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  1. Just to provide as much info - I'm playing via Samsung Odyssey, using the steam version of IL-2 and the only edits I make to d3dx.ini are to change the values for zoom center underneath keyboard commands. 3dmigoto has only been installed using OvGME since the last time I reinstalled il-2 all together. When a patch for il-2 comes out I check this thread, copy my old d3dx.ini to my desktop, not to use again but to get the y7/x6/x7 values for the two levels of zoom I make use of in the new d3dx.ini provided by 10.1. I then enable the updated mod in OvGME, and edit the d3dx.ini in my il-2/bin/game dir to match only this key and one other key [Key3] ;set med zoom on Key = ALT no_shift no_ctrl VK_RIGHT ; Key = no_alt shift no_ctrl VK_PAUSE Key = NO_MODIFIERS VK_HOME type = hold ; modify here the first value you want to use for zoom increase w = 5.0 and then, I change the values for the rift to match my odyssey. rather than comment them out and make new lines ; Rift settings from -[HRAF]Black_Sab see https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30556-3dmigoto-mod-for-vr/?do=findComment&comment=589545 ; Warning, this may not work with 3.0.2 y6 = 0.35 x7 = 0.0 y7 = 0.11 Other than that I do not touch anything else in the d3dx.ini. When I first encountered the issue with the cloud fix and disabled the mod to get back to flying with a wingmate, and enabled the mod again last night and opened the /bin/game d3dx.ini file they were back to the values you originally set like you would expect with a freshly installed mod and I simply edited those values to match my headset again. Last working version I was using was 9.5 as far as I can tell looking at ovgme. I tend to only update when i notice a problem introduced by a patch, and tend to flock to il-2 when taw is up. I might try a fresh reinstall of il-2 later on to rule out that ovgme or the game install didn't get borked by steam auto downloading the patch while the old mod was still enabled, that would surprise me honestly considering the game works fine with the mod disabled.
  2. Apologizing for posting in the old thread, would've been my intention to post here. But, upon re-enabling 10.1 in OvGME I wasn't experiencing the issue. Hit L+Ctrl K and could see thru clouds again. I don't remember hitting that key combo when I posted last night, and the only changes I ever make to the d3dx.ini are to enable key strokes for zoom and enter the suggested values for the odyssey to center them. So I can't really be certain what caused the fix to be on or off or which was on and which was off between enabling the mod the first time, disabling, and enabling again, whatever the case LCTRL+K makes the issue come and go. Wish I could help you pinpoint what's doing that >.< For a template trying to replicate, I did a quick mission over stalingrad or moscow with Heavy weather preset in an 109 e7.
  3. Copy that. Will use the other thread from here on out and try lctrl+k thanks.
  4. Disabled version I was using last using ovgme and enabled 10.1 , which I couldn't tell you what i upgraded from was but not likely 10.0, and worked until the latest patch, what look like shadows are erasing the clouds...letting me see anything beyond them where shadows should be in the cockpit it felt like. At least best way I can describe it. Not trying to sound rude at all, but have to disable this mod unfortunately til it gets a fix. Don't like being able to see through clouds, and the invisible shadows are like a bad hallucination. Not trying to offend just reporting my experience.
  5. If you're already a steam user or just appreciate fast download speeds for updates as well as not having to give login details every time you launch the game - buy BoS on steam. Ultimately if you find you enjoy combat flight simming you'll want more and then buy the rest of the content @ the IL2 store. Just make sure you make an account on the il-2 website and click the "Link my account" button when you launch the game from steam and you'll have access to anything you bought from the IL-2 store with your steam copy. The expansions you buy from the il-2 store won't show up in steam but you'll have access to them once the game is running. The one thing to note here is that the steam copy HAS to be Battle of Stalingrad as the expansions are listed as DLC on steam. Having a 1Gbps internet connection I value steam and am so glad I picked up a second copy of BoS on sale for $16 because without it..patch day or having to reinstall IL-2 was a total PITA that is like living back in the early 2000's with ISDN and ASDL. I'm talking measurements in kilobytes, to maybe a couple MBps max. So thanks Steam for the 1Gbps downloads. Sure.. valve gets a take, but it's not like I needed a second copy of BoS. Il-2 Devs got paid for me wanting access to better download servers. Not that I'm complaining about it.. I'm just sayin. I have over 220 games on Steam and I've been using it since Valve released the Orange Box. And I'm obviously happy about the download speeds. I don't get people's issues with it, Idk, maybe Valve should get a smaller cut, maybe, but I won't support the idea that they aren't providing services for both customers and developers. Even retail stores make a profit on any boxed game sold, and all they do is put the things on their shelves. This is coming from someone who had no idea IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad existed before I saw it showed up on the front page on Steam. (Also known as advertising, something many companies put billions of dollars per year into.) Computer hardware issues led to me returning it, and I bought it from the IL-2 store after I realized my PC had an issue. 2 years later I ended up buying it on steam again despite already having access to all content besides Bodenplatte, Tanks, and Flying Circus if that says anything. .
  6. It'd be nice if we had the ability to select two points on the in-game map and get a heading, with a distance @ speed = time calculation. Currently we're having to alt-tab out of the game, use second monitors, or even our phones and Ipad to do this, which can be tedious and in some cases (alt tabbing) causes controller disconnections and IL-2 doesn't recognize when you plug in a joystick mid game. Also for VR users, it also means having to lift our headset taking us out of the cockpit. I would think this wouldn't be too terribly hard to implement, and would be a very useful feature for single monitor and VR users.
  7. So to answer my own question, as well as someone elses in this thread, I went ahead and bit the bullet and picked up BoS on steam while it was on sale. Everything worked fine. I linked my account on first login and have access to all the content I have a license for from the IL-2 store, and apparently no conflict in having already having a license for BoS from the Il-2 Sturmovik store. Having said that, I'm confident I'll be able to buy BoBP from the Il-2 store during pre-order and still have access to it via steam in the future. I basically paid $18 purely for access to Steam's download servers for il-2 updates and future installations. Not a complaint just a statement. I'm actually enjoying the lack of a login screen, and it took me like 3 minutes total to install. So hey Devs, as someone who is a regular Steam user, flight sims are about the only thing I haven't bought through Steam until now. I appreciate your efforts to maintain a relationship with Valve and keeping products from your store compatible with the Steam version, as a purchase of a second copy of BoS for myself even if at a discounted price, will hopefully imply.
  8. Hate to make anyone stop and think about anything but - I have a curious hypothetical regarding steam linking. All of my content is purchased through the il2sturmovik website, BOS+BOM+BOK and I will likely pre-order BoBP in the long run. However - I have been tempted to snag BoS off of steam during a sale - mostly because in my part of the world I get extremely fast downloads through steam servers. Just a method of future proofing any reason I might have to reinstall the client, I.E. I wipe my drives and reinstall windows once or twice a year, or I plan to get some NVME drives in the future. As well as utilizing those speeds for future updates. I literally download over 1Gbps from Steam Is there any kind of time limit associated with account linking? And would I be causing myself any problems if in the future I did decide the cost of a game i already have a license for is worth having access to steams download servers? My best guess is - If I purchase BoS on steam although I already have a license through the IL2 store is that all I should have to do is link accounts and I'd have all of my content as well as the ability to purchase through either steam or the il-2 store for future content, all while getting those lovely download speeds. I guess I'm asking to be corrected if the above statement is wrong.
  9. Alright.. I'll word it differently. A list of bugs that have to this point been unaddressed and a few which have only shown up with the recent patch..or a growing list *cough*. And my context being, hoping that sometime between now and BoBP they make the time to address them. Which - was also before the DD today saying they're hoping to improve some things. So there's that. I'm more than willing to be proven wrong by the IL-2 Dev team. In fact.. thats the goal. I can go back and put it like that in the post if you'd like.. we cool now Murf? I mean.. we both like sims.. we won't be thinking about this when we cross paths and try to gun one another down. Until BAM i get booted to the menu while you have me in your crosshairs for no apparent reason. Tell me you wouldn't rage a little? really though.. wording aside..still.. looking forward to some fixes dev team *crosses fingers*
  10. Sir.. you claimed my words as utter rubbish. It's a fact, not opinion, that bugs exist that have gone unaddressed since before I started playing. The opinion is that they're annoying more than just me. As I said - You're welcome to the opinion that the bugs don't bother you.. but sir I will not respect you for telling me I'm just BS'ing. As far as qualifications for speaking for "MOST" people as you're doing.. well I'm only speaking for the people I personally fly with, who on numerous occasions have had our fun ruined by some long standing issues. What is claiming a fact as utter rubbish if not an attempt to silence someone you disagree with? I'm not in any position not to ask you to not post your opinions of bugs in this thread.. but I'm going to ask you to just ignore what I have to say in the future.. if all you can see in all the valid points made is confrontation. As I stated.. feel free to hop on the discords.. ask what bugs people have been experiencing and for how long. You are not required to take my word for it and your need to tell me I'm speaking rubbish isn't something I'm going to continue listening to. Then tell me it's utter rubbish that there are some long standing bugs that have continued unaddressed. *edit* i feel peace has been restored.
  11. spectate bug - unaddressed since 2014, Dserver limiting connections when multiple people are trying to connect or whatever kicks people back to the main menu - unaddressed. There's a list of bugs that goes on and on. You can defend the lack of polish... however, my wingmates and I tend to find these pesky things rather annoying. Add on top of that with BoK the lack of sorting the server list, as well has having to select every plane TWICE now to access aircraft modifications. The BoK bugs are new, hope to see fixes soon..but what do you call bugs dating back to 2014? The word I would use is unaddressed. aka "never addressed" Also how inspiring is that supposed to be to me that the BoK bugs above won't be around for another 4 years. I've avoided comparing the devs to another small team of about 9 devs I know whose entire early access release has been nothing but polishing, and quick addressing of any issues that pop up and get mentioned by their playerbase. Putting AAA devs to shame. The difference being they're kickstarter backed and have a lot more freedom, as well as working on something less complicated than a sim...but if something like the spectate bug was in their software for more than a week in what was available to the public, they'd verbally chastise themselves publicly and apologize for it. I'm not asking for that.. or a fix to all my problems next week. However, Don't try to treat me like I'm talking out of my hind end. There are bugs unaddressed for years... and they're already starting work on BoBP with no mention of addressing 4 year old bugs. You can defend this if you'd like... but the more and more bugs that pile up without fixes the less and less the beauty of this game shines through. Doesn't matter how small the bug at this point.. there are so fricking many it's almost more work to navigate around them than it is to fly the planes. The longer they go unaddressed..the more buried in code they are. You're welcome to your opinion that the game is fine as is...but with the amount of money being asked for every year me personally.. some time dedicated to fixing a growing list of bugs would certainly inspire more confidence in buying the next IL-2 product. I'm being unfair? I own every plane in the game other than the Ju-52, and personally I'd like to see some work done to correct the errors. You react as if asking for fixes for the old content I've already purchased before dedication to a whole new planeset and pricetag that will likely have the same issues and add more is unreasonable... and it's not. At some point they need to polish the product. I know I'm not alone in thinking the lack of doing so is making the experience feel a bit sloppy. Again...perhaps a new marketing strategy is necessary. If the pressure from the publisher is so much that there is no time to polish the products being put out, again - imo try a new form of advertisement... hell seed a free copy to random airforce personnel across the world and let word of mouth do its thing, which, at least in my head makes more sense than trying to sell to sell a new planeset to the fans that are sticking without getting rid of as many layers of tedium as possible between the player and the gameplay.. (considering I took up the simming hobby after my father who was in the airforce introduced me to it) No dis-repsect intended to anyone or the dev team, but attempting silence to my opinion won't change it. And with the number changing to 4 relevant titles + collecters planes..how could anyone say someone being unimpressed by any one of those purchases based on their experiences with it wouldn't have an immediate effect on sales? Big picture guys.. we want new players to buy ALL the content. A polished product reinforces that possibility. As well as improves the chances of customer retention. *editing to acknowledge the DD mentioned some upcoming fixes and improvements.. which I am not attempting to discredit. Long story short - this one's faith will be restored with some fixes to some long standing nuisances within what again I will describe as a beautiful program with heaps and heaps of potential that inspires enough passion to be able to say this much about something. I didn't intend to reply further to this post, but.. the only utter nonsense I've posted was in my original response to the OP.. and to specifiy - I used sarcasm and have already apologized for it. It runs in the bloodline >.<. My family doesn't really consider sarcasm an attack, we laugh it off. I'll try to be more aware in the future. But to say I'm speaking rubbish by saying there are bugs that haven't been addressed in going on half a decade felt ironic, and in need of correction. I don't know one single player who has never experienced a host of several well-known bugs that have existed from the time I started playing. "Utter rubbish." you say? I challenge you to find your way to any discord server frequented by fans of the series and ask what bugs have been experienced and how long they've been experiencing them. Come with a thick skin if you come to the one I frequent as the boys like to have some laughs. If you still want to say I'm full of it.. you're welcome to pretend I don't exist. I don't mind. Call it misleading.. but I not only want people to buy copies of IL-2.. i hope they stick around..tell friends..have more fun than they do frustration. Anyway.. I don't have anything left to say about this.. we'll see what the future brings.. I just hope to spark some consideration.
  12. This. +1 Underneath the disdain is the desire to see the IL-2 series continue to be a success. And I happen to be in the camp that some dedicated cleanup time and polishing would do a lot for customer retention. I won't go into how I believe there has to be an easier business model and ways to attract more people in general to this niche genre.
  13. I don't buy that. There are currently 3 titles in the Il-2 series available to purchase. The more they improve the BASE game...the more appealing that is to the next person who picks up any one of those three to purchase the other two. Where as not ever addressing the growing list of bugs is more likely to push the diehard fans they're selling new content to away from buying that next copy.. like me.. I'd have already bought BoB in anticipation of it's release if the "peksy bugs" mentioned had ever been addressed. Perhaps another marketing approach is necessary.
  14. I'll apologize for allowing a little irritation get through my response to the OP. Here's the thing. I do love the fact that the IL-2 series exists and receives continuing development. It's not my intention to be a soothe speaker or naysayer. I very much hope and wish for the success and longevity of the series. Maybe any one given bug may not be game breaking on it's own. But when they start to pile on top of each other it gets annoying. I would start listing them off, but they've been reported by several other people. Il-2 is a beautiful product, with heaps and heaps of potential. But I mean.. a serious bug hunt and coat of polish would go a long way imo. I find myself wondering how long I'll be waiting for fixes for some of the new not-necessarily game-breaking bugs but addition to the "pile" and half -expect to see an announcement for the first BoB plane and more new content long before then. I could hardly contain my excitement after reading the announcement of the BoB planeset. That excitement has just started to become a little overshadowed by the annoyance with some of these peksy bugs. Anyway - I'll leave it at that. I'm not trying to attack the devs or anyone. I just disagree when it comes to priorities I guess.
  15. I'm with you Deriku. I think it's one big echo chamber. Kuban adds new bugs... such as multiplayer list sorting amongst other things. Bugs from 2014 still exist and never see the light of day. Also a new bug where I have to select my aircraft twice in MP in order to use any mods. Personally - Dev team - take some time and fix shoddy bugs before starting work on Bodenplatte please... I don't see the point in continuing to buy new content when the old content is plagued with stuff that becomes irritating when trying to enjoy the game. Don't get me wrong.. I appreciate the effort to improve the single player experience and all.. but don't stop there. Keep going.
  16. I fly odd hours for being in the U.S. My wingmates are aussies. Crashes have occurred with less than 40 people online most certainly. I too haven't seen Berloga crash, but also don't spend much time on it. If anything - Berloga's mission design is kind of simplified, using only a small portion of the map compared to what we get on TAW and WoL. I don't want to speculate too much with my limited knowledge on this topic and will leave this thread to the server admins and hopefully dev team. The hours I tend to fly are some of the least populated hours of the IL-2 community. If anything the crashes are a little more devastating at this time period as usually no one's around to get things running again for many hours.
  17. I'm not an admin or a dev but with the limited number of populated servers available to us excluding Berloga, WoL and TAW crash regularly during the hours I play. On both servers - suddenly kills stop being recorded. On WOL with its map settings, the GPS beacon will become frozen in place despite the fact that you're still flying. I don't think there's been a night of the current TAW campaign I've been flying and the server hasn't crashed. I haven't been on WoL since it crashed and reset 3 times within like an hour a month or two ago. I don't mean to sound whiney. But I do agree with Sheriff that perhaps the devs aren't aware how much this is occurring. I have no idea if the fault lies within DServer or within the scripting necessary for those servers. I do know I'd probably be flying and enjoying the sim a lot more of if this wasn't a regular occurrence.
  18. I just would like to say I think there is something that could be done to fix this issue and that the devs are potentially sold on the idea that msffb2 wrecks havoc on CPU or that it's the msffb2 driver. But, if it were the case, this would be true with other programs I use msffb2 + track IR with. ARMA, DCS, - heavily CPU intensive games. DCS 2.x using a crazy amount of resources but none of them seem to produce this jitter despite high framerates. . Yet still I suffer through it because flying prop planes is just where this old joystick shines. I still manage somewhat but, this combined with many of the other bugs that seem to go without any notice or concern are kind of offputting. Great flight sim engine but in 2017 a game that relies heavily on a joystick yet it doesn't detect when you plug a stick in without exiting the game, which wouldn't be a problem if alt tabbing to check discord or something didn't disconnect/reconnect my stick even though it never physically became unplugged.. or hearing the main menu sounds while I'm sitting parked on an airfield... or servers seeming inability to allow multiple incoming connections at once as people get booted back to the main menu. Now off to Bodenplatte right after Kuban. Methinks there needs to be some time taken at some point to take care of some of these bugs.. you know..actually dig into the code and iron these things out. The product is too good to be tarnished by these things as you continue to bring new features and content.
  19. I'm hopeful that one day we'll see that the A.I. has learned some new tricks especially in the defensive position and that we get at least few more functional radio commands for A.I. wingmen, but the moral of my post is that the hard work is appreciated, and I hope the implementation of the features being mentioned in this DD increase the popularity of the present and future of the IL-2 series. Hyperlobby, co-op, and an engaging single player experience aren't just going to be fun for those of us already playing. I'm fully in the mindset that adding features and improvements like this to the base game will help to increase the overall population of the community. Noobs will have a place to ask questions that doesn't involve alt-tabbing out and opening an internet browser, co-op to learn with people who are hopefully eager to train some new blood to help them ease into the multiplayer environment and fill up some of the servers in the MP list. Been loving the dev diaries leading up to 2.012 until now. DAT P-39 omg I want to fly it so bad. Thanks for the exciting news. I can't wait to see where this takes us. I say that, but the flight sim market has taught me some patience. So it's duly noted that the developers have announced some features that have me stoked for IL-2 2018 and beyond.
  20. Can't load any of the SP content. Get loading screen then booted back to main menu stating "This map is not available to this account.". I have all the available content other than i think 1 collector plane. *edit* changed the map in QMB, sitting in the Spit thanks devs.
  21. - After some recent experiences, I'm finding that in reality, I just have more questions than answers on this subject. I've changed the title. I think it more reflects the question that should have been asked in the previous thread. In fact.. I have more questions than I asked in the previous thread. As far as the Ju-87, and other aircraft that use trim wheels rather than an adjustable stabilizer, that to me seems rather impossible to compare. The FFB stick moves with the adjustment as is reflected in the aircraft.. that's basically changing the center position of the stick when you adjust the wheel. The experience itself is so completely different than that of a spring centered stick that I'm not even going to begin to try and find issues with it myself.. you can literally feel where you have the trim set to in that kind of situation. you literally feel the speed of your plane as the stick moves with your trim adjustments. I hardly even look at percentages or degrees if they're labeled anywhere when flying like this. I'm going by airspeed and the feel of the stick. Planes with an adjustable stabilizer, the stick tends to always bounce back to center.. and maybe I require more understanding of this function as well. My experience leaves me believing that you don't get the same experience of having a set hands off center position as a reference to your current energy state. You still have ways of judging your energy state with stick forces, but it's not anything I notice by the position of the stick when I remove my hands. But maybe there's more to the difference of centering via spring force or via simulated airflow forces and forcefeedback technology that I just am not wrapping my head around.
  22. Otto man, if anything this picture shows me that 0% in regard to pitch travel or stabilizer travel is just the exact middle point of the full range. The Ju-87 has 15 degrees of travel in either direction so 0% = 0 degrees. Your own words have indicated the BF-109 has more degrees nose down from neutral than nose up from neutral. Without really looking much more into it, because this isn't the cause or effect, my guess is if 0% tchat represented "neutral" as you want to put it, the difference of (+)1-100% would have less value than the difference of (-)1-100% basically putting a response curve on the entire stabilizer wheel. Technochat may not represent the same amount of degrees when you jump from plane to plane but this is because the numbers -100 and +100 represent completely different numbers between one aircraft to another. The tchat percentages remain consistent with the stabilizer index references no matter which stick within the BF-109 F4. And either measurement, degrees or tchat percentages will demonstrate the things I'm noticing. That being said I haven't been here since the beginning, and I'm not claiming to be some expert of all things sim. I'm still noticing more things on this that are making me believe I'm not up to the task of explaining what the cause of this might be, and whether it's actually a problem. Interesting thought.. .. with low fuel in the FW-190 A-3 earlier I was experiencing needing much less stabilizer. I know we've been talking bf-109's but, some chats with my wingman kind of indicated I was experiencing the same need for more stabilizer. I was messing around on Berloga a few which has 30% fuel loads or full fuel with locked settings. I was finding I was requiring less stabilizer with lower fuel loads than usual. Conclusion - there are too many factors that play into this for me to wrap my head around. Aircraft model, loadout+weight, speed, wind, perhaps even the density of the air itself. The force feedback causing the pressure of the stick to change, the ease of human error in handling his stick, even if we've been doing it for years. I'm sure I'm missing many aspects that are complex in nature when you break them down into a consumer ready PC edition. I can't pinpoint it.. and I'm doubting my own results after recent experiences, but dearest Otto, not because of the use of technochat percentages for a specific model of simulatied aircraft. I had good intentions but I willingly admit not being an expert on FFB tech or aerodynamics and aircraft simulation. I think I may have fell prey to a bit of herd mentality and bit the bait that "SOMETHING IS BROKE FIX IT." And I think instead, that perhaps now the question should be "Is it broke? If so how do we fix it?" What is visible is that experience is completely different, and well, in my mind FFB technology was wayyyyy ahead of it's time, and Microsoft made a mistake by not continuing production of said technology, as they never really had much in the way of competition with this gem. In summary, I give up. I only have a small question in the back of my mind as to whether or not the behavior is intended. Hands off with FFB is a different experience than hands off on a centered spring stick. And I've stated via the previous thread that personally, I haven't found myself hindered by this. Maybe that's the testing I should be doing.. because ultimately the things I've gained by using FFB technology have improved my ability maneuver and push the limits of aircraft within IL-2 BoX. That being said..despite good intentions my apologies for attempting to help answer a question. I will shove my foot in my mouth for a bit and let others decide from here if they'd like to continue addressing the subject, but I hope to see you guys out there to fly with and shoot down. Nuff said I'm done, good luck.
  23. The sum of the reasoning for thread imo. And made by a guy with an ironic name because his summary would make me think he's more reasonable than me..or other people who keep explaining a concept to me that I don't see the relevance of.
  24. I don't believe I did honestly, when I say "German fighters", I'm talking planes with a stabilizer rather than planes with adjustable trim. In the BF-109, and FW-190, the stick behaves as if it should be in center position the moment you put any airflow over the tail. Adjusting the stabilizer doesn't cause the position of the stick to change. It stays centered. If we're talking planes with adjustable trim, like say most VVS fighters and some of the german bombers, the entire stick moves with any adjustment of pitch trim. Basically by adjusting the pitch trim you're adjusting the position of "center stick". In that situation I can't compare the behavior of an FFB stick to that of a spring centered stick imo.. it's an entirely different experience where you can actually feel how much trim you've put into the plane just by noting the position of the stick. In that regard my FFB experience feels entirely similar to other sims that emulate this function via FFB. What I can note is that center stick with FFB in a 109 or 190 seems to be a different position than center stick without FFB. And to clarify.. my guess is that even though both physical sticks may be centered, it seems as if the stick in the plane may be slightly off center when flying with a centered FFB stick. Now we could very well be off in ALL planes.. but the original thread was about the 109, and that behavior is easy for me to spot. I'm still thinking it has something to do with the simulated stick/elevator position. But that again is just my best guess. And also why I bring up Rise of Flight.. as if you've ever looked at the control options with RoF, it was possible to change the position that "center stick" reflected with any stick. Unreasonable did point out that this seems to be more somehow tied to the enabling or disabling of FFB within the game.. so again.. I don't know, but even aside from my own testing.. my wingman who doesn't use an FFB stick has confirmed that he uses about half of the nose down stabilizer I would for any given situation, and it is rare I actually have a reason to go nose up.
  25. I am actually with you that this is more "FFB On vs FFB Off" However.. disabling FFB and presenting it as a stick with only centering forces is pretty much the same as switching out for a spring centered stick. What you could be on to however, is that this is some how modeled into the force feedback effects themselves. Rather than checking your stabilizer positions.. could you check your stick and elevator positions to see if you notice any differences? Screenshots could prove useful in eliminating if there's an effect on the elevators causing this to happen. Could something be going on with the propwash and wind factor? Perhaps take a look at what you see with 1500-1800 rpm and full toebrakes?
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