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  1. Historical accuracy? So, historically, how many Me262s were available to attack the Bridge at Remagen, as currently there are about Qty 2 available on that map? Regards
  2. It is interesting to note, looking at the stats over the months, that usually Blue destroy more targets than reds, so it isn't a case of the blue team not attacking! I guess that the blue team are just not hitting the markers that roll a target, however, I'm not a map/server designer so can only assume that! Regards
  3. Didn't this type of game play get the Me262 limited?
  4. Your assumption is based on the fact that you are able to attack the objective! Irrespective of whether you want to believe you are helping the team of not, as previously mentioned, both end up with the same result! Death! Therefore, once again your assumption of helping the team, implies team work! This, I see less and less and my previous WOL observation remains extant! However, you inferred in your post that players vultch as they need to do this because they can't do anything else and my observations were in the same vain regarding those who CAP! Therefore, let's stop the biggest Dickus and move on! Regards
  5. I tend to disagree! If you avoid an airfield being attacked, you should avoid attacking an objective! Both end up the same way! There are those that care more about stats than the game! Perhaps there should be a time penalty when you are dead or captured! However, more importantly, only live players should be recorded/ honoured! As has previously been discussed, you can be in the top ten with more deaths than others lower down with fewer deaths! Only actively alive players should be rewarded and acknowledged as other wise CB is just WOL without GPS. However, it is only a game, although I note that CB players are starting to drop off. Regards
  6. This is no different from those players who "CAP" the objectives for easy kills. It is interesting to check stats on those who believe that they are some sort of "expert" yet their engagements are usually seconds after an attacker has attacked an objective. Perhaps if enemy objectives and enemy bases were not visible to the opposition it might change the whole dynamics of the game, although I'm now starting to think that numbers on servers now justify everything or restrict things!? Regards
  7. Hi, Owing to the fact that most servers have almost banned or limited access to the Me262 to a point where it almost appears to have been a wasted venture, I was wondering whether there might be a Me262 Campaign that might be developed in the foreseeable future? Regards
  8. Luth, It is not a question of not liking your opinion, the issue I have is that you appear not to have the mental ability to engage in a discussion and resort to childish comments about "whiners" to justify your actions! Regarding your other question, yes I do have the freedom to disagree, however, thankfully where I live we don't have the freedom or excuse to freely have a gun that can be used against somebody when they don't agree with somebody else's views! Therefore, as I don't have to worry about being shot because I might disagree with somebody where I live, I would ask which one of us has true freedom!? Regards
  9. Dear Luth, I certainly do like your idea! However, as Alonso has admitted, if the Me262 was allowed then the red players would leave the server so perhaps it is the reds that we are actually pandering to and as such are the real "whiners" as you put it! I certainly will not be leaving the server just because I get beaten or even when I'm outnumbered 2:1. Interestingly, if you raise the 2:1 issue in chat, you get the usual reply of "It is historically accurate, if you don't like it leave" by red players who care little about leveling the sides, yet these same players perhaps are the first to leave when a historical accurate aircraft is allowed, but I guess some players just think it is their right to always win or they will not play! As explained in my previous posts, I have tried to have the discussion to justify why we should have the Me262, even to the extent where I have suggested restrictions to appease those who might leave or complain. However, at the end of the day it is all about the server popularity and not really based on any real historical reason. Indeed, I don't think even having the 4 engine high altitude bombers would change anything. That said, my engagement and discussions with the more mature players who have bothered have been interesting. I guess it is viewed by the likes of you that I shouldn't be allowed to raise anything and we have the usual puerile comments and quotes such as "Luftwhiners" a bit like the other quotes of "Fake News" and "If your not with us, your against us" used by people who can't really have a discussion and need to resort to such remarks when they have nothing actually constructive to say. Therefore, if Alonzo's stance is that the Me262 will be like a unicorn, then there is little point in me bothering raising the Me262 discussion again and I will respect his position, although I concur with you that he and the team are doing a great job, but that doesn't mean I can't have a discussion or raise suggestions. Regards
  10. Mobile, I totally agree. I certainly don't want one side just winning hands down and I certainly think in the interest of server population that things need to be "actively managed". Unfortunately, I for one don't have the ideal solution. However, removing the guns, adding bomb racks, limiting fuel or adding armour to the 262 to "handicap" its abilities might work. Regards
  11. Talon, I chose not to play a lot in the early days as usually during my time zone, every man and his dog was on the other server. Indeed, I actively encouraged guys to come over, although there was a reluctance because of the lack of GPS. Just to clarify, I'm certainly not requesting unlimited 262s merely requesting a few more and I believe my previous example of where somebody used both available 262's within 20mins shows that most players don't get a chance of playing it. I enjoyed your stats thank you, however, I didn't infer that your server wasn't balanced regarding maps won/lost, just requesting a few more 262s even if they were restricted and locked as 250 kg bomber or had the guns removed. As a total curve ball, I undertook a resupply JU52 mission to Limburg. There was no cargo option so I just took the empty 52 with 25% fuel and when I landed it didn't appear to register my flight. Therefore, could you explain what needs to happen on those flights please? Also, it would be great to have JU52 para drops on a Bridge to far to attack the bridges rather than just bombing. Mobile, Of course not, however, perhaps he needed his own "Hello World" statement. Regarding your P-40 comment, I'm well aware of the intent for doing that and applaud that, however allowing that in the time frame and then in the same breath saying the 262 can't be used because it was based/located somewhere else was my point. I'm not a Me262 junky nor a die hard blue, but a player that would just like an opportunity of using a 262 in a MP server. Gents, as ever thank you for being civil in having these discussions and I enjoy the banter. Regards
  12. 1st post, owns BOM and BOBP welcome, noting your Tempest, Spit and P-51 fixation! Please, when you have at least played here for a while please feel free to throw sh**! If you read the in game literature, it asks for suggestions and comments, so here i am or is it because it doesn't align with your views, I'm just a troll! LM**O!? Regards
  13. RED, You can sprinkle a pile of **it with glitter, but at the end of the day it is still a pile of **it, so no matter how you try and dress it up and deny it, it is still biased not to have the Me262. As I have already alluded to and pointed out, one player took out both Me262s in one map within minutes and please check his stats as the remaining Me262 didn't RTB as his last sortie lasted 17 mins (please note his first Me262 doesn't appear on stats but I did record his first Me262 non take off event albeit crash on takeoff). That said, being continually attacked by Tempests or watching P-38s bomb then climb into the heavens on the Y-29 map, while the ME262 is banned, beggars belief, but this is allowed, "in the interests of fairness and keeping people wanting to play",however, in layman's terms it is just plan old biased! I really wish I had asked my GrandFather (RAF 1935-1975) before he died, how fair war was when he fought against the Germans, Italians and then the Japanese! Therefore, lets agree to disagree, however, all I was asking for was for more 262s on the few maps it in which it appears, as even the P-40 is available on some late European maps! Currently it appears that <10% maps in this server allow the ME262 with that number then being limited again to perhaps 2 aircraft per map and then limited again being dependent on the availability of Fuel trains/fuel Factories, that are taken out usually very quickly! Interestingly one of the maps had AI bombers to take out the fuel factory, before the 262 was available in numbers to counter the AI bombers! I left another popular server to come and play on this server as i didn't think that this server would fall into the same trap of locking Axis aircraft to please the Allied playing base, however, I guess I was wrong! Regards
  14. Red, Imagine limiting the P-47, P38, P-51 or even the Tempest to 2 aircraft per map, before you even have to worry about 150! Irrespective of 150, the 262 is either missing or so heavily restricted it might as well be removed from the BoBp aircraft set as just about every server is scared about having it, when in fact it is hardly a game changer! In deed, just been on Crossing the Rhine map and watched as III/JG52_Lucho crashed a 262 on take off (I was landing a JU-52), only to see him spawn in again and take the last 262! This type of limitation doesn't even allow a 262 Squad to play together. I'm sorry, this certainly isn't seal clubbing as at least with seals the clubbing quota is in the hundreds of thousands (not hundreds and thousands for the Aussie readers) and not 2! Regards
  15. Talon, I have a book regarding the 262 so I'm well aware of the historical engagements and the 262 Squadron movements, however, I'm confused as I thought the server was not meant to be a 100% historical accurate server? Indeed, your justification for not using the 262 in this case is plausible, yet it is also not available in the Bodenplatte map. Indeed I'm reading about Bodenplatte and the aircraft that actually were airborne during that very attack, so it is interesting how the historical view is not always taken regarding Allied aircraft selection! Regards
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