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  1. You need to open cargo door to off load supplies. Open cargo door, then press bomb release button, that then simulates cargo being off loaded. If you record the event you see the cargo slowly disappearing from inside. Some servers such as TAW, used this feature for resupply purposes in various maps. Regards
  2. Alonso, I do enjoy the maps, although after a while we do have the usual players who just CAP (camp) objectives and wait for players to turn up! In a full server you could say, take escorts, but when the server has lower numbers it is not always possible! Now. I guess some players have to "camp" to keep their stats and ego's on a high, however, I was wondering whether the server is able to generate random targets!? However, in the old days of CLOD, the SOW server admin guys were able to generate random targets that only became apparent once you were in a certain range of that target! Therefore, to stop the "campers" and to create new objectives and to keep things "fresh", is this possible in CB or would it take to much time and resources to create and not really worth the effort!? Thank you in advance
  3. Perhaps the next collector announcement will include a lawnmover! Until then I find that the 1000kg daisy cutter is a very good way to remove unwanted grass while ensuring the soil is turned over. Ps What is the flower mod you mention?
  4. Have a bloody good Christmas break would be my suggestion!
  5. Nice gesture Bus. Nothing required but thought that I would add for a laugh as it is music based! Old school!!! Just found a remake of it as well!
  6. I bought a magazine last year and in that magazine there was an article about the A-20 with photographs of a low level operation being conducted by the RAF. Therefore, although I would like to see the A-20 in the Bodenplatte map, I would be happy to pay for a different version to fit the timescales and the Allies! That said, it will be interesting to see with the BON map being released with the Mossie, whether that becomes the tactical Allied twin engine bomber of choice!? In this game, I see the A-20 being used more as a tactical bomber than anything else, however, if the game is limited to twin engine bombers, it will be interesting to see what else Jason can pull out of the hat!? Regards EDIT (The article was from Flypast August 2016, so it wasn't last year!!! LOL) Operation Oyster was one article, although the magazine talks about the A-20G and as such it is the A-20G I would like to see in Bodenplatte!
  7. The AWM WWI/WWII German aircraft collection, although small, is very interesting! One day a year (usually Father's Day) the AWM opens its "over flow" storage areas to the public! I highly recommend that if anybody visits the AWM to check to see when the "over flow" day is happening, as it is amazing to see things that are just kept in storage that are not on display! https://www.awm.gov.au/visit/events/BigThings Regards
  8. I'm interested as well, although checking your stats you do not play any of the 5 mentioned aircraft, therefore interested to know why you are bothered? Regards My understanding is that during the Bodenplatte period that this game is set (Winter '44 early '45), the Me262, IRL was actually used predominately as a multi-engine bomber interceptor! Therefore, although I agree with 375th Dog comments regarding a protection Sqn, there are not the high altitude bombers in the game for the Me262 to actually be worth having and perhaps it is a wasted aircraft in this series! Therefore, although it would be great to have the protection Sqn that Dog spouts about, but without the bomber targets, what is the point? Therefore, limiting the number of Me262s to a hand full per map, for a low alt (almost deck) engagement, I believe is farcical and as such I would be interested to see how long it would be before the "die-hards" complained if the either the P-51 or P-47 were limited in such a way!? Interestingly the Tempest with bombs were allowed, while the Me262 was limited even during the period that the Tempest historically didn't drop bombs, yet during the period where Me262s operated in numbers, most maps are locked to single figures! However, I guess you have to keep things balanced to keep players happy! Regards
  9. They both show when I check my store page, although not the pictures of the aircraft type! https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-normandy/
  10. Haza

    TFS 5.0 Ju 88C-2

    USS Enterprise was about 94, 000 metric tons and that floated rather well. 😉
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAcgUPjb16Q I like the above video!!
  12. Ladies/Gents, Extremely disappointed not to see player controlled Fieseler Fi 103R. Perhaps a collector item to be released later?? Regards
  13. PG Tips, myself 🤫🐒
  14. Wow, I never realised that. I always assumed that both the AFC and AFM required some act of heroism and was dependant on rank! Regards
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