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  1. For the tank crew there is a possibility to modell the Battle of Debrecen which was the second biggest tank battle in Europe after Kursk. So soo much oppotunities here.
  2. Please before you are writing something, check the facts. K4's are mainly available without DC engine, only few can be purchased with it. THX!
  3. Ok make it serious! I am not used to going to your forum for trolling please, I would like to ask you for do the same. If you have some problems with somebody send them PM. This is not by the topic of this forum. THX!
  4. Keep the throttle up 15% should start for the second or third ignition. I could happens when the wether is cold.
  5. Thanks, we discussed it it can be interpreted several different way as not a long time ago we had several problems some passive aggressive verbal trolling by different players. In an international environment sometimes language barrier can be a problem. Ban already removed.
  6. "For rule clarification, am I allowed to do enemy airfield raids? I really do like the living feeling of being in a war having airfield raids. My best BoX memory is having Ju88s raid my field as I taxied away from the apron. The explosions and screen shaking with my force feedback kicking the stick was epic." Since we have set up our maps GPS off the spawn aifiels attack is allowed. But take consideration that the AAA is really nasty at the spawn airfields.
  7. Changing nothing as we are keeping the balance as much as possible.
  8. Guys, please understand that we had to rework the big targets as the Dserver was already on the limit to handle that much object. The new targets are created by Bubi made on that way as Shadow already pointed out. To take consideration of the different bomb sets between VVS and LW the durability setting are different. So VVS bombing sets are as accurate to destroy LW targets as LW against VVS. Sorry if it is not clear enough, english is not my first language.
  9. Please guys, stop this discussion about ammunition and damage etc. It is generally developing only into personnel insults which is really counterproductive. Also I would like to mention that this forum topic is about KOTA server nothing else. If you have anything related to the server, maps etc. please do not hesitate to discuss it but for the other issues about the game, there are other topics in this forum, please use them instead of this. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. Pardon this Hungarian to answer this irony but we would like to help our russian friends to fully understand what we are planning on our maps, also the russian is not prohibited. The reason that we requested not to use russian in common chat ingame is that we are as server admins not speaking russian so cannot keep the chat civil if we are not understand. In team chat everyone can use any language, even Ameerican
  11. KubanSpring1943April This is the title. It will be available for Christmas
  12. Alonzo thank you, we already started to discuss that. We do not want all static maps even it would have better performance. Working now on balancing to design something which has content but with performance. Meantime we hope that devs are creating something woodooo on Dserver for better handling full servers at peak time.
  13. Yepp, this is the plan as we experienced the same problems on TAW and Wol also.
  14. Mastiff can u check your ping at the Dserver as our server is running smoothly? I think this is the problem.
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