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  1. Hahaha... funny - was just thinking of GPL the other day. Drove that in AoA for 15 years. Awesome game. Just wish someone would come out with a VR patch
  2. SCG_Schneemann

    Planes don't want to attack

    You have the waypoints linked. It doesn't know what to do - attack or WP2? You need to cut the link between WP1 and WP2, and give it a condition. For instance, your attack command is 3 minutes, set a times off WP1 to 3 minutes, 2 seconds and link it to WP2 to activate it after the attack. My preference is to not have them hang around after they drop their bombs, by setting the attack command to 999 minutes (indefinite), and set your ON BINGO BOMBS to a FORCE COMPLETE back to the leader plane, and a two second timer, then link the timer to WP2. Delete your ONBINGOBOMBS link to WP2.
  3. Or if you don't know the name, type *.* and it brings up everything. Select the msnbin file.
  4. SCG_Schneemann

    Is the cockpit clickable in VR?

  5. SCG_Schneemann

    VR Tips and Tricks

    If you are running through steam, just hit the IL2 button - it has two buttons, one for VR, one without.
  6. SCG_Schneemann

    U2 land in a road, then take off

    If the roads are wide enough. I wanted to do a Ju87 rescue flight for a downed pilot, but kept hitting the trees on the sides of the road. It is a smooth surface however, and not the "fields" . Should be able to? I DO know you can't take a Ju52 off from a grass field... Landing is okay, takeoff it just gets stuck...
  7. SCG_Schneemann

    Locking fuel values

    Haven't tried it, but won't this do it? Under the airfield properties - planes button? Slide the slider all the way to the right?
  8. SCG_Schneemann

    Engageble objects

    Try setting the Durability values to something less... And...
  9. SCG_Schneemann

    check zone set up issues

    Correct. You need to use Dserver.
  10. SCG_Schneemann

    Before IL-2 Pacific, IL-2 Battle of the Meditteranean?

    I'll take half of Gambit's cheeseburger, solely based on the fact that neither group is going to put out anything new starting from today, in two years It takes a boatload of time to start a new theater, whether it's your day job, or just on the side. So, before anyone gets really excited about the "next" one, let them finish FC and Bodenplatte, and fix the bugs in the current flying and tank game.
  11. SCG_Schneemann

    Steam VR MP CTDing when starting

    I think you are posting in the wrong section? Running an integrity check, your bridges are all hosed up... Might want to try deleting them and reinstalling them from a group after loading/stripping in another file.
  12. SCG_Schneemann

    Why cant you use the he111 for low level bombing?

    I believe it is shortened from Eisenbahn, or railroad. Look under KG27, KG3 or KG51 or KG55... They were special, usually autonomous staffeln that were outfitted with 20mm guns, among other things, to disrupt train operations. They were designated 9.(Eis.)/KG3 for example... I found something about how some of the He111's had special altimeters that allowed them to fly about 20m above the ground without crashing. Sort of low, huge, packing a massive wallop with 8X 20mm cannons in the nose. Deadly in the right hands...
  13. SCG_Schneemann

    Why cant you use the he111 for low level bombing?

    Usually not bombing. The Eis groups that flew He111's had 20mm cannons in the nose and had the lower mod with cannons to shoot the trains. Most Eis groups flew the Ju88's, I believe.
  14. SCG_Schneemann

    Sunrise and Searchlights

    It's been broken for some time. I've sent a message to the developer but another won't hurt. Seems to shut off at around the sunrise time, instead of 45 minutes after dawn. Totally screws morning missions. Send in another bug log.
  15. Yeah, I should have said that. Fix it in the file, then open in the editor again to make everything link/update/play nice together. Glad you got it to go!