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  1. There are no clickable cockpits in BOS.. Sry
  2. Let us help you out, Skins for your released aircraft .There a lot of talented skinners out there and I am sure the 777 team know of most of them anyhow, and there seems to be a few ROF members here in the BOS forums. Ok this is just a suggestion, why don’t you release your aircraft skin templates to the skinners and set them a task of skinning some historical (only) skins for you releases. This will free up some time for you guys to do other things. Then what we do submit them back to you guys, you look at them deicide what you like and use them. As I said this just an idea to see
  3. Ha ha that's funny right there! But yeah would suc
  4. In the words of Matdar " That's Funny Right There!"
  5. Ummmm YAY Yep not to far away now by the looks of things O_Smiladon
  6. Cool, Yaklover Thanks for the heads up..lets hope they do O_Smiladon
  7. looking at the Alpha release at the event on you tube I see no flame.. but cross fingers its there for when it go's public release O_Smiladon
  8. I bet he is out having a look at a certian IL2 that is flying in Russia..he he
  9. S! All Call me a petrol head but I would like the devs to put exhaust flame from the engine coming out of the exhust tips. As i work in the heavy power plant industry 220 hp all the way up to 1600 hp,,and you can bet ya bottom doller that when these babys are humming there is flame from hot gases coming out of the tip of the tail pipe, and depending on the color you can tell if you are running lean or rich , which is a good thing when flying. Thanks for your time, O_Smiladon
  10. Raaaaid, even tho you cant send me around the bend with some of your more colorful post... I think this is the most interesting thing I have read from you so far. Thanks for your input. O_Smiladon
  11. S So what do you think??? Will they import the sound from CLOD? But in saying that they could only do that with the German stuff. So that means they would have to go out and record new sound for the Russian stuff? How many of the old WW2 aircraft is still flying around in good old mother Russia? O_Smiladon
  12. Yes i agree with you. every engine had its own note and thats what i hope for, is that note screaming past me on a low fly by :D And flame out of the exhaut systems is another thing which I hope they will look at.. You can see the performance of the engine by the colour of the flame. Adding to the immersion factor. O_Smiladon
  13. I really hope that they spend some time on the sound.. the sound of that whine of the superdharger in the 109 is just pure joy to me as with the Merlin, Maybe as the build of the game progresses rhey might relaese little sound bites.. But not jut in engine noise but in aircraft noise, and wind and so fourth O_Smiladon
  14. Very cool... Two things i like very much Iron Maiden ansd spitfires and when the both are mated up Frekin Awsome, Thanks for posting
  15. you can d/load a skin template from the ROF website
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