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  1. Try here! https://www.youtube.com/c/TheAirCombatTutorialLibrary/featured
  2. Hi KB, Try this link and the one below will take you to a lot more tutorials! https://www.youtube.com/c/TheAirCombatTutorialLibrary/featured
  3. @Jason, Just wondering whether you guys might be thinking of doing a 'cry baby' emoji? I would happily pre-order that, as well! I'm sure I wouldn't have any issues using it in the forums! Hopefully there will be Sd.Kfz 7/1 soon as well!? regards
  4. Another Bigchieftalkingbollox Kiwi, just what we need, if the NRL is anything to go by! 🥳. I guess Kiwi and English makes you bi-lingual.
  5. I don't believe that there are any points. I did four supply sorties in an A-20 and after each spawn out was informed that I had ditched. Are there any para drop re-supplied for Blue or is it land only?
  6. Just interested to know why you would want to be on the deck so close to an AF, when the majority of those AFs are a lot further away than some of the objectives? I guess you could always find an enemy and shoot at him as you would soon get a message warning if you were within 8km 😆
  7. Talon moonlighting on the Stbd engine?
  8. @Admin, As it would appear that most maps go the full time (Approx 2 1/2 hrs), without a clear winner, with <40% of players actually attacking ground objectives, is it worth trying the following: a. Reduce map duration to 2hrs? This would allow an additional map to be played when the server is most populated (noting that usually >100 players are in game over 4 consecutive maps). b. Reduce the number of objectives required by one? This would hopefully allow the map to have a definitive winner, rather than a map being won by default? Thus allowing a quicker turn-over of maps. Anyway, just a thought! Regards
  9. Just a pity in my time zone, with such a fast server, it is empty in comparison to others!
  10. Just waiting for Professor Dolores Umbridge to appear.
  11. The Finnish server does it rather well. CB during my time zone is lucky to get into double figures and in deed checking the stats, I would say that 40% of the time the server has less than 50 players. It would be great for the server to have some ability for when numbers were low that the server allowed tanks as this might draw in other players. However, as you have already mentioned, the server is very 'air focussed' so it is limited for combined arms warfare. Perhaps as BON develops we may see other servers appear that cater for this style of gaming. Regards
  12. =ABr=Belllo, Thank you for your comments and I would like to draw your attention to your last sentence. 'It's just a game, play for fun' Was it not Red-skull, who started the whole 'whine' about what others were doing and suggesting that it wasn't fair? Indeed he even suggested that they were doing things just for their stats even after Alonso advised that it wasn't against the rules? Therefore, please focus your ABr positive energy on Redskull as I think he needs your love and support more than me! Regards
  13. I think you will find that the main objective of the map is to attack, to win! Imagine a map where everybody just stays in their own area defending; hang on that's you! If you want to hide behind 'defending' as your excuse then fill your boots! I refer to both BLW and ABr, as both clan's are in my time zone, with both usually doing the same thing, hence my reference! Answer your question!? Regards
  14. @ Redskull, If they are at the unrecognised target, just wondering why you are hanging around in that location? I'm fast losing interest in this server (my time-zone), as most maps go full time and most players hang around objectives (recognised or not), looking for easy kills, (as we all have done at at one time or another, including me). However, this style of game play becomes tiresome very quickly and I don't understand why players just keep doing the same thing, however, perhaps the glory of looking good in the game stats is the allure. In-need, yesterday, I was bounced twice by the BLW guys while I was in the climb out in a bombed up P-47-22. These guys were hanging around just outside the airbase for easy kills as they do on a almost daily basis. They were later called out for hanging around one of the objectives, doing the same thing. I eventually left the server, as with 26 on each side, with only a handful of players actually attacking, no longer appeals to me. Therefore, before you start accusing others of chasing stats, you should have a look in the mirror and at the rest of your ABr clan, as certainly you guys seem to follow the BLW pattern of hanging around objectives. Therefore, running to the admins complaining about people doing things, while doing something similar is pot calling kettle. Therefore, suck it up princess and get over it, it's a pc game with other servers to choose from, if you don't like what you see. To keep my interest in this server, I personally would like to see random targets that require to be found and are not repeated at the same location for subsequent maps. The flotilla is an excellent example of what could be done, however, as you are now demonstrating, once players know where a target will be, they hang around for easy kills just for their stats. Oh hang on, isn't that what your issue was? Regards
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