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  1. Haza

    Update Today?

  2. No it's not that bad, I guess you can call it mild humour! However, now that you mention it, I'm starting to see similarities of the Pe-2 to the Millennium Falcon. Once again, humour!
  3. BlackSix, Without appearing to be a pain, "The Me262 Stormbird" book by Colin D Heaton mentions that during the same mission that you mention above, Oberfahnrich Russel claimed a B-24, also. Therefore, I thought that I would just mention it, just in-case you are putting together a historical campaign!? In addition, the same book mentions that Schall was a Oberleutnant and that Lennartz was an Oberfeldwebel (pg 118 and 266). Regards
  4. BlackSix, I've no idea if these links below will help you with your research to compare data. However, I apologise if you already have it or it is no good! Regards https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe-Units.html https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe/jg77.html https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe/bstjg77.html Aircraft movements for I,II and III https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe/bijg77.html https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe/biijg77.html https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe/biiijg77.html
  5. So are you implying that Pe-2 gunner's are part of the jedi order? I guess that explains everything! Can't wait for Princess Organa to appear in my cockpit after the next update as I would certainly let her take control of my yoke and throttle. However, I wouldn't trust her with my 30mm weapon.
  6. So was the Neptune.
  7. I thought that the lower gunner had 4 firing positions with one fixed gun and the other gun that had to be moved between the other three positions (portside, starboard side and upwards although I believe that the latter position is not used in game), therefore the Pe-2 in game has 3 guns or am I missing something apart from the flare gun. I guess the JU-88 although a great gun platform does not shoot wings off or Pk pilots like the Pe-2 does and at the same cosistant rate, otherwise I'm sure we would have heard it from the VVS guys. However my disbelief was being Pk'd in a HS129 by a Pe-2 spiralling downwards minus a mainplane from 300m away. Regards
  8. Haza

    Tank modifications ?

    I would like to see either the Schwerer Gustav or the Dora version and make it player controllable for either Stalingrad or the Crimea! Now that would be a 800m I would gladly wait while it reloaded! PS Before the tank lovers call foul, the above ran on tracks, so in my eyes guys they qualify! 😂
  9. I realise not a track, however, this was the engagement (below) as evidence that I'm not talking *ollox, although not I'm sure why it doesn't reflect a kill against me for the other guy, although it is clearly his gunner! I'm guessing that he had already commenced the bail-out and therefore it doesn't show up as a kill!? Oh well!! http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3161906/?tour=36 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3161907/?tour=36 I always assumed that the HS129 was a fairly well armoured aircraft and gave the pilot some protection. However, perhaps I need to have the invincible cannon proof and nuclear proof crew protection offered in a Pe-2. However, at least I know that the 30mm will blow Pe-2 wings off!! Regards
  10. Gents, I must admit I have not got to involved in the whole PK issue regarding the Pe-2. However, today in my HS129, I attacked a Pe-2 that was bombing an airfield and to my delight I watched as I blew his wing off with a salvo from the 30mm and 20mm and watched as he was spinning round, like a record baby, right round, right round, without having even allowed the gunners to hit me. Then just as I was celebrating my fantastic kill, I was PK'd by the gyro-stabilised gunner from about 300m. Therefore, does anybody have the stats regarding the number of PKs per side that they can discuss/explain please, as I'm now becoming a little tired over the Pe-2 gunner accuracy! Thank you If only the Allied Bomber force over Western Europe had employed a few of these Gyro-stabilised Russian gunners, the war would have been over in '43.
  11. Haza

    Skin Request

    Gents, I was wondering whether any of you talented skin developers would be able to knock up the new Spit in the livery of call sign UM-B of 152 Sqn with the Leaping Black Panther? I have tried to attach a source for a rough design. I appreciate that it is the wrong MK spit for the period but it looks nice. Cheers Haza http://www.152hyderabad.co.uk/html/aircraft.html
  12. Dear Cannon Fodder, My Father went RMP. Hey wars are won with guys like you. Anyway teasing aside, I would really appreciate a 152 skin for this frame with UM-B call sign. Anyway will ask for that in skins forum section. Regards PS Which Regiment? PPS My GrandFather for claification was a Fitter2 Airframe/Engines and not aircrew.
  13. My GrandFather served with 152 Sqn throughout the war and he would often talk about the Leaping Black Panther. Therefore, although perhaps not the correct airframe, it would be nice to see that skin on this frame as it looks rather good. However, I believe during this period the CO was a Kiwi so perhaps that might explain that nonsense for a RAF Sqn, although my GrandFather perhaps would have disagreed with it being called nonsense. However, what would he know!? Regards History of family generations thus far: Prior to 1915 Navy, then Pongo,Crab,Pongo,Crab
  14. My dear chap, I do understand a little bit about common law and was merely teasing. Thankfully I was taught something about it during my days studying O'level History and indeed I do recall having to discuss it during IOT at Cranwell, so I'm perhaps not as ill informed as my comments might suggest. My remarks were tongue and cheek and not meant to be taken as gospel. However, please save your "ticks" for something more important as this has become a bit of a storm in a tea cup, although somewhat entertaining. That said, regarding the OP, I'm sure we have enough talented skin designers out there to ensure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked Regards
  15. Haza

    G14 OMG

    I like the fact that you can jettison the rocket launchers post firing! Nice detail. Regards