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  1. Yes indeed, if we consider that the announcement was made on november 25 !
  2. Problem solved after a complete new installation of the PC with the latest version of windows 10.
  3. Hello, graphic card is MSI ARMOR 8G RTX 2070. Game totaly uninstalled then reinstalled... but same problem only at the first run of the game. If i quit IL2 then restart it with the same mission, all is OK.
  4. Starting Quick mission with Rheinland, Winter 1944-45, base north of Maastricht:
  5. A big thank you to everyone who tried to help. Topic moved in the complaints ??? Ok, the graphic problem mentioned may not be very widespread and i know that the disparity of hardware configuration makes debugging complicated but this a very sad way to brush it under the carpet.
  6. Sorry, it was a "copie/coller", I'm not very confortable with english. Not the first time i have these problems. Graphic bug appears with IL2 BOBP and i already mentioned this problem in a topic on graphics bugs it seems to me. The problem with USB and FFB is older. If I indicated that everything is OK with DCS World it was to avoid getting feedback to explain the default is on possible defects in my equipment. Config : Motherboard Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK with i7 - 4790K, 4 x 8GB DDR3 (corsair XMP-1600), MSI ARMUR RTX 2070 with 8GB GDDR6, two SSD SAMSUNG M2 970 PRO 1TB mounted on PCIe 4x adapter, and windows 10 pro, one CH pro pedals, old joystick FFB2 and 4 x Saitek Flight Throttle Quadrant
  7. I really have a lot of problems with IL2 when everything is OK with DCS World. First of all, most of the time when IL2 is launched for the first time, I have a problem with the graphics rendering visible on the ground (plane ready to take off). Elements of the decor like trees present around the track are visible like shrubs directly on the track ... If I quit the game then I restart it with the same fast mission, this time everything is OK. Initialization problem? Another problem with my many USB devices: CH Pro pedals, Sidewinder FFB2, 4 x Saitek Flight Throttle Quadrant. If I touch one of these axes during the loading of the mission, I often have a crash with return to the office ... And I do not speak either of the very frequent problems of perpetual vibration at the level of the FFB2. Sometimes it is enough to deactivate the flight in flight and then reactivate it to resolve the problem. Sometimes this manipulation causes a crash with return to the office. I remind you, no problem of this kind with DCS World !!!!
  8. Brief description: External graphic bug. Detailed description, conditions: For a few versions already, I have encountered a fairly painful graphic rendering problem. Some elements of the decor (trees, roads, ...) do not seem to be on a normal scale (tiny trees like bushes) and these elements are floating. In external view, it is particularly visible by changing the point of view all around the plane. Some scenery elements appear directly on the runway when they are supposed to be further away. A priori, it is enough to quit the game completely and then restart it so that this defect disappears. Graphic function initialization fault? Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): i7 4790K @ 4,4 GHz, 32 Go DDR3, MSI RTX 2070 ARMOR 8GB with 441.87 drivers @ 1920x1200, SSD Samsung 970 PRO 1T with PCI 4x adapter, Windows 10 64
  9. In flight but also on takeoff with Me262, the sound of the engine is no longer continuous but has become intermittent
  10. I also experienced the problem of updating. Once resolved I wanted to take a flight with the Me262. The sound from the interior of the cockpit is frankly degraded ...
  11. Does anyone know how to adjust the propeller pitch of the engine 3 ?
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