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  1. Haza

    Tactical Air War

    Edited owing to post above!
  2. Haza

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Ladies/Gents, There are many times when I get frustrated with this game and feel like removing it from my PC. However, every time I either watch a great video or look at the various amazing screen shots posted here, I get that urge to log back in. So damn the lot of you, my Wife hates you for preventing me from leaving this game! 😄 Regards
  3. Haza

    9./JG54 Devil Squad

    Skywarp, Do you have your trim stab assigned to your joystick movements? I only ask as I was surprised to see how quickly you were able to raise the nose of the 109 on numerous occasions at speed (0:25) and (1:48)! I can never appear to raise the nose up that quickly! Regards Haza
  4. Haza

    Wings falling off

    Although not wings off, I was watching the Bodenplatte battle and during the interview, the P-51 pilot mentioned how a FW190s wings both folded up together above the canopy (27.30 onwards). Now simulating that in game would be interesting. Regards
  5. Haza

    Info on 495 IAP?

    @BlackSix, Do you ever rest and relax? 😄 You are always there doing something! It is the weekend, you should be chilling! Regards H
  6. I hear what you are saying, however, at the end of the day it is just a PC game and not a real life WW2 sim.
  7. Haza

    How To Make Rear Gunner Work?

    LukeFF, Just an observation, however, I've noticed that when the developers ask a question or request information that is out there, you almost do back-flips providing chapter and verse with the requested help, rather than a just "look in this book" reply. However, when it is a mere mortal, you appear to be very dismissive, however, perhaps it is just me! That said, at least you could have provided Trek with a link as otherwise it appears rather pointless you even answering! regards H
  8. Haza

    How To Make Rear Gunner Work?

    trek64,Trek64 I have a PDF scan of the shortkeys that I received when I bought the game as a box set. If you PM me your private email address, I can send you a copy as it is 1MB, which is to large to send via BOS email. In addition, the following links might be useful to others: https://www.youtube.com/user/RequiemBoS/featured https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-il2-battle-of-stalingrad/ https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKDCQ2Y6CtqCjKceXO1J6hg In addition, from reading various post, I believe that Luke FF compiled a manual so he might send you his link for what it's worth. Regards Hopefully from all of this you might get your answer although default commands for gunner are: Take Turrent: T Nestle to gunsight: LEFT SHIFT and T Haza EDIT: Does this link to X-55 set-up help, or different stick? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/11537-my-saitek-x55-rhino-hotas-mappings/?tab=comments#comment-202478
  9. Haza


    Oelmann, I came over from CLOD where we use to do that in the Blenheim bombers, although the maps didn't always match the actual terrain. That said, the BOS maps appear to reflect the terrain very well, however, I doubt whether there are many guys who are on the deck without GPS. Therefore, with GPS off it will either force players to go higher or lower, but they will need to plan etc. However, it is unfortunate that the in-cockpit stopwatch doesn't appear to work for me as it did in CLOD. I enjoy that sinking feeling and panic you get when you are lost as it reminds me of the time IRL, when i got lost flying over Wales, in a Warrior, at 1000ft. However, I guess if there is a chance to have an advantage, guys will exploit it! Talon, Thank you for that help and your kind thoughts and for reading more into my post than was required. Indeed I do believe that on the deck the Russian's have an advantage, conversely at higher altitudes the German's have an advantage. However, I usually use the link below, as I do not like always heading straight to the target from a spawn point and this link allows for various way-points and the ability to add wind speed (if required), although I do not bother with grid to map add or map to grid get rid in game, so I'm not that anal. I would just like to feel that I'm as near as to being in a WW2 flight sim as possible, although drinking my beer as I play is hopefully forgivable to the hard-core sim guys!! That said, I have always found the following link very useful and the owner appears to keep it up to-date very well. https://il2map.info/ PS. I have changed my in game colours to allow Russian bases to be red and German ones blue, as your map colours confused me for a moment, until I read the description(s). Regards and thank you to you both. H
  10. Haza


    The only things I remember screaming around Germany on the tree tops in the 70s were the Brit Harriers.
  11. Haza


    Gents, I think that with GPS there is a tendency for VVS bombers on most servers to hug the tree tops to get to the objectives, which then brings the whole fight down to the deck, that usually favours the VVS fighters. Without GPS, the fights appear to happen at mid to high altitude and then we usually hear VVS players complaining about the blue players being in space etc (where they have the advantage). That said, it would be nice to perhaps cater for both styles of playing and perhaps alternate each map with GPS on/off or even swap in on a weekly bases. This hopefully will/would ensure that everybody is kept happy and content. That said, with BoBp rapidly approaching, I would really like to see high altitude engagements with bomber escorts etc, (OK, the actual Bodenplatte battle was on the deck but the next game cover a longer period), however, if we continually keep GPS on or tech chat on, it seems rather farcical to call this game a WW2 sim. In deed I would really like it if the developers were able to stop the number of controls that could be operated simultaneously (as per CLOD) as guys with HOTAS have a slight advantage. All of the advances that were made regarding Luftwaffe automated systems etc, appear to be lost in this sim, as even in an I-16, you can move the throttle, lower the undercarriage, lower the flaps move your rads and still control the joystick, all of which in reality would be impossible. Anyway, enough of my views, however how about we alternate the weeks for GPS on/off and give that as another option in the vote? Regards
  12. Haza

    Hawker Hurricane: Collector Plane??

    Is that pic from "The Bill"? EDIT: Humour with "or", so guessing not UK "The Bill"
  13. Haza

    DCS news

    I can say that was awesome as well. The wife is currently at work so she can't hear me!
  14. Haza

    Hawker Hurricane: Collector Plane??

    Mate, you need to chill.
  15. No, it was Buderich, the one near Werl which is near to Soest!