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  1. Same here, flyby goes bananas and keeps "restarting" over and over. At very close range too. ZOOM-ZOOM-ZOOM-ZOOM!!!
  2. I didn't even know you could have the crew fire weapons in Tank Crew. No honestly, not joking around here - I thought the crew members were just window dressing 😮
  3. P-51 has a cooler sounding engine. And that's that.
  4. Never seen it happen in-game. In real life you'd first need to penetrate the bomb's iron exterior and THEN set off a small explosion inside them. OR somehow trigger the bombs to go off by a lucky super special shot at the fuses. Could any of that have ever happened? Well, possibly. Have I ever heard about it? Nope.
  5. Any carrier action is most welcome
  6. New Guinea is a BLAST to fly over and operate in. I've spent a few hundred hours there (in P3D/ORBX), learning bush piloting the hard way. Them mountains are really high, the jungles are deep, the weather is scary...and those dirt strips man...so not for children. Yup, New Guinea is as macho as it gets. Would be the awesomest map ever if implemented for IL-2.
  7. I ran everything at max yesterday, had VSYNC and 4K activated. Barely any stutter at all at Novorossijsk, SOME stutter at Maikop.
  8. I'll just wait, can't be bothered with keys this swap that. I hope we get Moscow on Steam sometime this year
  9. It's hard work, man. And this Zetexy-guy is pretty much a pro
  10. SFC_Tako

    Into the Void

    Nice feel to it. And we need more tankers, more drivable tanks and infantry. Did I say more tanks?
  11. Maybe later, it's not nearly user friendly right now. Will look it over when I have time though.
  12. Thanks for all the info! And maybe I'll try RO2 even if the focus is mostly on infantry, which in RO1 was pretty damn hectic...and nerve wrecking I mean even if they still got just a few tanks in RO2 - they oughta be just as good or better than in RO1. And RO1 was awesome, for example: guys were always placing their tanks facing the enemy at an angle...'cause that really mattered!
  13. @Elem: Right on! I curse myself for forgetting about Red Orchestra! I've only played the first game (very long ago) but the tank warfare was just plain AWESOME there. I curse myself again! Thanks for the refreshing reminder, might just have to look at RO2 now
  14. Hey, thanks for the tip! I had a good look on it now - not too bad but it seems it's got very mixed reviews. Graphics look acceptable but if I read the reviews it seems like it's a half-finished product (again) that didn't really hit home. Something about the AI being very dumb/scripted only and then the singleplayer part didn't really amount to anything more than 6 missions per tank (=12 in total). Of course there is always the mission editor, but from what I've found out it's pretty much like the BOS-mission editor: Not made for humans. Oh, and no manual for it either. Of course Anyways, appreciate the info.
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