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  1. Yak-1b WoL Adventure

    Although watching some VVS tumbling and spinning and then watching them climb having apparently lost no E is just as amazing and entertaining.
  2. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    He is asking a question, not making a statement! Therefore, before you start calling BS, perhaps we should all be better informed and understand the issues as calling BS is just as bad perhaps as calling things nerfed! Whether you believe it is nerfed or BS, it should be based on factual evidence, otherwise the discussion will go nowhere, so at least be respectful to a post that is perhaps seeking guidance/help/assistance! That said, there is a FM area, where perhaps this could be better discussed Regards
  3. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    You might want to take this over to the FM discussion area, as there are lots of similar discussions happening there, mate! Needless to say you are not alone, but only evidence etc etc will work, however, my concern is that if people believe it is becoming like an arcade shooter then they will leave; me included! regards
  4. Yak-1b WoL Adventure

    Nice video, however, wow, it looked like you had full elevator control at +650 KMh. What is the limited with the Yak-1B for elevator control or doesn't if lock-up like the 109 as I would have thought that a pilot would not be able to pull against those forces.
  5. Tactical Air War

    Gents, I relish the opportunity and congratulate the TAW server for trying to take this sim to the next level. I have been playing in WOL with techno off to try and better understand what is happening with the instruments, otherwise the developers perhaps should not have even bothered trying to make a cockpit as we could have all used the techno chat. However, having a server that turns it off for all, I believe is leveling the playing field for all players and allowing us an opportunity to now test not only navigating and dog-fighting skills, but more importantly playing (flying) the aircraft, as being able to fly the aircraft is the most important element of flight. I use to play CLOD, and most players were able to manage without GPS, techno chat, therefore, lets give it a go here in TAW! That said, allowing a whole campaign having no techno chat, could be used to gauge players reactions to know if it should become the norm on subsequent campaigns, therefore, nobody should be afraid to embrace this. Regards
  6. Gents, Just another question regarding German tank sights. Where should the tank triangle sight be placed on the target please? Is there an idiots youtube how to aim, range find and fire please as my village is missing me! Regards H
  7. Thank you for that as it does probably explain the issue. Hopefully it gets sorted as my next plan of action was to move to Europe. However, I will hold off until cables are repaired as I think the Wife would not appreciate moving! Regards
  8. I'm starting to wonder what is going on! Hopefully when Battle Of Pacific is released it should be resolved as that was closer to Australia OK, it looks like a few of us are now having more issues logging on since the patch. Cheers for answering!
  9. My pings all show zero (0) and red. I'm sure we have spoken before as I was born in Rinteln. I use to live in 2/12 DickensWeg Charlottenburg and went to school in Gatow! EDIT Sorry it was SCG_Fenris_Wolf that knew Rinteln very well. Regards Exactly the same here! Cheers for that. I no longer feel like a leper! H
  10. 1.JaVA flying the P-40

    I'm no Dutch speaker but in simple terms I would read that as "A nice film Gentlemen" so not sure how you got women from Heren! However, always happy to stand corrected and would be interested to see what the real translation is from Dutch/flemish or whatever it is! Regards
  11. Gents, I just wanted to ask if anybody else was having issues logging into MP since the last up-date? Although I'm in Australia, prior to the up-date I could play on WOL without any major problems, however, since the up-date I'm continually getting kicked. Therefore, is this just an "Aussie" issue and just happens to coincide with the up-date, or is my issue not just me and is happening to others either in Australia or anywhere else and is just a WOL server issue. However, in saying that I have issues now with just about any server outside of Australia. When I do get into a server my FPS appears to have settled down, but the continual getting kicked is really starting to annoy me! Happy for any feed-back or help regarding this issue! FYI, I'm on NBN with fibre from the node to my house (iinet) Regards
  12. Gents, FPS whilst using WOL since the up-date has gone from 60 to 35, therefore I'm rather disappointed at this stage and I'm getting to the point where I can no longer be bothered to play on any MP server. I have bought BOK and the La5 FN and G6 etc etc, so I'm not one for not supporting the team, but seriously the FPS drop is now a major problem. Although not a dig at the team, surely I shouldn't be seeing such a frame rate drop with this up-date!? I have tried lowering my settings, but it gets to the stage where there is no point in playing when it starts to look silly! Therefore, any constructive help would be appreciated to allow me to appreciate the full delights of the game! Regards H
  13. Wooo hoooo - 3.001 release tomorrow

    I think that stops when you get married!
  14. Test roll rate fw 190A3 Bf109F4 La5 LaGG3

    Oh Mike, I see no hostility here at all and if you remember from my original post I asked that people try to keep things civil. However, as per many posts related to FM matters, there are some who like to deliberately wind players up and as such the post is eventually locked. My comment concerning your guess, is for somebody who appears to want facts and evidence, I would have expected perhaps a little bit more than an answer than some might believe to be intentionally stirring, as even if was a guess, it kind of flies in the face of your whole argument, as you didn't actually explain why you believed in would be irrelevant, as I for one was expecting some technical reply or some other explaination. This might appear to some as you deliberately being hostile and trying to start something as suggested by your popcorn emoji. Therefore, before you start with the whole I am a victim, we should all consider our responses before we hit submit. Therefore, lets all move on and stop with the silliness and have productive discussions, but based on facts to ensure we can get things changed in the proper manner, if needed!? AGREED? I apologise if you believe that I have been hostile towards you as that was certainly not my intention. That said, when my car doesn't work properly and I take it into the garage and the computer does a test and it says No Fault Found, perhaps sometimes our sixth sense or gut feelings can be correct, but it can be bloody frustrating getting the support to prove that there is a problem. At least I do not need to pay out anymore here!! Regards
  15. Test roll rate fw 190A3 Bf109F4 La5 LaGG3

    So having lectured us all in the first post above, when somebody asked a question even if they asked for a guess about a roll rate, rather than using a factual based scientific answer, in the second post above (dated first), you guessed that it would be irrelevant and then proceeded to have a drink and eat some pop-corn. So I guess this is an example of an opinion rather than a proven fact or is it pot calling kettle!? Whichever way it is meant, thank you for the sermon and forgive me for not now trusting your input nor do I buy it, in your own words, but thank you for your suggestion. Cheers Regards