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  1. Haza


    SCG_Riksen, The stats labelled "ground targets destroyed" clearly reflects the fact that blues do indeed attack ground objectives, although I care little whether it is by fighter/attacker or bomber, the fact remains that blue guys do go on the offensive. However, when the fighter(s) could be used successfully and without locks as JABO's, this ability was locked very quickly as obviously the required outcome was not achieved, although if i'm not mistaken the unlocks being unlocked was after an up-date and was not an intentional move by this server and these locks were replaced very quickly. I use to play bombers a lot on the red side, however, when the 109 FM was changed, it was interesting to see how many blue guys moved over to the red side, as perhaps the FMs were better/easier, who knows!? I have to laugh when I read CountZero talking about WOL being a balanced server, yet with every passing month with reds winning again and again, it would appear that little is done to perhaps try and give something to Blues to perhaps make the game a little bit closer or exciting, although I guess my idea of balance, differs from CountZero. Indeed CountZero clearly mentions that there are always players in WOL and with that, like a moth to the light, others automatically join in. I guess the number of players in the server wins hands down and it is these numbers that are used to show that nothing is wrong because players are in the server, therefore everything is tip-top! Or perhaps the fact remains, that most blue fighter/bomber types would love to drop bombs, but when this is taken away or limits imposed, they just do what they enjoy the most and of course enjoyment is what the game is all about. It is also very interesting to see every month, the same players who do the same thing, game in and game out, in the top 10 (maybe 15) with a usual 60/40 red split. Therefore, I do not recall ever seeing some of these players, playing a full month or even a week on the opposite side as that would effect their stats. Therefore, I think that CountZero's remark about them playing on the other side and winning, is once again laughable as taking players out of their comfort zone in a PC game can't be done, however, it is all about players getting their enjoyment! Indeed, from my own experience bombing as a red is certainly a lot easier than doing it as a blue and as such I have little interest in now bombing as a blue. Usually, before I spawn in at the start of a game, I check both sides to see what aircraft are on offer and what locks are implemented and it always intrigues me to see how many locks are applied to the blue side, with very minor locks for the red side. Yet in a server that is not meant to be like a real war, it appears that an artificial biased is applied and I can't think of any other reason or explanation for these locks apart from perhaps trying to ensure a certain outcome is achieved. However, it is obvious that the handicap given to the blues, is certainly working and perhaps now needs to be addressed, don't you think? At the end of the day, no matter what happens, like a sheep I will keep joining the server with the most guys, not because it is the best or worst, but because the human interaction is currently better than the Ai in SP. When another server comes along and draws those players away or offers something else, I too will join them like a moth and perhaps WOL will become like one of those old servers that CountZero mentioned previously, not because these servers are rubbish, but perhaps because they didn't bother trying to address any concerns, as of course everything is fine and dandy, so why change. Anyway, if everybody does what they want and has fun, surely this is the real aim of this game, until the next game is developed!? Regards
  2. Haza

    Tactical Air War

    Admins, Is there a way that the identification points/items at a target can be removed, as the number of guys that do a short bombing mission then leave the server, only to return having viewed their recorded tracks and know where the actual objective items are, is growing!? Being able to see the target in actual "real sim time" and knowing that there are only 2 trigger items in the target area to hit, surely means that we should just have red or blue dotes over the trigger points from the outset!? Anyway, just a thought! Regards
  3. Haza


    When I watch players that usually play red attackers/bombers (watched on replay), the usual tactic is to take off and fly at tree top height to the objective, where perhaps the design of the VVS aircraft is better suited for low-level attacks, where as the German aircraft were not really designed for this type of tactic on their own, as my understanding was that the CAS and BAI type air-frames of the Germans were used to assist the German army at the tactical level. In deed, even during the BoB, the Luftwaffe realised that low-level attacks such as the attack on RAF Kenley didn't really work and as such their multi-engine bombers usually attacked from altitude. Therefore, playing blue in a multi-engine bomber usually requires the player to take off, climb to a safe(ish) altitude to get to the objective. Now if you get to the objective without getting hit by either flak or bounced by fighters, the accuracy of your bombs will not be the same as if you are on the deck. Watching a map being rolled in less than an hour by reds, with most red attackers on the deck (usually being able to operate as a single frame), starts to perhaps become boring for blues, as the tactics that need to be employed by blues to attack reds can no longer be effectively employed on the deck and indeed watching an Il2 shoot down 4 attacking 109s on the deck, does cause me to RTB and leave. Therefore, I would sooner see the GPS turned off rather than unlocking the unlocks, however, as we continually see, when TAW starts up the interest in WOL wanes for those players who perhaps crave something a little bit more realistic. Therefore, I guess players should realise the limitations of WOL and should not expect things to evolve as they do in TAW to try and keep things even/level as WOL is a different game, although it is ironic that when reds lose in TAW there are as many arguments as there are here about reds winning. I guess the message here is, if you are not enjoying your experience in a server, take CountZero's advice and try another server, although I'm sure as BoBP evolves more servers will become available to give greater choice, so we should just be thankful that we have a number of servers such as WOL and TAW that allow us that freedom of choice, however, don't expect WOL to change! Regards
  4. Haza


    So is the rescue the spy map still in rotation? I only ask as this map appeared to encourage players to attack the spawned aircraft on the airfield before the spy plane could take off and as such did this effect the number of spy planes remaining and was it ok to vultch on this map? However, there were no ai aircraft to prevent vultchers that I can remember so will this be added as well? Regards
  5. Haza


    I like your last sentence! However, aren't the current ai gunners, for example in the Pe-2, more than a match for a humans ingenuity, as currently it would appear that ai gunners are perhaps making players experiences on this server miserable, to coin your phrase? Therefore are you implying that all ai gunners will from hence forth be set at the lowest setting, or is this already the case and the ai are just better than humans? Regards
  6. Haza


    I agree with your point(s), however, aren't enemy aircraft kills/destroyed, one of the ways of rolling a map in WOL? Therefore, if you bomb an airfield and kill say 4 aircraft, do those 4 not go towards the aircraft kills to roll the map? If not then perhaps this needs to be articulated as I always thought that airfields were fair game to roll a map? Surely you can't say that aircraft kill totals go towards rolling a map, but not if destroyed on the ground!? I'm a little confused now! Regards
  7. Haza


    CountZero, That might be the case, however, looking at the stats and the number of ground targets destroyed by Blues over the months where Blue have lost, the numbers would suggest that blue do a little bit more ground attacking than you think as the numbers are not that vastly different in the grand scheme of things. However, with the current locks in place regarding the Blue side, there is little if any incentive for blue players to get the opportunity to drop the big stuff, nor do they have the abilities of the Pe-2 gunners that has been discussed on numerous occasions. However, if you are correct in what you are saying, then unlocking all of the blue locks will not change anything, so why not unlock everything, as you have nothing to fear? Regards
  8. Tom, To be honest, TC Cap is still in early access, so there are lots of things that hopefully the team will address! However, I would encourage you to try the Tiger and all of the other stuff and if you have Real life experience that could help these developers, then I would encourage you to raise those issues in the suggestions area! Regards
  9. Haza

    Tank Crew

    Firstly, neither of the current blue tanks really have the speed that the T-34 has in this game to get to the opposite spawn area as quickly as the T-34 does, to then just spawn kill! Very rarely do you see a KV in the server, so please do not make out that blues do not try! Secondly, as you have already eluded to it is obvious that the Russian or Eastern European speaking (Not mentioning any former Russian speaking type countries in case it upsets somebody) guys must have great comms, so yes blue might lack that! Thirdly, hiding under trees to stop bombs is great, although it is a pity that Japan didn't grow bigger tress during WW2 to stop those 2 big bombs, as we all know how great tress are at stopping bombs with no apparent damage to them in this game! Hopefully this issue gets addressed again soon, as watching a tree take no damage from bombs or ammo yet can be run over is just shocking, although it is better than being invisible with rounds flying through forests! Fourthly, WTF is Fornite? The reason why blue players are leaving, is that the vast majority are over being continually spawn camped or killed by a T-34 with one shot from 500m whilst in a Tiger! Fifthly, I'm glad that there are blue guys who don't complain, however those are the die-hard Efront players that you rarely see anywhere else, however, looking at the numbers that actually populate EFront overall, I'm guessing that there are only a hand full of players, as in my experience most new players join, get killed a few times then leave. I think as you put it EFront is just a Russian speaking red server for tank players and the non Russian speaking Blue players players are fed up with the Russian mind-set of spawn killing, however, I guess that has never crossed your mind!? In-deed, I recorded a number of video tracks (last one about 13 hrs ago) and when viewed you are either hiding behind a building on the oppositions spawn area or sitting in tress waiting, almost 99% of the time in a T-34! Now those perhaps were great tactics IRL or the Great Patriotic war or whatever it was called, however, in a PC game, players kind of get *issed of with this type of game play and will leave, as I witnessed today! Therefore, I for one have given up on this server totally and wouldn't recommend it to anybody else, unless you are a red player who speaks Russian and for the reasons that you have mentioned, although it would be interesting to know how many actual Russian speaking players own TC when compared with non Russian speakers who play blue! Therefore, until the game is officially released, I think that early access TC is just becoming a white-elephant and perhaps stopping more players from buying it, as certainly in this server, there are no real advantages to owning TC, as you rarely ever see a KV and most Tigers are killed at range by T-34s! Regards
  10. Isn't the radio operator the LMG gunner as well? If I recall, I did mentioned that the commander position would be locked as if I'm correct, you don't have to own TC to actually get into a tank to play if somebody else owns it in game! Therefore, only paying TC customers should be able to perhaps either drive or be the commander in MP servers and as such limit the accessibility to those who don't own it! Therefore, it would be a great way of getting guys interested by letting them become part of the crew, without taking over your tank when you move positions! It was only an idea to get more players interested, but if you want to mock me then carry on, but at least read and understand what was written and what I was eluding to. Regards
  11. I look forward to a MP tank battle where we have tanks crewed 100% by human players (although perhaps locking the commander position if you do not own the game as this might encourage more players to buy the game). This franchise side of IL2 could be really good if it works out well, however, perhaps all of the things above and more that have been discussed by numerous players, perhaps needs to be resolved! I concur with SCG_Riksen, that until something is done, being a blue player has no advantages and the turkey shoot will continue! Regards
  12. Haza

    Tank Crew

    No need to be sorry, however, what you are implying is that one side is trying to actually capture the flag. However, from my recent experience that is not the case and we have players just sitting there spawn camping! Feuervogel, I agree with your view, however, my concerns are that things will remain "stupid" as you put it and nothing will really change in MP. I'm still hopeful that when the game is officially released we will see large MP tank battles with groups of tanks advancing into pockets of resistance and then being pushed back and chased and then perhaps assisted with close air support. However, I think that it will just turn into a hide and seek game, that perhaps is not what players want from this type of tank sim and certainly is not the type of game I was expecting. Now, before I'm lectured by some regarding WW2 and how it went, I'm fully aware that the Germans IRL went on the offensive and the Russians were very defensive (then the opposite), however, I think that the game needs to encourage a game play that ensures that both sides have fun and that as a sim it is enjoyable as currently spawning in and being killed just causes me to log off and not bother with that server again and perhaps no different from being killed by players in the air that has been previously discussed. Therefore, perhaps SP is where this game truly will be a winner!? However, is it me or does the spawn point no longer show that it is under attack, as at least on the old version, a red ring appeared to at least give you warning! Anyway, as much as I enjoy my visits to Bovington, I'm going to hang slack with any further tank purchases until I see the finished article. Regards EDIT: Well, it is ironic that I thought I'd give EFront server another go, just to be spawn killed before I had even started the Tiger engine! Thankfully I recorded the game to see the usual 5-6 red only players in a circle surrounding the spawn area just picking players off as they spawned in, with no interest in taking the objective. In addition, players then complain about guys just jumping into aircraft to bomb them having just spawn killed the same guy! I'm over Efront as it is just becoming a red player turkey shoot, although it would be interesting to see how many players there actually own TC Cap! Guys were just leaving EFront having only just joined, as like me there is little point playing on a server where you can't even start your engine! When i joined the game it was about 20:17 and having just looked again it was 13:4, therefore i think most blue guys are now just fed up with the mind-set of some of the red only players.
  13. Haza


    I've heard that SCG are starting their own BOS server so this might be of interest to you! I notice that Count Zero mentions ATAG server as an example, however, we have seen what has happened to ATAG with CLOD and indeed they have now reduced their server commitment from 2 to 1, yet most nights the ATAG server is empty, so things do move on and server Admins shouldn't become too cocky thinking that they own the MP game base. I guess at the end of the day, servers have to move with the times and feed what the players want, but I guess no matter what the server(s) offer(s), most players will join a MP with the most number of guys in that server. I'm finding that WOL has now just become the same thing, day in day out, with reds attacking at tree top height with very little resistance owing to issues such as the rear gunners, as already discussed! However, with just about every Blue load out option locked on most maps, perhaps a new server like SCG might address this and hence influence WOL and indeed we might even see a BOS ATAG server (I for one hope so as their CLOD servers were good). However, at the end of the month, WOL stats clearly demonstrate that reds easily win by at least a min of 2:1, yet little is done to either try and level this up or address this issue, as might happen in TAW, but I guess perhaps WOL admins believe that there is very little competition or need, so why bother as it would appear that the blue interest in winning is no longer there anyway! The one time that the blue team started to win was when all of the locks were unlocked and when blue started to win it appeared that the admins were very quick to jump on this and the locks were re-introduced, so I'm unsure as to why there appears to be a lack of interest in trying to keep the sides level now that reds win continually, but I guess when you have the server numbers, there is no requirement and you can keep patting yourself on the back! However, it is interesting to see how the numbers are drained when TAW is in play! As an ex 100% red player (prior to the blue FM being addressed and keeping sides level), I really have little interest in which side wins, but after a while watching the same outcomes has caused my interest in BoS to actually wane to the point where I can now go days without even bothering to log on! Therefore, hopefully as the official BoBP release approaches we might see newer servers that might appeal to the needs of the players and address what they want, to give greater choice from the various servers and as such cause a ripple effect across the other servers, before we see the end of Il2, because it has become to boring and predictable. Regards Perhaps you could/should send an email to all of the South American players and ask them for their help!?
  14. Haza

    Tank Crew

    The server to join, to be camped and spawned killed, more like! Lots of fun for red players! Yeah, hopefully all of this will be corrected!