0% if you decide to jump in a Russian fighter.
  10. Try introducing a little bit of a deadzone around the center play of your MSFFB2. I have mine set up to where there's a deadzone until I'm actually pulling against the forces of the stick on the pitch axis. I set them in game.. and IL-2 BOS does deadzones right, where movement from center doesn't begin until you are out of the DZ as opposed to other software I've seen implement deadzones that just cancel out the movement from center to the edge of the DZ. That center play can easily mess with your perception of how the stabilizers are working in German planes from my experience. My stabilizer settings vary based on my speed.. when above 400km/h if I remember correctly I'm anywhere from 74%-80%. Once I start getting up to speeds of 520-600km/h or above in a dive it suddenly requires less nose down trim, like between 57-65ish to keep the nose going where you want it without stick pressure. This is how I remember it with my logitech extreme 3d pro to be honest.. the only real difference is I get a stall shakes and my stick shakes (which ends up shaking my seat so i like it) when i shoot guns. Bit different than the VVS planes where the stick moves with your pitch settings. *Edited - just plugged in my msffb2 and started a quick mission.. eliminating my memory and guess work in the above. Trim is something you adjust based on speed and weight load..and since the 109 only has the adjustable stabilizer for trim - the setting you use is all dependent on the speed you're going. At slow speeds you need more nose up stabilizer, as you speed up, the more nose down stabilizer you add, until you hit the speeds mentioned above where it suddenly seems reversed. Just going from a slide slip to moving the slip ball to the center will cause the nose to pitch up without any adjustment to stabilizer. And pitch trim isn't the only thing effected by speed. The effect of torque and propwash on the rudder behave in a similar fashion. IN the FW-190 and BF-109 below 400km/h you apply right rudder to keep the slip ball centered. Dive to a speed of 700km/h in a fw-190 suddenly you need to apply a lot of left rudder to maintain slip. Trim is adjusted as you gain or lose speed, and some pilots may know what settings they like to use at low/high speed and correct manually inbetween. Retyping some of what my post looked like before hand I've been playing sims of more modern aircraft where Prop torque and prop wash are non-existant, because we developed jet engines. The sim I'm talking about doesn't give you percentages for trim settings and even if the plane might have trim knobs I never look at them. In a modern jet with a HUD, but no computerized autotrim - it's very easy to see how speed effects the pitch of the airplane and all my trim adjustments are made by feel, not a memorization of what the trim is set to. Without the hud in our ww2 warbirds, it's up to our ability to judge the horizon, our altimeters, ADI's or climb indicators, and air speed indicators given what's available gauge wise in our cockpits. (I.E. I'm speeding up and noticing I'm beginning to climb..time to adjust trim nose down rather than rely on any one setting)
  11. I'm sure we'll see certain servers that allow you to spawn in a spit on a winter map. Not all action happens in single player.
  12. According to the link I posted in my above response - http://www.spitfireperformance.com/w3134.html, showing the specs of the Spit Mk Vb - the season of the map should matter. There was a snowguard that could be fitted for winter weather that lowered the altitude for top speed from TAS 371mph @ 20100 feet, to TAS 365 @ 18,800 feet, at which point the top speed would begin to drop again. Indicating peak performance was beween 18-23k feet during summer, and 18,800-20000 feet in the winter. This is with the Merlin XLV or the Merlin 45. According to wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermarine_Spitfire_(early_Merlin-powered_variants)#Mk_VB_and_VB.28trop.29_.28Type_349_and_352.29 " Several different versions of the Merlin 45/50 family were used, including the Merlin 45M which had a smaller "cropped" supercharger impeller and boost increased to +18 lb. This engine produced 1,585 hp (1,182 kW) at 2,750 ft (838 m), increasing the L.F VB's maximum rate of climb to 4720 ft/min (21.6 m/s) at 2,000 ft (610 m)" I think it's going to be interesting how this plane plays out. As in whether or not we'll see the drop in top speed with the snowguard in winter, what engine we get by default, whether any of the Merlin 45-50's will also be a mod. But I shall not speculate. These performance charts don't qualify me to critique FM's.. especially ones that aren't released yet >.<
  13. http://www.spitfireperformance.com/w3134.html ^^ What I found when I googled Spitfire MK Vb
  14. http://www.spitfireperformance.com/w3134.html Is this the spit we're getting? TAS 371mph or 597kph @20k feet or 6096m peak performance.. dropping to TAS 365.5mph at 23k feet. Seems like there's a small window between 18000 to 23000 feet where it is at it's fastest. TAS 331mph at 10k feet. That's without the "snowguard" fitted so maybe we'll see lesser performance on winter maps. Seems like those reports are at 3000RPM.. which sounds like max to me. Doesn't seem to say anything about below 10000ft.. but 20mm x2, .303" x4. It doesn't have that german speed or climb but, hopefully when flown to her strengths and not solo we'll get to have some fun in it.. get up high early in hope for catching somebody while having an energy advantage. It will at least climb higher/faster than the P-39 once you hit altitude. I'd happily go out in a flight of either. I've really been enjoying the FW-190A-3 and the Yak-1b although I'm not the most proficient pilot in any internet airplane you put me into. I need to stop venturing into expert servers solo regardless of what I fly. Hopping between DCS/ROF/IL-2.. these ww2 birds to me feel like they take the most amount of work to properly fly, excluding any reading material involved with any era.
  15. Sorry for misunderstanding. I can get a little carried away with my keyboard. Lol.
  16. I don't know where you think I brought up war thunder anywhere in that post or that I was asking for some kind of instructor that flies my plane for me or where I specifically said "easy mode". I'm glad you enjoy realism and expert mode..but having a limited number of servers with population is an indicator that our player base is pretty small. and I'm in the opinion that the more players we bring in.. the better the chance of success..the more resources the developers have to put towards things they feel like they can't right now because they need to produce revenue. I hope to GOD IL-2 never becomes as simplified as War Thunder.. That doesn't mean there aren't a plethora of ideas that could open the experience of newcomers to help them out with the already present learning curve involved in getting a realistic FM in the air and using it with any kind of effectiveness. IL-2 1946 had OPTIONS for realism. Widely regarded as one of the best flight sims of all time... But even it didn't offer training that I found particularly useful. I was mainly responding to the idea of restricting labels to only show range at under 2km.. I don't see a problem with the OPTION of doing this.. but I don't see why someone shouldn't also be allowed to have the option to have an opportunity to help them learn to judge distance. As it stands - I could easily see a total newbie who thought he would like the concept of flying being completely scared away if expert were the only available mode of play. I could see it even with the options we currently have available. I agree - can't wait for Career mode (PWCG is nice but we need more abilities with the radio imo to fly any position but flight lead and even then) CO-OP would be absolutely beautiful. I just think there could be more in the way of a "newcomer" experience to convince more people to give combat sims a chance.. as it's easier to convince someone who is already playing the game to come fly in full expert mode with you than it is to convince them to invest $$$ into a game in the first place. You want realism? In real life pilots are given hours of instruction with an instructor who tells them exactly what to do and generally what and how they're doing something wrong. Combat pilot spent many hours in training planes learning the basics from a qualified instructor before they ever set foot in a combat ready aircraft. What we seem to have in the simming world is like throwing you into the deep water to learn to swim with the threat of hypothermia.
  17. Good stuff. Thanks for covering some of the things that I find lacking when trying to get your information from drawings of what these maneuvers look like. I learned so much I've been doing wrong.
  18. Depends on the server. I regularly see WoL full at 84/84, I've seen Berloga - Duel and dogfight up to 40 people. Finnish Dynamic War with 60 people. I personally don't fly on just one server and I'm sure it's the same with other players.. they'll go where their friends go or where they'll find more action. I think the bigger issue is that tthere are generally only between like 7-12 servers at any given time with any population at all on them..hopefully that will improve over time as the game continues to be developed and word of mouth spreads. Options are good imo.. attract as many players as we can with as many options as possible in both SP/MP.. eventually people who find they enjoy it will work their way into expert servers from time to time. *Edit* In the spirit of attracting more players.. we have to consider the new comer. Personally I wasn't around for the glory days of IL-2:1946. The first few times I tried to get into DCS I ended up putting my flight gear away just due to the nature of the controls menu. Flight sims of this nature can be pretty intimidating to a newcomer. I've been simming regularly for about a year now and still get my tail handed to me in many situations. I'm getting better.. but I'd love it if modern sims came with some form of in depth interactive training. Even DCS with it's green boxes floating in the air hardly covers enough to send you out into battle prepared. Here..read this 600 page manual, and do our training sessions.. that teach you only very very basic things. "Am I doing that maneuver right?" I ask the youtube video, and the answer is probably not. I get that we have aviation nuts and people who have been doing this for years on end playing the game. But we already have the option of flying one of the most realistic flight sims we can afford. I don't think the aim should be to limit things that might make a new player feel more welcome to something he's never done before. At the same time, I don't want the game dumbed down as a whole.. but it's not bad having some options that make it easier to focus on specific aspects of your own performance. I want those guys coming in.. let them be the easy target for once instead of me.
  19. http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-480/features http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-580/features So.. are you saying "Built for DirectX 11 Tessilation" on those feature pages is false advertisement? At the bottom of the store pages for BoS/BoM/BoK there is a list of minimum sys requirements. For nvidia - GTX 660 is specified as the minimum card to run the game, that being said - there was a similar thread on this issue from a 500 series card user I attempted to help with, but stopped as Blacksix (dev) asked him to file a support ticket. And heck even better if Dakpilot's suggestion works.
  20. I did actually like how 1946 did labels. I could see distance being optional for people who want to practice judging distance.. but I'd be ok with a mode that let you take a break from the struggles of identification, while still only showing what you're able to physically see through the cockpit. Sometimes I feel like I need a full 360 degree projection screen with a life size cockpit to really be on the ball in expert. >.<
  21. Then pardon my confusion.. I agree 100% with the use of dedicated servers. Anybody who was a pc gamer in the mid to late 90's saw how they were an immense improvement over the p2p/matchmaking/serial/lan setups we were using previously on programs like Kali >.< I think it's even especially more true with the amount of bandwidth available to people today. Could easily host servers from a server box at home. But I think your point was that - play on the type of server you prefer playing on.. or maybe make your own. We have options. And my apologies Ghost.
  22. Oh come on even in "Normal" mode IL-2 bos is nothing like the game you're referring to that I refuse to speak the name of. You don't become a UFO just for allowing labels/icons and automatic engine management. It''s all up to the server host in IL-2 BoS. I've often wished the game you're referring to did have a stick only arcade mode however, as it was nice to be able to jump into a full battle when you didn't have a lot of time That being said though.. that game is uninstalled and has been since before I even discoverd the IL-2 series. In fact it was my disdain for it that led to me discovering better sims. IL-2 BoS I play frequently on both expert and normal. Don't see your need for sarcasm.
  23. Moral of the story was that stalling airplanes make easy targets. Thanks for the advice however.
  24. Noob tip from noob to OP noob. When you see the guy in front of you pull up, check your 6, and then only follow him to his stall if your tail is clear. I still haven't learned this lesson.. as an enemy plane sitting almost still in the sky is a really tempting target.. apparently to anybody behind you as well... since you end up doing the same thing. >.<
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