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  1. Nah, Chimi - we're all good. It's not perfect... And what would you have us do? It's a scheduled flight night? Sometimes we go to the "other" server if there isn't anything to do? The issue is that people are fickle, and want to win instead of just fly. It will be just the opposite when either the VVS get better planes, or the Bodenplatte campaign gets run. I personally suck at fighters, so that is why I got shot down, although I didn't see anything coming (my fault), but I guess it was that way in real life anyway. Germans were outnumbered in that one, as opposed to your latest statistic, so we flew fighters for a change. We as a squad had a directive to fly German this TAW - next one may be different. But why the people aren't showing to fly VVS on these early maps aren't really an issue of us, just the community. I personally would rather fly instead of NOT fly. Don't talk down to people who just want to fly. If no one is on, we either a). leave, or b). turn it into a training night. I don't really care what your motives are for flying, but don't lump everyone together if their views are different than your. Is 15:3 fun? Not really, unless you are a bomber who has a 50% chance of not making it back every mission. The fighter escort guys have got to be bored stiff, I know. But the one thing we CAN agree on is the pilot sniping. Seems like a lot of one bullet kills, which makes it not fun either. Tell your VVS people to actually show up? It's a weird group where no one flies. I hope the novelty of the new aircraft wear off so they come back, but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Aw... did you photoshop this? I seem to remember at least three Russians on last night, you included... We have scheduled flight nights and times, and if no one shows up, it's not our fault. We are a bomber group, and only had one fighter for cover, which managed to shoot you and another guy down. Are you still sore about that? Not sure what your beef is, other than you ARE a chute shooter I hear, but you actually have to shoot someone down before you can open up on his chute? Just sayin'...
  3. Totally different thing. It is a static object problem that they haven't addressed... bug reported, but apparently lost, or ignored. Can't attack ground targets. It's a known issue without anyone caring on the Dev's side apparently. A LOT of people have complained. File another bug report. I've given up.
  4. Have your wingman COVER the leader. The leader flies a route, the wingman is like a mad bee, and will attack anything around it, instead of just fly by. Then the leader will identify the threat, and follow.
  5. Take away his beer and sausage?
  6. No Sketch - it's a massive bug... Static blocks other than covered trucks and fuel trucks ghost... Makes ground pounding unplayable.
  7. All he's doing is adding to the map scenery and saving it out as it's own group.
  8. I think the Steam SS is 100%, or not adding anything. I haven't messed with the sharp or blurry much. I groundpound, so am not really worried on spotting planes. I'll switch and see if it makes any difference.
  9. I got one about a month ago, and can vouch for the lousy fit. I am waiting on the VRCover thingy to be back in stock as well, and that should fix the headache due to the shop class visor type adjustment. I am getting pretty good frame rates, so make sure your video drivers, etc. are up to snuff - the usual stuff. I know it's annoying that you can't adjust much without work, but the picture is worth it, in my opinion.
  10. Ban this idiot. And lock gunners as a default please. New patch unlocked them?
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