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  1. Flowbee, Having purchased IL2 1946 and played in a sim with some of those aircraft being highly speculative, please just keep doing what you enjoy. Unfortunately not everything on the internet is correct/factual and indeed you only have to look at issues raised within this game to realise that. Indeed, I recently purchased a WW2 German Flying saucer model, that my kids thought was used in the war, so it just goes to show that not everything is as good and true as IrnBru! However, it is obvious that you have a talent for doing different skins, so crack on Big Yin and have fun. Regards
  2. @LukeFF, Thank you for that clarification. Regarding sounds, I watched a youtube a few years ago about another gaming franchise that dealt with sounds by actually recording historical tracked vehicles/weapons using museum pieces to ensure that the sounds were as near as damn it, factually based. Therefore, I apologise if it has been mentioned/asked before, but are the sounds in game genuine "recorded" sounds or are the current in game sounds generated from scratch (I'm not a software guy). Can anybody expand on that please? Regards
  3. Dakpilot, I notice you use "Pretty sure" as I indeed used "sure". That said, I'm almost sure that "sure" in the court of law doesn't imply it to be 100% fact! In addition, I believe dismissing others views is just as insulting and to be honest, I can't be arsed looking through the whole FM A-3 thread as to who said what, why and when. What i do know is that I believed the FM was correct (as the so called evidence was dubious) and had faith in the system that it was correct as why wouldn't have been!? My own very thoughts were proven wrong and hence since then I have always had a more open approach and try not be so so dismissive of others views as happened with the whole FM discussion! However, each to their own! At the end of the day, this is after all only a PC game, so what I think isn't really a first world problem! Regards
  4. Geronimo, You must remember that he is a tester as well as the author of the BOS manuals (haven’t read those), although not a developer. You have to expect and realise that as a tester he will know things that the rest of us will not be aware of. However, I’m also sure he was adamant all those years ago that the A-3 FM was correct, until they changed it. I think some of the sounds could be better, however perhaps there are more pressing issues that need addressing and as such I’m sure things will be resolved, eventually. Regards
  5. Haza

    8th USAF

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7167249/Incredible-restored-footage-WWII-bombers-crews-carrying-raids-Nazi-Germany.html "After examining wrecked B-17s and B-24s, Luftwaffe officers discovered that on average it took about 20 hits with 20 mm shells fired from the rear to bring them down". Although it took 50 hits with 20mm to bring down a Pe-2 (OK, last sentence is tongue and cheek!!) regards
  6. Well depending if you are stood next to the aircraft on the portside the front tank would be on the left and the rear on the right! However looking from the stbd side it would be the opposite way around. Ok only teasing!
  7. Alonso, I realise and appreciate that you try and keep the maps level regarding aircraft types, however, any chance of a few more Me262s please? On one map (OP PARAVANE Sep '44) there was only one Me262 available with the same guy continually using it! At least other players appear to tell others when they have landed so it can be shared, rather than being selfish. Regards
  8. Some airfields are easier than others to get airbourne. Will wait! Regards
  9. Alonso, Thanks for including the Me262, however, any chance of having some spawn points on paved runways so we can use the 500kg bomb and extra fuel, please? Regards
  10. Some players talk about the ME262 bringing in new players. However, these same players appear to mock other players who may take a while to understand new or different things or perhaps tell them to look harder. We should perhaps all show a little patience towards each other as we can't all be gifted as those who mock. Together we can conquer! Regards
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