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  1. Take away his beer and sausage?
  2. No Sketch - it's a massive bug... Static blocks other than covered trucks and fuel trucks ghost... Makes ground pounding unplayable.
  3. All he's doing is adding to the map scenery and saving it out as it's own group.
  4. I think the Steam SS is 100%, or not adding anything. I haven't messed with the sharp or blurry much. I groundpound, so am not really worried on spotting planes. I'll switch and see if it makes any difference.
  5. I got one about a month ago, and can vouch for the lousy fit. I am waiting on the VRCover thingy to be back in stock as well, and that should fix the headache due to the shop class visor type adjustment. I am getting pretty good frame rates, so make sure your video drivers, etc. are up to snuff - the usual stuff. I know it's annoying that you can't adjust much without work, but the picture is worth it, in my opinion.
  6. Ban this idiot. And lock gunners as a default please. New patch unlocked them?
  7. Any new news on this? I recently made a mission and flew by... Linked and unlinked VEHICLE items show up at 10km, but the only static block vehicles that appear at about 4-5km are the static_opel, static_opel_fuel, static_zis and static_zis_fuel. All other static block vehicles (tanks, halftracks, rocket trucks, cars) are not shown until one is about 3-400m from the target - way too close to act. Others in my group are having issues with it as well. Anyone NOT having this issue? It's like a bubble thing, but really close up. Flying in VR with Oddessey + but had it happen with the Rift also. Others in my group have both headsets and are reporting it too.
  8. Brief description: VR - static vehicle blocks disappearing from view until about 300m away. Detailed description, conditions: In VR, static vehicle targets do not appear in view until the pilot is about 300-500m away, or sometimes only appear when viewed from the side, or past target. Disappear after flying past at distance. 2X zoom will show them when close enough (1000m?), then disappear when in normal view. Using an Oddessey +, but have it happen in Rift also, so I don't believe it is hardware related. Unplayable for VR ground attack. AA and bunkers, etc. seem to be showing, so it seems to be effecting just static vehicle blocks. Static_opel, static_opel_fuel, static_zis and static_zis_fuel appear at about 4km, whereas VEHICLES (that you can move) appear at 10km. Appears to be a visual bubble thing. Multiple people have this issue in my squad. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): 1. Mission 2. Airfield approach - all linked vehicles visible, only Opel and Zis static block vehicles visible. 3. Flyby - some vehicles popping into view. Ghost vehicles as they appear visible. 4. More static vehicles popping into view. 5. More static vehicles starting to come into view. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): WIN10, all updated drivers, Nvidea 418.91, 2080Ti, no other mod programs. Duplicated with and without Lefuneste's mod.
  9. It's got to be in the game. Crap. I have tried it with and without Lefuneste's VR mod, I have tried it on HIGH and ULTRA graphics settings, I have tried it with SSAO and HDR on and off, and all combinations... no joy. I have a mission where I cannot see the halftracks until I am either too close (300m) or past them off to the side, and then I have to be closer. Fuel trucks and things like bunkers are fine, but no luck on anything I have tried with static block vehicles like armor. Bug report time, methinks, although there is probably already another complaint. I'll check.
  10. Any new news on this? Was flying withe two other VR users last weekend and none of us can spot vehicles on the ground until about 500m away. Haven't removed Lefuneste's mod yet, so was wondering what it might be?
  11. Hahaha... funny - was just thinking of GPL the other day. Drove that in AoA for 15 years. Awesome game. Just wish someone would come out with a VR patch
  12. You have the waypoints linked. It doesn't know what to do - attack or WP2? You need to cut the link between WP1 and WP2, and give it a condition. For instance, your attack command is 3 minutes, set a times off WP1 to 3 minutes, 2 seconds and link it to WP2 to activate it after the attack. My preference is to not have them hang around after they drop their bombs, by setting the attack command to 999 minutes (indefinite), and set your ON BINGO BOMBS to a FORCE COMPLETE back to the leader plane, and a two second timer, then link the timer to WP2. Delete your ONBINGOBOMBS link to WP2.
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