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  1. Temuri, I would sooner see a limited pool of specific tank types to try and appease everybody rather than banning or allowing both sides access to the same assets. This is the common sense that I refer to.
  2. I know that the Germans used captured P-51s as well, so perhaps we can have a few P-51s with German markings to even up the sides a bit!? Hopefully, common sense will prevail!
  3. @Temuri, Just like to say thank you for at least considering all options! Regards @CountZero, I care as well, that's why I'm happy to support and pay full price. Let's be honest $70-80 isn't a lot, really! Regards
  4. Mate, I'm well versed in the English language and I know exactly what I wrote! The reason that I will not be playing tanks here has nothing to do we having or not having the upper hand and is all about choice and being able to have access to things that I have purchased. This is after all just a game and I think I know historically how it all finished. I could throw the same statement back at you as now that you have got what you want you are happy, although only time will tell if this decision has an impact on over all numbers, although I'm well aware of the stats, thank you. I actually got to play the 262 on this server the other day, although it will be interesting to see if we have similar discussions before that is "banned". As a new play to this server, I still intend on supporting numbers by trying out all the aircraft, until such time they get banned. What the admins do is up to them as it is their server, however, trying to keep everybody happy will be interesting and a task I'm glad I do not have to do. Regards
  5. @Count, Not sure if you are just trolling in this forum! I notice that you don't even own TC, yet are happy to throw stones and on closer inspection on your stats, you are hardly a supporter of the server, with approx 11 sorties in the last 9 months! I guess we could all go play on WOL, where there are more locks than the Bank of England! Indeed, even having a lock on the German homing system in the aircraft, in a server with GPS perhaps shows the mid-set! I think if you check other servers, you will find that there are more tank players here than on any other MP server, so i'm not sure how you can say players don't want to waste their time in tanks! I guess you have the same views with FC as well, although, I note that you don't own that either! I'm sad to see that tanks have now been restricted in this server, however, I'm happy to spend another $80 on tanks! Enjoy!
  6. I'm sorry to see this. I actually enjoyed this server as it catered for all tastes and allowed players to try everything (especially TC). Restricting or limiting access is one thing, removing totally perhaps is pandering for a few, who will now be happy that they can have the upper hand in the T-34. We appear to have similar issues/arguments on other servers regarding access to aircraft because of either imbalance or historical reasons. Players alway appear to want the historical outcomes to ensure success. I for one hope this decision will be reviewed if it starts to impact either overall tank player numbers or the ground battle. However, I'm sure we will see the resurgence of the red tank players and everybody will be happy. Perhaps we need to limit both sides to only 2 aircraft types as well!? Anyway, I for one will no longer be partaking in the tank battles with such draconian measures in place. Regards
  7. 'VW of the sky'? Obviously the 410 will not have any emmision issues!? Regards
  8. So what do you expect the outcome to be from doing this?
  9. I bet in VR, if you look behind you, you will see Chewy!
  10. Gents, As I witnessed with CLOD, servers will come and go! Most servers start off being very accommodating to player's 'wants and needs' and as their popularity grows, so does the sense of invincibility and the belief that they can do and treat players as they wish as it is 'their server, their rules'. I for one certainly welcome any changes in this server that are made to ensure balance, however, this is a game of 2 camps and as such both camps need to be managed carefully as without one, there is no game! For those who mock others for speaking out for raising their views (some times difficult for non-English speakers to express themselves) or tell these individuals to start their own servers if they don't like it, or go elsewhere, I would say be careful what you wish for! I'm sure I'm not the only player who, like a moth to the flame, will log on to the most populated server, so I would question how loyal most players really are to a server! Therefore, I for one hope that the revised balancing in CB works, as without 2 sides, there is no game and after all, this is only a PC game! However, only time will tell! Regards
  11. Hi Alonso, It doesn't take Einstein to check the stats to see that a lot of air kills are generated within less than a minute of an objective being attacked, indeed, your previous comments about the Tempest types perhaps speak volumes! Anyway, as per the old SOW CLOD server, is there any way of not exposing the targets to the other side, or perhaps limiting when certain objectives appear to the other side to at least allow the attacking side an opportunity to attack? I certainly don't want to make the server unplayable when numbers are low, but watching guys just circle objectives on the bases that they are 'protecting it' can make a game very boring for those on their own and attacking. Anyway, just a thought! Regards
  12. I've put many an engine fire out on the 262 by dropping the nose and gaining speed, so putting fires out is at least possible!
  13. During the last patch, I started to hear the sound as my frame was hit by enemy fire. However, I no longer hear anything. Therefore, is this just an MP issue for me, or is the issue back? Regards
  14. I certainly wasn't suggesting that either, however, I read your post to imply that no other servers appealed to you and hence my question regarding what you did when TAW was down. I certainly don't belong to a squad nor do I have that sense of yearning or belonging so I guess it goes to show that everybody plays for different reasons. This perhaps goes to show why it is so difficult to attract and keep players or squads in servers and why it is so disappointing to read that some players care little that people are 'walking away' from servers. Regards
  15. Of course you have to go and play where you want to. I'm not at all bitter, however, playing a game for me when there is little opposition has nothing to do with being bitter, for me it is just a game. That said, I guess you must be the better man as I play to be entertained or challenged as that is for me the fun part. When it becomes boring, I will leave, as it is a game and not a real life struggle. However, when TAW is not running where do you go? Regards
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