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  1. Joystick.h support axes, just check source code int yAxis = analogRead(A5); yAxis = map(yAxis,1023,0,-127,127); Joystick.setYAxis(yAxis); Ok, you said sketch, my bad. But if someone want axes, i can give my sketch which support axes.
  2. Arduino pro micro ( must be atmega32u4 controller) Switches Potentiometers ( if you want axes) Universal Case Tools Wires Soldering kit USB with micro plug, and that's all.
  3. If someone have any question about button box, can ask me, 'cause i made one for yourself.
  4. There is my button box, but on video I am speaking in polish, and i forget set focus on camera.
  5. I recommend for you use Arduino with MCO ( MUST BE "Atmega32u4" ), and Joystick.h library, is very easy in use, than MMjoy. Link to library, and instruction http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-LeonardoMicro-as-Game-ControllerJoystick/
  6. Maybe u got a packets lost in that moment ?
  7. Yes, funny is someone was so "clever" to made that bike.
  8. I always shoot down in that same way, insta pilot kill, or cut of my wing or tail.
  9. Its only my feels, about 1 year of playing in that game.
  10. Nice screenshots showin us spread of russian and german guns.Nice work :D
  11. Thanks for your feedback, i'm too long playin in that game, and i saw that laser guns, when many times, I or my friend's was hited by Lagg 3, of far distance.
  12. I played in that game long time, and i saw one strange thing, russian plane can you easly hit when he's 400-900m behind you.Today i do some test, my friend took 109 f4m, i took lag 3 w, then i can easly hit him when, i am 700m behind him, at all, i take one line of sight up over him, and then i sprayin, and 40-60 % of my bullets hited him.I saw too next interesing thing, russian UB 12,7 mm got very low spread, compare to mg 17 german 7.92mm.Next thing is bullet drop, UB 12,7mm got muzzle velocity 860m/s, mg 17 got 850 m/s, so how its possible german mg 17 bullet drop is on 350m (350m Convergence in set up), when russian UB 12,7mm with same convergence like a 109 (350 m), bullet drop is on 700-900m. What do you feel about russians armament ?
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