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  1. Nah, I'm sure 'Next Friday' will not become the new 'In 2 weeks for sure'.
  2. Operation Goodwood release?
  3. Are you sure that the Panthers, that are usually at the rear spawn area, are re-supplied by the JU52, or is your 'IIRC' an assumption? I thought that the resupply was always for the fwd spawn area. regards
  4. Five per hour or five in total? If only five in a 5 1/2 hr map, would be rather disappointing! In addition, on some of the maps it takes the tanks inn the rear spawn area at least 30/45mins to get to the front spawn area, therefore, please reconsider where they are located. Regards
  5. Admins, At 5:1, it would appear that reds can easily win without the current blue restrictions. Therefore, could you please consider lifting the blue limitations, please? Being killed in a panzer by a U2 with one rocket, perhaps would suggest reds have nothing to worry about. Regards
  6. Didn't Peter put his finger into one of those?
  7. Roman numbering? D=500 V=5 Therefore 500+500+5= 1005 so next aircraft is https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=1717 bugger, aircraft was cancelled, oh well worth a try!!
  8. I would argue that the war was lost before it started and would recommend Hitler's War on Russia by Charles Winchester as it is an interesting read. I think before we just discuss numbers we would have to consider the psychological and technological advancements as well. Certainly the technological advancements can't be simulated on a server that allows chat, tech info and other real time comms. As such any real life advancements that one side truly had can't be simulated here. In addition, I would be interested to see how many so called sim players or die hards would b
  9. Hi Untamo, Thank you for that clarification. Thankfully you realised the 7:1 was in reference to the campaigns won and had nothing to do with player ratio as the other stats contradicted such a massive difference in the number of wins. Regards H
  10. It's a pity that each individual player isn't given an allocation of aircraft/tanks per map or campaign as that way players might be less likely to waste their lives or take risks. However, to be blunt I do not want the fun to be taken out of the server, but would like something to be done to try and level the playing field as otherwise players will lose interest. At the end of the day, it's only a game, but you need two sides to make this game worthwhile in MP. Knowing that your efforts are not making a difference, will quickly see players no longer bother
  11. Hi 6FG, Thanks for you words. I note your comments, however, for me the server is becoming just a rinse and repeat exercise now for nearly every map. Perhaps for one month, everything should be made available with no locks etc, as it would be interesting to see the outcome(s). Regarding the tanks, only allowing about 4 Panthers and 4 Tigers in total in the later maps for me is farcical, and that's without even talking about the Me262 limits. Watching some players who spawn into those machines and then 15min later leave the server with over 5hrs playing time
  12. Hi Admin, Owing to the fact that it is becoming a little tiresome continually watching reds win, rather than just jumping sides and play red, would the admin's perhaps have another look at the blue aircraft / tank number limitations and type selections please, in the interest of the server not becoming like other servers? In the stats, team blue appear to kill more air and ground targets but at 7: 1, I'm not sure how they can ever win. In-addition, could you move the tank spawn area a little further away from say an objective, as I'm fed up being spawn kille
  13. CCG_Pips, Thank you for making this personal and referring to me and as such I will respond to you directly. To be blunt, I care little about my stats showing that I got a tank that you were controlling. However, just spawning out of the tank with the slightest of damage within enemy territory and indeed within the compound of an objective and you are still alive and not even captured, is a game issue that you are exploiting. You attacking a target that is further away, is no different from an aircraft attacking a rear target. Therefore, if you are willing to take a cha
  14. Untamo, Thanks for the quick reply/answer. It is just a little frustrating to see that players can take advantage of this, however, I guess that's just the way the game is if it is corrupted. Now that I've seen players doing it with my own eyes, I now understand how there are a few players with really high kill streaks even though their tanks have been destroyed, as they appear to be able spawn out intentionally before they get killed. Enough said! Regards
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