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  1. Ladies/Gents, I'm having issues logging in? Is the server down? Cheers
  2. Operation Garden Market type mission including towed gliders would be amazing to watch! Anyway, as much as I enjoy this server, playing 4:1 (20 red against 5 blue) is a little bit OTT for me and no matter how realistic the numbers are from a historical point, I for one will wait for the hype to die down. Regards H 21 against 5 now.
  3. I think the new plane set offer something for everybody and I agree that Alonso and his team are very capable of making bloody good maps and making this server so enjoyable. I think you are spot on regarding the novelty wearing off and things settling down. I'm just looking forward to a meteor or sabre! Regards H
  4. Mr Mobile, my observations are based on my time zone, therefore your comment about it being different is valid and certainly credible, however when players who rarely play on CB start going on about things, of course I will check to see if they do actually bother playing. In WOL about 2 or 3 years ago I only ever played red because everybody wanted to play blue. Something happened with the FM's and then lots of players flipped to red so I do understand player's frustrations. I enjoy the new BoBp aircraft set and just would like to see CB fully supported by us all and to be blunt, I merely suggested something to try and keep a level playing field in a PC game. It was a relief to know it was you and not a blue imposter! Anyway at least we all appear to agree that this server is great for maps and I really enjoy it and I just hope that we continue to support it. Regards PS. I'm not saying you need to play 100% on a server to have a view, either.
  5. I wasn't requesting anything be nerfed, however similar to the D-day landing map, perhaps blue needs to just be on the defensive a little bit more? It was only a suggestion! Regards Orel, Did you play under another name as your Stats seem to suggest you have been on Combat Box for a month or are you talking about your experience in another server as my comments are referring to game play in Combat box!?
  6. Majakowski, I can't recall many maps in this server that allow the 1000kg or larger ones on many aircraft, but thank you!
  7. Is this the same Mobile who used to complain about wanting to play blue so badly on WOL, yet he couldn't because reds were always outnumbered!?
  8. Alonso, With the new Allied plane set being released it is readily apparent that the Allies now have the upper hand with regards to ground attack and winning the objectives/ maps as can be clearly seen with the 32-1 maps won so far this month! Now I understand that everybody has got red fever, therefore, before the server turns into another WOL white-wash against blues, could some of the later war maps be adjusted to reflect the fact that the blues were defending and perhaps limit the number of objectives needed to win or something like that, as currently trying to win a map for blues is starting to become impossible! Just a suggestion and my thoughts! Regards
  9. Nice update and I'm so looking forward to the release of everything and I'm looking forward to Jason's announcement of the next game (hopefully happening soon) I like the pilot physiology video and I appreciate the previous update discussion regarding what it all means, however, I really hope that it is the goal of the team to introduce anthropomorphic type control restrictions associated with these effects as other wise I see little value with introducing the pilot physiology. However, I'm waiting for the usual "It will never happen" types to get on their soap boxes. Although I'm only a PPL, I recently experienced +5G (4th gen fighter with a G suit) for the first time and understand how pilot's need to build that tolerance/resistance to G loading both - and +,so in SP I can see how that might be introduced. I found that even at +5G, I became very tired not being able to move my limbs freely whilst trying to look around and appreciated the HOTAS system. However replicating this within the sim is going to be bloody difficult, but this team have demonstrated they can do amazing things! The video effects with he heavy breathing and the narrowing of the vision looks really good and does add to the immersion, but the proof in the pudding for me will be the future limitations that will be associated with these types of manoeuvres. Having the ability to still to be able to move freely around a cockpit and operate numerous controls/switches if pulling such manoeuvres needs to be eventually addressed (even if players own a HOTAS type system) and it will be interesting to see how this will be managed, as other wise it will just end up being a nice bit of eye candy that perhaps will just be turned off if an option! Regards H
  10. Just be thankful you didn't get the usual 4 engine spin and that even the end of the world will never happen! On second thoughts let’s just have a Manchester!
  11. Have you tried Combat Box server? I usually find that the ping is better on that server. Regards
  12. Yeah, VVS aircraft!
  13. Haza


    Feathered, Thanks for the heads-up. Having read this, I have disabled the auto update on steam for CLOD. Regards H
  14. OneBad, Have you therefore "revised" your thinking regarding purchasing TF5.0 when you get answers like that? Regards
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