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  1. I am totally in when they provide VR support. But I've given away my TrackIR camera and lukeclip. It'd be nice to know they updated the controller configuration system to behave like IL-2's does, as well as found a way to fix the bugs with FFB, if possible. While I appreciate what they've done with CLoD, after flying with VR as long as I have been I just can't go back to the pancake.
  2. I've been flying IL-2 and my other favorite VR capable sim lately after a long hiatus of not flying any sims, and I have to give the Il-2 dev team props. While this platform is one where there is always room for improvement, many of the things I've personally wanted to see in game are now features in Il-2 GB. as well as things I might not have asked for. There are still some bugs that could use ironing out.. Features that could be added.. but it's nice to see the team is finding time for improvement along with bringing new content and maps. I know myself and quite a
  3. You seem to be missing the point. I'm not asking for advice on graphics settings. I never said anything about me trying to render at your resolution.. just that your performance will differ from mine unless I do render at your resolution, and even then I'm running a different system and gpu than you. No amount of changing graphics settings will change the fact that there is less clarity in VR vs a monitor and this has been a known factor since day one of VR which to this day is still true. Your own previous comments allude to this as well. Hence, definition of objects at further distan
  4. You get that my HMD requires SS to to even get close to rendering the amount of pixels of your Pimax's native resolution right? I've tried various combinations of settings and MSAA on provides the sharpest image and most defined aircraft shapes with my headset. Regardless of settings... VR doesn't offer the sharpness of silhouettes that one can get using a monitor from far distances. Period. Thanks.. I've got plenty of experience with both. The addition of various levels of zoom in VR is a nice touch, but it doesn't quite offer a level playing field with visibility on a monitor, which wa
  5. 0.o Let's not act like zooming in VR at the same distance offers the same benefit it gives people on a monitor. I could clearly make out wing shapes and see smaller details like how many radiators and whether they were on wings or fuselage from relatively far distances with max zoom on a 3440x1440 screen where I have to be within about 1-3KM to make out any of those details in VR while zooming, and that's with supersampling + msaa 4x. I'm glad I don't have to keep installing 3dmigoto after every update, but I do miss being able to zoom in enough to actually see details before I'd spent all
  6. Perhaps it's time to start looking into SRS or increasing your squad's ranks with some fighter pilots. It's not just you who gained the risk of being spotted. I wasn't behind the argument of "I can't solo sneak my bomber behind enemy lines" for the last visibility update either. Doesn't make sense to me. Flying alone or in pure bomber flights? There should be risks involved. My only real gripe about the current system is that aircraft shrink when you zoom in from far away. VR still doesn't offer the sharp silhouettes I was able to see at distance when using a monitor. Othe
  7. Lone bombers sneaking through to target areas doesn't exactly sound all like a realistic experience to me anyways. There are reasons they flew in large numbers with escorts. We aren't flying F-117 Nighthawks.
  8. Making auto-pause at start optional is probably not the most demanding programming task asked of a team of developers, friends. Options are good. Some of us like it..some of us don't. They can appease us all on this one. Lines of code and a check box in the menu gui. During the development of another game I play 1 programmer was able to add a more complex task overnight once requested. A group of 6 devs. If you're fine with the way it is, you're good... those of us that aren't are making a pretty simple and reasonable request. All of my hotas bindings are used, some even duplica
  9. Necro'ing a two year old thread because I was googling to see if there were a file I could edit to disable the auto-pause at start of a single player mission... after I've clicked start I've had enough time to put my hands on my stick and throttle.. have my VR headset on and would prefer not to fumble for a button/key that I couldn't fit on my hotas setup. Start means start imo. Worth adding to the next possible update imo. Just a checkbox or something that turns it off for those that prefer it that way.
  10. Title pretty much says it. This has actually been a long standing issue since kuban or perhaps earlier. Trim using a FFB joystick at one point a year or two ago worked completely fine in these aircraft, but all versions of the IL-2 and Pe-2 don't seem to work correclty anymore, requiring pretty much 100% nose up trim to fly level, and that's only after you hit speed. Otherwise it wants to nose down.
  11. Loving the update, for a lot of reasons, but most of all the view distance and visibility updates make me =D
  12. Restarted engines in the thing after throttling down too quickly, got just below about 500kph before I turned them back on and was back up to 630+ in no time. Feels like your only real chance at nailing another fighter is if they're flying rather straight and level or maybe climbing/diving but without turning. When you set the stab to tail heavy, you do get a little more control in a turn fight but I feel like it's just putting yourself at risk. After a sortie or two in it, I feel like if you get caught anywhere but landing/taking off you're flying it wrong. Even if you aren't able to l
  13. So, I hate to be this guy, but I'm pointing at the big yellow "Donate" button at the top center of your snip .
  14. It's kind of funny, seeing the same names argue against any point against particular features repeatedly, for which many of us have been flying on taw for years, and didn't really have much complaint and therefore no reason to come to the forums until cold starts came along, then new features that make it harder to spawn in and do anything, when the balancing of teams changes throughout the day. The people I fly with switch sides almost every campaign. I'm starting to wonder if the current campaign design is the result of a few people, repetitively arguing against any differing
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