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  1. Title pretty much says it. This has actually been a long standing issue since kuban or perhaps earlier. Trim using a FFB joystick at one point a year or two ago worked completely fine in these aircraft, but all versions of the IL-2 and Pe-2 don't seem to work correclty anymore, requiring pretty much 100% nose up trim to fly level, and that's only after you hit speed. Otherwise it wants to nose down.
  2. Loving the update, for a lot of reasons, but most of all the view distance and visibility updates make me =D
  3. Restarted engines in the thing after throttling down too quickly, got just below about 500kph before I turned them back on and was back up to 630+ in no time. Feels like your only real chance at nailing another fighter is if they're flying rather straight and level or maybe climbing/diving but without turning. When you set the stab to tail heavy, you do get a little more control in a turn fight but I feel like it's just putting yourself at risk. After a sortie or two in it, I feel like if you get caught anywhere but landing/taking off you're flying it wrong. Even if you aren't able to line up a shot on a fighter who knows you're there when you're flying it to its strengths. I feel sorry for any bombers who find themselves in front of the guns.
  4. Ah sorry, I wouldn't know what to do there. glad that was all figured out by another odyssey user before me, personally. y6 should adjust the horizontal convergence, as described above the entry in the .vive file. I'd imagine lower is closer together and higher is further apart or vice versa. Might be easier to measure with the mask center (the black circles) set to 0.0. (x7) (1.0 is no black circles) In my odyssey the two black circles kind of overlap slightly on the inner curves but when I turn them off and zoom at objects it's pretty spot on, no double vision. maybe adjust in + -.05 increments until you're happy or fine tune from there. From the 10x settings in the .vive file ; horizontal zoomed view shift for convergence y6 = 0.5 ; vertical zoomed view shift y7 = 0.1  ;Xvalue for zoom mask center. Set 1.0 to remove it. x7 = 0.0 y7 adjust the zoomed image vertically.
  5. In your games folder, there is a new folder called users_settings, that folder looks like this kind of You want to rename user_keymapping_zoom.ini to user_keymapping_zoom.ini.bkp and then rename user_keymapping_zoom.ini.Vive to user_keymapping_zoom.ini By default, you're using settings for the rift. Be sure the its the _zoom.ini file that you backup.
  6. Me thinks maybe you forgot to uninstall or disable the mod before downloading the patch. 11.3 is still working with the latest version for me. I highly recommend finding jsgme or ovgme, as it makes managing mods easier, enable disable at will.. like before and after a patch.
  7. So, I hate to be this guy, but I'm pointing at the big yellow "Donate" button at the top center of your snip .
  8. It's kind of funny, seeing the same names argue against any point against particular features repeatedly, for which many of us have been flying on taw for years, and didn't really have much complaint and therefore no reason to come to the forums until cold starts came along, then new features that make it harder to spawn in and do anything, when the balancing of teams changes throughout the day. The people I fly with switch sides almost every campaign. I'm starting to wonder if the current campaign design is the result of a few people, repetitively arguing against any differing opinion rather than a collective of individual opinions. Frankly.. i don't come to forums complaining due to how I died in a video game most of the time. What I am noticing, is that these "balancing" features haven't done much in the way to change the fact that LW is the preferred platform of gameplay for the majority of this playerbase.. and to many I fly with, seem to hinder the over all fun of the experience rather than solve problems. For me it's not about winning or losing.. it's about having a good time with my friends, epic air battles and epic ground assaults. It's NICE to win, to have effect on the map, and when we have the numbers we aim for it, when we're light we might stay on the defensive. I'll even go as far as to say that the GAME being designed around early eastern front has more to do with imbalance than anybody's preconceived notions about other people flying against them. As a community it would be nice if people just owned up and alternated sides per campaign, but I don't think trying to shove that down anybody's throats is going to fix the issue. P.S. this video is from what is likely the last campaign that RED has won.. before any spawn restrictions were ever in place. I could be inaccurate about how many campaigns red has won since then, but my point's still the same. IMO - Don't fly alone, bolster your numbers. Outside of language barriers, reach out to people you see online on your team and find out what VOIP client they're using. Chances are you're more than welcome to join in on the fun if you aren't a poor sport. "The more the merrier." Personally, I like discord. Feel free to PM me to work out server arrangements and lets make stuff like the video above happen, even against overwhelming odds. P.S. I mean no offense to server admins, =LG= or any other member of this community. I do appreciate the effort involved in giving us the TAW experience as long I've been around. But looking at the total number of registrations for TAW, expecting 24/7 balanced gameplay is a long shot. You spread that out over worldwide timezones and the average person's amount of free time it's not a huge number. A balanced game is giving everybody the same option of plane to fly, painted different colors. And that just wouldn't be TAW >.< Flying red takes having the stones, and maybe some additional control bindings, keystrokes and knowhow beyond toebrakes and throttle, that once it clicks, is like riding a bike. I'm sorry if I've repeated myself, or if this seems out of the blue and I don't intend to hover over the forums after this. But be nice to each other folks, getting killed on TAW while upsetting, isn't the end of the world, and you have to ask yourself how you let yourself present the opportunity in the first place. Try not to let it happen again. Rinse. Repeat. *Last edit* It's extremely hard to keep my thoughts short and sweet here, as thoughts pop up later on the subject and wishing I had a solution myself, but maybe influencing larger squads to fly for the underdogs needs to happen at the point of server registration based on squad size and current registration count, maybe even based on timezone on a first come first serve basis. "Register as squad", "register to squad" or "register solo" so to speak. As it stands I can't blame people for hanging out waiting to fly with their wingmates, and a registration capping system might actually put the more experienced, more coordinated larger squads on whichever side happens to be the underdog and needs them the most. That appeals more to me than longer death timers, airfields that open and close as players join/leave server, and the possibility of server slots going unused when there are willing players. This could be further maintained with a minimum amount of flight time required per week or every other week to maintain an active account throughout the campaign, to make room for active players, even just a few sorties. - I've more than spoken my peace here and I'll leave the thoughts be for now. My apologies for it turning into an essay. See you guys in the skies.
  9. Airfields on red side on the back are closed due to attacks from tanks/aircraft. OUr only spawn point is closed because of the "balancing" feature of closing forward airfields when blue side is outnumbered. Oversight on this feature here, that I still find unnecessary. Red outnumbers blue during this timezone through the week, while blue spends most of the day crushing us. I personally, don't mind a loss but the airfield restrictions bug me.
  10. You are mistaken.. I will shred many LW aircraft with the 23 mm next map.
  11. Turns out to be a false alarm, sorry lufeneste!. Something else was causing my performance issues other than the mod. I think it has something to do with the way I launched the game or from alt tabbing or something but I can't be sure.. not the first time mixed reality portal/steamVR have caused a little funkiness. Just so happened to happen after installing 11.3 for the first time. The benchmarks in my last post seem normal but the hit to average framerate isn't really a big deal to me as I tune to run at a minimum of 45fps + motion reprojection anyway. Please forgive the misunderstanding and thank you for your ongoing work with this mod.
  12. And i've said I will already. So I'm not sure your point? Still..benchmark or no this performance issue is new to the latest version of the game and mod for me, where previously performance was fine regardless of which MP server I was playing. Like I said. When it's convenient for me to spend the time necessary to do this stuff. I'll provide such. There's also a post further up this page, where JG77_motoadve reverted to 10.6c due to framerate issues. Might not be related but it sounds similar to my experience, previous versions were 10.6.2 and 10.7. 11.0 was still bugged when I tried it and this versions corrects the anomalies and taw wasn't up yet so I wasn't really in the game much. I have some experiments of my own to do to verify something else is not going on as well. So it's not like this is going to be some 10-20 minute ordeal. Bare with me it sez. Bare with me. just using msi afterburner to benchmark the track file supplied with the thread lufeneste linked with my current settings WIthout Mod: 19-02-2019, 03:07:35 Il-2.exe benchmark completed, 9245 frames rendered in 123.047 s Average framerate : 75.1 FPS Minimum framerate : 43.8 FPS Maximum framerate : 90.8 FPS 1% low framerate : 41.2 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 30.3 FPS With Mod: 19-02-2019, 03:11:45 Il-2.exe benchmark completed, 7700 frames rendered in 121.125 s Average framerate : 63.5 FPS Minimum framerate : 43.9 FPS Maximum framerate : 90.8 FPS 1% low framerate : 39.5 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 30.5 FPS at most the difference in almost 2 seconds would be 180 frames rendered for results with mod. Min/Max 1% low .1% low all very close to eachother but a 12fps loss to average framerate. Something else might be going on however, as running the same track file, before disabling automatic motion reprojection my minmum framerate was down in the 30's and now that I'm actively checking all things performance, things feel better. This was before I started benchmarking with software I already have on my machine, so there might be another factor there. In monitoring my CPU and gpu usage however, after disabling motion reprojection in WMR, there are questions that come to mind I might have to inquire about in another thread. No CPU bottlenecking occuring that I can see, not a single cpu core breaking 40-50%, and I understand the 90hz refresh rate causing the gpu to cap at 80%ish usage, but I would expect gpu usage to go UP if the game causes my framerate to drop and instead my gpu usage is @ 70%ish when in the 70-80 fps range, and gpu usage lowers to about 45-50% when Im in a range of 45-50+ fps. This might be a limation of WMR's default asynchronous rotation reprojection, which I'll bug microsoft about as it's silly to not be able to completely disable such a thing for measuring performance. It could also just be a matter of optimization regarding drivers or Il-2, or a faulty installation of either. Before continuing on to the very specific benchmark using software that I need to d/l install and familiarize myself with as I use different software for those purposes, I'm going to run DDU, reinstall nvidia driver as well as back up my input device files and reinstall il-2 despite having disabled auto-updates in steam and having tried to be vigilant about disabling the mod before I let steam download anything for the sim. I also plan to make some track files made from the current version of the game, as it's kind of obvious the track provided in the performance thread is from previous versions. Along with this I'll record video of at least the IL-2 Mirror with on-screen display showing hardware usage, track files, and run benchmarks provided ddu and il-2 reinstall doesn't solve the issue all together. Will update - Don't go on a bug hunt just yet lufeneste. I might stumble on something else being the cause.
  13. Yeesh lol. That's a very specific performance test. I use your mod enough to want to help out if i can however. I will say, that I've been using the mod mostly without issue in MP since I got my Odyssey I think in summer or fall of last year even before upgrading my gpu, and usually on the TAW server as it's really the only place I fly in IL-2. There have been quite a few hotfixes since 3.010 so I'll even go so far as to back up my controls and reinstall the sim. That much should only take me about 10 minutes. I will state that I factory reset Win10 as recently as January, all drivers on my system are up to date, latest two being nvidia drivers 2/13 and z370 chipset drivers 2/12. Prior to the reset I would download new versions as patches were released to fix anomalies, but had no issues with performance using the mod prior to 11.0 and 11.3. Just the smoke being offset, and weirdness on the ground like everybody else. Bare with me on my results. I'll follow protocal of the linked thread as well as benchmark using my usual settings and software.
  14. No offense taken. It's a noticeable effect of enabling the mod while playing on the TAW server. Without the mod I maintain no less than 45 fps on the ground due to motion reprjection. , and am playing at 90 fps once I get about 2km in the air. With the mod I'm fluctuating betweeen 35-43 fps throughout the entire flight, which at least using my odyssey is a jittery experience being not enough frames for motion reprojection. Disabling GUI with mod enabled seemed to help out a bit but still not quite equal to performance without the mod. And when speaking of flying barebones il-2 no mod, framerates described above are with GUI enabled. Aside from the in-game FPS counter, the WMR motion reprjection indicator (Green, blue, light blue, or red square in top left corner of left eye) will flicker as the frames fluctuate below the 45 fps required for motion reprjection, as well as some jitter/lack of fluidity/smoothness when looking around. reprojection indicator never turns red as the frames are fluctuating rather quickly in the 30's-40's. The blue box just flickers. So no this isn't just a feeling. As far as track files provided with the mod, I wasn't aware there was one. But I'll take a look. I did a fresh install of the mod tonight before logging in to fly with my wingmates, noticed the same behavior, and things got smooth again when i exited the game and disabled the mod via ovgme and restarted. When i both have the time and feel motivated enough I'll record a video showing framerate comparisons and upload screenshots of my in-game settings along with track files. Until then just consider this me mentioning it with intent to provide further evidence when I can. I'm not expecting lufeneste to bust his butt trying to fix something just based off this or my previous post. I'll sit down and put some time into providing some tracks/videos and screenshots in the next day or so as well as see if disabling features with keyboard shortcuts has any effect.
  15. I wasn't asking you to make and maintain and make another mod, so much as being curious of how comparible the amount of work required would be. Zoom is all I really use it for so I was just asking. When I get some time I'll try to draw some performance comparisons between mod and no mod, after trying a fresh install of the mod through ovgme to ensure I didn't rename the wrong .ini file for my odyssey or something before enabling. At the moment the most i can say is last night I first ran without the mod, by accident, downloaded 11.3 and enabled and my performance just tanked. There's room for user error and I'll double check and correct myself if I'm wrong, while hopefully providing more for you to work with with track files, settings, and maybe some video showing framerates.
  16. When we get to moscow and my options go from a 30-40KM flight to target, to 70-100+KM not because an airfield was captured, but because somebody joined a server, that's discouraging. "go play on a another server"... because of one example of nobody being on the other team isn't quite the solution to that either. I'm sorry your take from one example is that "we want competition with no adversaries" but that would be an incorrect assumption. We like the TAW campain, and generally there's people on the other team. There's not another server like taw, with both population and a sense of progression, while including even the new stuff coming with BoBP. i'd almost rather see increased enemy plane/pilot count or tank count for "balance" than be suddenly shifted to the back airfields. TAW is a 24/7 battlefield that progresses based on the actions of the players. It's a rare occurrance that either team is empty... but we're not just going to sit on our thumbs not attacking anything while waiting for opponents. At times there is more blue, at times there is more red. But even in instances where we're outnumbered we're still a group of friends that fly together, and we face those odds. You can call it stacking.. but on a server where teamwork is key, joining in with friends is probably a good idea. Flying solo should be hard and net a pilot a lot of punishment. In an instance where its 35vs20.. there's nothing stopping 10 people from the side with 20 from forming up and flying as a group. Sometimes it's necessary to send 8 fighters to cover two bombers. In most cases flights to respond to that will be staggered and not the entire team coming at you at once. Throughout the course of a 24 hour period the server is going to be stacked on one side at some point and I don't think gameplay should be punished just because people are logging in for the team they registered for. We alternate sides per campaign/ Frankly, if one side outnumbers the other and the side with lesser people can't deal with it.. CALL TO ARMS.. WE NEED MORE PILOTS. Or something else for balance rather than add tedium to the gameplay of the side that has the numbers advantage. I encourage teamwork, working together, making new friends as opposed to holding the hands of people who can't seem to make that work. I've seen campaigns won by the lesser numbered team, because one side has 40 fighters up while the other team is coordinating ground attacks with escort. Anyway. I've stated my peace. We respectfully disagree with eachother. I'll consider it food for thought for LG. Thanks Kathon for the acknowledgement. I don't mean any kind of contempt and appreciate that you value opinions from the playerbase. I'll leave it at that.
  17. Part of the appeal for TAW with the group of folks I fly with is the requirement of teamwork to make things happen, and that even in less populated timezones it's generally easy to get into action due to the way targets are placed. We also learned that when you join a sever with 6-10 people at once you tend to always be on the team that outnumbers the other. What used to be simple choices of picking an airfield, and getting in the air to fly out now becomes a discussion of multiple airfields, which involves a longer flight time and the voices I hear on discord don't really find that to be all that fun of a concept. I don't fly TAW for balance.. I fly TAW for teamwork and ruthless combat. even against a team of zero we still try to coordinate our attacks and draw AA fire so others can strafe and bomb. Suddenly because a few more people log on we're met with longer flight times to targets where the less populated team still gets to fly a short distance to have effect on target. That team could still have a formation of bombers with escorts and have great effect on target while we're still only halfway there, or not even because we took your advice and set a rendezvous point from 3 different airfields. We aren't real pilots, and we aren't in a real war. We're at home on our hind ends playing a game on a computer, and I'm in the camp that such layers of tedium that add to the time to get in and have some fun don't make for a more enjoyable experience overall. Anyway.. long story short, this isn't a feature I"ve been enjoying, and based on the comments I've heard regarding it while on discord.. I'm not alone in that thought. In the not so often occurrence when we do find ourselves outnumbered.. we just try to make sure we have plenty of fighter cover in our personal group. Not run to the forums declaring something be done against the overwhelming odds we might face. This is personally maybe my 4th post in this thread, because unlike some people, when i'm losing or getting beat I don't complain to server admins about it. I get back in the air and seek vengeance with trusted wingmen at my side. A death in a video game is no big deal..happens all the time, no matter how it's handed to me outside of blatant cheating/hacking, and even then I tend to just walk from it and find something else to do. I kind of miss old ruthless TAW with insanely accurate AA without the hand holding. I accept that you disagree with me. That doesn't mean everybody's enjoying this "balancing" feature.
  18. when your flight lead, and other elements have already taken off to make room for the new group spawning in, at which point they have to land, despawn.. no problem not solved. Welp..consider me surprised. His story isn't as good as mine though. Option of spawning at another airfield tho? Spawning at a hot one is risky even without the guy sitting there. Still.. LG's server. I can respect the rule even if I question it.
  19. lefuneste, I appreciate your tireless effort on your mod, and will continue to use it as long as it's my only option for zoom with our struggle of ID'ing silouettes in VR, but I wonder how much effort it would take to get a VR zoom lite mod where the zoom factors from your mod are the only part of it Personally seem to have experienced a hit to my performance with 11.3 where I'd normally be @45fps min on the ground and hitting 90fps by like 1.5KM-2KM altitude. Going to try disabling in ovgme and re-extracting from the zip to my mods folder, and if i have time I'll see about making some track files should the issue persist. Please don't take the first statement in this post as any kind of demand. Just an inquiry on viability, and whether or not it would require fixing every patch like 3dmigoto. Thanks for your work on this mod, devs should really offer a better zoom function for VR users. I can't tell what I'm looking at until I'm right up on it otherwise where on a monitor I could ID silouettes with ease.
  20. +1, the airfields locking due to population kind of makes organized flight with more than 2-3 people people a little haphazard in this way as well imo.
  21. There's another side to this story, other than the person salty about having been denied spawn. The individual in question, who landed on the airfield spent about 2 hours throwing every plane he had at that airfield.. was joined by more and more of the red team in bombing and strafing AA and buildings on that airfield, the last axis airfield on the map, into nothingness, and even as he sat on the airfield with his tailgunner pointed there were flights of reds swarming the spawn point and strafing it to win the map and press on. With ZERO targets left to bomb, and numerous aircraft strafing the spawn point, he landed, and parked.. and waited. The ONE target he could get his tail gunner off, almost instantly cought a bomb and cannon rounds from a strafing a-20 shortly after his pilot was killed by a tailgunner which spent the remainder of its ammo on that pilot, the tailgun being the only weapon with ammunition left on his aircraft after several strafing/bombing runs beforehand. One guy chose to spawn in knowing his airfield was being watched by numerous reds. Personally I'd have accepted defeat and logged off until the next map. It took a lot of work and a full team effort to clear the AA to even achieve landing on the enemy airfield. It was a situation where whether or not the guy sitting on the enemy runway was there, nobody was spawning.. and the map was being won as axis had nowhere else to spawn as an effort of losing the map. Can't say I exactly see the need for this measure, unless someone was salty for being on the receiving end of it.. and that person, wouldn't have been able to spawn that day regardless. That airfield was covered, and red was flaunting their victory with a show of force. No offense intended.. but it was a fun day and a glorious victory for the soviet team for one map.. The IL-2 in question even took off and started flying home before the map ended, with a bit of hilarity. I don't see the harm personally, spawn point denial is still going to be a factor unless you outlaw airfield attacks, and when you got one enemy airfield left on the map it's the smart move. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your server, just voicing an opinion. Thanks. (If this has happened more than that one time, which I'd be surprised by, I still think it probably took a lot of team effort and work to make it possible)
  22. If I'm not mistaken you can do it per game in steam by right clicking it in your library, clicking "Properties" On the general tab at the bottom Steam Input Per-Game Setting (Requires restart of game) - there will be a drop down box beneath this, set it to "Force Off" This is a new thing on the properties tab so if that doesn't work for some reason, you can click "Steam" at the top left of steam, should drop down a menu, click "settings", and in the list on the left go to "Controller" In the general controller settings unchecking everything there should disable steam having anything to do with controllers for all games. "Generic controller support" is likely the culprit if this is the case. I can say that I have steam controller support disabled at the moment and haven't had issues since I switched to the steam client for il-2.
  23. If windows sees the pedals, stick and throttle, and the inputs lightup and move in the windows properties, , Il-2 should see them. You should just have to assign them manually in the in-game keymapping menus. The only other reasons I could think of that not being true would either be drivers, or steam controller settings being applied if using the steam version. Which, if using the steam version can be disabled in steam.
  24. Target is complicated for trying to create your own layouts and imo the only real use I've found for it was in older sims that didn't recognize multiple input devices, as it combines TM products into one input device. Imo - download the driver packages from TM support site linked by spitfirejoe and make sure stick and throttle firmware is up to date, also search for your pedals on that site and make sure there aren't any driver or firmware updates for them. recommended to be plugged into usb 2.0 ports directly on the computer rather than a usb hub when updating firmware at the very least. WH stick and throttle should have plenty of switches for your needs without TARGET imo. I recommend something easy like xpadder if you want to make the slew nub into keybinds, or turn directx buttons into keyboard strokes. You may have a couple buttons that do different things in different aircraft but I'm confident you can manage. My two cents, the profiles in target i used for older sims were created by someone else and seem to involve a bit of target scripting that is above and beyond my knowledge. Also if using a usb hub, ensure it's a powered usb hub with it's own power source. When things are working correctly il-2 great battles should recognize all of your input devices without the need for target or other controller programming software. Are you running standalone or steam version? As steam has some controller settings of it's own, which you can disable to rule out conflicts due to that. If after installing TM drivers buttons still aren't working without target, i'd check usb and mainboard drivers to be on the safe side, failing that and pressing more buttons in the in game menus trying to find a cause I'd see about returning it for a replacement to rule out a dud. from your il-2 install directory /data/input/devices.txt should list all of your connected directx/xinput devices that were connected when you launched the game. Mine - just from launching the game with devices connected. "Thrustmaster Combined" would be the titled of the virtual device with target running, where without it would list each device separately, and the number at the start of each line is a device identifier. I.e. when you map buttons in-game if 1 is your stick, it'll show "joy1 button 1" for assigning trigger stage one. Same example using my devices.txt it would be "joy4 button 1" Please don't be insulted by this suggestion, but you are going into the keymapping options in game and actually attempting to assign your switches to various functions right? You know, double clicking the command and being prompted for a button press or axis motion? My guess would be that you have, I'm just trying to cover everything I could think of for "hat switches not working" Also verify in windows that the controllers are connected via typing "Usb game controllers" into cortana and pressing enter. My stick's not plugged in at the moment but - YOu can click properties for any device and check button functionality to help you determine whether it's windows or something specific to il-2, or something you've done with target. Without target, your throttle, your joystick, and your pedals should all be listed as separate devices.
  25. Necro'ing this old thread rather than making my own on this topic. Having purchased Bodenplatte, and getting into the territory of gyroscopic gunsights, and the adjustable turbocharger of the jug, my control needs for individual aircraft vary. Using a combo of MSFFB2 and a warthog throttle, I have 4 axes to use for various things, minus the slew nub on the throttle that isn't very useful due to it's self centering nature. Up until now I've been able to manage with duplicate binds as the Spit was the only aircraft with an adjustable gunsight, and was able to use axes I use for radiators and the stabilizer in various german fighters for gunsight controls. Not knowing what to expect with the p-38 and me. 262, I have to admit I'd love it if there were a box I could uncheck that allowed for individual joystick mapping per aircraft, that when unchecked would offer a dropdown box with all available aircraft in the controls menu. It'd take me a lot longer to bind controls this way, but in the end it would make joystick mapping decisions a lot easier when it comes to gunsights and rads and trims. I'd argue there's a case for immersion here as well, as controls across various cockpits are in different locations, as well as this opening up the opportunity for DIY home cockpit builders to have some fun. The suggestion of a checkbox that is checked by default, for those who prefer the controls the way they are, imo the best of both worlds.
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