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  1. Haza

    Where to after BoBP

    As much as I enjoy the IL2 franchise, for me the thought of another Eastern Front type campaign would really stretch my support Meteor!
  2. Haza

    SpitIX FM and DM bugs.

    I guess if you just look at 7/12/2018 it could be read as either 7 Dec 2018 or 12 Jul 2018, as different countries use either the month and day in a different order so it is not always easy to tell if you just read a post in a rush. In deed, just looking at his post above, i would have thought that he was replying to a recent issue this month However, in this case having looked at the OP that he was referring to and checking the audit trail, I acknowledge the fact that the OP does show the "POSTED" month as July at the top and July as the "edited" month at the bottom of the OP. I guess in this case it was just a school boy error. Regards
  3. Haza

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    @BuzzSaw, Sounds like you might have another tester!? 202X perhaps?
  4. I'm sure that the OP mentioned that the sim "Was becoming a polished sim" and I didn't read or believe that he inferred that it was polished! In addition, I think that he was referring to how fast that this up-date on the back of the other one had arrived! However, once again from my limited observations of you in this sim and indeed on MP you are always in one server and in a Spit, so perhaps try other servers and experience other airframes before you start the doom and gloom statements!
  5. Wow, it is like listening to Yoda-AeroAce! Just missing the Mmmm!
  6. FlyingShark, Hopefully this link below might be helpful if you are referring to a similar encounter/question that I raised!? Therefore, I do not believe that the throttle has changed, although it would appear that there are two types, depending on whether you select gyro-guns sights or not and therefore perhaps you have not realized this level of detail, as i overlooked this as well. Regards
  7. Haza

    Pe-2 impossible to land on 1 engine

    I never land with flaps with one engine out and just come in that bit faster and usually with a slightly higher AoA. I usually land with no flaps as you are never sure if you will have equal symmetry with the flaps, as usually for me an engine out by enemy engagement, usually takes out flap(s) out as well, although I notice that one flap is missing from the good "engine side" rather than the stopped engine side! Therefore, on twin engines, my rule is one engine out, no flaps! Regards
  8. JV69badatflyski, Thank you for your reply, however, in your OP you wrote the following "what's missing in the game is a better planeset, make the wurger and the spit9 and you'll see people coming back". I was merely pointing out that within BOX there is already the "wurger" A-3, 5 and 8 and the Spit MK VB and IX (no specific models were mentioned), therefore, these frames are already available so I was unsure as to why you believed that players would come flocking back for the 190A2/A3 or Spit MK9 M61? In addition, I'm confused as to why you believe that "Players will be back cause it will be something new, something BOX can't provide, nor the planes, nor the map" as certainly since I stopped playing CLOD in about 2014, nothing really new has appeared, although during this same period the BOX franchise have produced a number of different frames and maps. In addition, as has been mentioned numerous times, the franchise of BOX has no intention of competing with Team Fusion with it's current aspirations of maps and frames etc and Jason has been on record to confirm this, therefore, that is why BOX isn't or can't provide this. I believe that the success of Team Fusion will depend on players investing in the TF5.0 product and as I'm sure that you can see from my profile, I certainly buy above and beyond regarding BOX and indeed have no problems gifting as well to support the team and I hope to do the same with TF5.0, if it is worth it. Therefore, just giving advice and praise without actually showing any real financial commitment, I personally believe is worthless and as such I'm surprised that there isn't even a pre-order option to at least get the money rolling in. However, perhaps Team Fusion needs to have a completed TF5.0 before they are able to sell the game and perhaps this is the fly in the ointment with its release date, who knows, although perhaps Buzz-Saw is unable to really discuss this because of contractual issues. That said, just making a few new frames with the addition of one new map, may or may not have players flocking to the game as the current advancements being undertaken by BOX with such things as VR, new modeled pilots, new campaigns, WW1 additions, new maps, new SP campaigns, new graphics, new frames and even now tanks, may just be to much for Team Fusion to compete with, although I would like to think that if the product was good enough and not just a re-badged version of the current game, I would certainly be interested in purchasing TF5.0 and beyond. Regarding your JU-87 and B-17 comments, the current BOX Ju-87 dive recovery system for me is not a major issue and I can live with it, however, the inclusion of proper 4 engine bombers I believe will eventually be an issue for both Team Fusion and BOX, as everybody would like to see them in either game. Therefore, I certainly agree with you that perhaps if Team Fusion were able to complete this task and do it well, I'm sure that this would be an additional enhancement to attract new players, as the thought of crewing a 4 engine bomber really appeals to me. Lastly, In a nut shell, as has been mentioned by Buzz-Saw, perhaps the future post TF5.0 release depends on it selling, so currently all we can do is hope and wait that TF5.0 is released and is a success before the next BOX installment is announced, as perhaps that would be the final nail in the coffin for CLOD under Team Fusion management. Regards H
  9. Haza

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    That's good as I will pay for TF5.0 with my non-real life job earnings.
  10. Haza

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Just to add to that, try these guys as well! https://www.pccasegear.com/category/210_902/hard-drives-ssds/solid-state-drives-ssd
  11. Haza

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Was on my phone that didn't show profile location and thought you were WA, however, I guess SA just qualifies as being in 2018!!
  12. Haza

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    A rich ex RAN should easily be able to afford extra RAM so dont hold back, although not sure Perth is in 2018 yet!? PS. I only bought tank and FC to support the team so you will not be alone in your metal coffin.
  13. Haza

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    I think your question was very relevant. I asked a similar question regarding the 262 fighter as that thing low down will be wipped out. In saying that, I believe that Blacksix was possibly putting together a campaign to ensure that there was/is some high altitude engagements, although still only twin engine bombers. That said, in MP I wouldnt expect any high altitude bomber action as you only have to look at the current game franchise to see that the majority of MP server bomber engagements occur at less than 1500ft. I'm so looking forward to Pacific as I'm sure that players expectations of waves of MP bombers attacking will be met with a few low level attackers, although I hope to be proven wrong. However, it just demonstrates that without true 4 engine bombers, perhaps the WW2 IL2 franchise has reached its limits and perhaps has shown its weakness! However, hopefully these limitations can be overcome with time as the heavy 4 engine bombers is an aspect of the game with the likes of the B-17 and Lancaster that might open this WW2 experience even further. Regards
  14. Is there any way of allowing a tank that is spawning in say 20 seconds of invincibility where he can't be hit! I've tried spawning in many times and before I have even left the loading map screen, I have been killed by the usual guys sitting at 1800m and just spawn killing. (I've even found this now when spawning at an airfield) I realise that this server is more of a *hits and giggles type server and perhaps geared towards the WT age group or the arcade type player, but watching guys try and play in the server, only to leave because of these guys spawn killing is disappointing! Cheers
  15. I think that MP players will naturally migrate to where the most players are, so perhaps CLOD's survival is dependent on SP. That said, it will be interesting to see if BoBp will just draw players away and whether TF5.0 is that great to attract enough players to buy it to deliver son of 5.0. I've been waiting on the Wellington since about 2013/14 when there was excited talk about it coming soon. If the Wellington had been delivered or anything else of note as a drip feed type system (similar to BOS) then I would have signed up there and then! However, with the current mind-set (it's just around the corner) to be honest, my interest is at rock bottom and I will wait until TF5.0 is out and will wait to hear the feed-back before I commit to either SP or MP. Regards H